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A tent will prove to be one of the best buddies to make any occasion an enjoyable and memorable one. However, it is extremely important to choose the right style and size as these beautiful structures are available in many different shapes.

11 Most Popular Event Tent Rentals in the Philippines – A Guide to Pick the Best Tent

When it comes to planning an outdoor event, there are several different details to work out to make sure that everything turned out to be perfect and smooth. Bad weather, bugs, and other arrangements make it important to plan the event carefully. But what it takes to make an event stress-free and successful? A tent will prove to be one of the best buddies to make any occasion an enjoyable and memorable one. However, it is extremely important to choose the right style and size as these beautiful structures are available in many different shapes.

Why You Should Consider Having a Tent for Your Outdoor Event?

Well! There are many reasons why tents are important for any outdoor celebration but here are some practical ones:

ü As for the weather, it is unpredictable even if you have the smartest application on your phone. With the right tent, you won’t have to worry about getting wet or guests suffering from too much heat.

ü Sitting out in an uncomfortable place means no enjoyment and having a tent means a cozy and comfortable place to sit, chat, and have food with one another.

ü When it comes to creating an inviting environment, there’s nothing better than a tent as it serves as a blank canvas for decoration such as flowers, lights, lanterns, etc.

ü A memorable event is all about creating a perfect atmosphere and tents allow you to transform into a magical venue using walls, windows, & ceiling treatments.

ü Privacy is of utmost importance and this is what you get when using the right tent as it creates a smaller, defined area to pull everyone together.

ü Having an outdoor event means that you can customize the tent as per your specific requirements and create any mood you want for your guests.

ü No need to limit yourself as a tent is something that can reasonably be placed anywhere right from your backyard to a beach.

Looking for a party tent in the Philippines? Here we have a list of some popular companies that you may want to consider…

Tent for Your Outdoor Event

11 Most Popular Tent Rental Companies in the Philippines

1. Triplex Tents – The Company has been providing tents for years and they are perfect for outdoor events, carports, exhibitions, and other events. Talking about the products, here’s what they have to offer:

A-Shape Tents

Curve Tents

Majestic Tents

Tents with Wall Sidings

Air Coolers

Chandeliers & Lights


2. The Tent City – The Company is into the tent rental and sales services industry and stocks an impressive variety to choose from. Main products and services include:

Tents – 10x10 Pop-UP Canopy Tent, Customized Tents, Dome Tents

Air-Conditioned Tents

Strings of Lights


3. Sheentrade Marketing – The Company is known for providing shelter for outdoor occasions being one of the leading tent rentals and manufacturing platforms. Here’s the list of rental categories:


Chairs & Tables




Platforms, etc


4. Tent King – An accredited tent supplier offering a wide range of tents and accessories for events like weddings, parties, etc. The company supplies to some major companies in the event industry. The main categories include:

Tents of all Sizes

Chinese Lanterns


 Tent Rental Companies in the Philippines

5. Tent Master – If you are looking for the world of tents, this can be an ideal place to explore as the company offers a wide range of tents for different occasions. Check out the main services offered by them:


Tables & Chairs

Catering Supplies


6. JOES Corporation – The Company specializes in a wide variety of tents and event rentals for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and other occasions. The offerings include:

Tents – Single Parachute Tent, Oval Parachute tent, Ventilated Tent, etc

Inflatable Tents

Balloon Decoration

Costumes for Rent


Lights & Sound System

Photo Booth & Video Coverage

Chairs & Tables Rentals

Stage & Backdrops


7. Prime Cats – Whether you are looking for tent sales or rentals, visiting this company might help as they offer a wide range to choose from. The main rental categories include:

Tent Sales & Rental

Party Equipment



Sound rental

Dance Floor

Photo & Video Coverage

Electrical Rentals

Chairs & Table Rental

Stage Rental, etc


8. Gala Shop Rent – A premium event rental and retail company where you can find some innovative and luxurious solutions for your next event. The company specializes in:


Chairs & Tables



Dinnerware & Glassware

Cutlery Sets


9. Harbor Garden Tent – A wide, fully air-conditioned marquee that allows for a huge gathering and also offers the flexibility of creating a variety of themes. Here’s what exactly they offer:

Fully Air-Conditioned Marquee

Garden Tent


10. Carousell – This can be your one-stop-platform for finding the best party tent rental companies in the Philippines. The online directory provides details like:

Tent Rentals

Furniture Rentals

Catering Services

Decoration Services

Party Equipment, etc


11. Fabrimetrics Phils – One of the leading tent manufacturers and suppliers where you can find a large variety of tents and accessories. The main categories consist of:

Party Tent

Gazebo Tent

Ready-Made retractable Tents

Modular Tents

Customized Tent Parts

Ropes, etc

the leading tent manufacturers and suppliers

11 Most Popular Party Tent Rental Companies in the Philippines


Tent Rental Company



Contact Details


Triplex Tents

Tents & Rental Equipment

Quezon City, Philippines

Tel: 631-6953271


The Tent City

Tents & Accessories

Pasig City, Philippines

Tel: 8671-02-90


Sheentrade Marketing

Tents & Accessories

Cebu City, Philippines

Tel: 631-272-4917


Tent King

Tent Rentals & Accessories

Cavite, Philippines

Tel: 046-412-3557


Tent Master

Tents & Event Rentals

Cavite, Philippines

Tel: 09175-175546


JOES Corporation

Tents & Event Rentals

Manila, Philippines

Tel: 097783-51764


Prime Cats

Tent Sales & Rentals


Tel: 09061811737


Gala Shop Rent

Event Rental & Retail


Email: info@shoprentgala.com 


Harbor Garden Tent

Marquee Tent


Tel: 632-8-573-5555



Online Directory


Click to Contact 


Fabrimetrics Phils

Tent Manufacturing


Tel: 632-8930-2757


Which Type of Tent is best for My Event?

Which Type of Tent is best for My Event?

Well! If you are not sure of what type of tent will work best for your event, take a look at the following options available:

ü Pole Tent – A perfect choice for those who are looking for something elegant and beautiful yet functional. It has a big showy top with peaks but cannot be erected on hard surfaces as poles need to be staked.


ü Frame Tent – Those who are in search of something versatile and practical, a frame tent can be an ideal choice. It can be set up on most solid surfaces and the frames can be used for decoration purposes.


ü Marquee Tent – A popular choice among those who prefer the convenience of the freestanding metal frame tent and the beauty of a pole tent. Marquees are highly versatile and can be staked on a variety of surfaces.


ü Sailcloth Tent – If you want to bring a beautiful glow to the interiors of the tent, a sailcloth tent would be an excellent choice. It is a type of pole tent but used sailcloth material and requires a bit extensive staking.


ü Clear Tent – A great tent option if you are a nature lover and want to bring that natural sunlight inside the tent. As the name suggests, it is made of transparent material which means you can dance under the stars while being protected from the weather.  


ü Indian Themed Tent – An extremely popular choice among those who want a marquee style tent in beautiful fabrics. Also called a Moroccan-themed tent, it gives complete freedom of draping, lighting, and décor.


ü Tropical-Style Tent – One of the best tents for those beach weddings as it consists of light translucent fabric draped over a frame made of either wood or bamboo. However, it does not provide any protection from the weather.


ü Teepee Tent – If you are looking for a unique shape and create cozy environment, a teepee tent can be a perfect choice. It is available in a variety of sizes and configurations but needs poles to support the entire frame.


ü Yurt – An excellent choice for those who want something dramatic yet functional for their small gathering. It is made of lattice walls and a wood ribbed roof with everything covered in fabric.


ü Canopies – If you prefer something basic and functional, a canopy tent would be right for you. They do not have a very high peak and often not equipped for sidewalls which means a perfect option for public events.              

So, the above-mentioned are some popular tent options that you may consider as per your requirement.

How to Choose the Right Size Tent for Your Event?

Once you are done with choosing the right tent for your event, you need to ensure that your guests are comfortable. To make sure that everyone inside the tent is comfortable enough, you need to pick the right tent size.

Here are a few points that will help you pick the right tent size:

Size of the Venue – The larger your venue, the bigger tent you may need to cover the entire surface.

Number of Guests – You need to determine the number of guests you expect at your event to choose the tent size accordingly.

Location & Weather – If you are planning your event near a lake, you will need to ensure that your guests are warm and covered.

Food Service – The way you want to make arrangements for food will determine the size of the tent that you need.

Your Vision – You must be having something in your mind that what kind of seating arrangement or decoration you want.

Your Budget – One of the most important things that will help you decide on a tent size because the bigger the is, the more expensive it will be.

The Final Verdict

When you want your event to be held in the great outdoors, you must choose the right party tent rental. Also, you will need to consider the above-discussed factors to make sure that everything goes smooth and your guests are comfortable. To make this happen, you will need to find a reliable tent rental company that has a variety of options and can customize their offerings as per your specific requirements and budget.

Next time you prepare to hose an outdoor event, don’t forget to consider all the possibilities and choose a perfect tent.

Make an informed decision for a wonderful event! 

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