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Looking to buy a new home? If you’re tossing up whether to consider a conventional home or modular home, this guide might help.

You might have heard the term ‘modular home’ as the concept is extremely popular these days. People are increasingly turning toward this option as these portable structured are often cheaper than traditionally built homes, and the construction time is also relatively faster. Before we discuss some popular modular homes, let’s get a better insight into the concept…  

What is a Modular Home? 

Modular homes are built in sections in a factory setting where everything is in control. Modular buildings are prefabricated buildings or houses and the repeated sections are called modules. The construction method involves constructing modules away from the main site and transporting the finished product for further assembly on-site. The prefabricated sections are assembled on site by placing them either side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked.

The prefabricated modules are often installed on a premade foundation and joined by modular home builders to get the final structure. A variety of configurations ad styles can be achieved by joining together the modules. Some prefab buildings take only one to two weeks to build while others may take longer depending on the design and the manufacturer.

Most people probably can’t tell the difference between a traditional home and a modular home as they both look alike. However, there are so many things that make these two types of homes unique in their way.

Modular Home Builders near Me

Searching ‘modular homes near me’? Well! The following list might help:

1. Modular Homes Michigan 


ü Oasis Homes – If you are looking for a modular home builder Michigan, Oasis Custom Homes is a design-build home construction company specializing in both traditional sticks built and modular homes. They offer a wide variety of custom modular architecture whether it’s your first home, vacation home, or retirement home.


ü Northwood Modular Homes – A premier modular home builder in Michigan where you can find both standards as well as customized floor plans to meet your needs. The company specializes in custom-designed homes and lake cottages and you can take a tour of their model home.


ü Express Modular – A custom modular home builder with years of experience offering modular homes in different budget categories. You can find your modular home plan in different categories, styles, square feet, etc. They specialize in traditional, log homes, modular cabins, contemporary, coastal, and tiny houses.


2. Modular Homes Colorado


ü Colorado Modular Homes – If you are looking for custom modular homes, the company provides in-house design services to create the structure of your dreams. They specialize in off-site construction techniques and known to develop energy-efficient modular homes.


ü Factory Modulars – The Company specializes in manufactured and modular home communities. They provide factory-direct prices on everything they sell and can customize the buildings to meet your specific needs. The selection includes homes, hotels, motels, apartments, factory-built homes, and more.


ü Alpine Homes – The Company has selected some great floor plans from some of the best manufacturers in the business and offer a wide range of modular homes as well as manufactured homes. They can help you choose and customize the floor plan as per your specific needs.


3. Modular Homes Virginia


ü Virginia Modular Homes 1st – One of the renowned places to get started with your modular home as the company offers a wide range of services. Some of the offerings that are available at no extra cost include plywood wall, roof sheathing, solid surface countertops, energy-saving package, and more.


ü American Showcase Modulars – The platform is known for offering high-quality modular homes at an affordable price. You can choose your home plan based on categories like style, square feet, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc and can also customize as per your needs.


ü Valley Custom Homes – If you are looking for a wide range of services when it comes to construction modular homes, this can be a great platform to explore. You can either choose the standard modular floor plans or customize them by adding decks & porches, garages, basement, etc.


4. Modular Homes Ohio


ü D&W Homes – With more and more people finding modular homes a great alternative over conventional buildings, this company offers a wide range of modular construction services. You can search the floor plans or visit the model-building to see if suits your needs.


ü Superior Homes – If you are looking for a fully customizable modular home plan, this can be a great place to explore. The company is counted as one of the premier modular home dealers in Ohio and offers a wide variety of floor plans, material specifications, and prices.


ü DEVLE – If you are planning to build a beautiful and durable modular home, this home builder can help you design the home of your dreams. The company specializes in modern prefabricated homes that can be customized to suit your unique preferences and budget.


5. Modular Homes Sc


ü Royal Homes – Whether you are planning to build a small modular home or a big coastal building, the company will help you transform your dreams into reality. They specialize in constructing different types of buildings and offer over 15 features of home plans and hundreds of floor plans.


ü Carolina Country Homes – A platform where you can find a wide range of photos and floor plans of the top-selling modular homes. They offer hundreds of floor plans to choose from along with upgrade options. Get your modular home built by top manufacturers in the industry.


ü Modular Direct – Looking for custom modular homes in SC? Visiting this platform might help as the company is one of the leading suppliers of a custom-build construction. The most popular designs that you can explore include ranchers, cape cods, two-story, split foyers, and more.


6. Modular Homes Ontario


ü Lakewood Custom Homes – If you are looking for custom modular home construction, check out the work done by the company so far. Browse homes in different categories such as multi-family, two-storey, bungalow, split entry, cape cod, cottages, mini homes, and more.


ü Guildcrest Homes – A leading factory home builder offering a wide range of services for every need and budget. The popular models you can choose include one-storey, two-storey, recreational, and split levels in styles like modern, traditional ad country.


ü Quality Homes – The modular homes offered by the company are precision-built and crafted indoors in a controlled environment. Some of the popular models available include bungalows, two-storey, cottages, and contemporary. You can also get your modular home customized as per your special needs.  


7. Modular Homes Georgia


ü Affinity Building Systems – One of the leading manufacturers of modular structures for families, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Explore the building collection which includes two-storey, retreat, cape, and more. You can also customize any model as per your specific needs.


ü ACE Modular Structures – Looking for modular homes for sale? The company specializes in building custom prefabricated buildings with all modern features. They will help you design and create both residential and commercial buildings that are tailored to meet your special needs.


ü Legacy Housing – Want to build a tiny modular home in the lap of nature? Choose from a wide range of floor plans and construction models to build your dream home. The most popular models include single-wide, ultrawide, doublewide, tiny homes, and more.


8. Modular Homes Maine

ü Coastal Builders & Sons – Whether you want to build a traditional stick home or a modular one, the company offers a wide range of solutions. The most popular styles include ranch, colonial, chalet, cape, two-storey, multi-storey, and more. Also, there are so many modular home options to choose from.

ü Dirigo Custom Structures – If you are looking for affordable, customized modular homes, the company provides many solutions to choose from. They specialize in providing a wide variety of custom floor plans along with an option to add other design elements.


ü Broughman Builders Inc. – This modular home dealer offers a wide range of design plans including single wide & double wide homes, custom stick-built homes, modular, etc. They also offer other contracting services and turnkey packages such as renovations, additions, upgrades, and more.


9. Modular Homes California


ü  US Modular Inc. – Find your perfect floor plan as the company deals in a wide range of housing solutions including single-family homes, pre-designed modular floor plans, advantage homes, multi-family buildings, and more. Check out the different options available and find one that is perfect for you.


ü Los Angeles Modular Home Builders – The Company builds modular homes that are beautiful as well as functional and fits every budget. As the main parts are constructed off-site, it ensures better quality management and you also get to choose from a variety of floor plans and models.


ü Cutting Edge Homes – Looking for a budget-friendly modular home? Visiting this platform can help as the company offers solutions catering to different needs and budgets. Choose from different models such as a two-story, ranch, or cottage and get a home of your dreams.


10. Modular homes Indiana


ü Clear Creek Homes – One of the leading home building companies offering affordable solutions to those seeking for modular homes. They specialize in single-section homes and two-storey homes to multi-section manufactured homes. Also, they customize modular homes to meet your unique requirements.  


ü Sherlock Homes – Planning to buy a home? If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, a modular or manufactured home offered by the company can be the right choice. They are one of the premium retailers of mobile and modular homes. They also provide land packages for a custom design.


ü Rochester Homes – The home builder creates custom modular homes and offers numerous floor plans to choose from. You can take an interior and exterior 3D tour of a model home and see if it suits your requirements. They also customize designs as per your unique needs and budget.

Top 30 Modular Home Builders Near Me


Modular Home Builder



Contact Details


Oasis Homes

Design-Build Home Construction


Tel: 810 798 3311



Northwood Modular Homes

Custom-Designed Modular Homes


Tel: 800 798 2217



Express Modular

Custom Modular Homes


Tel: 877 419 2505


Colorado Modular Homes

Modular Homes & Floor Plans


Tel: 303 968 7183



Factory Modulars

Manufactured & Modular Homes


Tel: 303 573 0067


Alpine Homes

Traditional & Modular Homes


Tel: 970 484 7000


Virginia Modular Homes 1st 

Modular Home Building


Tel: 540 256 3242



American Showcase Modulars

Custom Modular Home Builders


Tel: 855 835 0050



Valley Custom Homes

Modular Floor Plans & Construction


Tel: 540 433 3233


D&W Homes

Custom Modular Homes


Tel: 740 663 4800


Superior Homes

Modular Homes


Tel: 513 575 1144



Modern Prefab Homes




Royal Homes

Custom Modular Homes & Coastal Home Builder


Tel: 843 873 0815


Carolina Country Homes

Modular Home Builder


Tel: 866 269 5120


Modular Direct

Custom Modular Homes


Tel: 800 310 5161


Lakewood Custom Homes

Modular Homes Builder


Tel: 866 254 9952


Guildcrest Homes

Factory Homes Builder


Tel: 1 800 249 1432


Quality Homes

Home & Cottage Builder


Tel: 1 800 265 2648


Affinity Building Systems

Modular Homes Construction


Tel: 229 482 1200


ACE Modular Structures

Custom Prefabricated Buildings


Tel: 770 453 9595


Legacy Housing

Tiny Modular Homes


Tel: 877 652 3322


Coastal Builders & Sons

Stick Built & Modular Homes


Tel: 207 664 0506


Dirigo Custom structures

Modular Homes Design & Building


Tel: 207 442 7001


Broughman Builders Inc

Modular Home Dealership


Tel: 207 922 2224


US Modular Inc.

General Contractors


Tel: 888 987 6638


Los Angeles Modular Home Builders

Modular Homes Builders


Tel: 213 536 4956


Cutting Edge Homes

Modular Home Design & Construction


Tel: 877 280 6496


Clear Creek Homes

Modular Construction


Tel: 812 334 0693


Sherlock Homes

Modular & Manufactured Homes


Tel: 574 534 3700


Rochester Homes

Custom Modular Homes


Tel: 800 860 4554


How much do Modular Homes Cost?

Wondering about the modular home prices? Well! The total cost of modular homes is highly variable based on the size, floor plan, and location, you can expect it to be somewhere between &180 and $220 per square feet. If you are Looking for double wides for sale,It needs more. In most cases, the amount includes the interiors fixtures and amenities of the home.

Modular homes can be more affordable as compared to traditional brick homes as they have shorter build time and less or no wastage of materials. Prefabricated homes are constructed in a factory with a controlled environment. Also, they are much more energy-efficient and home inspections are not needed.

As far as the market value of modular homes is concerned, they appraise the same as their traditional counterparts. Moreover, they do not depreciate as these kinds of structures are considered a form of green building and will always be a good investment option. Though you may have to undergo a pre-approval process to buy or build one.

Talking about the durability, a well-designed and well-built modular home can last over 30 years which makes it a good alternative over a conventional home. Home loans for such structures are the same as site-built homes.

7 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Modular Homes

Planning to build a modular home? If yes, you need to know the following facts before investing:

1. Modular & manufactured homes are not the same. Modular homes are placed on permanent foundations whereas a manufactured can be moved from one location to another.

2. Not all modular homes look alike. Modular homes vary in styles and size which means you can have them designed as per your specific requirements. They have no design limitations just like traditional homes.

3. Modular homes are built in a climate-controlled setting. You can expect the highest standards of quality as the modular homes are built in sections in a controlled environment.

4. Modular homes help you save money. As prefab homes take less construction time and there is no wastage of material, they can save you quite a bit of money. Also, these structures are energy-efficient and low on maintenance.

5. Every modular home comes with a small metal tag. If you are wondering how to recognize a modular home, you will find a small metal tag either on the outside of each section or in the electrical panel box.

6. Modular homes come with many benefits. There are numerous benefits of investing in a modular home such as affordability, energy-efficiency, durability, functionality, real property, green building, and more.   

7. Buying a modular home is easy. There are many modular home builders that you can find in your area. You can either choose to order pre-designed homes or get it customized as per your specific requirements.

Are you ready for a life in a modular home? 

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