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Dreaming of a perfect wedding? This is your opportunity to dive into an ocean of ideas for your celebration and make it as amazing and memorable as possible. It is the decoration which makes the celebration worth enjoying and remembering and undoubtedl

How to Rent a Wedding Tent – Grab the Best for Your Big Day

Dreaming of a perfect wedding?

This is your opportunity to dive into an ocean of ideas for your celebration and make it as amazing and memorable as possible. It is the decoration which makes the celebration worth enjoying and remembering and undoubtedly a wedding tent is the most imperative thing. When we talk about wedding tent decorations, they come in all shapes and sizes. Also, they are customizable which means you can do whatever you want to do with tents.

While the great outdoors can make an amazing scenic backdrop but there’s nothing like a gorgeous wedding tent that can put your dream wedding in a perfect frame. However, when any wedding venue requires a tent, your wedding cost can add up quickly. Fortunately, if you plan accordingly and coordinate everything in advance such as tents, planners, and vendors, your wedding tent hire cost will not break your bank.

Wedding tents aren’t anything like the colorful getups from childhood outdoor adventure; they’re chic, elegant, and necessary for most outdoor tent wedding as well as other celebrations.

With all that said, here’s your guide on all things related to hiring a perfect wedding tent…

Starting with, you must be looking for ‘wedding tent rentals near me’ and here’s where you should start the hunt:

Find the Distributor/Manufacturer Online…

1. Amazon – If you’re a kind of party freak and love those outdoor celebration ideas, buying a small tent can be a great idea. You can use it at the wedding and after that wherever and whenever you want. You can either choose those beautiful canopy tents or pick those amazing decorative pieces of lighting, tables, & chairs at Amazon.


2. Alibaba – Alibaba is one such place where you can find a great range of wedding tents and wedding tent decorations supplied by different distributors or manufacturers. The site offers a wide variety of tents and you can easily find luxury wedding tent wholesalers as well as retail suppliers under one roof.


3. Made-in-China – If you’re looking for those white or clear transparent wedding tents, made-in-china can be the right place. You can find high-quality tents and decorations for your indoor or outdoor tent wedding as the suppliers carry the largest inventory of latest products.


Apart from the mentioned sites, you always have the choice to use ‘Google’ for your favorite products or suppliers. All you have to do is search “wedding tent rentals near me” and get a long list of wedding tent suppliers in your particular area. The best way to pick the right one is by shortlisting some out of many as per your requirements and budget.

How much does it cost to rent a tent for a wedding?

Wedding tent hire cost is the most imperative aspect that should never be overlooked especially when you are working with a budget. When it comes to the cost, renting a tent without a basic understanding of what’s involved could break your bank. The cost may vary according to the size which may include 10x30 party tent, 10x20, 20x30, 30x30, and so on.

So what exactly does it cost to rent a tent for your big day? Well! The event tent rental prices may vary depending upon your requirements but the basic tents start at $500 for a small gathering. If you are expecting a big gathering, the prices may start at $1500 and the figure goes up as you add more and more decorations.

tent rentals price

However, you can save a huge amount of money by following these tips:

ü Know what type of wedding tent you want

ü Determine the size you need

ü Choose a theme and plan accordingly

ü Know the right time to reserve your order

ü Decide on the additional things you will need

ü Find a reputable tent rental supplier

ü Get quotes

wedding tent planner

It is always advised to know a few things if you’re having a tented wedding or looking for backyard tent rental. To help you out, here is a list of the most important parts that should be included in your wedding tent rental…

Main Parts of a Wedding Tent

1. Liner – It is a parachute-looking lining, a silky looking fabric that you must have seen in wedding magazines or real weddings. Usually it comes in white or ivory shade but of course, you can add insane colors but don’t forget your budget because it’s pretty expensive. Practically speaking, the liner is not at all a basic requirement and can cost up to three times the cost of the tent.

Tent Liner Rental


2. Walls – Just like your room walls, the tent walls are used to keep the place dry and add a dimension to the wedding tent. The main types of walls are solid, fabric, clear, and cathedral (walls with windows). Though fabric walls look great, they won’t keep in the heat or keep the tent dry. If you are getting marries during summer months, you can skip the walls.

wedding marquee with walls


3. Flooring – It is one of the most crucial aspects to consider because you can’t just put carpet on the grass. When it comes to flooring, you can choose the flooring with or without a dance floor. For good flooring, you need a flat piece of land so it is advised to choose the venue carefully. When you are working with a budget, you can skip full flooring and consider just adding a dance floor.


4. Lighting – Lighting plays a very important role in any celebration and these come in several flavors. If you’re planning a night celebration and want to give your guests an ultimate dancing and dining experience, there are tons of options available to make every moment memorable. Mood lighting is very popular these days or you can choose some beautiful lanterns.


5. Table & Chairs – Paying close attention to the furniture is imperative because it’s the tables and chairs that your guests are going to use. Every event needs tables and chairs, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding furniture has to be boring. You can always add a pop of color to your wedding tent by choosing those colorful tables and chairs. Consider every possible option such as a buffet table, sofa, bar, poseur table, etc.



The above-mentioned are some important parts of a wedding tent but the story doesn’t end here. Whatever type of wedding tent you choose or furniture you pick, it will not work until you have a great layout, proper setup, and decoration.

Ø Layout - It is important to know the layout of your wedding tent because it’s always good to plan in advance where you will put the stage, dancing floor, bridal party, buffet, and most importantly your guests.

Layout tent


Ø Set up – When it comes to the setup, you will be flooded with options because there are many ways to use a tent. When planning backyard tent rental, be sure to think about the elements you will need to make everything run smoothly.

 Outdoor wedding reception with 40' x 60' hybrid tent

Ø Decoration – Decoration is not just about adding some flowers or liners, it is everywhere right from the entrance to that empty corner. There are so many ways to decorate your wedding tent and the options are beyond your imagination.

tented wedding decor with chinese lanterns


What type of tent do you want to choose?

Tents come in different styles and sizes and some of the most popular ones are discussed here…

1. Pagoda Tents – Especially used by the events and exhibition companies, the canopy-style Pagoda tents are also used at weddings. These tents are perfect for small gatherings and the canopy-style gives a cute look to the venue. The price of the tent starts at US $30-65/square meter.

 White Pagoda Tent, Size: 20feet X 20feet

2. Stretch Tents – These types of tents can be either designed floating or sides down to create iconic shapes. It can accommodate all of your needs and available from standard to custom. The price starts at US $50-500/set.

white wedding stretch tent


3. Frame Tents – These types of tents can be erected on any surface and can be attached together which means you have an open, unobstructed space. The price of these tents starts from the US $50.

Frame Tents for  wedding


4. Pole Tent – It is generally designed to be used on grassy surfaces and tends to be aesthetically pleasing as compared to others. Marquee tent is the hybrid version and the price starts from US $20/square meter.

 40×60 pole wedding tent

5. Used Tent – These types of tents can be of any style, shape, or size and a perfect option for those who are working with a limited budget.


6. Customized Tent – Regardless of the type and size, any wedding tent can be customized as per your specific requirement these days.  


How to Decorate Your Wedding Tent?

There are countless ways to decorate your wedding tent and make every single penny spent count. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you and upgrade your event:

Hanging floral garlands

Fabric and grass garlands

Fabric and twinkle lights

Draped ribbons and flowers

A wall of greenery

Hanging flowers and lanterns

Add crystal chandeliers

Color blocked dance floor

Bulbs and Greens

Hanging shelves and tassels

Beautiful candle holders

Separate cake cutting tent

Lounging around

Traditional décor and more…

Wedding Tent Decoration Idea

Apart from weddings, tents can be effectively used for the following purposes…

Corporate Events

Holidays or Get-together


Backyard parties

Industrial shelters



The Final Verdict

Looking for “wedding tent rentals near me”, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Working with the right vendor will help you save on rentals and make your big day memorable without spending a fortune. If you want amazingly beautiful weddings tents, save money and enjoy peace of mind, contact us and we will make your big day as mesmerizing as possible…


Note: The prices mentioned are for the basic, small tents and may vary depending upon your requirement. 

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