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High-peak frame tent is designed high ceilings to create an elegant look and the setting is ideal for several events like weddings, parties, medical camps, exhibitions, trade fairs, corporate parties, sports events, and more. These types of tents do not h

High Peak Tent – Sizes,Applications,Price,Review and Suppliers

Introduce & high peak tent sizes

When you need a tent with some structural characteristics for an event, the options are countless. However, not every option is meant to fulfill all the requirements of an event. So when you’re looking for something innovative yet traditional, a high-peak tent can be a perfect solution.

“A high-peak tent is designed to give you the spectacular appearance of the frame as well as the pole tent. It simply means that it’s a mix or cross between these two types of tents or we can say a high peak pole tent with no center poles.”

high-peak tent

High-peak frame tent is designed high ceilings to create an elegant look and the setting is ideal for several events like weddings, parties, medical camps, exhibitions, trade fairs, corporate parties, sports events, and more. These types of tents do not have a supporting center pole and therefore, provide an unobstructed view to the guests.

tent for weddings, parties

Wondering why high-peak is important?

Well! A tent’s height is extremely imperative for several reasons as it’s always said: “the taller, the better”. It allows you to fit in even the tallest objects inside the tent and also more height creates a feeling of spaciousness. Best of all, you are free to decorate the tent the way you want as you got a lot of space inside the tent. Isn’t it interesting?

High-Peak Tent Sizes – What tent size do I need?

Just like other types of tents, a high peak frame tent also comes in a variety of sizes so that you can choose as per your needs and budget. So here we discuss some of the most popular sizes and their capacity…

High-Peak Tent Sizes and the capacity

Tent Size

Square Footage (Approx)



10x10 High Peak Tent


8 to 15

20x20 High Peak Tent


30 to 60

20x30 High Peak Tent


40 to 100

20x40 High Peak Tent


60 to 120

30x60 High Peak Tent


100 to 320

40x40 High Peak Tent


100 to 280

40x60 High Peak Tent


150 to 400

40x80 High Peak Tent


200 to 550


Note: The total number of guests that a tent can accommodate highly depends on the type of seating. For example, a 10x10 pop-up tent can accommodate 8 guests with seating of standup cocktail table (4 people) and 15 guests as ceremony seating.

High Peak Tent Review – Is this type of tent a good choice?

When compared with other tents, the high-peak design has one big difference – the height. As we have discussed earlier also, a high-peak tent offers a feeling of spaciousness and high ceiling that can be easily decorated. Also, the tent can go a long way in events of all kinds as not only does the height create an outstanding ambiance but provide openness to the interior.

High Peak Tent Review

Still confused? Here we review the high-peak party tent so that you can gain a better insight…

Design - A high-peak tent has an amazing design with a high ceiling, spacious feel, and no center poles.

Setup – As far as installations and taking down the tent is concerned, it is extremely easy as compared to other tents as not so many stakes and poles are requires.

Weather Protection – Just like other tent types, high-peak tents come with different characteristics such as waterproof, UV rays resistant, ventilation, etc.

Décor – This particular tent type offers you endless opportunities when it comes to decoration because of the high ceilings and no center stakes.

Take a look at some of the benefits of high-peak tents…

ü Height matters as the taller the tent, the better.

ü More height offers an amazing ambiance and a feeling of spaciousness.

ü Unobstructed views as there are no center poles.

ü Suitable for events of all kinds, private and commercial.

ü Less staking and higher ceilings so easy to decorate.

Applications of High-Peak Tents

Tents can add a great deal of charm to any event as they are like a blank canvas where anything can be drawn. A lot of outdoor events require certain types of tent to organize everything from food and décor to attendees. Whether it’s a wedding, a reception, a birthday, graduation, a formal gathering, or any other outdoor event, tents make an important part. What sets this particular type apart from other tents is the beauty and functionality. The center of the tent is not blocked by poles, giving you some serious space to show your creativity.

High-peak tents

High-peak tents are just like pole tents with a little difference of a curved slope that extends to higher peaks. The popular tent styles include straight, scalloped, and tension and they are perfect for a lot of outdoor events. It is the overwhelming appearance, perfect finishing, and impeccable design range which makes high-peak pole tent a popular choice these days.

Here are a few popular applications of high-peak tents…

1. High-Peak Tent for Wedding – Many factors go into creating the perfect wedding day and a high-peak wedding tent or wedding marquee is one of the most important ones. A wedding day has to be memorable and it’s only possible when everything in its right place. Tents provide the perfect canvas for the most special day and only the sky is the limit when it comes to options. Whether you’re planning to celebrate your day of love in a garden, or a beach, or your backyard, or any outdoor place, unique wedding marquees with high peak can set the stage. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, and can also be customized as per your specific needs.

 High-Peak Tent for Wedding

2. High-Peak Tent for Party – As no two celebrations are the same, so are the tent applications. A high-peak party tent is architecturally arresting and feature soft lines to provide a splendid backdrop. Whether you’re looking for birthday party rentals, graduation party tents, or tent for celebrating occasions like anniversaries, reunions, ring ceremonies, etc, the party tents are available in all sizes and styles. Furthermore, the design with no center poles makes it a perfect choice for parties. The dynamic nature of a white tent means that you have unlimited options to decorate it.

 High-Peak Tent for Party

3. Corporate Celebration Party – From sales promotions to large corporate events, tents are an integral part. It is extremely important to focus on how a corporate event venue looks and feels along with providing a comfy space to the guests. A corporate ceremony deserves to be every bit as prestigious as possible as it’s always said ‘first impression is the last impression’. Therefore, a lot of tent manufacturers and suppliers around the world provide the most innovative and creative solutions to make corporate parties a big hit. All the tents and accessories are designed in accordance with the need of the clients.

 Corporate Celebration Party

4. Sports Events – A lot of sports events need a high-peak tent and there is a wide range available to choose from. A lot of tent manufacturers specialize in sports tents including sports arena design, tents for sports complexes, and ground tents. Some of the popular application areas include a football field, horse arena, swimming pool, tennis court, ice rink, yoga room, badminton court, basketball court, fitness center, stadium hospitality, and more. The tents are manufactured using high-quality fabrics and available in all sizes and styles.

 Sports Events

5. High-Peak Commercial Tents – When we talk about high-peak commercial tents, they are designed to resist the stresses and strains of heavy use. These are professional grade structures and designed for rigorous use. As far as the design options are concerned, the high-peak structures are available in an array of sizes and styles. They also come in heavy-duty and a medium-duty option depending on the usage. Today, sleek tents are available for a variety of commercial applications and they can also be customized as per the unique needs. Some of the popular applications include conferences, seminars, meetings, promotional events, exhibitions, product launches, roadshows, etc.

High-Peak Commercial Tents

As high-peak tents are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, you need to be sure which type of tent you need for your event. There are several factors that you should consider before investing in any kind of tent such as the tent type, your budget, and event location, number of guests, catering, decoration, and accessories. This will help you find the best possible tent and make your event a successful one.

Regardless of the event, make sure you invest in a type of tent that can be set up quickly and require less maintenance.

5 High-Peak Tent Rentals near Me – Top Tent Suppliers

Though there are so many tent suppliers out there, here are some of the most popular ones… check it out…

5 High-Peak Tent Rentals near Me – Top Tent Suppliers


Company Name


Products & Services

Contact Details


Global Tent Supply

Doral, Florida, US

Tents, Tent Liners, Sidewalls, & Tent Tops,

Tel: 305-771-0203

Email: GlobalTentSupply@gmail.com 


Great Lakes Tent Co.

Warren, Michigan, US

Party Tents for Sale Michigan, Furniture, & Accessories  

Tel: 1-586-773-9013

Email: sales@greatlakestent.com 



Royal Tents

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Luxury Tents, Traditional Tents, Outdoor Tents, & Furniture

Tel: +91-94133-29270

Email: enquiry@royaltents.com 


Bargain Tents

Clairwood, Durban, South Africa

Tents, Furniture, Mobile Chillers, & Accessories

Tel: +27-31-825-5645

Email: info@bargaintents.co.za 


Fast Up Tent

Guangdong Province, China

All Type of Tents

Tel: 0086-20-82906966

Email: info@fastuptent.com 


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