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Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding or been put in charge of a corporate event, party tent rentals can make it a successful one. When planning an event, everything has to be perfect right from the tent and catering, furniture, sound, lighting, deco

Top 21 Tents for Sale Companies in Canada

Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding or been put in charge of a corporate event, party tent rentals can make it a successful one. When planning an event, everything has to be perfect right from the tent and catering, furniture, sound, lighting, decoration to other details. Needless to say, you need to find the right option catering to your needs.

Choosing the right event tent rental company can make a huge difference in how your event turns out. If you find the best for your event, you will ensure that all items needed for a memorable party are available and there’s no mess or stress.

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Looking for tent rental or sale companies in Canada? Wondering where to start? You are in the right place as we have listed some of the most popular platforms that you can explore for a wide range of products and services.

Check them out…

Top 21 Event/Wedding/Party Tents for Sale Companies in Canada

Tent Companies in Toronto

1. AS Special Events – Looking for party tent rentals? This can be the right platform to explore a wide range of products for parties, weddings, birthday, or a professional corporate event. The rentals include party tent, catering equipment, staging & dance floors, AV products, table & chairs, décor items, linens, bars & bar supplies, and more.


2. Gervais Rentals – Whether you are looking for a wide variety of event tents or party supplies, this company offers an extensive selection of over 1,200 products for rent. Some of the popular rentals include tents & accessories, tent flooring, canopies, furniture, linens, stage, dance floors, cutlery, catering, casino equipment, and a lot more.


3. Premier Event Tent Rentals – When it comes to tenting and temporary flooring, this company offers some of the best solutions for a variety of events. The solutions include 10x10 event tent, high-peak tents, sailcloth tents, A-frame tents, legacy structure, dance floor, carpets, elevated deck floors, and raised beam over the pool, and more.

Tent Companies in Toronto


Tent Companies in Montreal


4. Fiesta – The enterprise specializes in tent manufacturing and rentals for all occasions such as weddings, sports & cultural events, social and corporate events. The main product categories include tents and marquees that are available in a wide range of color, size, and style options to suit different needs.


5. Chapiteau Montreal – Being one of the popular names in tents rental business, the company offers a wide selection of tents, marquees, and accessories. Explore the categories like marquees, pole tents, frame tents, chairs, couch, chair covers, BBQ, bars, dishes & silverware, floors, fountains, lights, and more.


6. Acme – The Company specializes in tents and marquees rental along with decoration and consultation services. Check out the services like tent rental, marquee rental, floors & stages, furniture & accessories, entertainment, lighting, and other services. They also provide decoration services like draping, lighting, etc.


7. Casa Deramo – Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your event rental needs? Well! This could be the right platform to explore as the company offers a wide range of products and services for all occasions. The main highlights include décor & rentals, lighting & draping, table setting & accessories, furniture, sound, and more.

 Tent Companies in Montreal

Tent Companies in Vancouver


8. Millennium – Looking for tent rentals or tents for sale for trade shows, convention, or corporate function? Visiting this site might help as the company offers a wide range of tents and accessories such as tents & walls, floors & staging, lighting & heating, table & chairs, linens & accessories, tableware, food, and bar service.


9. Cascade Tents – This can be your one-stop-platform for all your event-related needs, regardless of the type and size. Some of the popular categories to explore include tents in all sizes, tables & chairs, flooring, propane & heaters, portable air conditioners, lighting, etc. The popular tents are frame tents, marquee tents, pop-up tents, and canopies.


10. Little Foot Yurts – Looking for a party or event yurt in Canada? The company specializes in yurts and stretch tents that are available in many different sizes and designs. They offer great yurt prices in Canada and the range includes lotus yurts, palace yurt, champagne yurt, boudoir yurt, and more.


11. Vancouver Event Tents – Looking for stylish yet functional tents for private backyard, beach or corporate event? The company stocks an extensive range of pop-up tents stretch tents, wedding tent, party tents, teepee and more for all occasions. The tents are also ideal for trade shows, sports events, film, and corporate parties.

 Tent Companies in Vancouver

Tent Companies in Calgary


12. Good Time Party Tent Rentals – This is a great place to look for all your event essentials right from the big tents to the tiny equipment. Explore the categories like tents, tables & chairs, china/flatware, glassware, beverage equipment, wedding accessories, service equipment, lighting & electrical, propane heaters, and more.


13. Calgary Tent – Whether you are looking for party tents or custom solutions for your event, this can be the right place to visit. The company offers an extensive range of solutions like rental tents, pop-up tents, marquees, patio awnings, terrace awnings, window awnings, custom textile products, and accessories.


14. Special Event Rentals – The Company offers tent rentals for every occasion along with other products and services. The rental catalogue include tents & canopies, furniture, linens, catering equipment, décor, palace settings, site equipment, coffee equipment, concession equipment, rental services, and others.

15. Party Rental Depot – The Company stocks an impressive range of tents for weddings and corporate functions. Some of the popular tent options include high-peak marquee tent, inflatable tent, and more. Other product categories include backdrops, pipe, drapes, banquet & serving, bar equipment, chairs, dinnerware, etc.


Tent Companies in Edmonton


16. River City Events – Planning an outdoor event and looking for beautiful and functional tents? This can be the right place to look for a huge variety of tents such as frame tents, pole tents, canopies, and tent accessories. Other products include backdrops, furniture, dinnerware, draping, linens, glassware, staging, flooring, lighting, and more.


17. Edmonton Party Rental – This is a platform where you can find a huge variety of products right from tents and furniture to other essentials. The main product categories include tents, chairs & tables, theme party deals, jumping castle, and food storage. The tents are available in many sizes such as 10x10 pop up canopy etc.


18. Alpha Tent Rentals – Looking for party tent rentals? This is a place to explore tents and other essentials for parties and other events. The main products include tents, chairs & tables, decoration, and more. The company provides party rentals for all types of events, regardless of size and type.

Tent Companies in Ottawa


19. Rebel Tents – If you are looking for a wide range of tents and accessories for any party, wedding, or a large corporate event, this is the place to look for. Here you can find tents for backyard parties, weddings, festivals & fairs, warehousing, and construction. Party rentals include flooring, lighting, draping, liners, covers, and more.


20. Ottawa Special Events – The Company specializes in tent rentals for all occasions and offers a wide range of pole tents, frame tents, and pop up tents. The rental list includes lighting, projector/screen, portable stage, chairs, video projection, video wall, table, pipes, drapes, and other essentials.


21. Labelle Tents – Explore over 300 tents that are available for a variety of events and occasions, both private and commercial. The main tent categories include wedding tents, party tents, festival tents, winter tents, corporate tents, construction shelters, and accessories. They also provide a canvas tent cleaning service.

Top 21 Party/Event/Commercial Tents for Sale Companies in Canada


Company Name



Get in Touch


AS Special Events

Party & Tent Rentals

Toronto, Canada

Tel: 416-757-2100

Email: info@asspecialevents.ca 


Gervais Rentals

Party & Tent Rentals

Toronto, Canada

Tel: 416-288-1846

Email: sales@gervaisrentals.com 


Premier Event Tent Rentals

Tent & Flooring Rentals

Toronto, Canada

Tel: 416-225-7500

Email: info@premiereventtent.ca 



Tent Rentals & Manufacturing

Montreal, Canada

Request a Call 


Chapiteau Montreal

Tents & Accessories

Montreal, Canada

Tel: 450-632-3278

Email: info@chapiteaumontreal.com 



Tents & Marquee Rentals

Montreal, Canada

Tel: 514-821-8368

Email: info@acmetentrentals.com 


Casa Deramo

Event Coordination & Conception

Montreal, Canada

Tel: 514-648-9999
email: info@casaderamo.com 



Tents & Event Rentals

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604-323-2347

Email: info@millenniumtents.com 


Cascade Tents

Tents & Accessories

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604-338-3764

Email: info@cascadetentrentals.com 


Little Foot Yurts

Tents & Yurts

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 902-670-4556

Email: info@lfy.ca 


Vancouver Event Tents

Tent Rental

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604-808-9297

Email: info@VancouverEventTents.com 


Good Time Party Tent Rentals

Tents & Equipment

Calgary, Canada

Tel: 403-291-0686

Email: sales@goodtimepartyrentals.com 


Calgary Tent

Tent & Awning

Calgary, Canada

Tel: 403-273-8368

Email: info@calgarytent.com 


Special Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Calgary, Canada

Tel: 403-235-2211

Email: Calgary@specialeventrentals.com 


Party Rental Depot

Tents & Accessories

Calgary, Canada

Tel: 587-317-6946

Email: info@partyrentaldepot.com 


River City Events

Tents & Event Planning

Edmonton, Canada

Tel: 780-424-6001



Edmonton Party Rental

Tents & Accessories

Edmonton, Canada

Tel: 780-235-8140

Email: sales@edmontonpartyrental.net 


Alpha Tent Rentals

Party Rental Services

Edmonton, Canada

Tel: 780-237-5566

Email: alphatentrentals@gmail.com 


Rebel Tents

Wedding & Event Tents

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: 1-613-821-3131


Ottawa Special Events

Tent Rentals

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: 613-482-1703

Email: info@ottawaspecialevents.com 


Labelle Tents

Tents  Accessories

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: 613-443-0566

Email: info@labelletents.ca 

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The above-mentioned are just a few popular names in the tent rental industry; there are so many other companies that you may consider. Find the one that best caters to your requirements and you are not limited to options.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Tent Rental Company?

Wondering why you should work with a tent rental company? Well! There are many good reasons to consider them for your next event such as:

ü Saves Your Time & Money – During the wedding season, finding a good rental company is a big relief as you can leave all the burden of finding those perfect party tent and equipment to someone else. Also, you don’t have to pay additional charges for last-minute bookings.


ü Bring Out Any Style or Theme – The tent rental companies have it all to provide you with a perfect. You can be sure to find the perfect items for any theme or style as they stock a wide range of products.


ü Peace of Mind – When you know that everything will be taken care of, you just sit back and relax. While working with a rental company, you have everything you need which means you don’t have the last-minute rush.


ü Service-Oriented Staff – Most reliable companies have staff that is knowledgeable and always willing to help. You will have a professional staff to help you during the event day.


ü Attention to Detail – Though you can do anything yourself, there are so many things that need to be considered when it comes to hosting a big event. An experienced and professional company can offer personal attention to all of your needs.


With the right tent and accessories, you can enjoy the event to its fullest. When you are prepared and work with the best tent rental company, you can have peace of mind as there’s someone else to carry your stress or load. All you have to do is find a reliable tent rental company and just relax. They will take care of everything right from installing the tents to those tiny details that you always wanted to have.

Companies like 6StarShop have the experience and expertise that can make any event successful and unforgettable. They have everything you need to host an exciting event, whether it is a private one or a corporate affair.

What are you waiting for? Start planning today to make sure you get the best for your event. Also, starting early will help you save money and time as you can book the tent and accessories that are right for you.

Have a great event! 

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