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Top 10 Companies/Suppliers Dealing in Party Equipment Rental Whether you are going to host a big party or just a small gathering, you will need some party equipment to make it happen. There are so many party equipment rental companies offering a huge v

How to Find the Best Party Equipment Rental Service for Your Next Event?

Planning a party? Party equipment rental plays an essential role in planning any kind of celebration regardless of its type and size. Whether you want to provide a cozy and comfortable environment for your guests or need the perfect finishing touches, there is an extensive inventory of rental products. From the very basic products to fun & unique elements, you can find a wide variety of supplies to set your party apart from the rest.

With the right information, you can gain access to quality, affordable party supply rentals and enhance the look as well as feel of your event or gathering. Having a party means you need some important components, whether you purchase or rent items, to make it a successful one.

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Whatever upcoming event you are excited about; this article will provide you with some useful information to get you moving.

Here we go…

Top 10 Companies/Suppliers Dealing in Party Equipment Rental

Whether you are going to host a big party or just a small gathering, you will need some party equipment to make it happen. There are so many party equipment rental companies offering a huge variety of rental products and services. We will discuss some of the popular ones from where you can have some appropriate party supplies.

Check them out…

1. Let’s Party – Looking for party supplies in South Africa? The company specializes in party equipment rental and offers a wide range of products to choose from. Some of the main product categories include tents, decoration, catering equipment, jumping castles, costumes, and concession machines.


2. Funcart – If you are looking for essential products for your party rentals near me in India, this can be the right platform to explore. It can be your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of products in categories like dining, festivals, decorations, baby occasions, adult party, costumes, return, gifts, and more.


3. Party Doctors – Based in the UK, the company offers an extensive range of party equipment hire for a variety of occasions. Some of the main products include tents, dance floors, portable bars, draping materials, catering, furniture, candy floss, photo booths, party props, luxury toilets, and more.


4. Parties to Go – When you are looking for some party supplies in China, this can be the right platform to look for. Explore rental products like furniture, decoration, audio/visual equipment, catering equipment, party props, linen, sound, lighting, etc. Also, you can get your package customized as per your specific needs.


5. Southern Events – Looking for a full-service event company in the US? This can be your right platform to explore as they offer a wide range of party equipment rental. The rental catalog includes products like tables and chairs, furniture, lounge furniture, props, linens, decorations, glassware, flatware, catering, tents, stage rental, and more.


6. Stuart Event Rentals – The Company based in the US offers a wide range of party equipment rental for indoor and outdoor parties. The main product categories you may explore include tables, chairs, linens, party furniture, decorations, tents, draping, staging & flooring, lighting, glassware, cooking, serving, portable bars, and more.


7. Diamond Event – Based in Utah, United States, and the company offers a wide range of rental items for parties, weddings, and corporate events. Some of the popular products include tents, furniture, linens, china, glassware, flatware, tabletop accessories, lighting & lanterns, concession & games, flooring, catering, décor, and more.


8. Kates Party Rentals – Looking for an all-inclusive rental company in South Africa? Visiting this site might help as the company offers a wide range of products as well as services. The main product categories include tables & chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen, lights, kiddies, marquees hire, and others.  


9. Waverley Party Hire – Being the marquee hire and party hire specialists in Australia, the company offers an extensive range of product rentals. The main categories includes table & chairs, cutlery and crockery, marquee hire, glassware, table linen & décor, dining settings, disco set-ups & lighting, catering equipment, disposable items, and more.


10. J and S Party Rental – Located in Texas, United States, the company is a one-stop-shop for party equipment rental. They provide all the essential things required for a party such as tables and chairs, linens, glassware, concessions like popcorn machines & snow cone maker, decorations, inflatables, and more.

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Top 10 Party Equipment Rental Companies/Suppliers



Rental Products


Contact Details


Let’s Party

Party Supplies

South Africa

Tel: +278-765-48055

Email: party@letsparty.co.za 



Party Equipment


Tel: +91-98713-83006

Email: contact@funcart.in 


Party Doctors

Party Equipment Hire


Tel: 0845-307-4365

Email: party@partydoctors.co.uk 


Parties to Go

Special Event Rentals


Tel: 541-485-5587


Southern Events

Party Rentals

United States

Tel: 615-595-8508

Email: info@southerneventsonline.com 


Stuart Event Rentals

Party Equipment Rental

United States

Tel: 408-856-3232



Diamond Event

Event & Tent

Utah, US

Tel: 888-844-4001



Kates Party Rentals

Party Equipment Rental

South Africa

Tel: 011-886-2336

Email: orders@katespartyrentals.co.za 


Waverley Party Hire

Marquees Hire & Party Hire


Tel: 03-9561-8111

Email: info@waverleypartyhire.com.au 


J and S Party Rental

Party Supplies Rentals

United States

Tel: 214-884-5713

Email: info@jandspartyrental.com 


If you are searching for ‘party rentals near me’, the above-mentioned names might help. They provide a wide range of products and services to make your moments memorable. Also, if you are looking for ‘hall rentals near me’, the professionals can help finding some best places for your party. If you are planning an outdoor celebration, they can help you choose the best possible tent for your party.

Party Equipment Rental – An Ultimate Checklist

It can be incredibly intimidating to plan even a small event on your own especially when you aren’t a pro. Finding appropriate party supplies can become quite complex as there are so many important things to consider such as the location, type of event, number of guests, and of course the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Well! You don’t have to worry as we got you covered by providing an ultimate party equipment rental checklist.

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Here’s the list of party supplies for your next party…

ü Party Invitations – Paper or Digital

ü Party Tent Rentals

ü Table and Chair Rentals

ü Party Décor Rentals

ü Tablecloths, Table Skirts, Runners

ü Chair Covers & Cushions

ü Napkins – Paper or fabric

ü Drinkware – Water, Wine, Coffee

ü Flatware – Forks, Spoons, Knives

ü Plates – Cocktail, Dessert, Dinner

ü Ice & Cooler, Ice Buckets

ü Serving Equipment – Platters, Trays, Bowls

ü Concessions – Candy & Popcorn Machine Rentals

ü Catering – Food

ü Centerpieces

ü Party Favors

ü Banners

ü Lighting

ü Party Props

ü Party Games

ü Music System

ü Tent

ü Drapes

ü Flooring

ü Stage & Backdrops

ü Inflatable

ü Bar Supplies

ü Heating & Cooling

ü Garbage Cans & Bags

ü Take-Home Containers

ü First Aid Kit

Check out the basics for selecting the right party equipment…

Who is the party for?

When is the party and where?

What is the reason for the party?

How many guests you are expecting?

What type of party is it?

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

Party Tent Rentals – A Must-Have for Outdoor Parties or Events

Are you planning an outdoor event? When it comes to making an outdoor party an enjoyable one, you want every detail to be perfect and it all starts with renting a perfect tent. Whether you are preparing for a small birthday party or a grand wedding reception, you will be going to need a tent.

Here are some popular party tent options you may consider for your next event…

· 10x10 Pop Up Tent – A pop-up tent comes with pre-installed pipes and pops into a specific shape when unfolded. This can be a perfect choice for small, instant parties as you don’t need any professional assistance or equipment for installation and removal.


· Stretch Tent – It is a free-from fabric structure that can be stretched to make a variety of shapes. It is made of a stretchy fabric that is an incredibly strong nylon filament fabric. The flexibility and durability of this tent make it an ideal choice for parties and events.


· Frame Tent – This is a freestanding structure with no center poles and can be installed on a variety of surfaces such as grass, decks, pavement, etc. This kind of tent offers an obstruction-free layout and provides an open floor plan.


· Pagoda Tent – The type of tent offers a basic structure with not a very high peak but aesthetically pleasing. The tent is extremely easy to install as no complex framework is involved and, therefore, a perfect choice for backyard parties.


· Pole Tent – The entire framework is supported by the poles from the ground and it forms a high peak that looks great. It is one of the popular types of tents but can only be installed on grassy surfaces, not the concrete ones.


· High-Peak Tent – As the name suggests, the kind of tent has a high peak and often supported by a single central pole. The framework is supported by cross cables and gives a specious area to host a variety of parties like birthdays, festivals, carnivals, etc.

tent equipment

There are so many different types of tents that you can choose for your party depending on your needs and budget. If you want to purchase a tent, many companies offer party tents for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any minimum quantities that I need to order for party equipment rental?

Well! Some companies offer a wide range of products with no minimum order but others have a certain kind of limitation. If you do not want to rent in bulk, look for platforms catering to your specific requirements.

Should I book my rentals in advance?

Most of the top rental companies often get booked in advance and, therefore, it is better to reserve your rental items. This will ensure peace of mind that you have booked everything for your special event.

What do I require to book party equipment?

Most of the companies need details like your contact information (address, phone, email), valid credit card information, and specific order requirements to book an order. However, reliable companies never ask for confidential information.

What are the important things to consider before booking an order?

There are so many things that you should consider before confirming your order such as the cancellation policy, refund policy, delivery, set-up or installation, removal, transportation, professional assistance, additional charges, etc.

The Final Verdict

Most of the reliable and reputed party equipment rental companies work with a wide range of clients – from individuals to organizations and event planners. So, if you are looking for the right equipment for your party, you need to find the right company. Here are some tips that might help…

The rental company should have a good experience in their business and have attention to detail, regardless of the type and size of the event.

A rental company should provide you with so many different options so that you can choose as per your specific needs.

A reliable platform will provide you with all the essential information before confirming your order such as refund policy, cancellation policy, installation, transportation, etc.

Why do you need a rental company?

If you are thinking that why you need to work with a rental company, just think about doing everything by yourself. You need a lot of things to make any party or event happen and only a professional team can provide you with everything you need for a uniform look.

In simple words, party rental will take the stress out of your mind and will make your event more streamlined. It is not just the party supplies you can get from a rental company; they also assist with party planning and finding the right places to rent for parties.

The platforms like 6StarShop are experts in their field and provide an extensive range of products and services catering to a variety of events. Also, they provide professional advice on party planning along with money-saving tips.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a great party! 

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