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Should I Invest in a Used Party Tent or Buy a Brand New? Any outdoor event can be an unforgettable experience, provided that it is organized properly with everything done correctly. When we talk about outdoor events, tents play a crucial role because i

Used Tents for Sale – Second Hand tents, Very Cheap!

Should I Invest in a Used Party Tent or Buy a Brand New?

Any outdoor event can be an unforgettable experience, provided that it is organized properly with everything done correctly. When we talk about outdoor events, tents play a crucial role because it’s difficult to predict how the specific day will play out. Weather is such an unpredictable element that it becomes essential to invest in the right type of tent. A tent will play a vital role in ensuring that your event is not spoiled and your guests are best accommodated.

Used party tent for sale

However, there’s puzzlement that whether you should rent or buy a brand new tent or look for used tents for sale…

Well! Your head is probably going to explode with confusion on whether to buy a new tent or consider second-hand tents. Before you get carried away, just calm down and go through this piece of writing to let the burden off your shoulders.

Investing in used party tents for outdoor events can be a great option especially when you’re planning to start your own business. But is this option viable? Take a look at the following advantages…

The biggest advantage of renting or buying frame tents for sale used is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Used tents are often available at discounted prices so you get to find some very cheap tents and use for different events.

Buying a used tent instead of renting a brand new gives you total freedom of using it the way you want. Also, you can keep the tent after the event and use it in the near future for organizing other events.

You get a lot more choices as many big tent manufacturers and suppliers keep on updating their stock and put used tents for sale.

You have the freedom to customize the tent as per your requirements and budget.

Used tents will always cost less than brand new ones so it’s a good option for those who are working with a limited budget.

A used tent or a brand new one, which one is better?

If there is a budget constrains and you want to start your own tent business, investing in a used tent will be a better choice. Used tents can easily meet your basic needs and the price is much lower as compared to the brand new ones. You can find used tents for sale as many companies sell their previous stock when they update it with the new tents and accessories.

What to look out for in a used tent?

If a tent has any black spots and smells like mildew, walk away.

If the seller isn’t local, it will be difficult to check out the tent physically.

Don’t invest in a tent that is highly challenging to set up and take down.

Do a proper quality assessment.

Always deal with a reliable and reputable tent supplier.

What to look out for in a used tent?

What Tent Size & Capacity Do I Need?

Though used party tents for sale are available in several different sizes, discussed are some most popular ones that you may consider…

ü 10x20 Party Tent – It covers approx 100 square feet and a perfect fit for accommodating 8 to 15 guests. The tent is ideal for small events, both private and corporate.

 What Tent Size & Capacity Do I Need?

ü 20x20 Party Tent – Covering approx 400 square foot, the tent can comfortably accommodate 30 to 60 guests. It is ideal for private parties, corporate meetings, etc.


ü 20x30 Used Event Tents – It gives you approx 600 square footage coverage and good for fitting in around 40 to 90 guests. Ideal for small or medium-sized events.


ü 30x45 Used Canopy Tent – This particular size covers around 1200 square feet and ideal for 80 to 220 guests. It is good for weddings, parties, commercial events, etc.  


ü 30x60 Used Tents for Sale – It covers approx 1800 square footage and can accommodate 100 to 330 guests. It’s good for weddings, receptions, festivals, etc.


ü 40x40 Used Party Tent – Covering 1600 square footage, the tent allows you to fit in around 100 to 280 guests. It is ideal for private parties, corporate & commercial events.


ü 40x60 Outdoor Event Tent – It allows you to cover approx 2400 square footage and accommodate around 140 to 420 guests in a wedding, reception, exhibition, etc.  


ü 40x80 Event Tent – This large size covers 3200 square footage and can accommodate around 220 to 560 guests. It is good for large events like sports, storage, weddings, etc.

Choosing the right tent size is as important as choosing the right tent type. A wrong size can ruin the entire event as it will be no fun if your guests are not comfortable or entertained well. So, do your research before choosing the size and capacity of used tents.

Types – Which Design Will Suit My Needs?

Whether you are looking for used tents or brand news tents, they are available in an array of design options. Here’s the list of some of the most popular types…

Frame Tent – A frame tent is free-standing triangular structure and can be installed on almost all types of surfaces such as grass, concrete, asphalt, or a deck. It does not have any center poles and, therefore, no compromise with space. Investing in a used frame tent can be a good idea if you’re looking for something versatile and durable.

 Frame Tent

Pole Tent – A pole tent or marquee relies on stakes driven into the ground and ties attached to them. The type of tent is designed to be used on surfaces like grass or ground because poles need to be installed. If you want something for your garden or any large grassy area, a pole tent can be an excellent choice.


Stretch Tent – A stretch tent is an advanced version of a traditional marquee and often uses a single large stretchy fabric. The single piece of waterproof material is stretched over the desired area using freestanding poles used internally. If you want to create unique shapes, a stretch tent provides a versatile alternative to any outdoor event tent.


Pagoda Tent – Pagoda tents are high peak tents designed for events like sales & display, exhibition, branding & advertising, outdoor sports, and party events. They offer a smooth finish, good strength, and longer functional life which make them an ideal choice for various commercial and industrial needs.


Inflatable Tent – Inflatable tents, also known as air tents are just like any other tents with one big difference. These types of tents can be inflated to different shapes using inflatable beams, pumped up to provide the structure. If you’re looking for a tent that can be pitched in just a few minutes, this could be your preferred option.


Yurts – Yurt is a circular tent with the structure comprising an angles assembly and technology to create natural strength. Yurts feature state-of-the-art design and can be customized to any size or shape for outdoor events. As these types of structures are roomy and have a wide-open space, they are ideal for mid-sized to large events.  


Canopies – A canopy tent is constructed of aluminum or stainless steel and can be easily collapsed into a portable size. It is a lightweight tent and can be installed on grass using center poles, ropes, and stakes. This is a durable solution for events like sales promotions, product demos, temporary shops, etc.

As the design options are endless, you should determine your specific needs to choose the most suitable tent.


The tents designed and manufactured for outdoor events provide a blank canvas to the organizers and they can create any theme or layout of their choice. Various types of tents like a frame tent, pole tent, canopy tent, events tents and party tent are available in different sizes and shapes. As outdoor tents are available in so many different sizes and styles, they can be used for a variety of events.

Used outdoor event tents

Furthermore, outdoor event tents can be customized as per the specific requirements of your event. You can create any theme or environment that will make your event memorable using tents. Also, they protect you and your guests from climatic conditions like strong winds, heat, rains, etc.

Whether as a part of your initial wedding day layout or just as a backup against unpredictable weather, tents are for every occasion whether it’s a small party or a gala affair.

Listed below are some popular applications of outdoor tents…

· Wedding

· Events

· Banquet

· Party

· Sports Events

· Storage & Warehouse

· Commercial

· Indoor

· Backyard

· Beach

· Festival

· Exhibitions

· Circus

There are so many companies out there that cater to but not limited to the above-mentioned tent applications. Some of them also provide tent accessories and other supplies such as sidewalls, lights, linen, poles covers, PA system, bar, furniture, stage, flooring, portable toilets, barrels, concrete weights, etc. In case nothing works for your event, you are always free to get the tent customized as per your requirements such as size, style, themes, color, etc. This way you will be able to get the tent for your dreams and amaze your guests.

Party Rental Providers (list 5 and briefly introduce)

1. Timeless Tents – Looking for used tents for sale in South Africa? There are so many suppliers in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban, Pretoria and other areas, but this particular company offer individually styles tents and marquees. Main tents include Umbrella, Morris, Archway, Pergola, Conservatory, Hara, and Royal Lavish. You can also find second-hand tents for sale in South Africa or second hand tents for sale in Pretoria.

 Timeless Tents

2. Commercial Tent – Looking for a perfect outdoor tent in Canada? The company deals in tent rentals for weddings & parties, corporate functions, special events, and festivals. Whether you hail from Ontario, Toronto or any other place, you can hire tents and accessories at a very competitive price. You can also find used yurts for sale in Canada and save big.


3. Bhagwati Suppliers – If you want to hire elegant and stylish tents for your next event in India, this could be the right platform to explore. From wedding and party tents to corporate tents of different sizes and styles, here you will find a huge variety to choose from. Also, you can get your tent customized as per your unique requirements.  


4. American Tent Company – Looking for tent rentals & supplies in America? The supplier is known to provide some amazing tents for weddings, private parties, and corporate events. Some of the main products you can explore include sailcloth, pole, & frame tents, tent liners, lighting, floors, staging, dishes, and more.


5. LP Outdoors – Your hunt for a trusted tent supplier in China might end here as the company offers a wide range of tents, such as party tent, event tent, pagoda tent, marquee tent, frame tent, and more. Also, they customize tents for large sporting events, big exhibitions, banquet celebrations, storage & warehouse, etc.


Whether you want used commercial tents for sale or used stretch tents for sale in Durban, many companies deal with used tents. All you have to do is some research and comparison to find what you need.  

Choose us

If you’re looking for used party tents for sale or buy a new one, we at 6StarShop help you find the right tent for your application. Apart from offering a wide range of tents & accessories, we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best tent. Whether you are looking for wedding tent rentals or used commercial tents for sale, our store could be the right place to find some amazing and innovative designs.

Our tents and accessories are admired for their durability, functionality, and overall appearance. Also, they are available in a plethora of design options to suit any event including private, corporate, and government events.

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