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What are Mobile Homes? A mobile home or a house trailer is a prefabricated structure that is built off-site on a permanently attached chassis.

Mobile Homes for Sale – Understanding the Different Forms of Housing Solutions

Mobile homes are gaining huge popularity due to the practicality of their uses and the availability of different styles and designs. Modern mobile homes are now better with their smart use of space and habitation more than ever. Whatever you call it – mobile home, portable building, or manufactured housing, the solution is undergoing a renaissance. Today, you will find a wide range of mobile homes for sale. You can also look for ‘modular homes near me’ and find a huge range of designs to suit your requirements.

What are Mobile Homes?

A mobile home or a house trailer is a prefabricated structure that is built off-site on a permanently attached chassis. The prefab structure is transported to the site and assembled to make a complete house. These portable structures are used as both permanent as well as temporary accommodation.

Mobile Homes – the Features…

Most new mobile homes for sale come in two major sizes – single-wides and double-wides while triple-wides and more units are also built. These structures are sometimes installed in a mobile home park or on leased land. The owners can either place them on land they own or look for mobile homes for sale.

Mobile Homes for Sale

Mobile Homes – the Advantages

Here are some top reasons why everyone is gushing on portable homes and looking for mobile home trailers for sale:

Ø  If you are looking for a budget-friendly housing option, cheap mobile homes for sale are a perfect and practical option available.

Ø  The manufactured homes are safe and quality-controlled as they are significantly raised as per highest quality standards.

Ø  The modern mobile homes for sale are engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency so that they can be used in any geographic region.

Ø  You will not have to spend a fortune to buy a mobile home as they are affordable as compared to traditional homes.

Ø  As portable homes are smaller, they do not require much maintenance and there is no clutter.

Ø  These portable structures are an environment-friendly option as not many materials are used to manufacture them.

Ø  Moving to a portable house gives a sense of community as you can have your driveway and backyard close enough to neighbors.

Ø  It is a practical option for growing families especially when you don’t have the budget to invest in buying a traditional house.

Ø  It is also a great option for office space as it does not require a big investment for construction a building.

Ø  It can be easily moved to your preferred location as there is no concrete groundwork or foundation.

Ø  The mobile homes can be built in controlled environments and there will be no construction delays.  

Tiny Houses for Sale – Tiny Building, Big Living!

For the first time mobile home buyers, the transition from a traditional home to a manufactured one can be challenging. However, with the availability of different home sizes and styles, it becomes easier to choose the best for your unique requirements. Tiny homes or portable homes are extremely popular these days because they offer the opportunity to enjoy a more minimalist form of life.

Wondering why you should get on board of a tiny house? Here are a few reasons:

-  You can get all the charm of a full-sized home in a tiny space.

-  You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a home.

-  You will save a lot on heating and cooling costs.

-  You can have the peace of mind as simple living is always beneficial.

-  You can choose from several varieties as per your unique needs.

-  You can customize the tiny homes as per your requirement.

Tiny Houses for Sale

Looking for a tiny house on wheels for sale?

The decision to buy a tiny house is a great investment as you will be getting more for less in terms of space and cost. As far as the cost of a tiny house is concerned, it may cost less than $12,000 (approx) to build. The price range can go anywhere from $10,000 to $180,000 with the average falling somewhere in the range of $25,000 to $40,000.

The cost of a tiny house depends on if you choose to buy it or build it.

Small Sheds for Sale – No Clutter, More Space

Whether small or medium, sheds have an undeniable utility because of the functionality and practicality they offer. A well-built shed can add value to your home as it is an attractive and practical feature to many homebuyers. Also, it is an inexpensive way to increase the potential resale value of your home.

Here are some great benefits of small sheds:

-  Small sheds come in beautifully designed aesthetic structures.

-  You can easily store and manage all your stuff in a shed.

-  Sheds keep you safe by providing the zoning restrictions.

-  Sheds can be either used for living or as extensions of garages.

-  It is a great way to cut down on clutter in your house or yard.

Small Sheds

Looking for small sheds for sale?

A shed doesn’t have to be just for storage, it can be a great solution to live a minimal, simple life. As far as the cost of small sheds is concerned, it may vary depending on its size and style but the average cost usually ranges from approximately $800 to $2,000. You can either choose to build it by yourself or hire a professional construction company.

Storage Container Homes for Sale – Design-Savvy, Smart Solution  

Storage container homes, also known as shipping container homes, are the most surprising styles you will come across, far beyond those traditional concrete and cement buildings. They are often a lower-cost option for buying a traditional house and, therefore, more and more people are turning to container architecture. As far as the container material is concerned, steel makes an affordable and durable material.

Storage Container Homes

Here are a few reasons to invest in storage container homes:

-  The storage container homes offer a fast, eco-friendly approach to a conventional building.

-  You can order the number of units you need and get them delivered at your site.

-  The homes are built in a factory-controlled setting and offer more savings in time and materials.

-  These durable structures are easy to transport and pre-fitted for installation.

-  You can get the interiors done according to your unique style and budget.

Interested in a container home? Looking for storage container homes for sale?

You can have the storage containers delivered to your site by trailer or truck and start with the construction. Talking about the cost of container homes, it depends on the size and style of the container. Generally speaking, a homemade out storage container costs between $1,400 to $4,000 approximately. You can have features like windows, doors, electricity, plumbing, floors, etc just like a traditional home. Some factors that may affect the cost include permits, site prep, delivery, and availability.  

Prefab Houses for Sale – A Smart, Space-Saving Solution

Prefab houses, also known as mobile homes, are gaining huge popularity being an ideal living space and eco-friendly option. Prefabricated homes are buildings that are constructed in components or modules and then transported to the construction site for assembly. These beautiful structures are available with customized features and seamless finish. The modular prefabricated houses can be a perfect alternative to a global living challenge. If you search for ‘modular homes near me’ you can have a wide range of options to choose from.

Prefab houses

Some of the highlights of prefab homes include:

-  Prefab houses are created in sections and then transported to the home site for installation, making them a convenient option.

-  Manufactured homes are built onto steel beams, and therefore, offer durability and safety.

-  These structures are weatherproof and leak-proof as they are designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

-  Portable buildings for sale can have all the modern fixing possible such as smoke detectors, AC, heaters, fire alarms, etc.

-  They can be custom-built with easy dismantle, reassemble, and modification options.

Looking for prefab houses for sale?

While others are struggling to follow the traditional way of solving the problems, you can choose a safer, greener option – the prefab houses. The total cost of building or buying a prefab house may vary depending on its size and materials used, you can expect it to cost between $180 to $220 per square foot.  

Wooden Lodges for Sale – Simple yet Stylish Living

If you are the kind of person who seeks to soak up some rustic ambiance, wooden lodges can be your perfect choice. Regardless of whether you want to build a log cabin or a timber frame, you can have a lot of features in a wooden lodge. Also, the great look and functionality of a log house can increase the value of your property. It can be a place full of warmth and comfort where you can have a great time with your friends and family.

Wooden Lodges

Why wooden lodges are better than conventional homes:

-  Wooden lodges offer a great combination of the cozy atmosphere and outstanding design.

-  As trees are a renewable resource, wooden lodges are an environment-friendly offer.  

-  Wooden homes are not only aesthetically pleasing but are long-lasting too.

-  As the organic building material comes from nature, the wooden lodges fit the land perfectly.

-  A portable wooden house can be framed fast, which will reduce weather-related damages.

-  You can enjoy the warmth of wood and energy efficiency as these homes are comfortable in all seasons.

-  Wooden or rustic doesn’t mean it cannot be high tech; you can opt for superior craftsmanship with all the modern features.

Looking for wooden lodges for sale?

Though the cost of building a wooden lodge may vary depending on its characteristics, the typical cost can run anywhere from $175,000 up to $350,000. The new technologies allow us to design the log cabins as per our preferences. However, having them equipped with all the modern facilities might increase the overall cost.

Metal Buildings for Sale – Flexible & Versatile

The prefabricated metal buildings are flexible and cost-effective solutions as they can be customized to capture any desired look and feel. These structures are highly versatile and durable as they are made of metal and reduce construction times.

Metal Buildings

Take a look at some of the benefits of metal buildings:

-  The metal buildings are durable as they can withstand the elements like heavy rains, winds, snowfall, etc.

-  These structures are highly flexible and versatile as they are coupled with the option of endless modifications.

-  They are quick to assemble as erecting a pre-engineered metal is relatively easy.

-  There are seldom any delays in a metal building which means no extra costs.

-  Steel or metal buildings are energy efficient as they allow much better insulation than traditional houses.

Looking for metal buildings for sale?

The cost of building a metal building depends on its size and the material used. However, an average 30x40 steel building may cost somewhere from $9000 to $11,000. It means that the average steel structure costs $15 to $20 per square foot. If you are considering customization, it can cost up to $40 per square foot or even more.

Aluminum Structure Tent

The use of aluminum to build tents and buildings comes with a series of advantages and that’s why aluminum structure tent is gaining immense popularity. Aluminum is highly durable and as it contains no iron, it doesn’t rust. These characteristics make aluminum tents an ideal choice for temporary housing.  

  Aluminum Structure Tent

Check out the following characteristics of aluminum structure tent: 

-  Aluminum tents are highly durable and solid as they are corrosion and rust-resistant.

-  They are detachable & reusable which makes them an ideal portable solution.

-  Aluminum is a popular option due to its lightweight, so it is a good mobile solution.  

-  Aluminum is easy to shape which means you can create more stable and strong frames.

-  This is an affordable option compared to traditional buildings.

Wondering how much does an aluminum structure tent cost?

As far as the cost of building an aluminum structure tent is concerned, it may cost somewhere from $53-$60 per square meter. However, the price range may vary depending on the quality of the material and size of the tent.

If you are looking for a temporary building for your event, you can consider options like small sheds, aluminum tents, metal buildings, storage container homes, and more.

Are you ready to dive into a new adventure?


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