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The world's top 20 tent manufacturers, how to rent tents near Me?

First of all, are you a corporate or a personal transaction?Do you want to buy a tent or just rent a tent?  What is the model you want ? (Often used tent models Size : 5 x 5m tent,15 x 30,20x20 party tent,20 x 30m,30x30,40x40,30 x 60 ,40 x 60 ,big tent 20x20  30x50 etc.The most used one is 10 by 30 party tent.) Do you buy it  for a wedding party or are you using a tent for a large exhibition?  With this in mind,so that I can better recommend you a tent. And This article will introduce you to the 20 Top best tent manufacturers in the world.

1.If you want to rent a large wedding party tent at a cheap price Online:

How can I find the best wedding tent rentals near me?

Google Maps:

First of all, I suggest you search for "Tent Rentals near Me" on Google Maps, because Google Maps provides relevantsuppliers' location, phone numberand introduction information according to your location, which is easy to help you find yourLocal tent rental provider. And there are still a lot of pictures on it.

Use Google Map search Tent Rentals near Me 


On yellowpages,you can  find and connect with local tent seller. Local merchants will provide a comprehensive service, including fast delivery, shipping, installation, etc., which are more convenient for you. Especially for short-term rental tents,For example, party tents rental, wedding tents rental,event tents rental , festival tents rental, the yellow pages will fit your need!

find local wedding tent merchants ,you can see all kinds of tents rental,and Visit their website,get the Phone number 


If you want to buy a tent,Amazon is your best choice.As the world's largest e-commerce platform, Amazon has concentrated the world's best merchants supplier & factory & Retailer, providing the best products in it, and has the best after-sales service, the local warehouse delivery is also very fast.

The tent people often buy on Amazon:

Outdoor  tent,Gazebos,Outdoor Canopies,Family Camping Tents,Camping Sun Shelters,backyard wedding tent rentals,Portable Canopy for backyard party, Outdoor Canopy Wedding Party Tent,Transparent  Tent , Inflatable Tent ,Pop Up Canopy ,Marriage tent...etc.  The most purchased model is  10'x30' Outdoor Canopy.

There are also related parts that can be bought together:

Lights, Commercial Decor, Outdoor String, Table and chair,Outdoor String Lights,etc.

People purchase Pop Up Canopy on Amazon

2.If you want to customize a exhibition tent to hold a large exhibition, and  find a cheap price, good quality tent manufacturer:

First of all, to find custom tent manufacturers, I suggest you to find in China. China has the world's most developed manufacturing industry, as the world's manufacturing center, Made-in-China has the most complete industrial chain, can greatly meet your various personality needs.

I suggest you find a Chinese manufacturer.(Of course, there are also manufacturers from other countries, such as India, the United States, etc.)It is easy to find affordable tent rentals information online.And It is easy to find a OEM tent supplier from Alibaba.com

Search wedding tent for sale in alibaba.com  

Customer customized 6x6m pagoda gazebo party tent in China:

Customer customized 6x6m pagoda gazebo party tent in China

People customized 10x20m Durable PVC Tarpaulin Inflatable Tent at Alibaba.com

The Pics show that: The 10x10m Transparent corporate tent ,Customers bought it for commercial business like helding a Ceremony banquet.

The 10x10m Transparent tent can popular 500 people,Including tables and chairs,Air conditioning in the tent、Stage and lighting,cover with Clear PVC, Customers bought it for helding a Ceremony banquet.

The picture below shows a Modern 20X30 Luxury Marquee  what we customized for a customer.The customer is from Australia,The boss of this Chinese manufacturer told us that their customers are mainly in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and India.There are many customers in Nigeria.The Frame Material use aluminum alloy,Their workers produce tents 50000 Square Meter per Month!And all the prices are based on factory(So the purchase price is quite cheap). calculate the tent size you need,then you can customized a tent from them.they will send manual guide books or Video to help customer installation. and If customer need to help install,they will send a engineer come to their country to help. the tent is able to install repeatedly. Search "fancy wedding tent for sale" in alibaba,and you will find the best manufacturer.

High Quality and Designer Party Event Tent,Anti-wind capacity: 100km/h,Life span: 15 years,Snow load capacity: 75kg/sqm, high quality double coated PVC polyester (650-850g/sqm), waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, self-cleaning and etc.Widely used for Weddings, Parties, Fashion shows, Sports events, Car cases, Tradeshows, Warehouse storage and etc. It is easy to find affordable tent rentals information online.And It is easy to find a OEM tent supplier from Alibaba.com

luxury wedding tent,with glass wall for 10000 people  

Tent Series:(Search "fancy wedding tent for sale" in alibaba,and you will find the best manufacturer.This company can meet your different types of tent needs.

Tent Roof Type Span Width Bay Distance Eave Height
A Shape tent 3m~50m  3m/5m  2.6m/3m/4m/6m/8m
Curve tent 3m~40m  3m/5m 2.6m/3m/4m/6m/8m 
Double Decker tent 10m~30m 5m  5m/6m/8m 
Polygon tent 10m~40m 5m 3m/4m 
High peak tent 3m~10m  3m/4m/5m/6m/10m 2.3m/3m
Dome tent Diameter 4m~40m

 It is easy to find affordable tent rentals information online.And It is easy to find other special event tent OEM,which like Heavy Duty tent or Lightweight  tent supplier from Alibaba.com

This company accepts orders from all over the world, whether you are from the following countries:

United States,Australia,United Kingdom,Canada,India,New Zealand,Germany,

Spain,Italy,Israel,Chile,France,Malaysia,Romania,United Arab Emirates,

Vietnam,Norway,Thailand,Saudi Arabia,Russian Federation,Belgium,Mexico,

Nigeria,Japan,Indonesia,Switzerland,South Africa,Qatar,Portugal,

South Korea,Philippines,Czech Republic,Colombia,Kenya,Sweden,

Singapore,Sri Lanka,Kuwait,Netherlands,Poland,Egypt,Finland,Ireland.

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