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Of course there are built in reception and wedding halls to host such functions but, you will get a different and happy moods when you celebrate in places where the nature of beauty lies. All such celebrations can be organized by arranging all occasions’



People have many functions to celebrate such as weddings, family functions and parties, birthday parties and the like. Of course there are built in reception and wedding halls to host such functions but, you will get a different and happy moods when you celebrate in places where the nature of beauty lies. All such celebrations can be organized by arranging all occasions’ party tents in banks of rivers, lake fronts and other places where nature’s beauty exists. Arranging these functions in tents will be less expensive and there are many event management organizations who offer to manage your events with reasonable costs that fall within your budget.

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Function Tent:


Many functions are awaited to be celebrated marking different occasions.  Rental tents are offered for the functions such as weddings, birthday parties, meetings, retirement parties and much more. These organisations also offer meeting tents, exhibition tents, tents for sporting events and the like. Holding all events in the outdoors has become a new trend nowadays as the same provides you a great refreshing venue for all invitees and guests. Tents can be set up in places like the beach, own gardens and other open air spaces.


Marriage tent consists of two types namely pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents have to be erected on grass surfaces only with at least one center pole and various other poles based on decorations to be made. Frame tents are more versatile as these tents can suit any surface. As no poles used in this type of tents you can have more utility spaces.

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Marriage tent price depends on various factors such as the size of the tent, you need, type of tables (square or round) to be used, whether you need dance floor or not  and other demands. The size of the tent also depends upon the number of guests to be invited for the marriage. Besides, there are other amenities, you may demand, such as flooring, side walls, liners, lighting arrangements, fans, AC units, heaters, catering tent and the like.


The average rent for marriage may come around $5000 if all the above facilities are to be included. If you want to save your budget, you can opt for pole tent in lieu of frame tent, which is comparatively costlier. It would also be better to search for event tent rentals near me or near your area as this could be cheaper in all aspects such as transport, installation, etc.


Each occasion is different and you may need different types of tents to make the occasion unique. There are many companies that offer commercial tents for all occasions and latest trend is tent birthday party. Instead of hosting birthday parties at closed halls, hotels and houses, it will give a different look,  if the birthday is celebrated in tents. Tents can be erected in any open air space to your taste. Most of the birthday parties are organised for the children and they will like to celebrate these parties in such tents rather than arranging them in their own homes.


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Some of the birthday party tents are children’s party rentals, kid’s birthday party rentals and much more. Arrangement of birthday party tents depend upon the age of the participating children and the scale of the celebration and the budget allocated.


Moreover, there are different types of tents for different occasions such as festival tent, graduation tent, tent of meeting, exhibition tents, and much more. However, before calling for the commercial tent rental companies, you have to ensure that your goal is set according to your plan and budget. You have to decide the suitable venue and if advance reservation is required, you have to do it first. Once the theme is finalised, you can contact tent rental companies.



The important thing is to select the commercial rent company that remain reputed and reliable. It should have the capability to organise your party to make it as a special occasion to be remembered for ever. You may need a thorough research to find a suitable commercial tent providing company and in this regard, you may need the help of your friends and relatives, who are already experienced in this field.


Most of the “all occasions rental tent companies” offer to provide outside party rentals, outside party tents and party tents and events. The cost to host all types of functions depend upon how you plan to celebrate occasions and the facilities, you need. However, it would be better to hold your functions in rented tents and one should not try to own tents, as it would be much costlier.


When you search through the internet, you can very easily find reliable and reputed companies that offer celebrations tent rental at admissible and affordable prices. Keeping in mind the entire satisfaction of their clients, these companies provide timeless design, error free coordination and chic style. These companies are ably assisted by experienced designers, professionals and planners to make the event a grand success. These companies offer rental tents for special occasions and parties such as holiday parties, wedding, retirement parties, graduation parties, baby shower, birthday parties and the like.


Apart from the tents offered for hosting many occasions, there are pavilion tents that are offered for rent. When there are great sports events, pavilion tent rental are set up on the edge of the sports field. Such tents are used by players to take rest, change their clothes and wash their faces to refresh themselves. Depending on the size and amenities provided, these pavilion tents may be rented out for the costs that may lie anything between $500 and $2000. Similarly many churches are using church tents for organising many of their events. There are  many church tent suppliers for the benefit of the churches located in all parts of the world.


A revival tent is meant for a gathering of Christian worshippers in a tent erected specifically for revival meetings, church rallies and the like. These type of tents are also offered to be provided for rent by all occasions tent rental companies.


Nowadays, people prefer to hold various parties by hiring tents from leading companies. This is because well designed tents made of aluminium frame and transparent fabric or PVC fabric are made available. These tents can be well used for holding occasions such as private parties, outdoor parties, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and the like. Of late, people want to celebrate functions in natural locations such as beach, open spaces, lake fronts and the like. Hiring tents will serve the purpose as they can be erected in such natural beauty places so that the guests and visitors can also enjoy the nature’s beauty by mingling with nature.


Depending on your guest list and your planned events, you can choose the tent, you require, meeting your budget as occasional tents are available in different sizes and shapes. These tents are customized so that the guests remember the occasion for a long time. Moreover, there are experts in supplying exhibition tents consisting of two floors and as such professionals and companies can exhibit more of their services and products and the visitors too can enjoy the exhibition.


Backyard Tent Rental:


Family functions can also be held in erecting tents in your own backyard. It is definitely stress free to celebrate weddings and other functions in the backyard tent when compared to the use of rented tents. It is no wonder that backyard tent functions are increasingly popular nowadays. Some people may prefer big receptions, but it is true that backyard tent functions have their own charm and will be remembered forever. If your marriage is celebrated in your backyard, you can later tell your children that your marriage was held in the place where they are playing now.


Benefits of backyard tent functions:


1. People and guests will be more relaxed in such backyard settings.

2. You can decorate the space in whatever style you want.

3. You can enjoy fewer guests and bells and whistles with less stress.

4. Without any restrictions, pets and children can attend the function.


Of course, backyard tent functions always depend on the size of the reception and your personality in the society. This is suitable for those who wish to have low-key get togethers and parties. If you are satisfied with a small group of friends and relatives, backyard tent functions will be comfortable for you.




Even though plenty of air conditioned and spacious wedding halls are available for rent to hold many functions, people feel that they are much costly and beyond their reach. This does not matter for affluent and influential people. To cater the needs of common people and those who want to mingle with nature,  hiring tents for holding all types of functions will be advantageous and affordable. The guests will also enjoy the fun in participating tent functions along with the nature. The main advantage is you can design the tent as per your taste and requirement and the tent suppliers are ready to fulfill your needs. Enjoy such tent functions with gaiety and fun.

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