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Having an outdoor event? Thinking of tents? Well! Great idea but with so many different choices in tents it can be challenging to make the best choice. When it comes to popular styles, the most popular ones are frame tents, pole tents, clear span tent, cl

10 Best Frame Tent Suppliers in the World, 20x20 tent,20x30 standard tent price  

Having an outdoor event? Thinking of tents? Well! Great idea but with so many different choices in tents it can be challenging to make the best choice. When it comes to popular styles, the most popular ones are frame tents, pole tents, clear span tent, clear top tent, sailcloth and marquee tents. Going a bit more specific takes us to ‘frame tent’ because this is what most people are choosing for holding events like weddings, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.

Best Frame Tent Suppliers

Let’s dive deep to gain a better insight on frame tents and why frame tent rentals have become the most popular choice these days…

What is a Frame Tent? (list commonly used size, capacities, price)

As the name implies, a frame tent is a free-standing framed tent that can be installed at any surface be it concrete, grass, deck or asphalt. These types of tents do not have any poles or support columns in the middle of the tent which makes them an ideal choice for a large, uninterrupted frame tent wedding.

As far as the construction of a frame tent is concerned, it is made of a steel frame that supports the tent with nothing inside of the tent. The poles are generally on the outside of the tent giving it an open square or rectangular look. The unobstructed design of the tent makes it a perfect choice for different occasions.

However, just like other tents, frame tents also do come with a drawback. As the poles are on the outside of the tent only with nothing supporting the middle, set up can be a bit challenging. For a big event requiring a big tent, you may need to hire a lot of labor to install the tent efficiently and precisely.

Here are a few advantages of frame tents that you may want to consider…

ü Frame tents provide you with a big, open space with no obstructions in the middle of the tent.

ü These tents can be installed on any surface and use a minimum of space for the large number of guests.

ü There are no internal poles to block anyone’s view and no external wires or ropes.

ü These tents allow maximum flexibility and you can choose a clear span tent or find clear top party tents for sale.

ü The windows can be used either way, transparent or non-transparent depending on the weather and your requirement.

ü As these tents are built using steel frames, you can trust the durability and safety of these structures.

ü Those who love hosting parties in their backyard, there’s nothing as functional and appealing as a frame tent.

ü For organizing small events like reunions or summertime parties, frame tents are remarkably handy.

ü While looking for frame tents for sale, there are countless design, style, and size options available in the market.

ü Most of the traditional frame tents are easy to set up and can offer a great deal of shade as well as define the party area.

ü The tent is available in different sizes such as 20x20 tent, 20x30 tent and you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

ü Frame tents are fully customizable and available with a lot of color options as well as accessories.

Well! A lot of people get confused between a frame tent and a pole tent. They often wonder what the difference between these two types of tents is. So we’re going to make things a bit clear for everyone out there. Check out the difference between the two…

Difference between Pole Tent and Frame Tent

Ø Design & Installation - Pole tents are an evolution of the earliest type of big top circus tents. These tents usually have a peaked top which makes them aesthetically pleasing and also add a traditional look to the eventOn the other hand, a frame tent has a framed appearance and built using steel frames that are installed outside of the tent. It is assembled from a bigger number of parts and can be placed as a freestanding object.  


Ø Aesthetic Appeal – A frame tent is not supported by any center pole or support column in the middle the tent. This adds to the beauty as well as the functionality of the tent because nothing obstructs the view of the guests. Coming to the pole tent, it is usually designed with one pole in middle of the tent and it also looks beautiful when decorated with drapes or flowers.


Ø  Installation – A pole tent is usually secured and anchored with stakes driven into the ground. Therefore, this type of tent is pretty much ideal for grassy areas not the concrete surfaces. On the other hand, a frame tent can be installed on any surface be it grassy or concrete because there are no support columns in the middle of the tent.


Ø Flexibility – Frame tent, also known as a clear span tent offer great flexibility in terms of design and installation. Sometimes, frame tents can also be secured with weights instead of driving stakes which makes these beautiful structures an ideal choice for underground utilities, deck, patio or rooftop. Whereas pole tents are less flexible when it comes to the installation as they need to be secured by driving stakes into the ground.


Ø Features – Frame tents work well as weather protection for a stage at a private or corporate event. Also, the steel allows you to hand lighting or other decorative pieces easily. They can also be raised to a taller height which is great when you need a large tent for hosting a big event. As far as pole tents are concerned, they can also serve a large audience but not suitable for every place or surface.

he steel allows you to hand lighting or other decorative pieces easily.

Well! Now you know the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent. Here’s a list of 10 best suppliers in the world in case you are considering a frame tent for your next event…

10 Best Frame Tent suppliers in the World (China, India, USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, NJ)

1. Made-in-China – This is a one-stop-shop to look for a variety of frame tents in China. If you’re thinking a clear tent wedding reception, check out the different options available starting from the small tents to big tents. Also, you can explore a wide variety of tent accessories, furniture, and everything required for a tent.

2. Bargain Tents – One of the biggest frame tent manufacturers in India, the company offer a wide range of tents and accessories to make every event a big hit. Some other popular categories include pagoda tents, aluminum tents, peg & pole tents, and more. Explore accessories like tables and chairs, linen, draping material, portable toilets, etc.


3. American Tent & Sidewall – This family-owned and operated tent manufacturer is one of the popular choices in the USA. The company specializes in affordable frame tents, pole tents, and sidewalls for both tents. You can choose from different tent styles and sizes as per your specific needs and budget.


4. Amazon UK – If you’re looking for bestsellers of frame tents in the UK, Amazon is one of the most popular names. The store offers you some of the great designs for a frame tent wedding along with everything you need to make your event a big hit. From different types of tents and accessories to decorative items, it deals with a wide product range.


5. Africa Tents – One of the top leading manufacturers of frame tents in South Africa, the company offer a large variety of frame tents for sale. The supplier is known for offering high-quality tents made of coated PVC materials and galvanized steel. Other products you can explore include tables, chairs, and some special products.


6. National Event Supply – The Company is counted among the best tent manufactures in Canada and provides you with a wide range of products. Some of the main product categories you may explore include different type of tents, bar lounge tables, event furniture & linen, chocolate fountains, storage & transport.


7. Fred’s Tents & Canopies, Inc – The NJ based tent manufacturer and supplier is known for its custom handcrafted tents. It deals with frame tents, Stillwater sailcloth tents, structures & custom tents, sidewall and accessories. It delivers a wide range of products to the rental and event industries, and retailers worldwide.


8. Tent Renters Supply – Located in Tampa, FL, US the company enjoys a very good reputation in the world of tents by supplying a wide range of products. It manufactures tents for many different events such as parties, weddings, concerts, trade shows, etc. Also, you can find tents of different sizes, colors, and styles.


9. Global Tent Supply – Whether you’re looking for frame tents, tent liners, high peak pole tents, sidewalls, and accessories, this is a place to look for. Located in Florida, US, the company offers heavy duty, durable frame tents for every occasion. Also, it deals in wholesale and export of the products which means you can enjoy worldwide delivery.  


10. Global Sources – If you’re looking for a platform where you can find products offered by some of the top suppliers in the world, this can be your ideal place. Browse your favorite categories and check out the wide range of products available starting from different types of tents and accessories to the event furniture and linen.


Searching ‘tent rentals near me’, check out the above-mentioned list and you may find a tent supplier suitable for your occasion. However, the options are not limited to this particular list and there are plenty of options out there that you can explore.

A final reminder that when you’re renting a tent, it is always wise to consider the function and features to avoid unnecessary problems. The most important function is protection against harsh climate conditions such as winds, rain, sun, etc.

Therefore, be very careful when you rent tents…  

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