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Tent Size Calculator

1.How many people do you plan to fit in your tent?

2.What type of seating arrangement will you Choose?

type of seating arrangement

①Ceremony Seating: (allows room for aisle and altar,9 sq ft/person)
②Cocktail Party: (with bars and food stations,12 sq ft/person)
③Seated Dinner: (using 60"rounds,includes dancing and music,18 sq ft/person)
④Buffet Dinner: (using 60"rounds,includes dancing and music,20 sq ft/person)

Require tented space0 square feet.

You need a 20x25 size tent.

As the tents are more widely used in various activities, we should  know what size should we purchase when we rental a tent.what is the length and width?We need to calculator the size of  tent, which will affect the comfort of the event space.In this post,we will  teaches you how to correctly estimate the area requirements of the tent size.

 1、Wedding Tent

The wedding tent is a very romantic venue. Calculating the specific tent area is complicated. I have a simple calculation method (forget the complicated calculation formula, I believe you will not be interested in it): the average person needs about 1.8 square meters, so you can Simply know the answer: 100 people need tents of about 200 square meters, 150 people need tents of about 300 square meters, 200 people need tents of about 400 square meters, and 300 people need tents of about 600 square meters.

How many people do you want to accommodate in your tent? How to calculator a wedding tent size?All seated at tables or partial seating? with cocktail party setting? Will you need accessory tents for caterer's prep station beverage service station? such as an ice sculpture?


A 20' x 40' tent could accommodate 64 seated at round tables of 8.

Tent Capacity & Size Chart:What size tent do i need?(The unit in the table is sq. ft. (ft2))


Number of Guests

8sq.ft. / per.

Seated in Rows

Number of Guests

10sq.ft. / per.

8' round tables

Dance Floor


Bar Area of 

Buffet Lines


10x10 12 10 100 80
10x20 25 20 100 80
10x30 38 30 100 80
20x20 50 40 125 100
20x30 75 60 200 150
20x50 125 100 250 200
30x30 110 90 200 150
30x50 180 150 350 300
40x40 200 160
350 300
40x50 250 200 500 450
40x60 300 240 600 500
40x100 500 320 750 700
50x50 320 200 650 600
50x100 600 400 1000 900


If you are 200 people and Seated in Rows, I suggest you choose a tent of 30x50 Wedding Tent,or 40x40 party tent.

If you are 300 people and Seated in Rows, I suggest you choose a tent of 40x60 Tent,or 50x50 Tent.

If you are 500 people and Seated in Rows, I suggest you choose a tent of 40x100 Tent.

If you are 100 people and Seated in round tables, I suggest you choose a tent of 20x50 Tent.

Tent Size Calculator Charts:

Tent Size Calculator Charts

If you are 100 people and Seated in Rows, I suggest you choose a tent of 20x20.

If 500 people and Seated in Rows, I suggest you choose a tent of 20x20.

Guest seated at banquet tables ,100 people , I suggest you choose the 20x20 tent .

1.How many people can you fit in a 20x40 tent?

This depends on how you plan your seating. If standing , 4sq.ft/person,in a 20x40 tent, is 200 people , I suggest you Purchase the 10x20 tent,But letting the guests stand, it is very uncomfortable,and very rude.If you decide to do this, then just do it.

Layout ideas 1 : 50 seated theater style: rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle,Guests will be seated in a best way in the outdoor reception.

2.Does my 20x40 tent  large enough for 100 seated?

Yes! here is a 20x20 Pagoda Tent Layout, large enough for 50 seated,cake and bar. And also 20x40  tent large enough for 100 person! And everyone will feel comfortable.And the Pagoda tent is cheap.

20x20 Pagoda Tent, theater style,large enough for 50 seated,cake and bar.(7 rectangular tables )

As you can see from the picture above: A 20x20 Pagoda Tent can hold up 7-10 tables.you could seat 8 people per table and have up to 56 people.There are 2 round tables next to each, each table has 4 seated and can sit 8 people. than is 64 seated. If there are not many people, you can add a dance floor.

For dinner seating.how many people did you seat in there?(with rectangular buffet tables, the bar table and the cake table.)

Some typical tent sizes include:

A 20' x 40' tent could accommodate 100 seated in theater style 

A 20' x 40' tent could accommodate 64 seated at round tables of 8.

When calculating the tent area, reserve some space,there might be little room in between the tables to walk when people are sitting in chairs. 

Rectangular buffet tables: Reserve space of 10x10 sq. ft. You need at least 10 sq. ft. of tent for each guest at a round table without any bars, buffets or any other seating.

What if the capacity of the tent is not enough? maybe you need to cutting guest list,or rental a bigger one.

How to Layout?Here's an example:20 x 40 Tent Layout & Seating Tables  

20 x 40 Tent Layout & Seating round tables of 8

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