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Birthday Rentals – Suggested Party Supply Rentals. Wondering how to make your little champ’s birthday party special? Don’t know where to start? Well! You don’t have to worry as we’ve listed the main birthday rentals you need to make the event memorable

Birthday Rentals – How to Make a Birthday Party Extra Special

A birthday is an important milestone in everyone’s life and if it is your child’s special day, you must be thinking of taking it seriously. If it is so, you must be looking for birthday rentals that suit your requirements. There are so many companies out there selling every possible thing required for a birthday party. With countless options, it can be challenging to decide what to choose and where to start.

To make things easier for you and plan a flawless birthday party, we’ve tried to include some of the main points in this article.

Let’s start with the basic things required for ay birthday party rentals near me

Birthday Rentals – Suggested Party Supply Rentals

Wondering how to make your little champ’s birthday special? Don’t know where to start? Well! You don’t have to worry as we’ve listed the main birthday rentals you need to make the event memorable for everyone.

Party Supply Rentals

Check this out:

ü Birthday Party Tent Rentals – Outdoor celebrations are great as they provide you with the opportunity to create any look or theme of your choice. If planning an outdoor birthday celebration, party tents play an important role. Some of the popular and ideal outdoor tent options include a pop-up tent, frame tent, stretch tent, gazebo tent, inflatable tent, and 10x10 canopy tents.


ü Partyware – Before the arrival of your guests, you need to be prepared with all your party supplies in order. No matter how big your event is or what you’re serving at your party, you are going to need some partyware. Though you always have the option to buy all the necessary things, it’s not wise to spend a fortune on single-time use items. It is better to consider birthday rentals and here are some basic things you will need:


Table and chair rentals

Linens – tablecloths, chair covers, ribbons, napkins, etc.



Audio/Visual Equipment

Dance floor






ü Recreational Activities – Birthdays are special days for everyone and that’s why they should be treated as such. If you are planning to make your loved one’s birthday special, there’s nothing like having some recreational activities. Some popular options you may consider are:

Jumping Castles

Inflatable – Obstacle courses, etc.

Water Balloons & Balloon Bursts

Musical Chairs

Hula Hoop Race

Hide and Seek


Play Dough

Pool Games


ü Birthday Cake – What a birthday without a birthday cake! So, you need to pay close attention to this particular point because it has to both look good and taste good. It will be better if you can get the cake prepared as per the theme of your party. Also, finishing matters a lot because it’s the cake that attracts maximum attraction in a birthday party.

Variations of the typical cake include

Birthday Cakes

Themed Cakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Cake Pops




ü Food – Food that looks good tasted good! Food is an integral part of every occasion be it a big event or a birthday party. When its party time for your little one’s birthday, you’ve got hungry little mouths to feed and kids always want something tasty and unique. You can either choose to prepare the food by yourself or hire a caterer. For a birthday party, it will be better to keep the recipes simple such as:

Creamy Pasta



Supper Nachos

Potato Fingers

Meat Balls

Greek Salad Pasta

Pizza Bites


Beverages, etc.


ü Decorations – Whether you are hosting the party at your home or the great outdoors, decoration plays an important role in making it memorable. Adding some decorative pieces to your party area will help transform the entire look and feel while conveying the theme of the party. Here are some birthday decoration idea that you may consider:





Paper Lanterns



Party Blowers

LED Strings

Paper Pinwheels

Embellished Party Hats

Ribbon Chandelier

Wall Decorations

party decorations 


ü Invitations – Invitations are an important part of the party planning process and for a birthday party, you need to be quite particular. Either you can choose to create your own custom birthday party invitations or get them printed by professionals. Whatever you choose, make sure you provide all the important information such as date, venue, timing, RSVP, etc.


ü Favor Bags/Boxes – It is always good to appreciate the guests as they took some time from their busy schedules to attend your party. When it comes to favor items, the possibilities are endless. You can either choose fun items or some useful ones that they could use in their everyday life.


ü Concession Rentals – If you want to make your party super fun, it will be a great idea to consider concession rentals. It includes popcorn machine rental, cotton candy machine rental, snow cone machine rentals, and more. Nothing attracts the kids like the smell of freshly prepared candies and freshly popped popcorn. Having these machines at your birthday party will bring a big smile to everyone’s face at your party.  


ü Others – When it comes to birthday rentals, there are a lot of things that you may consider as per your needs and budget. The countless options make party planning a stressful job and having a list of some useful items can help a lot. Some of these items include candles & matches, cake platter & serving knife, ice bucket, extra tables & chairs, serving dishes, etc.

Top 5 Birthday Rentals near me

Wondering where to get the birthday rentals, we have listed some popular companies that you may consider for your next event…

1. Kiddies Themes Parties – Looking for a one-stop-shop for birthday rentals? This company offers a wide range of products and services such as party supplies, table and chair rentals, party entertainment, party packages, tent decoration, and more. They currently offer over 120 different themes party supply items for birthdays and other parties.


2. Party Spot – If you’re looking for something different, this platform can be worth visiting for. Find a wide variety of party supplies such as tableware, décor, balloons, flowers, costumes, games, favors, stationery, and more. They also offer gift wraps and gift packaging accessories to create your best party ever.


3. Lenzo – One of the biggest party marketplace in the country, this company offer event services, party supply stores, and venues. Explore the wide range of decorations, party supplies, tableware, party props, tents, marquee hire, furniture hire, lighting hire, and entertainment equipment along with services like a florist, photos/videos, and more.


4. McHugh Hire – If you are looking for a place where you can find everything required for your birthday party or any other event, this is a place to look for. They offer a wide range of party rentals such as lighting, flooring, décor, games, entertainment, cutlery, furnishing, electrical, marquees, linen, and more.


5. AAYS Event Rentals – Known for offering a wide variety of stylish rentals for birthdays, weddings, and other events, here you can find a range of products and services. Explore rentals like tents, drapes, flooring, staging, tables & chairs, linen, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, décor, lighting, and more.

party rental service

Top 5 Birthday Rentals Companies


Birthday Rentals Company



Contact Details


Kiddies Themes Parties

Events, Décor, Catering, Party Hire

South Africa

Tel: 082-490-1155

Email: info@kiddiesthemeparties.co.za 


Party Spot

Party Rentals

South Africa

Tel: 011-804-5143



One Stop Party Shop


Tel: 03-9257-3250



McHugh Hire

Party Equipment Rentals


Tel: 02-6162-1662

Email: bookings@mchughhire.com 


AAYS Event Rentals

Event Rentals


Tel: 574-256-1110


Rent a Birthday Party Tent or Buy a Tent?

Thinking of an outdoor birthday party? Wondering whether you should rent a party tent or buy one?

Well! If you love hosting parties and don’t mind guests visiting you every month, buying a tent can be a good idea. There are so many tent options available for your backyard or garden such as a small 10x10 canopy tent, pole tent, stretch tent, pop up tent, inflatable rentals, shade tent, and more. You can also have your tent customized as per your requirements and budget.

However, if you are not into tented parties much, the more cost-effective option is to rent a party tent. With tent rental companies all over the world, you can find a perfect renting option to suits your exact needs. Also, the all-inclusive rental companies will provide you with all the essential party supplies such as furniture, cake, decoration, catering, cutlery, etc.

Birthday Party Room Rentals – Finding the Best Place to Celebrate

It’s your child’s birthday and you are looking for an ideal venue to celebrate the special day. Whether you are a new mom or a teen’s parent looking for the perfect birthday party halls for kids of all ages, the options are countless.

Listed are some of the best party places for kids of all ages:

· Inflatable Tents – An inflatable structure or a bounce venue can be a perfect choice for birthday celebration. Most of such venues provide helpers to assist you with the party.


· Tea Party Location – If you are looking for something fancy, a tea party location can be an ideal choice. You can also have the option of themes, catering, and decoration.


· Swimming Pool – Whether an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, it can be a perfect party venue for those hot summer months. Pools games can also be included.


· Bowling Alleys – If your child is big enough to handle bowling, booking a bowling alley can be a great idea. You can order some food or take along cake for more fun.


· Arts & Crafts Studios – If your little one is a budding artist, it will be great if you can book an arts & crafts studio. Kids can take their creations home at the end of the party.


· Farms – If your kid is an animal lover, no place is as better than a farm or zoo. You can prepare the food at home and enjoy the farm with your loved ones.


· Restaurant – If nothing else clicks your mind, booking a party hall in a restaurant comes handy. You can enjoy everything such as food, music, fun activities, etc.

Bounce House or Inflatable Rentals – An Outstanding Way to Keep Kids Entertained

Wondering how to keep kids entertained for hours at your party. The best way is to hire jumping castles or bounce houses that are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. These beautiful inflatable structures are fun for all ages and interests. And when it comes to options, they are countless. Check out some of the popular ones:

Bouncy Giant Slides – Dry or Wet

Dunk Tanks

Obstacle Courses

Movie Screens

Climbing Wall


Planning an event whether it is a birthday party or any other celebration involves a lot of considerations. Finding the most appropriate birthday rentals tops the checklist as it takes into account almost everything required for a successful party. Also, to have a perfect event you need to find the best venue or tent so that guests can enjoy the party and at the same time feel comfortable.

Have you ever thought about why we celebrate our or our loved one’s birthdays? Yes! It is good to celebrate a birthday and here’s why…

It is a self-esteem booster as your kid will learn to be caring towards others.

It helps kids socialize in large groups and create friendships.

It helps you create great memories that you can treasure for years.

It is a great way to have some fun time from your tight schedule.

It is an outstanding way to spend time with your friends and relatives.

If you are planning a birthday party and want it as flawless as possible, it would be better to work with professionals. The birthday rental companies like 6StarShop provide you with hundreds of options when it comes to renting tents, furniture, cutlery, lighting, and other important things. Also, the experts can help you with event planning and provide tips to save money while still having an outstanding party.

Are you ready to throw an amazing birthday party? 

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