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you need to decide on the type of tent you want for your event as what’s the fun of having an outdoor celebration without a beautiful party tent.

An outdoor event can be extremely refreshing no matter how many people you are planning to invite. However, it’s not a secret that the planning part of any outdoor event is not for the faint-hearted as several things go into making a successful event. First, you need to decide on the type of tent you want for your event as what’s the fun of having an outdoor celebration without a beautiful party tent. Then there is a list of things like deciding the food menu, choosing the appropriate décor, making arrangements for the comfort of guests, and so on.

With so many things to deal with, the most important part remains with selecting the right tent as it provides you with a base for other arrangements. It can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper information, you can enjoy the process of choosing a tent for your event.

There are many types, sizes, and styles to choose from when it comes to event tents. However, there is no need to pick one blindly. Therefore, we thought we would give you a little insight into what to look for while choosing an outdoor tent and here we go:

ü Know the different types of tents and see what works best for your event. The most popular types include pole tents, frame tents, sailcloth tents, canopies, and marquees.

ü Look for practical benefits as a tent is not just about aesthetics, it has to be cozy and comfortable for your guests.   

ü Choose the most appropriate size as it does matter for a successful event and it depends on what type of seating and other extras you are planning to have.

ü Consider tent accessories as tents are made with different materials such as the frame, the top, the poles, etc.

ü Pay close attention to the tent accessories and they range from structural ones like stakes & anchors to aesthetically pleasing ones like sidewalls, windows, etc.

ü You may not want the bad weather to ruin your outdoor event, so be prepared with a weatherproof tent.

ü If you want to avoid spending a fortune, it will be great if you can make a budget and stick to it as options may be overwhelming.

marquees rental

So now that you are armed with the information, you can choose the right tent for your outdoor event.

Now all that’s left is to have a list of the most popular party rental near me and the tent companies in Spain if you are looking for some reliable suppliers…

21 Most Popular Party Tent Rental Companies in Spain

1. Event Planner – Looking for marquees and temporary structures? Find the list of event rental companies and explore a wide range of rental categories. Check out the main categories:

Marquees & Temporary Structures

Décor & Staging

Event Management

Sound & Lighting

Special Effects



2. Marbella Bride – If you are looking for gazebos and event accessories, the company offers a wide range of products and services for different types of events. Here are some popular rental categories that you may explore:

Marquees & Gazebos

Shades & Structures

Event Lighting


LED Drinks Bar

Wedding Entertainment

LED Dance Floor



3. BC Carpas – Find a wide range of marquees and accessories for weddings, parties, and corporate events. When it comes to sizes and styles, you can find an array of designs and other rentals like:

Event Marquees

Corporate Event Marquees

Marquees for Weddings & Celebrations

Lighting & Decoration

Stages & Flooring

Parasols & Umbrellas


Heating & Air Conditioning

Portable Bathrooms


4. Velvet Living – One of the most exclusive creative styling and interiors for events companies where you can find a wide range of rental products and services. Some of the popular categories consist of:

Tents & Marquees


Interiors & Exteriors

Catering & Catering Equipment

Lighting & Decoration

DJ’s and Artists

Sound & Styling


 Event Planner and tent rentals

5. Goldman Tents – This is a place where you can find a huge variety of tents and accessories for events like weddings, parties, festivals, concerts, and corporate functions. Take a look at some popular categories:

Tents – Frame Tents, Peg & Pole Tents, Pagoda Tents, Aluminum Tents, etc


Table & Chairs Rental

Folding Furniture

Portable Toilets

Draping Materials



6. InEventos – The Company offers an extensive selection of rental products and services for all types of events. Some popular categories that you can explore include:

Tent & Canopy Rentals

Event Venues

Catering Services

Mobile Bars


Party Supplies

Photography & Videography

Décor & Rentals



7. Sail Tent – If you are looking for tents for weddings, parties, festivals, or corporate events, visiting this site might help. The company offers a wide range of tents and other rental services such as:

Sail Tents

Tent Walls


Flooring & Staging

Lighting & Décor

Generators & Loos

Setting Up & taking Down

On-Site Support



8. ASE Carpas – The Company specializes in tents and accessories for weddings, parties, and corporate events. If you are looking for a wide selection of tents, check out the following categories:

Folding Tents

Modular Tents

Special Tents

Large Tents

Platforms & Accessories


9. Rent a Castle – Looking for party equipment rental? This can be a great place to look for party rentals and a huge variety of jumping castles. Listed below are some popular products:

Tent Rentals

Bouncy Castles

Pool Slides

Water Balls

Popcorn & Cotton Candy Machines

Table & Chairs




party equipment rental

10. Span Tech – The Company offers a wide selection of tents for events, industries, sports, army, and custom projects. It offers a huge variety of tents ad structures including:

Tents & Structures

Custom-Designed Tents




11. Alquiler de Castillos – If you are looking for inflatable rentals, this can be an ideal place to look as the company offers a wide range to choose form. Check out the main rental categories:

Bouncy Castles

Inflatable Foosball

Animation & Parties

Theme Events

Fun Games



12. Premier Party Rentals – The equipment rental company stocks a wide range of products for a wide range of users. As far as the main rental categories are concerned, listed below are some popular ones:


Table & Chairs

10x10 Canopy Tent

Marquee Tents

Chair Covers

Table Cloths

Flooring, Podium, & Stages

Tent Accessories


13. Euro Pages – This is an online directory where you can find a wide range of rental products and services for weddings, parties, festivals, concerts, and commercial events. Some of the popular categories include:

Tents & Canopies





Sound & Lighting



14. Spain4Weddings – This can be your one-stop platform for finding numerous party tent rental companies and contact them regarding your requirements. The most popular categories include:

Event Tents

Local Vendors

Wedding Packages

Furniture Rental

Sound & Lighting


Catering Services

Tent Accessories

Party Equipment


15. A1 Event Rentals – This can be a great platform for all your event rental needs as the company specializes in a huge variety of rental products such as:


Tables & Chairs


Crockery & Cutlery

Cocktail Tables




16. Alibaba – This is a place where you can explore almost everything related to events regardless of their type and size. Some of the popular categories that you may explore include:

Tents & Canopies




Sound & Lighting

Stage & Floor

Catering Services & Equipment

Tent Accessories


17. Crimons – If you are organizing an outdoor event and looking for tents and other essentials rentals, visiting this site might help. The company offers a wide selection of rentals such as:

Tents & Marquees

Furniture Hire



Bar Counters

Food Stations




18. Euro Tent – Whether you are looking for tents for sale or event rentals, this can be the right place to explore products for weddings, concerts, festivals, and other events. The main rental categories include:

Event Tents

Wedding Tents

Tables & Chairs


Dance Floors



 tents for sale or event rentals

19. Weddings & Events – If you are looking for a platform where you can find event rentals as well as event planning services, this can be a great place to explore. The company offers services like:

Tents & Marquees

Destination Wedding Planning

Photo & Video



Decoration & Flowers

Wedding Cake



20. Boss Tents – The Company specializes in making a huge variety of tents for events, parties, weddings, and exhibitions. Some of the most popular rental categories include:

Frame Tents

Pagoda Tents

Peg & Pole Tents

Aluminum Tents

Stretch Tents

Tables & Chairs

Mobile Chillers

Tents décor


Draping Material



21. Kids Parties Spain – If you are looking for a company that specializes in kid’s party rentals, this is a place that you can explore for all your event-related needs. The main categories include:




Fun Games

Party Styling


21 Top Party Tent Rental Companies in Spain


Company Name



Contact Details


Event Planner

Marquees & Accessories

Malaga, Spain

Tel: +34 655 784 239

Email: info@EventPlannerSpain.com 


Marbella Bride

Marquees & Event Rentals

Costa Del Sol, Spain

Tel: +34 6624 38384



BC Carpas

Marquees & Accessories

Barcelona, Spain

Tel: 93 240 00 24

Email: info@bc-carpas.com 


Velvet Living

Event Styling

Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 971 226 726

Email: info@velvetlivingbcn.com 


Goldman Tents

Tents & Accessories

Delivers in Spain

087 056 2553

Email: info@goldmantents.com 



Tents & Event Rentals


Tel: +506 8303 4530

Email: contacto@ineventos.com 


Sail Tent

Tents & Services

Theale, Spain

Tel: 011 83 805 570

Email: team@sailtentcompany.co.uk 


ASE Carpas

Party Equipment Rental

Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 620 33 58 82


Rent a Castle

Tents & Jumping Castles

Marbella, Spain

Tel: +34 952 81 85 51


Span Tech

Tents & Structures


Tel: +34 602 63 16 72

Email: spain@span-tech.com 


Alquiler de Castillos

Inflatable Castle Rental

Madrid, Spain

Tel: 619 827 012



Premier Party Rentals

Party Equipment Rental

Trinidad, Spain

Tel: 868 628 8700

Email: premierparty@gmail.com 


Euro Pages

Online Directory


Visit Site



Online Directory


Tel: +34 647 002 002

Email: weddings@spain4weddings.com 


A1 Event Rentals

Tents & Event Rentals

Port of Spain, Spain

Tel: 868 627 9125

Email: info@a1rentalstt.com 



Online Directory


Visit Site



Party Equipment Rental

Barcelona, Spain

Tel: 934 53 22 54

Email: info@crimons.com 


Euro Tent

Tents & Event Rentals

Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +27 31 826 3197

Email: info@tent.co.za 


Weddings & Events

Tents &Event Planning

Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34 645 199 875

Email: info@svadbavispanii.ru 


Boss Tents

Tents & Accessories

Madrid, Spain

Tel: +27 031 465 4604

Email: info@bosstents.co.za 


Kids Parties Spain

Party Supplies


Tel: 0034 681 265 203

Email: kidspartiesspain@hotmail.com 


When it comes to an outdoor event, there are several things that you need to consider. Tents are one of those things that can’t be ignored at any cost. Choosing the right event tent is as important as the event itself.

Here are some questions that you need to answer for picking the right tent for your event:

· What type of event are you planning?

· How many guests do you expect?

· What kind of arrangements (seating & decoration) do you want for your event?

· What kind of climate do you expect?

· Will you need tent accessories?

· Is your event going to be in the day or under the stars?

· On what kind of surface the tent is going to be erected?

· What is your budget?

· What are your exact requirements?

Answering the above-mentioned questions will you a better insight into what type of tent will work best for your event. 

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