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Choosing your wedding is very important for you and your guests! 

Here are 15 important suggestions, including choosing location, time, convenience of journey, estimating the number of guests, budget, how to search the best wedding place, best style, best facilities, Finding the elegant decoration space on the Internet.

1.Choose a special location for your wedding

1)There are many choices: barn, elegant banquet hall, comfortable restaurant or quiet beach.What you need to focus on is that your wedding can be held in your partner's hometown, your current city, and your favorite resort.This needs to be determined in advance with your partner.

2)Great venues will be booked 12-18 months in advance, so the earlier you start, the more likely you are to seize your first choice. Please try to avoid choosing a local holiday date, which may mean a shortage of beds for tourists.

3)You also need go to the site. Can it be easily achieved? Is the direction simple enough? Will your guests Miss dinner because they have lost their way? Who doesn't have a car? Can they go to the place by bus? Does everyone have enough parking space?
4)When choosing a wedding venue, please remember what it contains: banquet hall, five-star hotel, wedding lawn, terrace banquet hall, or farmhouse. Do you still need to rent tables and chairs? Ask the site owner or manager for clarification.

special location for your wedding

Facilities and services:

1. An all inclusive banquet hall or hotel.

2. A place with a rich natural landscape, like a seaside resort,Zoo, planetarium and hilltop.

3. Good service, with wedding and Event Coordinator

4. Convenient parking.

5. easily achieved.

2.Figure out your budget

Great venues will be booked 12-18 months in advance, so the earlier you start, the more likely you are to seize your first choice. Please try to avoid choosing a local holiday date, which may mean a shortage of beds for tourists.

your  wedding budget

Most couples spend between $2700 and $10500, which is not small anyway. I've seen venue fees range from $2500 to $30000, depending on location.How much you will spend on the venue actually depends on where you plan to get married.  Renting a venue in a big city may cost more than in a more rural area.If the budget is adequate, you can ask if you can add more appetizers or more time to the reception during the cocktail party.And,At least 30% tax and 20% tip should be added to the minimum consumption of food and drink.

Figure out how much you are willing to spend.Find out the price of the wedding place. For example, do you provide a full range of services (food, decoration, linen, etc.)? Does the price include tips? If not, what's the tip?

3.Estimate the number of guests.

There is a big difference between a venue that can accommodate 75 guests and a venue that can accommodate 500 guests comfortable. The maximum capacity of a room does not mean to a comfortable space.

4.Find wedding venue online and determine the date

Different types of venue: For ceremonies or reception.

Search can be narrowed down based on the required capacity, availability, and other amenities (including catering, local wedding vendors such as hosts, bands, florists, etc.).

If you have the flexibility to schedule appointments and choose the off-season, you can usually make sure your dreams come true at a lower price. For example, you may spend less money on Saturday weddings in February than on Saturday in June.

Many venues have 3 to 4 suites of different sizes that can host multiple events at the same time. Avoid these places.

Be clear about the flexibility of the venue: Can you bring your own alcohol? free wine on the table? Or hire your own DJ ? Flexibility will help you get a good price. including: decoration, food, alcohol, entertainment and other things .

Review comments on multiple platforms. Facebook, quota, trip.com and yelp...etc.

5.wedding Theme

Searching for wedding theme ideas while you are planning a wedding:
Garden Theme. ...
Beach Theme. ...
Holiday Themes. ...
Great Gatsby Theme. ...
Woodland Forest Theme. ...
Romantic Pink Theme.

Your venue style depends on your personal preference and your bride. Classic fiancees tend to be indoor, such as hotels, banquets and country clubs. Do you plan to hold an activity with rural style decoration? I suggest you stay in an outdoor garden or panoramic winery.

wedding Theme

Rural theme
Cake elements from the rural West, such as cowboy boots or horseshoes, or weddings with a rural barbecue style. An elegant rural chic theme may feature decorative hanging shed, chandelier, linen and lace throughout the ceremony and reception.
Fairy tale theme
The theme of fairy tales is sometimes called Cinderella's wedding. With this theme will make the couple feel like princes and princesses.
Season theme
Spring and summer are ideal seasons for garden themed weddings. The wedding may be in a greenhouse, park, arbor or botanical garden.
Beach Theme
A beach theme wedding lake, river, sea, or sea beach,often determined by location.

Choose a wide open space, and redecorate the light string of the space to build the wedding site.

The venue will shape your wedding atmosphere, so it's important to have an idea of what you want to describe in the big day.

A good wedding venue will make a place like home. For example, if the outdoor space of this venue is large, looks better than the backyard, and can accommodate more friends.

After selecting a wedding venue, select a color or theme. Consider what colors and themes complement your space.

6.Car park

Is there any off-site parking facilities such as roadside parking lot or garage nearby? Make sure there is enough space to park the car and make sure there is a vacancy nearby.

If parking is not convenient, can you provide valet parking service for local guests, or do you need shuttle bus for wedding?

car park

7.The curfew

Check the curfew at that venue. Some places will charge for bar extension service. If you want to dance until dawn, but the wedding has to end at 9 p.m , you might consider having a celebration after a party elsewhere.

8.A Backup plan

The weather may not be predictable, it's crucial to make contingency plans for outdoor weddings. If the weather is bad, If the weather is bad, make sure you can change places.

9.First field visit to the wedding venue.

Take photos: use your mobile phone and take photos of elements you like in every place. .

Taste: if the venue provides in-house catering service, please confirm whether you can taste before the wedding. Consider taking your parents to get their opinions and remembering the taste of the guests in addition to your personal preferences. Be sure to understand the cooking team and ask questions about food quality.

Music: you may hear someone in the hall listening to someone else's music.

Restroom: some places may provide separate restrooms and parking lots for guests in different events. Do you have enough toilets for our guests? Consider convenience and practicality for your guests.

Provide security: you should ask what measures are taken by the wedding venue to ensure the safety of the wedding, guests and personal property. Do they have a surveillance camera? Is there a room for gifts and other valuables? Will there be on-site security guards who can screen out wedding Crashers?

10.On-site coordinator

Some venues will provide an on-site coordinator to assist you after you arrive at the hotel. Often they will help you plan your wedding and resolve any issues that may arise. .

Who will be my contact?Clean about this.

Wedding planners and coordinators are very busy, so it's important to establish a communication that everyone is happy with.

Provide on-site coordinators, who usually meet up with the newcomers 1-2  weeks before the wedding to help them plan their event, and act as day coordinators. One day wedding coordinator starts at $ 800.


Where will guests stay? Is there a bridal suite?

overnight wedding venues

After the party, some people will go home, others may spend the night. If you are considering a hotel or other place to stay, ask them if they offer discounted rates for wedding guests. If Bridal Suite are Ready to Stay and Overnight,ask them:Can I Use It?

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