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The second you get engaged, one question starts tickling your head: “how to plan a perfect wedding?”

Your wedding is a no small affair but sometimes you completely forget to enjoy your courtship period due to those countless worries about planning the wedding. If it is so, please stop worrying and take a deep breath because this is the moment to enjoy not worrying.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Today, you have access to hundreds of opportunities to make your big day a memorable one. From tent rentals to places to rent for parties, the options are endless. However, you need to know that planning a wedding can take a lot of effort but you can have a lot of fun too.

Most Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

The wedding reception is a big thing and that’s why it has to be planned in advance. But the first question that arises in every to-be-wed’s mind is ‘from where do I start?’ There are certain things that are nice to know to make any wedding a perfect affair. You must be wondering what those things are…

Well! Check out the following list and you will come to know about some amazing wedding planning secrets…

1. Name the Date & Venue – Begin with one of the most important steps of all – your marriage date and selecting a venue that is ideal for everyone. There are a lot of places to rent for parties and all you have to do is look for the best that suits your needs. While selecting the venue, keep your basic requirements and budget in mind.

 Inexpensive & Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

2. Determine How Much You have to Spend – Once you’re done with the date and venue, start thinking about your overall budget. Planning a budget and selecting a venue goes together because many wedding reception places carry a minimum. Without knowing what you have to spend, you can’t even think of a single thing.

 Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Planner Excel

3. Focus on Details – There’s a lot that goes into making any wedding perfect and that’s why you need to focus on every single detail. Pay close attention to the wedding website, seating arrangement, guest books, photographers, bands, florists, entertainment, and hotel rooms for out of the town guests and more.

 Wedding Planner

4. Decide on a Perfect Menu – Making a meal plan is as important as deciding a dress because it’s the deliciousness that your guests are going to remember apart from your gorgeous dress. Decide a meal plan and let your caterer know a couple of days before to avoid that last-minute hassle.   

 wedding menu

5. Establish a Schedule – Though everyone enjoys the affairs like wedding, guests may feel exhausted after a long day or wedding reception night. Therefore, it’s always good to make a timeline and stick to it. Allot time for everything such as dance, dine, etc so that guests can enjoy to the fullest without feeling too tired.

 Establish a Schedule

6. Consider a Pro – You must have hosted a lot of parties in your life but not as big and important as a wedding. That’s where professional wedding services come in. A wedding planner will take care of everything without making you waste your precious time and energy. It will also save you from unexpected expenses that may arise if you choose DIY.

Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist

To plan the perfect wedding and enjoy great peace of mind, take a look at the following wedding checklist:

Wedding Venues – Most of the good places to rent for parties are booked a year or more in advance. This is because everyone out there wants a perfect wedding and, therefore, it is always wise to decide in advance what type of setting you want for your big day. You can choose from different options such as an outdoor garden, an indoor hall, hotel ballroom, farm, country club, and more.

Wedding Venues in Charleston, S.C.

Consider everything before booking a venue such as the location, space according to your guests, seating, parking, washrooms, etc. However, if you want to be creative, a blank space like a farm gives you more freedom but of course, you will have to spare some extra bucks.


Wedding Party Tent – Either you can consider tent rentals or buying your own in case you want to go with a specific color scheme. The best way is to collect images that work for you and find the venue that matches your specific requirements. To make sure everything goes right, get a grip on the approximate number of guests you are expecting. This will help you rent the best possible tent for your big day. Also, listen to Mother Nature and consider renting tents accordingly.

 wedding party tent

If you’re currently searching ‘tent rentals near me’ or ‘party supplies near me’ the following list can be of great use as it mentions all possible types of tents…


Pagoda Tent – These beautiful modular structures are a perfect fit for those who are looking for high-end, optimum quality tents. The a1 rental tent can be easily installed and great for outdoor events and also come with a customized setup option.

 zeltverleih,Pagoda tent

Frame Tent – This flexible layout gives you a freestanding tent with no center poles or obstructions and, therefore, maximizes the usable space available underneath the tent. For those big gatherings, heavy-duty commercial frame tents can also be rented.

 Frame Tent for sale

Pole Tent – Designed to be used on ground or grassy areas, pole tents are a great choice for outdoor weddings. These strong and durable tents add a traditional look and feel to any event.

 Pole tent

Stretch Tent – This fun and unique party tent is a great choice for big gatherings. Also, these fabric structures are customizable as per your requirement. You can make almost anything out if these fabrics.

 Stretch tent

Tent Gutter – Choosing the most ideal tent is not enough if it is not waterproof so go for tent gutter. Tent gutter pipes seamlessly conjoin two pop up tent canopies and compatible with a variety of tents.

 Canopy, Frame Tent Rain Gutter

Wedding Decorations – Decorations in weddings have surpassed the typical standards of simple drapes. With constant ideas brimming up, decide a theme for your wedding so that you can choose the decoration accordingly. It takes a bit of planning and organization to decorate the venue and the trick is taking one step at a time and use the creative minds of wedding decorators. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot curate your own style. Collect images that you like and share your interest and view with the decorator to get your dream decoration done.

Wedding Decorations, Melbourne

If you too have a thing for those exquisite wedding stages, the options are endless starting from the mesmerizing classic theme decoration to phenomenal modern décor elements.


To lend a helping hand, here’s the checklist you may want to consider for your bid day…


Wedding Flowers

Wedding Cakes

Jumping House for Kids

Dance Floor

Dance Floor Rentals Arizona

Stage Rental

Lighting Rental

Candelabra Rental

Catering Equipment

banquet table

Linen Rentals

linen rentals

Wedding Chair Rentals

Tablecloth Rental Near me

Wedding Furniture Rental – round table, chairs

Wedding Arbor

Bubble Machine Rental

Flatware Rental

Silverware rental

Wedding Columns

Wedding Chandelier


Choose the Food – Picking the right caterer and deciding on the food menu are two extremely important tasks. The food menu is one such thing that can make or break your entire wedding planning. It is something that your each and every guest will remember for years to come. If you’re dreaming of some specific recipes, find a caterer who can cater to your needs. You can always ask your venue if they have a preferred list of caterers or ask your friends for any referrals.

Choosing the food can be fun and it might be a great idea to work with a caterer who deals with a variety of food. You can have printed menus at the table for that sit-down dinner or a buffet for all.


The following are a few things that you may want to discuss with your caterer or wedding planner…


BBQ Rental

Wedding Tarp

Cotton Candy Machine Rental


Wedding Invitations – Your wedding invitation is your first impression and as it is always said ‘first impression is the last impression’. So, don’t let the opportunity to create a superb invitation slip out of your hands especially when you have thousands of beautiful options. Keep in mind that your wedding invite is going to set the tone of what guests are to expect on the big day.

Create excitement and anticipation with your invitation card and try to include all of the proper information for your guests.


Music – It’s the music which is going to set the mood of your wedding day and it forms the part of your persona. When we talk about music, do remember that guests expect professional quality so hire a pro to handle the job. Music is important to lighten up the mood, keeping your guests entertained, and of course that famous couple’s dance. Choosing music for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable tasks and an outstanding option to take a break from those hectic preparations.

The Final Words

With a little planning and a few tips, you will have no problem planning that perfect wedding and ultimate wedding reception.

wedding tent

Here are a few tips that might help you plan your dream wedding:

ü Plan in advance and create a list of priorities

ü Create a vision board to find that perfect inspiration

ü Work as a team with your partner to make the process super fun

ü Get a wedding planning book to jot down tons of advice and tips

ü Limit your options and try to stay focused on them

ü Create a master checklist to get organized

Are you ready for your big day? Looking for ‘party supplies near me’, find the most reliable rental companies such as A-1 Rental and let your dream come true… 

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