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Are you hosting a party or responsible for planning an upcoming event or party? Is it a wedding, a reunion party, a corporate event, or a family event? There is so much that goes into planning a party or an event. When it comes to planning an outdoor even

The Best Party Rental Tents and Supplies Near Me

Are you hosting a party or responsible for planning an upcoming event or party? Is it a wedding, a reunion party, a corporate event, or a family event? There is so much that goes into planning a party or an event. When it comes to planning an outdoor event or party, tents come in handy.

When hiring a tent for your party or event, consider the nature of the party, the theme and the size of the party.  Tents are designed for different types of events.

Party Rentals Near Me

Different Types of Party Tents for Rentals

Frame Tents-Frame party tents are the most common ones. They are supported using metal frames. These tents are pitched on any ground surface because the frames give them sturdy support.

Pole Tents-Compared to other tent designs, the pole tents are aesthetically pleasing. The party tent poles are used on grassy surfaces. These tents are supported by poles and have pointy tops for a beautiful and elegant look. The tent is designed to have one or more peaks.

Frame Tents

Stretch Tents-The stretch tents are versatile and have different designs to create iconic styles. They are pitched in floating or sides down to create your desired shape. It is suitable for all events.

Pagoda Tents-The pagoda party tents are suitable for events such as weddings, company events and exhibitions. The canopy tents are beautiful and give the venue a breathtaking look. They are ideal for parties and events with a small number of people.

Inflatable Tents- The inflatable tents are available in small and large sizes. They are best for outdoor parties such as weddings or corporate events. Alibaba supplies the inflatable tents.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Tent?

Different tents come at different prices. The factors that influence how much a tent will cost are the size of the tent, the decorations, and the design of the tent.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Tent?

The party comes in sizes of 10x30, 10x 20, 20x20, 30x30 and 20x30. You should pick the size of the tent depending on how much guests you have. Note the bigger the tent, the higher the price. Ensure the size of the tent can comfortably accommodate all your guests and falls within your budget.

How much does it cost to rent a party tent? The cost of the tent starts at $500 for a small party. For a bigger party, you will need a bigger tent such as the white party canopy. It will cost you approximately $1500 to rent a relatively bigger tent. However, this price is not standard. It varies depending with the actual size of the tent, decorations, and other factors.

Party Furniture and Decorations for Rental

Chairs and Tables-The party furniture is essential for your party. The guests need to sit and tables to eat and drink from.

There is a wide range of party furniture to choose from. Pick the ones that complement the theme and the décor of your party. You need to get the furniture that suits your budget.

Party Furniture and Decorations for Rental

Examples of furniture available for parties are a sofa, buffet tables, poseur tables, or the bar setting. The size and the nature of the tent should guide you when choosing the party furniture.

Linen-The linens are the pieces of silky fabrics on the inside of the tents. It adds glamour and class to the tents. The linens come at a high price, usually three times the cost of the tent. If you are on a budget, the linens are not an essential requirement in a party and can do without them.

Floor- The floor of the tents is significant components to consider when hiring a tent. Not all floors are suitable for all the ground surfaces. Therefore, depending on the venue of the party, pick the right floor.

If you are on a tight budget, ignore the floor for the whole tent, and fix the dance floor. Also, consider using a level ground for the party to lay the floor quickly.

Entertainment- The entertainment includes the music system, DJ’s, the kid’s entertainment system. If possible, use the services of a company that has all these services together.

Rental Dishes-If you are having a large party, you must hire food dishes. Consider the number of guests and type of food to offer when renting the dishes. The dishes come in different shapes, designs, and capacity.

Different Party Decoration Ideas

· Minnie mouse character for party-This tent decoration idea is suitable kid’s parties such as birthdays. It is the commonly used rent party decorations near me. The theme colors are black, red/pink, and white is perfect for a Minnie mouse theme party. https://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/article/10-easy-minnie-mouse-party-ideas

Different Party Decoration Ideas

· Clown-The clown party decoration ideas are perfect for a birthday party for kids and adults. Hang clown balloon decorations around the tents, printable, gift bags, the cakes, and cupcakes. https://www.pinterest.com/msdebsparties/clown-party/

· Unicorn-Most people love a unicorn-themed party. Decorate the tent with unicorn-themed balloons, cupcakes, have the unicorn gift bags, cake, and prints outs around the tent. https://pizzazzerie.com/parties/unicorn-party-ideas/

· Peppa pig-Peppa pig. If you are throwing a kids party, consider this theme. Have a cake decorated with the theme, Peppa pig banners around the tent, the printable, and the treat bags. Hang the piggy balloons on the party tents. https://www.brisbanekids.com.au/14-awesome-peppa-pig-party-ideas/

Party Rental Service Provider

1. Valley Tent and Party Rentals

If you are in Ottawa and looking for party tent service providers, consider this company. They have a wide range of marquees tents for any outdoor event. The cost of hiring the tents depends on the size or the sitting capacity. They are famous for their wedding party tent canopy.

Party Rental Service Provider

2. Igloo Party Tent

Alibaba supplies the Igloo party tents. They all come in a dome-shaped design but different sizes. These tents accommodate a small number of people at a time. If you are looking for a unique tent for your outdoor event, consider these from Alibaba. https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/igloo-tent.html

3. All Set Party Rental

The company is based in Lakewood, USA. If you have an outdoor party and event, contact this company for tent and party supplies. They have different types of tents, linings, party furniture, and the floors. https://allsetparty.com

4. Negangards Party Rental

If you are located in Osgood, the USA this company has all types of party supplies to make your event beautiful. They have different types of tents to hire, party furniture, décor, lighting system, and sound equipment. http://www.osgoodpartyexpress.com

5. Premier Party and Tent Rentals

Located in Southern California, this company has high quality and stylish party suppliers. They have the tents, party furniture, kitchen supplies, the lighting system, floor, top-notch décor, and sound system. http://partyrentalsbypremier.com


6. Soundproof Party Tent

If you want to buy new or used soundproof tents for your party or business, Alibaba has different types of tents to choose from. The tents come at an affordable price and are shipped worldwide. https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/sound-proof-party-tents.html

7. Acme Party and Tent

Acme Party and the tent is based in Houston, Texas. The company deals with party tents and other supplies. If you need high quality party supplies, contact this company. http://www.acmerental.com

8. VidaXL Party Tent

Are you based in the USA and looking for multipurpose party tents, VidaXL will meet your party tent needs. The tents canopy designed suitable for big parties with a large sitting capacity. https://www.vidaxl.com/e/8718475933038/vidaxl-white-party-tent-40-x-20

9. Party Tent Homebase

The Homebase tent company has a lot of tents in different sizes and shapes to choose from. https://www.homebase.co.uk/airwave-garden-gazebo-6x3m-blue_p491108

10. Tropical Marquee and Party Hire

If you are planning an outdoor party in Australia, this company has the best party tents and other party supplies at an affordable price. The company specially deals with Marquee tents suitable for any outdoor occasion. https://www.tropicalpartyhire.com.au

11. Delta Party Tents

For all types of tents, consider buying from this company. From small-sized, colored, white, and larges tents, they have it all. If you are planning for a party or want to start a rental tent business, this company has the best deals for quality tents. https://www.deltacanopies.com

12. Avenue Party Rentals

Planning an outdoor party is now easy in New York City. The Avenue Party Rentals have all the party supplies to meet your needs. They have a wide array of party tents including for kids themed parties. https://avenuepartyrentals.com

13. ABC Party & Tent Rental

If you are based in Baltimore, USA, this is the best place for hiring party tents at an affordable price. Other than the tents, the company has linens and décor services to offer. https://www.abcpartyandtent.com

14. Ocean Tents and Party Rentals NJ

If you are based in New Jersey, this is the best partner when it comes to planning your party. It has a wide range of tents to choose from. Other supplies offered by this company are the lighting, party furniture, décor services, flooring, heating, linens, portable bars and cooling services and generators. https://oceantents.com

15. B&B Tent and Party Rental

If you are looking for high quality and elegant tents and other party supplies, B&B Company has it all. The company operates in NJ and NY. It deals with all types of tent rentals, party furniture rentals, linens and table cloths, stages, and floorings, among others. https://www.bandbpartyofnj.com/contact/

16. Party Tent Decathlon

The Decathlon mainly deals with small-sized tents for a small number of people and camping. If you have a small event, consider buying the tents from this online store. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/C-359124-camping-shelters-and-tarps

17. Campbell Tent and Party Rentals

The company is based in Tennessee, USA. It deals with high quality party supplies such as tents, furniture, lighting services, décor services, linens, and kids entertainment facilities. If you are looking for elegant tents and other supplies, consider the services of this company. https://www.campbelltent.com

18. Indestructo Party Rental

The Party Rental Company is based in Chicago, USA. The company deals with high quality party rental supplies. For Instance it deals with supplies such as tents of different sizes, designs, colors, linens, party furniture, stages, flooring, sound systems, and other services. http://www.tent-rental-chicago.com

19. Gervais Party and Tent Rental

Gervais Party and Tent Rental are based in Canada. It has high quality party supplies at an affordable price. It has a wide selection of tents to suit your party needs. Other party supplies offered by this company are party furniture, tent flooring, and catering services. https://www.gervaisrentals.com

20. Big White Party Tents

If you are starting a tent rental business, this company has a wide variety of tents to offer. It has tents for small and big outdoor events. The company is based in China and ships worldwide.

21. Luau Party Rentals

Luau is a Hawaiian party planning company. It deals with party supplies such as tents, decorations, and catering services. If you are within their reach, try them for exceptional and unique services. https://www.islandersluau.com/propsdecor

22. L & L Tent & Party Rentals

L&L is a tent and party rental company based in the USA. It offers different designs of high quality tents for hire. The tents come with other accessories and décor to suit your event. It offers party furniture, linens, and other party rental services. https://www.llrentals.com

23. Advantage Tent and Party Rental

The company is located in Kentucky, USA and offers high quality tents for parties and other events. Services offered by this company are a bar facility, dance floors, party furniture, lightning system linens, and other fabrics. http://www.advantagetentrental.com

24. Teepee Kids Party

There is a lot that goes into planning teepee slumber parties for children. If you are doing it outdoors, you will need to rent the right tent and other supplies for this party. https://www.sleepeeteepeeparty.com

High Quality Tents at a Discounted Price

If you are having an outdoor party renting a party tent is essential. Instead of hiring a tent, you can buy slightly used ones at a discounted price. They are in perfect condition and will boost your tent business.

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