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Tents are an outstanding way to enjoy any event in the great outdoors while feeling the fresh breeze. Whether it’s a sun-soaked event that you want to plan or enjoy it under the stars, a tent can be a perfect fit. You may have endless options when it come

Top 24 Party Tent Rental Companies in Canada, Africa, UK, and the USA

Always wanted that tented celebration? Tents are an outstanding way to enjoy any event in the great outdoors while feeling the fresh breeze. Whether it’s a sun-soaked event that you want to plan or enjoy it under the stars, a tent can be a perfect fit. You may have endless options when it comes to choosing the right tenting structure. However, it may be difficult to decide which type of event tent will work best for you.

To take the stress out of your mind, we have listed some amazing tips to find the best tent for your event. Hope the following tips will help:

ü Your structure needs to have the capacity to fit all of your guests without making them scratch their legs. Therefore, it is important to determine how many people will be using the tent so that you can pick the perfect size.

ü You may not want your guests to slip and break their legs just because the tent is not properly erected and the flooring is inappropriate. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to consider the surface of the site as not all tents are meant for all surfaces.

ü The ambiance of the tent is just as important as its functionality especially when you want to leave an everlasting mark on your guests. So, know what interior features or tent accessories you need to make your tent stand out.

ü Your vision plays a crucial role in deciding the type of tent and having some theme or décor ideas in mind can help a lot. As different types of tents serve different purposes, having a vision will help you shortlist the best out of many.

ü When planning an outdoor event, you need to be well prepared for unexpected weather conditions. It is good to choose weatherproof tents so that you and your guests are well-protected from rain, sunrays, and strong winds.

ü Plan a budget and stick to it as the choices may be overwhelming but more features can add on a higher cost. Try to find an optimal balance between great quality and cost while choosing a tent for your event.

Plan a budget to rental a tent for your event

It is such a different feeling celebrating any special day in the lap of Mother Nature. If you want to enjoy your outdoor event to the fullest, you need to find the best party tent rental company near you.

If you are looking for a rental company in any of the areas like Canada, the UK, Africa, or the USA, the following list can be of great help…

Top 24 party rentals near me in Canada, Africa, UK, and the USA

Party Tent Rental Companies Canada

1. Varsity Tent & Event Rental – Whether it is an intimate affair that you are planning or a big wedding party, the company got you covered. Here you can find a large variety of event rentals such as:

Tents – Tents sales, rentals, & accessories

Chairs & Tables

Custom flags, poles, & fencing

Air conditioning

Lighting & sound


Portable washrooms, etc


2. Custom Event Rentals – The Company caters to the needs of different types of events such as weddings, parties, trade shows, concerts, festivals, party planners, venues, etc. You can explore a wide range of rental categories such as:


Chairs & tables



Fire pits

Flooring & walls

Screens & umbrellas



3. Arcand Party Tents – The Company offers tent rentals of all shapes and sizes for different types of events and their unique needs. Coming to the rentals, here’s the list of popular items that you can find:

Tents: pole tents, marquee tents, etc

Tent sides

Tables & chairs

Tent accessories



4. Sohani Party Tent Rentals – When it comes to tents and party decoration, this can be an ideal platform to explore as the company specializes in party equipment rentals. Some of the popular rental categories include:

Tents rentals & party decorations

Chair rentals & round table setup

Party stage, flooring, heaters, & lighting

Party supplies

Tent accessories

 Sohani Party Tent Rentals

5. Global Tents – One of the leading providers of event rentals for birthday parties, reunions, weddings, festivals, trade shows, sporting, and corporate events. This one-stop platform has the following things to offer:

Tent rentals

Seating solutions

Dance floors


Custom-made bartending counters

Outdoor heaters

Aisle ways

Tent accessories


6. Apna Punjab Tent House – A tent and accessory rental service provider where you can find a huge variety of rental products for different types of events. The main products offered by the company include:


Tables & chairs

Tent accessories

BBQ & chafing dishes

Grass tarp


Party Tent Rental Companies Africa


7. Cape Tents – Want to rent a tent for your outdoor event? This is a place where you can find an exclusive selection of tents at competitive rates. The tents are available in many different sizes and styles to suit the unique needs of events. Take a look at the following rental products:

Stretch Tents

Tent accessories


8. MPR Hiring – Event equipment hire company that provides a wide range of rental products along with event management services. Here’s what they have to offer for different types of events:

Marquee hire

Table & seating hire

Crockery & cutlery hire

Glassware & bar hire

Catering equipment hire

Tent accessories


9. The Tent Event Ltd – A comprehensive rental company offering a wide range of products and services for a variety of events. Some of the party rental equipment consist of:


Chairs & tables



Tent accessories


10. Kotran Party Rentals – The Company offers a huge selection of tents and accessories of all styles and sizes. Check out the list of rental products:

Tents: frame tents, canopy tents, Capri tents, peak tents, etc

Chairs and tables

Banquet tables

Folding chairs

Dance floor

Tent accessories


11.  Outdoor Occasions – Whether it is a wedding or any other special outdoor occasion, the company specializes in offering an exclusive range of rental products and services. Here are some of the popular categories:


Dresses chairs


Table linen




12. Party Tent – This can be your one-stop-shop for party equipment rental as the company offers an amazing selection of products and services to cater to the unique needs of events. Here’s what the rental catalog offers;


Chairs and tables  

Presentation technology

Rugs & staging


Catering equipment

Tent accessories


13. Rent a Tent – The Company specializes in tent hire and accessories for events like weddings, parties, and corporate functions. The rental catalog consist of items like:




Projection show


Tent accessories


14. Mcghees Marquees – Looking to hire marquees and gazebos for your event? This can be the right place to explore a wide range of marquees and other party essentials such as:

Marquees & gazebos





Marquee accessories


15. Ozzy James Events – If you are looking for party equipment rental for your event along with special wedding packages, visiting this site might worth your time. Here’s what the company has to offer:


Photo booths


Venue dressing

Food & drink

Prop hire

Custom packages


16. A Top Party – When it comes to quality marquees and gazebos, this can be the right place to find an extensive selection of party equipment. Here’s the list of some popular rental products:

Marquees & gazebos

Lighting & sound

Tables & chairs



Marquee accessories


17. Marquee Master – This is a place where you can find a wide selection of marquees and party equipment. Some of the popular categories include:

Stretch tents

Capri tents

Pop-up marquees

Big top marquees

Indoor & outdoor lighting

Event essentials

Event support


18. Xclusive Party Tent Hire – The Company is home to marquees and party tents for all types of events. Below mentioned are some popular party equipment that you may consider for your event:

Marquees & gazebos

Bell tents

Marquee flooring




Party Tent Rental Companies USA


19. Westside Party & Tent Rental – Looking for a huge inventory of tents all of your events? This can be a great place to find a huge variety of products for weddings, parties, and corporate events. The rental catalog includes:






Buffet service


Catering equipment

Flooring & staging

Event accessories

 Party Tent Rental Companies USA

20. AAA Rents – Looking for party rental supplies? The company offers a huge variety of party equipment for parties and events, regardless of the type and size. Here’s what the rental catalog includes:

Tents & canopies

Audio & visual

Bars & accessories

Catering & kitchen

Chairs & tables

Floor & stage


Climate control


21. Indestructo Party Rental – One of the top-rated rental companies where you can find a wide range of products for all types of venues and events. Here’s what the rental catalog has to offer:


Tables & chairs


Stages & flooring

Sound & screen

Dance floors

Food service

Portable bars

Pipe & drape

Event planning


22. H&R Tents – A place to find a wide variety of tent and party rental equipment for all types of events. As far as the rental products are concerned, here’s the list of some popular categories:

Tent rental

Tent package

Table & chairs rental

Linen rental

Chafer rental

Cooling & heating

Tent accessories


23. Bright Event Rentals – If you are looking for something chic and innovative for your event, this is an ideal place to explore. The company offers a luxurious range of rental products which comprises:


Tabletop décor

Dinnerware, glassware, & flatware

Serving equipment

Bars & accessories




Climate control

Flooring & staging

Tent accessories


24. Celebrate Event & Party Rental – Looking for special event rentals? Visiting this site might help as the company offers a great range of products for weddings and other elegant affairs. The rental catalog includes:


Chairs & tables

Audio & visual equipment

Dance floor & staging

Décor & accessories

Serving equipment

Linens & lighting

Party supplies

Concessions & inflatable

Tent accessories

outdoor party tent

Top 24 Party Tent Rental Companies – Canada, Africa, UK, and the USA




Where to Find

How to Contact



Tent & Event Rental

Toronto, Canada

Tel: 416-410-7370


Custom Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604-352-3412


Arcand Party Tents

Tents & Accessories

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: 613-258-9444


Sohani Party Tent Rentals

Party Equipment Rental

Calgary, Canada

Tel: 587-777-4040


Global Tents

Tents & Accessories

Victoria, Canada

Tel: 250-385-3541


Apna Punjab Tent House

Tents & Party Rental

Brampton, Canada

Tel: 647-393-9872


Cape Tents

Tent House Supplier

Cape Town, Africa

Tel: 72-764-6226


MPR Hiring

Party Equipment Rental

Johannesburg, Africa

Tel: 11-835-1054


The Tent Event

Tent House Supplier

Nigeria, Africa

Tel: 906-169-1617


Kotran Party Rentals

Tents & Accessories

Egypt, Africa

Tel: 484-525-7368


Outdoor Occasions

Party Equipment Rental

Kenya, Africa

Tel: 0728-110-415


Party Tent

Tents & Accessories

Cairo, Africa

Click to contact 


Rent a Tent

Party Equipment Rental

London, UK

Tel: 0208-099-1608


Mcghees Marquees

Marquees & Event Rentals

Glasgow, UK

Tel: 0141-463-5804


Ozzy James Events

Party Equipment Rental

Liverpool, UK

Tel: 0151-525-1359


A Top Party

Party Equipment Rental

Manchester, UK

Tel: 0161-749-8945


Marquee Master

Tents & Accessories

Bristol, UK

Tel: 117-244-0107


Xclusive Party Tent Hire

Marquee Hire Service

Leeds, UK

Tel: 07434-980-729


Westside Party & Tent Rental

Party & Tent Rental

New York, USA

Tel: 914-664-6168


AAA Rents

Party Rental Supplies

Los Angeles, USA

Tel: 818-696-5442


Indestructo Party Rental

Tents & Accessories

Chicago, USA

Tel: 847-375-8510


H&R Tents

Tents & Event Rental

Houston, USA

Tel: 832-297-5316


Bright Event Rentals

Tents & Accessories

California, USA

Tel: 707-940-6060


Celebrate Event & Party Rental

Event & Party Rental

Montana, USA

Tel: 406-862-4636


For all of your outdoor events, it is imperative to select the right tent and other party equipment. While choosing the party tent rental company, discuss all your requirements to make sure you are well-prepared for every possibility.

Take an informed decision and host an unforgettable event! 

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