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What is a Graduation Party?Graduation Party Supplies Checklist – Things you need to make it Big Hit Graduation parties are a cinch to plan. Why You Should Rent a Tent?2. Catering Supplies – – 3. Tent Decoration –

Graduation Party Rentals – Top 10 Party Supplies Checklist

Planning a college or high school graduation party can be a challenging task. From picking a date that suits all, selecting a venue, sending invitations, deciding on the food menu and buying or hiring party supplies to decorate the venue, thinking about every single thing can be exhausting. Fortunately, many companies provide graduation party rentals near me to make this difficult task easier for you. However, with so many options available out there, you need to be mindful as you may get overwhelmed seeing those beautiful things.

What is a Graduation Party?

A graduation party is meant to celebrate students who have completed their graduation while meeting all the academic and extracurricular requirements. It is for students, their close friends, relative, and special guests. It is the day when graduating students receive their degree or diplomas marking their official graduation.

A graduation or commencement party is typically held at the end of the academic year and signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the students. Along with the awarding of the diplomas, it is a way to congratulate graduates on their achievements.

Being such a great and memorable occasion, graduation parties also need some special treatment.  In this article, we will discuss ‘graduation party rentals’ and top companies offering some serious stuff.

graduation tent

Let’s get started…

Graduation Party Supplies Checklist – Things you need to make it Big Hit

Graduation parties are a cinch to plan. There are a lot of things you need to consider for a successful event. To make this challenging task a little bit easier for you, we’ve created a checklist that includes all the basic things required for a graduation party.

Here we go…

1. Tents – Most of the graduation parties are held in the great outdoors these days and an event tent plays the most important role when it comes to outdoor celebrations. Tents not only provide shelter from uncertain weather but also act as a blank canvas where the sky is the limit when it comes to using the space. A tent creates a beautiful, defined area to pull guests together and provide them a bit more personal space.

There are so many different types of tents available for graduation parties and listed are some of the most popular ones…

ü Backyard Graduation Tents – There are so many different tent styles available for that special day for accomplished graduates. The backyard tents come in a huge variety of styles and sizes with options like sidewalls and printed products.


ü Pole Tent – The type of tent is supported by poles and guy-wired and can be effectively used for a graduation party. Though it is a sophisticated choice as this tent offers enough space, it cannot be set up on concrete or other hard surfaces.


ü Frame Tent – One of the common types of party tents, this freestanding tent uses a metal frame as support. It can be set up on most solid surfaces and the exposed metal pipes can be used to hang decorative items such as lanterns, lights, or flowers.

 Frame Tent - tent rental for graduation party

ü Clear Tent – A transparent tent is not just meant for weddings and parties; it can also be used for a graduation party. This frame-based tent with a clear vinyl top is perfect for those who want something special for their special day.


ü Pop Up Canopy Tent – Pop up canopies are a modern marvel that brings comfort anywhere as they are made of lightweight materials. It can be a great choice if you want something affordable yet stylish and super-functional.

Why You Should Rent a Tent?

Most of the graduation parties are organized during summer months and a tent is a necessity to keep everyone protected from harsh sun rays. Apart from protection from the weather, the tents offer:


More space

No time constraint

East setup & removal

All-inclusive packages


2. Catering Supplies – Food and drink are no doubt the most important considerations and also a major expense. As so many guests will be going to attend the event, it is extremely imperative to choose the best caterer and decide on the best food menu. Whether you choose to hire a catering company or cater for yourself, you are going to need plenty of catering supplies. Some of the main thins to consider includes:

Table Settings

Serving Equipment

Buffet Equipment

Coffee/beverage Station

Food Signs



  Catering Supplies

3. Tent Decoration – Now that you’ve covered the important parts, tent and food, you can focus on the decoration part. There are so many interesting ways you can decorate a graduation party tent and make it look outstandingly beautiful. Here are some of the popular options available:




Colorful table decorations


Curling ribbons


Hanging decorations

Paper lanterns

Sign & banners


Wall decorations

Photo display

Photobooth & props

Party props

  Tent Decoration

4. Table and Chair Rentals – Every event needs tables and chairs and also a great way to add variety and creativity. You will find an assortment of tables and chairs for a graduation party available in a wide variety of shapes, heights, and finishing. The rental companies have options to suit every style and event theme. Here are some stylish yet functional options available to choose from:

Specialty chairs

Folding chairs

Cocktail tables


Specialty tables

Folding tables


Banquet tables

Round tables

Conference table

Umbrella table

Chiavari chairs



5. Audio/Visual Equipment – No party is a party that is without music! Whether it’s a small graduation party or a big one, audio and visual equipment plays an important role. The main items include:

Sound systems


DJ system

DJ floor

Karaoke rental

LED screens

Stage rental


6. Linen Rentals – Using beautiful linens is the best way to create an immersive experience and there are a lot of options to choose from. Some of the basic  ones include:




Chair covers

Table cloths




7. Concessions – Now for the fun stuff! A huge variety of fun concession equipment is available that can be used to make any event memorable. Here are some interesting options you may consider:

Snowcone machine rental

Popcorn machine rental

Cotton candy machine rental

Chocolate fountain rental

Cookies, etc.


8. Portable Restroom Rental – If it is an outdoor event, having a portable restroom is very important. It will provide everyone with a clean and convenient facility to get fresh and enjoy the graduation party. Here are some popular types you may consider:

Basic restrooms

Deluxe restrooms

Luxurious restrooms

The above-mentioned are some basic things you need to plan a graduation party, you can also choose from other options available.

How to Plan a Perfect Graduation Party?

Given the task of organizing a graduation party? Well! It can be a quite difficult task without proper planning and understanding of graduation party rentals. There are so many considerations to make any event successful and some of the main things to keep in mind include:

ü Pick a Style and Theme – It is always better to start with a theme so that you can plan the other elements accordingly. Here are some possible themes for a grad party:

Formal Dress-Up – It means a formal setting with elegant arrangements.

Casual Dress-Up – It means fun and funky setting.

Fun, Tropical Clothing – It means choosing special event rentals.


ü Create a Budget – Having a budget in mind will help you pick the essential things accordingly and you will not end up spending a fortune. The potential items that need to be taken care of are:





Big tents

Photography & video

Party room rentals

Party supply rentals

Party favor



ü Plan Your Menu – If you are hiring a catering company, make sure you meet the caterer early to decide on the food and beverage menu. The menu you decide should match the theme or style of your graduation party. Also, it will be great if you can make a detailed timetable for your party.


ü Choose Appropriate Decorations – The decoration of a graduation party is different from wedding or birthday decorations. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that gradation is a theme in itself and requires suitable decoration. Balloons, flowers, lights, and centerpieces are some popular options. You can also include the graduation caps and diplomas into all of your decorations.  


ü Pay Attention to Entertainment – Entertaining the guests is a must regardless of the type and size of the event. When it comes to entertainment, the options are endless but for a graduation party, it will be best to hire a DJ or band. Also, you can choose to have some jumping castles or other inflatable equipment.


ü Add Photo Booths and Props – All those days of class trips, team practices, and other stuff is going to come to an end. It means that the students would love to take a lot of memories home and what’s better than having photographs. You can make it even better by adding photo booths with props to the event. Using a gold foil fringe curtain or a graduation banner can be a great idea.


ü Hire a reliable Graduation Party Rentals Company – Find the most reliable and reputed party rental company for hosting the graduation party. If you can find the right rental platform, it means half the work is done. The professionals can handle the task effectively right from the set up to the cleanup. All you need to do is some research and look for a company that suits your requirements and budget.

Graduation Party Rentals Cost

Wondering how much should a graduation party cost? Well! The exact amount of spending will depend on several factors such as guest count, location, party rentals, etc. Talking about the average graduation party rentals cost, it will cost you around $800 to $1,000. However, the figure may vary depending on the type of party you want to host and the rentals you choose.

Though we cannot tell you the exact graduation party rentals cost, we can provide you with some money-saving tips…

Ways to throw a graduation party on a budget…

Like any celebration, the graduation party also needs proper planning and party supplies. Not having a budget can be an open invitation to overspending as you may get overwhelmed by the available options.

ü Find reliable and experienced special event rentals!

ü Set and budget and stick to it!

ü Pick the right venue or tent!

ü Send digital invitations or consider DIY!

ü Serve a buffet lunch!

ü Consider potential costs and look for better options!

ü Consider co-hosting to divide the expenses!

ü Ask for expert help!

throw a graduation party on a budget

There are many ways you can save when planning a graduation party.

The Final Verdict

Graduation parties are a great way to celebrate the work and accomplishments of students. Whether you are an event planner working for a school or college or a parent wants to host a graduation party, the options are countless. If you have a child who is graduating and want to celebrate it, you may be planning to throw a welcoming party. Well! Graduation parties can be expensive but with proper know-how you can limit your spending and still enjoy the same perks.

When planning a graduation party, timing is everything! There are a few months that are too busy for everyone, so consider hosting during free months. Also, it will be better to ask your most special guests to confirm their availability or suggest a common date.

Are you ready to host a wonderful graduation party? 

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