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Our life is full of events and we need to enjoy these events to their best. With events come celebrations and celebrations needs preparations. Arrangements are done for the guests and to make make the event an unforgettable one. Either it is a birthday pa

7 Tips to find a backyard tent Rental & suppliers

Our life is full of events and we need to enjoy these events to their best. With events come celebrations and celebrations needs preparations. Arrangements are done for the guests and to make make the event an unforgettable one. Either it is a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, a festival, get together or memorial ceremony tents are an indispensable part of it.

backyard tent ,PARTY TENT RENTAL for sale

Well, tents are required for performing different purposes like providing shade during the summer season, protecting from the rain in monsoon, and also enhances the beauty of the location with arrangements.  

Backyard wedding tents are available in different colors and sizes depending on the theme of the party and the number of guests invited to the party. They are mostly white in colors symbolizing the wedding ceremony.

Outdoor tent for the birthday party is dependent on the theme of the party. Mostly the number of guests is not too much. So we don not need large size backyard tents.

An important event for which we need tents is camping. Well,  some parents also allow their children to enjoy camping outside their homes in backyards so we need some specific tents.

How to choose a tent?

You have to do an arrangement for a special occasion but you are confused about how to select a suitable tent for the occasion. Here are some tips to help you choose backyard rental tent;

Here are some tips to help you choose backyard rental tent;

Type of tent

First of all, you need to select which type of tent you want to use. Different type of tents based on the purpose of their use is present. You can choose any of them suitable to your occasion. Some of the tents for your backyard tent party ideas are;

i. Canopy tent

The best-suited tents for organizing outdoor events. Organizing exhibitions, funfair, carnivals, and festivals will be more comfortable with canopy tents. It has support from 4 sides and is easy to assemble and fold by a single person only.

ii. Pole tent

As compared to canopy tent they use a central pole for stability apart from the other corner poles. You can easily set these tents with the poles and anchors. They are suitable to use for functions like birthday party, family gathering and office celebrations.

iii. Pop up tent

It is a type of canopy which is usually a portable tent and can reduce to size you can carry with you anywhere and assemble it there. The large size pop up tent is also known as marquee taking its name from the resemblance to the large wedding tents. You can use these for sports events, festivals and shows related to trade.

It is made of canopy frame of Aluminium or steel and canopy top of polyester. They don't have sidewalls. We would need a large backyard tent for exhibition.

iv. frame tent

The tent consist of the frame which is not obstructed. There is no center pole. The whole frame has metallic support on the rooftop too as compared to pole tent which has metallic support on the sides and in the center only. You can use them for a variety of events from small to large size gatherings. The tent provides a clean unobstructed seating plan. You can get one from event rentals.

v. Shade Tent

The tents are specially designed to protect sunscreen. They have metallic designed frame body providing maximum support. The tents are suitable to use at the beach, backyard party, and family lunch. They are portable so you can easily carry them with you anywhere.

vi. Marquee Tent

They are large size tents which are used in marriage ceremonies. The inspiration for marquee design comes from a pole tent and frame tent. With a combination of a pole tent with a frame tent, a large size tent comes the marquee tent.

Size of tent based on the number of guests

Guests are an important part of any event. They need to be satisfied with the arrangement. So we need to select our tent for the event based on the calculation of several guests arriving for the event.

Keep a track of the people you are inviting. If you are inviting 250 guests to your party. You need to do an arrangement for 270 people. Why going for extra arrangement? The answer is that you don't know whether the guest will come alone or bring any family member. Though it is a rare event still we can't take the risk. We would need to arrange a table and chairs. If the table is surrounded by 5 chairs we would need 54 such tables and chair arrangement. If the area under one arrangement is 20', it means that the total area for the table and chairs will be 1080'. This is only the area under the table and chairs. You would need a 20 x 20 party tent or 20 by 30 tent.

We have to keep a reasonable distance between the chair and table arrangements, so guests can easily move. Apart from that, we would need tables for keeping food. Without a dance floor, the event will be incomplete. The area for the dance floor is supposed to be 1800'. And the area for the buffet tables should be 1000'. All of these together cover a huge area. Either we have to arrange a single large pole tent or we can go for medium-sized tents increasing their numbers.

Accessories to feel your guests comfortable

Well, events and decoration are directly linked to each other. Without one the other is incomplete. And without decorations, the party also loses its charm.

The most important thing to provide comfort to the guest is chairs. While selecting the chairs keep in mind the comfort they provide. If we use simple wood chairs it may start irritating the guests. So, the best choice is to go for chairs with soft support.

The decoration of tent and party need to be fascinating and not out of fashion. A themed party will work better than a casual ceremony without any specific theme.

The music system will add to it. But it should be according to the occasion. As pop songs during a business meeting or wedding ceremony are not a perfect match.

Your budget for the occasion

The most important thing to keep in mind is your budget cost for organizing the party. You should not exceed your budget as it can affect your economic situation later.

Your tent rental budget for the occasion

Several rental companies are out there providing their services for different occasions in India and China.

Tent Rental in India

One of the rental tent provider in India. They have a well-established business and all details available online. You can find the price of rent for tents by visiting their website and giving details for your order. The rent for Gazebo tent is 1500INR for picnic and beach parties.

Party and event rentals in Phoenix, India

They offer rental tent services for a variety of events. The details of the rent are not available as you need to go through a lengthy process of registration to get yourself registered. They provide table an chair rentels along with accessories for classic party rentals.

Diamond Event Rental Company, China

They claim to provide the best decoration and arrangement services for any party. They provide all items necessary for an occasion from tables and chairs to tents. Apart from that they also offer decoration services. You can get accessories for lightning rentals and party time rentals.

Empire Tent Rental and Event Planning, China

The company has the goal to make your event special. They provide expert services along with tents and accessories for the decoration and arrangement of events. Almost all type of tenting services is available. The price is not mentioned. You need to contact them for proper pricing. Get a guarden marquee for giving a refreshing look to your wedding.

Top 10 tent manufacturers in the world

Let's have a look at the top 10 Tent manufacturers in the world and do they offer table rental prices and celebration party rentals or not.

1. Miami Missionary Tent Manufacturing Corporation, USA

The company manufactures vinyl pole tent which is quite durable. The tents are used in Christian ministries events, wedding ceremonies, special events, and meetings. The company also manufactures tent for circus activities.

They sell tents to rental suppliers and also provide online rental services. You can get the details by contacting them on the company telephone number available on the website.

Miami Missionary Tent Manufacturing Corporation, USA

2. Winsun Tents, Canada

One of the best-known company for producing inflatable tents. The company manufactures almost all types of inflatable tents from simple camping tents to military tents. The categories included in manufacturing tents by Winsun are;

· Headset dome tent

· Stage performance tent

· Outdoor event tent

· Wedding tent

· Sports tent

· Tennis tent

· Pub tent

· Military garage tent

· Military tent

All the above-mentioned tents are inflatable. You can directly buy the tent from a manufacturer or get one from the retailers.

3. Tent for Sale (Budget Tent), South Africa

The company is a leading manufacturer of tents in South Africa and deliver their product worldwide. The products are up to the World’s standards. They manufacture and supply their products to retailers from where you can get one for your event. But you can also buy a tent directly from them. The tens they manufacture include;

· Alpine Tents

· Frame tents

· Arch Frame Tents

· Stretch Tents

· Peg & Pole Tents

· Pagoda Tents

· Branded Gazebo Tents

· Polygonal Tents

· Storage tents

· Military Tents

· Tarpaulin Tents

4. Tentworld The Camping Expert, Australia

They are the largest tent supplier in Australia since 1968. You can get camping tents, tents for event organization and sleeping bags too. They have a collection of tents from the leading manufacturers with full warranty. The leading manufacturers include CampEzi, Companion, Coleman, Jet Tent and Primus & Waeco.

You can order your product with full customer care assistance from the phone numbers and working hours mentioned on the website.

5. Shoulder Tent, China

The company is located in Shenzen China. It is amongst the top online supplier of tent rental services in China. The company includes the following types of tents;

· Wedding tent

· Party tent

· Exhibition tent

· Large TFS tent

· Pagoda tent

· Large Gazebo Tent

Online customer care services are available all the time. You can contact on the phone numbers provided to get your order registered.

6.The Bell Tent Shop, United Kingdom

They are leading manufacturers and suppliers of camping tents and marquees in the United Kingdom. They offer free delivery across the country. Online shopping services are available 24 hours a day. You can get best tents at an extremely reasonable price. The customers have satisfactory reviews about the services they provide for marquee tents.

7. Mahavira Tents private limited, India

The oldest tent manufacturer and supplier in India with best services offering to its customers. They manufacture and supply the following types of tents;

· Gazebo/Canopies

· Iron Dome Hanger Tarpaulins

· Exhibition Tents/ Aluminium Hangers

· Aluminium Hanger Tarpaulins

· Tipi Tents

· Clear Sky Tents/Transparent Tents

· Marquee Tents/Dining Tents

· Pagoda Canopies

· Beach Tents

· Hospital Tents

· Military Tents

The company has recognized itself at a global platform too and is exporting the tents. The company has certification of tents manufacturing.

8. Zahra Tents Industries private Limited, Pakistan

Starting in 1973, with constant hard work and motivation they are among the leading tent manufacturers in Pakistan. They manufacture a wide range of tents which include;

· Relief Tents

· UNDP Tents

· Warehouse Tents

· Frame Tents

· Marquee Tents

· Safari Tents

· UNHCR tents

· UNICEF Tents

· Military Tents

· Shelter Tents

· Lightweight Tents

· Camping Tents

· Tarpaulins

· Deluxe Tents

The quality of the product is exceptional and the delivery is always on time. With such an effort they have kept a good customer review.

9. Event Direct Decor, Florida, USA

One of the leading supplier of wedding decors and tents in America. The event direct and decor has a collection from a range of manufacturers. You can buy your desirable product from here directly or get on rent. They manufacture and directly supply the tents to customers. They provide rental tents for wedding ceremonies, parties, school functions, and festivals.

10. Made-In-China

One of the leading manufacturer and supplier of tents in China. They also manufacture other products but our interest is toward tents. They provide tents for wedding ceremonies, camping, parties, festivals and community events.

You can buy the product directly from here and get the product at wholesale price. They offer a better quality product with a warranty. They provide table rentals offer too.


We have tried to list all of the quality backyard tent rental suppliers from all over the world. You can find variety of outdoor tents like Canopy tent, pop pup tents, shade tent, garden marquee tent, Pole tent and portable tents from any of them.

To get the better idea of tent prices you can Google “tent rental prices near me”. It will also give you a wider picture and a vivid idea on how much you need to spend on your next planned event.

We hope this information will help you select suitable outdoor or backyard tent for your upcoming events.

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