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Tents – the synonymous feature in most occasions if not all, can make or ruin your celebration. Just imagine the chills you’d get when you rent or purchase a frame tent smaller than the intended crowd, awful! Right? Thankfully, in this article we will

25 Best Tents for sale in Nigeria Tent Rentals near me

Tents – the synonymous feature in most occasions if not all, can make or ruin your celebration. Just imagine the chills you’d get when you rent or purchase a frame tent smaller than the intended crowd, awful! Right?

Thankfully, in this article we will highlight what you need to consider before purchasing a tent, and where to find them in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.  

Let’s dig in!

Best Tent for sale in Nigeria

What to consider before purchasing a tent

In this section we will look at some of the aspects you need to consider before purchasing an event tent. They include:

1.  Cost

Besides considering the initial tent price, you should dig in deep and look at the transportation, installation and removal cost in case you decide to rent one.

considering the initial tent price and tent size

2.  Size

How many guests do you intend to have, purchase or rent a tent that can hold such a crowd. There are various sizes which fit specific number of people. For example, 20x30 tent, 10x20 tent, 40x60, etc.

3. Event location

Well, once you have the cost and size of tent to use, it’s time to consider the location. You should consider the wind factor since it is the main enemy any outdoor party tents. Depending on the speed and intensity of the wind, you should use stakes and tension wires to prevent it from flipping over. Besides, look at the landscape of the area. Provide tent poles that will seamlessly work in such an area.

4. Type of tent

Is it a pagoda tent? Maybe a pole tent? Perhaps a large pop up tent? Whichever the case, the type of event should determine which tent you should settle for. Also, consider the price for each type and make an informed decision.

5. Safety measures

Also, you should consider the safety aspect. You don’t want to hurt your guests in such a precious occasion. Ensure that the poles are sturdy, there are rain gutters to avoid water collecting on one side, exit door, stability, etc.

6. Rent or buy

Buy or rent a tent

Finally, you should determine whether to purchase or rent a tent. For example is stretch tent hire better than purchasing?  This primarily depends on the type and duration of the event.  Hiring is ideal for a one day, fully jammed event while buying is ideal for a weeks’ event or a recurring one.

25 Top-rated tents for sale/rent companies in Nigeria


Located in Lagos Nigeria, the company was founded in 1992 in a bid to offer state-of-the-art event services. It primarily deals with tents, chairs and carpets, and decorations. You can rent gazebos, pagodas, canopy, marquees and many more depending on your preference.

25 tents for sale in Nigeria

2. Naphtali Events and Party Rental

This event rental company is based in Lagos and prides itself with provision of state of the art event accessories. It rents tents, chairs, tables, lighting, accessories and centerpieces. It is also provides services such as event planning, décor services, and wedding planning. Whether it’s a corporate, private or wedding party, Naphtali Events and Party Rental got you covered.

3. Ekanson Ventures

Enkason Ventures is a company that deals with the supply of tents and marquee across Nigeria. Its headquarters are located in Abuja, Nigeria. Their tents focus on parties, church, exhibition, and mosque occasions among others. It was formed in 2005, and has since provided quality tents to notable occasions in the country.


Established in 2001, the company has since provided some of the most sort-after services in Nigeria. It boasts of offering quality services compared to other companies. They offer flexible services such as renting of canopies, tents, banquet chairs and tables and plastic chairs. Whether it’s an individual event, corporate, or any kind of party, STEP FORWARD RENTALS has the ideal package for you.

5. Marquee Tents Nigeria

The Lagos based company is a supplier of event tents such as pagoda, marquee, festival tents, chairs and tables of various types and sizes. Here, you can find any size of tent. From 10x20 to 60x40 and more. Besides, they import, repair and install any kind of tent. They are also found in Abuja.

6. KFA 

KFA is among the most experienced companies in event management in Nigeria. It started in 1995 and has since provided unmatched events services across Nigeria and beyond. They rent tents, chairs, tables, decorations and lighting among other accessories. They also have their own events place that accommodates at least 2500 people.

KFA is among the most experienced companies in event management in Nigeria.

7. HBS 

HBS is among the most sort after events rental companies in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos and offers a wide array of tent types and sizes. They include warehouse, party, garden, wedding and promotional tents. For eight years they’ve been tent installation and maintenance for many clients. Find them in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja among other cities.

8. Aufmevic Nigeria Ltd

Based in Lagos Nigeria, the company mainly deals with the importation, fabrication, installation and maintenance of tents, shades, swimming pools. Whether you want a customized marquee tent, shade structure or carport, Aufmevic had the right staff to handle such tasks. Besides, they offer walkway covers, gazebo tent, greenhouses and many more services.

9. Tropical Events & Party Rentals

The Lagos based Events Company deals with the renting of any type of events facilities and accessories. From a frame tent, vendor tent, wedding marquee hire to a 20 by 20 tent, the company has everything you need. Also, they offer chairs and tables and accessories for your desired tent. Not to mention wedding and event planning services.

10. One stop Rental Company 

One Stop is an events rental company that primarily deals with wedding décor. They mainly target Lagos events. They also offer tent rental services although décor rental is their main specialty. They rent tableware, dessert tables, centerpieces, and chair covers. Whether it’s a date or wedding, you can count on One Stop for stellar services.

11. KCE Ventures Tent

The Lagos based company primarily deals with the manufacture and exportation of tents. They offer aluminum tent poles and galvanized tents at a competitive price. They pride themselves in production of customized tents, with great designs. Besides, they also rent chairs, tables, and other tent accessories.

12. Tents and Marquees Nigeria

It is a leading supplier of marquee tents in Nigeria. Based in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, the company boasts of a wide array of customers ranging from corporate organizations, churches and individuals among others. If you are looking for pocket-friendly services, this company got you covered. In addition to marquees, they also have canopies and pagodas for rent.

13. Layoveth Empire

Layoveth Empire is among the leading tent manufacturers in Nigeria. They also manufacture, install and rent mobile marquees across the country. Other services include renting of small tents, party gazebo arcum tents, carports, and exhibition tents among others. The company boasts of timely, dedicated and skillful staff.

14. Nufty Rentals 

Established in 2002, the company has served a wide array of clients ranging from churches, companies, government organizations, schools, and many more. Found in Port Harcourt Nigeria, the company targets clients south and eastern parts of Nigeria.

15. Goldenbird Marquee and Event Center

Unlike most event rental companies that rent tents and accessories, this center has a huge tent that is already fitted with accessories and other facilities. They primarily target social events, wedding receptions and corporate events. You can find them in Abuja Nigeria.

16. Shelter Structures 

Headquartered in Guangzhou China, it has its regional offices in Nigeria. The company mainly deals with the manufacture and sale of church tents across the country and the world. You can find tent ranging from 15x12 to 40x100. All their tents are globally approved hence safe for use.

17. 4Tees Rentals & Balloons

Based in Lagos, it is one of the largest party and event rental companies in Nigeria. It offers services such as rental services, event management, event decoration, and event setup. Whichever kind of tent you require, 4Tees has the right fit for you.

18. AAA Events and Catering

It’s an events and catering company based in Abuja. They offer rental services for products ranging from tents, chairs, decorations, catering staff and many more. Besides, they have a thriving catering school.

19. New Bridge Tent Affairs 

Based in Port-Harcourt Nigeria, New Bridge started operating 15 years ago and has since served a wide array of customers across Nigeria. They provide services such as rentals, decorations, pole tents, party tents and many more. Unlike most companies, they offer packaged rental services depending on the type of your occasion.

20. Babol Rental and Events Management

The events company targets events ranging from weddings to private parties. They spice up the events through offering top tier tents, chairs, tables, covers, cutleries and many more. You’ll definitely find an ideal package based on the scope of your event.

21. Tents Nigeria 

With 25 years of experience, Tent Nigeria is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality tents around Africa. You can find circus tent for sale, alpine, aluminum and stretch tents for sale.

Tents Nigeria

22. Rent a Party 

Want party tents and accessories at a cut-rate price? Then Rent a Party makes the cut. It offers chairs and tables, lighting, tents, flowers and accessories for hire. Be it a simple of complex party, the Lagos based company will offer state-of-the-art facilities and still offer stellar services.

23. Makbee 

It is also a party and event rental company to reckon with in Nigeria. They rent tents, chairs, tables, table and chair covers and decorations. They also sell marquees, folding chairs, canopy tent with sides, flowers and flower vases.


This events management company offers a wide range of services that fit just about any occasion. Be it a birthday party or a wedding, the company has a package for any event. Services offered are video and photography, tent rentals, decorations, events planning, etc.

25. Eloquent Touch Media 

The company boasts as the largest supplier of marquee tents in Nigeria. They also supply and sell small, medium and large gazebo tents across the country. The company also focuses on office signs, display stands, LED illumination, and you can also find used tents for sale. It is a general site with other items and also canopy tent home depot.







Tents, furniture, accessories, party floor


Tel: (+234)-702-799-7576



Email: info@tenteventonline.com

Naphtali Events and Party Rental


Tents, furniture, fabric, weddings, birthdays, corporate, parties


Tel: 09062231611

Email: info@naphtalirentals.com

Ekanson Ventures


Tent supplier

Abuja & Lagos

Tel:  08035924403, 08028601888

Email: info@tentandmarqueesales.com



Event management & marquee tent rental


Tel: 234-080-3592-4403



Email: info@stepforwardmarqueetent.com

Marquee Tents Nigeria


Sale of furniture, tents, and tent accessories


Email : info@marqueetent.com.ng

Tel : +234 0 818 526 4049

KFA Rental


Renting of furniture, tents, and accessories


Tel: 08062795680

0704043 4341

Email: kfarentals@gmail.com

Huxley Benson Studios

Tent and marquees


Tel: +234 809 942 3499

Email: info@huxleybensonstudios.com

Aufmevic Nigeria Ltd


Tents, covers, and shades


Tel: 08037557703


Email: info@aufmevic.com

Tropical Events & Party Rentals

Events and party rentals


Tel: 0808 198 6761

One stop Rental Company


Tents, accessories, table and chair covers


Tel:  +234 812 647 4836


Email: hello@onestoprentalcompany.org

KCE Ventures Tent


Tent manufacturing


Tel: 0806 014 1918


Email: info@kceventurestent.com

Tents and Marquees Nigeria


Tent and accessories rental




Layoveth Empire


Manufacture and supply of marquee tents


Tel: 08160303912

Email: layovethempire@gmail.com

Nufty Rentals


Renting of tents, marquees and furniture

Port Harcourt

Tel: +234706861499



Email: customercare@nuftyrentals.com.ng

Goldenbird Marquee and Event Center


Tent rental


Tel: 0810 373 1985

Shelter Structures


Manufacture and supply of tents

Lagos & Guangzhou

Tel: +8613928858552

Email: admin@shelter-structures.com

4Tees Rentals & Balloons


Rental services, event management, event decorations


Tel: +234 8033 302 305 +234 802 306 1488

Email: info@4teesrentals.com

AAA Events and Catering


Rental, catering, and education

Lagos & Abuja

Tel: 08056236435



New Bridge Tent Affairs


Tent rental services


Tel: 08172007228



Email: newbridgetentaffairs@gmail.com


Babol Rental and Events Management


Rentals and event management


Tel: 0818 376 4042

0803 201 7795

0803 468 5765

Tents Nigeria


Tent supplier


Email: info@tentsnigeria.com

Tel : +27 31 8263197

Rent a Party


Party tent and accessories rental services


Tel: +234 909 330 0991





Tent, furniture and accessories rental services


Tel: 234 802 3047 311

 234 805 2278 058

234 802 3047 310

 234 815 9193 909

 234 815 9193 906

 234 815 9193 914

 234 706 8724 466

Email: makbeerentdeco@yahoo.com






Event planning, decorations, rental, video and photography

Abuja & Benue State

Email: info@suushaglam.com, suushaglam@gmail.com

Tel: 08078388474


Eloquent Touch Media




Tel: (234) 818-144-7766

(234) 818-155-7766



Email: info@eloquent.ng



We hope that this article has been of help to you. Before settling for a supplier or a tent renting company, visit their site and compare prices plus read their customer reviews.

Do you rent or sale tents in Nigeria? Let us know in the comment section.




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