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Do you want to have a memorable event? Selecting the right type of tent and tent Rental Company is important in ensuring a memorable hosting. Well! Tents can be categorized based on their design and here are some of the popular categories:

Top 27 Tents for Sale Companies in the USA – How to Make an Event Successful

Outdoor events can be magical but at the same time highly challenging. To make your event hassle-free and enjoyable, you need to grab all the essential information regarding outdoor events. When we say outdoor events, tents play the most crucial role and they are the deciding factors whether you will have a great event or a big mess.

Do you want to have a memorable event?

Selecting the right type of tent and tent Rental Company is important in ensuring a memorable hosting.

Well! Tents can be categorized based on their design and here are some of the popular categories:

ü Pole Tents – Common but popular types of tents that consist of interconnecting poles and center poles to support the main structure. They are versatile and can be used in most types of events. However, they are pitched on grassy surfaces, not the concrete ones.


ü Frame Tents – A popular category of tents that don’t need center poles for additional support. They provide an unobstructed view from all points within the tent and available in many designs to suit different purposes.  

 Frame tent for your event

ü ClearSpan tents – Also called a structure tent, these tents provide a wide-open space for all the occasions. They provide a large clear unobstructed space and, therefore, ideal for large gatherings.


ü Marquee Tent – A cross between the pole tent and the frame tent, this type of tent gives a beautiful combination of the tents, the aesthetics, and the functionality. It gives the convenience of a freestanding metal frame tent and a peaked roof.


ü Sailcloth Tent – An increasingly popular choice with the soaring ceiling and curved lines. It requires guy wires to support it and, therefore, not suitable for all types of surface. However, it looks great as gives a glow to the interior space of the tent.   


ü Teepee Tent – It is more like a canopy tent that offers a unique shape and cozy environment. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the tent is installed using poles and suitable for both large and small events.

Top 27 Tent Rental/Sales Companies in the USA

1. Spoil Me Rotten – Looking for tent rentals in Midland, Texas? The tent rental company has an impressive selection of tents for many types of events. Other popular rentals products include aisle runners, décor, catering & bar, concessions, tables & chairs, flooring, games, dance floors, and a lot more.


2. Any Occasion Tents & Events – This is a one-stop-shop in Houston for tent and event rentals as the company stocks a wide range of products to choose from. Some of the main rentals include frame tents, marquees, structure tents, décor & displays, furniture & props, linens, dance floor & staging, concessions, games, and more.


3. Cabaret Tent Rental – A place to look for a wide range of party tent rentals for occasions like weddings, parties, corporate functions, etc. Explore tents like frame tents, clear-top tents, 10x10 pop-up canopy tent, pole tents, and more. Also, they offer services like furniture, flooring, staging, draping, lighting, and more.


4. Imperial Party Rentals – If you are looking for an extensive selection of party rental products in LA, this can be an ideal platform. Apart from an extensive range of tents, you can find rentals like tables & chairs, bars, lounge furniture, dance floor, linens, illuminated bar, and other services.


5. Chicago Tent Rental – This is a place to explore a wide range of tents such as high-peak tents, frame tents, and pole tents. The accessories section offers products like chairs, tables, lighting, sidewalls, dance floors, climate control, etc. The rentals are available for all types of events, whether private or corporate.


6. JMS Tents & Party Rentals – A full-service party rental company where you can find a large variety of products and services for your event. The main rental products include tents, tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, and decorations for weddings, parties, and events. They also provide rental packages for different requirements and budgets.


7. All Event Party Rental – The company specializes in tent and canopy rentals and offers a wide variety of tents to choose from. Whether you are looking for a 10x10 pop-up canopy or 10x10 event tents, they have it all. Other rentals include catering equipment, seating, linens, glassware, centerpieces, event & festival management.


8. Tents for Rent – Here you can find a huge variety of tents, tables and chairs, lighting, and other essentials for your event. Some of the popular rentals include tents, furniture, linens, flooring, carpets, restrooms, generators, electrical, staging, layouts, heating and cooling, and more.


9. Marquee Events Rentals – Looking for tents and accessories for your upcoming event? The company offers a wide range of tents, linens, glassware, china, tables, chairs, staging, décor items, dance floors, and much more. Other popular products include disposables, kitchen equipment, tabletop accessories, and more.

 Marquee Events Rentals

10. Platinum Event Rentals – If you are looking for party rentals, this can be the right platform to explore. The company offers tent rentals, audio/visual, bar & beverage, catering & serving, chairs, tables, coffee cups, concessions, cooking equipment, draping, décor, and accessories.


11. Marquee Event Rentals – A full-service event rental company offering a wide range of rental products and services for parties, weddings, and corporate events. Explore products like tenting, seating, lighting, tables, disposables, drapery, décor, tabletop accessories, climate control, crowd control, and much more.


12. iCelebrate Event Rentals – Planning an event? This is the place to look for a wide variety of rentals such as tents & shade, chairs & tables, linens, entertainment, event furniture, dance floors & stages, sound & lighting, dining, draping & backdrops, custom branding, and much more.


13. Peerless Events & Tents – Looking for party and tent rentals? The company is known to offer an impressive range of tents and party equipment for a variety of events. Some of the popular rentals include party tent rentals, china, chargers, glassware, flatware, seating, tables, linens, lounge furniture, serving items, bars, lighting, and more.


14. Luxe Party Rentals – The Company offers wedding and event rentals along with delivery and pickup services. The rentals consist of a vast selection of tents, tables, chairs, linens, kitchen equipment, dinnerware, dance floors, staging, lighting, draping, and other essentials for weddings and parties.


15. Fort Worth Party Rentals – This is a one-stop-shop for tent and party rentals as the company offer a wide range of products and services. The rental categories include tents, audio/visual, lighting, bouncy castles, chairs & tables, concession, dishware, fountains, games, glassware, heating/cooling, linens, and much more.


16. Abbey Party Rents – If you are looking for an extensive collection of tents and party essentials, this is the right place to explore. Find rentals like tents, tables, linens, seating, glassware, flatware, china, and event production equipment. The company provides rentals for private, corporate, civic, and retail events.

 Abbey Party Rents

17. Lasting Impressions Event Rental – Looking for event rental equipment? The rental company stays current with all party essentials such as tents, tables & chairs, food prep, linen, tabletop, décor, and other items. The rentals are available for weddings, personal parties, company picnics, graduations, festivals, etc.


18. The Party Place – It is a full-service event & party rental store offering a wide range of products and services. The product catalog includes Sperry tents, tables, chairs, lounge, linen, china, flatware, glassware, dance floor, staging, lighting, conference equipment, cooking equipment, concession, heating, and more.


19. Grand Event Rentals – A full-service special event & party rental company offering rental services for a variety of events. The catalog consist of rentals like tents & accessories, linens, chairs & tables, charger plates, china & tableware, flatware, glassware, event & wedding décor, beverage service, food service, and more.


20. Rental Depot – The Company stocks a wide range of party rentals and known for its excellent service and materials. The main product categories include tents, furniture, linens, tabletop, equipment, jumping castles, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, fog machine, karaoke, grills, dunk tank, and more.


21. Music City Tents & Events – This is a one-stop-shop for tents and event rentals where you can find all the party essentials. The main product categories include party rentals, tent rentals, wedding rentals, and concert and festival rentals. The products consist of catering & service, bar & bar backs, furniture, décor, flatware, décor, and more.


22. Big Tent Rental & Sales – Looking for tents for sale? The company offers a wide range of tents and other products for sales and rental. Find some popular tent types such as frame tents, party tent, pole tents, canopy tents, and custom-designed tents. Tents are available for weddings, carnivals, parties, commercial events, festivals, etc.  


23. Wahl Tents – Find a full line of tents and accessories for weddings, parties, and corporate events. The company offers a wide range of tents such as pole tents, stretch tents, frame tents, clear span tents and more. Also, they provide furniture, linens, flooring, lighting, and event planning services.


24. Rent a Tent – The Company specializes in tents and inflatable obstacle courses and caters to a variety of events. The main products include silverware, lights, liners, chairs, linens, stages, tables, tent décor, bar setups, lighting, heating, cooling, dance floor, tent flooring, and tent accessories.


25. Peachtree Tents & Events – This is your one-stop-shop for tents and party rentals as the company stocks an impressive range of products and services. The main products include tents, tables & chairs, linens, tabletop, furniture, bar, staging & flooring, catering, meeting & convention, and event accessories.


26. Party Rentals – If you are looking for some innovative party rentals, this is the right place to explore. Find products like tents, bouncers with slide, chair and tables, clown, food machines, jumping castles, interactive games, liners, inflatable obstacles, rides, party decorations, and more.


27. AAA Rents – The Company provides event & party rental services for weddings and corporate functions. Find rentals like tents, tables & chairs, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, linens, fabric, and accessories. They offer a wide selection of rental products and services for events.

Top 27 Tents for Sale/Event Rental Companies in the USA


Company Name



Get in Touch


Spoil Me Rotten

Tent Rentals & Accessories

Midland Texas, USA

Tel: 806 543 6800

Email: info@mesospoiled.com 


Any Occasion Tents & Events

Tents & Events

Houston, Texas, USA

Tel: 713 662 9754

email info@AnyOccasionHouston.com 


Cabaret Tent Rental

Tents Rentals & Accessories

New York City, NY, USA

Tel: 718 356 8500


Imperial Party Rentals

Party Rentals


Tel: 323 931 5566

Email: info@theimperialpartyrentals.com 


Chicago Tent Rental

Tents & Accessories

Chicago, IL, USA

Tel: 708 699 7368


JMS Tents & Party Rentals

Party Rentals, Weddings & Events

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Tel: 480 264 5075

Email: info@JMSTents.com 


All Event Party Rental

Tent & Canopy Rentals

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tel: 610 566 6450

Email: info@alleventpartyrental.com 


Tents for Rent

Tents & Accessories

Phoenixville, PA, USA

Tel: 717 733 9700

Email: tents@tentsforrent.net 


Marquee Event Rentals

Event Rentals

San Antonio, TX, USA

Tel: 210 494 9700


Platinum Event Rentals

Event Rentals

San Diego, CA, USA

Tel: 858 483 7368


Marquee Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Dallas, TX, USA

Tel: 972 381 8000


iCelebrate Event Rentals

Event Rentals

San Jose, CA, USA

Tel: 408 896 5867


Peerless Events & Tents

Tent & Party Rentals  

Austin, TX, USA

Tel: 737 214 7018



Luxe Party Rentals

Party Rentals

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Tel: 904 576 4098

Email: info@luxepartyrentals.com 


Fort Worth Party Rentals

Tent & Party Rentals

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Tel: 817 292 7353


Abbey Party Rents

Event & Party Rentals

San Francisco, CA, USA

Tel: 415 715 6900

Email: feedback@abbeyrentssf.com 


Lasting Impressions Event Rental

Event Rentals

Columbus, OH, USA

Tel: 614 2l2 5400


The Party Place

Party & Event Rental

Portland, OR, USA

Tel: 503 548 4880


Grand Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Seattle, WA, USA

Tel: 425 462 7368


Rental Depot

Party Tents & Equipment

Boston, MA, USA

Tel: 617 327 1200


Music City Tents & Events

Tents & Event Rentals

Nashville, TN, USA

Tel: 615 298 9222

Email: info@musiccityevents.com 


Big Tent Rental & Sales

Tent Rental & Sales

Oklahoma City, USA

Tel: 816 861 4999

Email: tents@bigrental.com 


Wahl Tents

Event Structures

Detroit, MI, USA

Tel: 586 493 0563


Rent a Tent

Tents and Inflatable

Louisville, KY, USA

Tel: 502 424 6862


Peachtree Tents & Events

Tents & Events

Atlanta, GA, USA

Tel: 404 574 6655


Party Rentals

Tents & Accessories

Miami, FL, USA

Tel: 305 749 9775


AAA Rents

Event Services

Omaha, NE, USA

Tel: 402 339 3707

Email: omahainfo@aaarentsevents.com 


Cost of Marquee Hire USA

Many companies offer tents for hire and sale, and the average cost varies widely. As far as the average starting price for a tent rental in the U.S. is concerned, it starts at $300. The cost may vary depending on the type and capacity of the tent. The actual price will depend on the type of tent and Rental Company you choose.

Make your events memorable!  

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