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Are you planning an important outdoor event? Whether it‘s a wedding, a birthday, a princess party or a corporate event, you need to make it as special as and as personal possible. This means that every detail from the theme to the décor and setup has to b

25 Top Party Rental Companies Near Me

Where to Rent tables and chairs for party?

Are you planning an important outdoor event? Whether it‘s a wedding, a birthday, a princess party or a corporate event, you need to make it as special as and as personal possible. This means that every detail from the theme to the décor and setup has to be implemented perfectly. Taking care of the basic necessities can prove to be quite a challenge and this can be quite stressful especially if you have no experience at all.

Do you have any idea on where to rent tables and chairs for party? I bet not! It’s for this exact reason that you will need party rental services. The rental company will take care of everything so that you have nothing to worry about. Most of them actually offer all the accessories and equipment that you might need down to the last detail and ease the burden of working with multiple service providers.

Where to Rent tables and chairs for party?

All you need to do is make sure that you have all the ideas of exactly how you want the venue to look like in mind. Once you talk with the professionals from the rental company they should be able to bring your ideas to life. They’ll also have a plan B in case there is a change in the weather or if there are more guests than expected. So much could go wrong if an event is not organized properly; it could also get very costly. It’s best if you outsource your needs to ensure that your event is a success.  

Here are the main reasons people get to hire tents for their events:

i. The tent defines the parameters of the designated space for the event. Otherwise people would just move around in a disorganized manner

ii. It’s a blank canvas that allows you to get creative with the decorations and personalize it according to your taste

iii. The tent offers privacy to your guests so that they can enjoy the event in privacy

iv. It shelters your guests from the elements but at the same time allows them to enjoy good views.


Marquee Hire Near Me

Everybody wants their party to be perfect and lavish. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a private affair or social affair with many guests. A good party tent rental company should be able to understand all you needs and fulfill them all according to your vision. Their sole purpose should be to make the planning process effortless and efficient with the ultimate goal to exceed your expectations and delight your guests. The secret to all this lies in the details.

Marquee Hire Near Me

Most party marquee hire companies are all-in one event management companies that provide planning services, development of the concepts, decoration, and equipment hire. Some even go the extra mile and provide the grounds for hire for you to hold your party. Here they can fit marquees of any size to accommodate all your guests.

Different Types Of Tents That Are Used At Parties

When considering renting a tent for your party, you need to find a reputable company to work with. Here are some of the considerations that you can choose from- they all have a wide variety of uses and can be set up on locations:

i. Frame Tent

These tents are very common and use a metallic frame structure to support the tent fabric. Since the frame tent is freestanding, it can be set up on most solid surfaces and are, therefore, very versatile.

Frame Tent

ii. Pole Tent

These tents have poles supporting the upper tent fabric and can have one or more peaks. Unlike the frame tents, pole tents have to be staked into the ground and so cannot be set up on hard surfaces such as concrete.

iii. Stretch Tent

Stretch tents make it possible for you to create perfect outdoor space with a Bedouin-inspired aesthetic. They’re great for hot weather since they provide a canopy without the extra stuffiness that comes with full coverage.

iv. Pagoda Tent

Pagoda tents are a popular option when it comes to parties because they’re easy to transport and assemble. They also look really appealing thanks to their peak roof and can be linked to other tents to create more room. These tents allow you very many options for your party’s décor and setup since their interior space has no obstructions.

v. Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tents are also referred to as air tents. They are set up by pumping air into the inflatable beams and are, therefore, very easy to inflate, deflate, store, and transport since they have no poles or heavy metal frames. The tents are lightweight but very strong to ensure that the sturdiness is not compromised.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Different Sizes Of Party Tents?

In order to remain competitive, ensure that you offer services to your customers at pocket-friendly prices. Tent packages range anywhere between USD $499 to USD $799 depending on the size and the accessories that it comes with such as sidewalls, linens, tablecloths, and type of tables and chairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Different Sizes Of Party Tents?

Below is a guideline showing different party tent sizes and how much they cost:

Tent Size

Sq. Ft.

No. of guests ceremony style

No. of guests at round tables for 10

Approximate Cost (USD)

10 X 10





20 X 20





20 X 30





20 X40





20 X 50





30 X 60





40 X 60





40 X 100






Table And Chair Rentals near me

Party Furniture Rental

i. Tables And Chairs

When you’re planning a party, you want it to be everything you ever imagined. And what would a party be without tables and chairs where your guests sit?

There are different table sizes and shapes for outdoor parties such as square, rectangle, circular, and oval. The chairs also come in a wide selection including lounge seats, banquet chairs, plastic, and folding. The chairs chairs are dressed according to your specifications and in line with the theme color. What you get depends on the seating arrangement which can either be congregation style, cocktail arrangement, or banquet.

Table And Chair Rentals near me

ii. Linen

A rental company should offer a variety of linen styles and designs to give you complete coverage on your linen and tablecloth needs. After you explain to them what you need, they should be able to deliver a unique tailored experience from design conception to execution.

The fabrics should be soft yet rich in color and texture to provide the perfect table-scape with an aesthetic touch.

iii. Floor

Professional flooring should give your tent space a more permanent and complete look. The floors are not only ideal for parties and weddings but also for corporate, industrial, and residential tents as well as for parking lots.

The interlocking flooring systems are so versatile and easily portable. They do not require any special tools or equipment to fix them. They’re also durable, waterproof, and look realistic. The floors are great for use as dance floors since they’re stable underfoot and are not slippery at all.

Any location can be transformed into a stunning venue with the right flooring system.

iv. Entertainment

Most people do not know how many speakers they’ll need at their party and that’s okay. Talk to professionals from the rental company and they’ll be very willing to give you all the information you need. Entertainment systems include AV equipment, PA systems, speakers and microphones, and in some cases, projectors and projector screens.

After you have made a booking, they should take the responsibility of doing the set up.  

In addition to sound systems, the rental company should also be in a position to provide lighting packages and a back-up source of power. Find a rental company that has up-to-date equipment that won’t give you any problems.

v. Rental Dishes

Every decision you make while planning your party will leave a lasting impression to your guests. This comes down to the last detail including what kind of tableware you choose. Choose only the finest in cutlery, glassware, chinaware, and buffet accessories to make your party special.

Other items that you can hire to enhance your table tops include candle holders, vases, and other centrepieces that pair perfectly with the dishes.


Wedding Decorations Hire near me 

Party Decoration Ideas

Plain tents and undecorated tents look very blank and boring. Fortunately, there are so many creative and amazing ways in which you can decorate a party tent to add flair and elegance to the party. Everybody understands the importance of a good party that not only lights up your guests faces but also remains as one of their favorite memories. Just make sure that the decoration choice you make goes together with the theme and doesn’t overwhelm the guests.

Wedding Decorations Hire near me

The exact way that you choose to decorate the tent depends on your budget and the atmosphere you intend to create. Here are some creative option that you can choose from:

i. Minnie Mouse Character For Party

There are a ton of options to choose from when planning a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party. Having a Minnie Mouse character at your child’s party is literally the best gift you could ever give them. This character could be a balloon or even a “live” one with which people can stop and pose for photos.

A Mickey and Minnie party theme is always a crowd pleaser and will most definitely leave your child and his/her friends with unforgettable memories.

ii. Clown

Clowns are a bright and colourful way to celebrate a circus-themed party. Another great idea would be to rent a circus tent and add unto it some vividly colored balloons to complete the look.

Clowns are great entertainers at kids’ parties and are guaranteed to make the party a special one. Although clowns are mainly linked to children’s parties, there is absolutely no event/party that a clown cannot help to enrich.

If you feel like you need a little more entertainment, hire a clown alongside any of these performers:

· A magician

· An acrobat

· A juggler

· A mime

· A face painter

· A balloon twister

iii. Unicorn

Having a unicorn at your party will make it legendary. Make your unicorn dream come true by hiring live ponies that have been groomed into unicorns for your party.

Another magical creature that you can have at your party is the mermaid. Even your wildest dreams can turn into reality with party decorations at kids party tents.

iv. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a favorite among pre-school themed parties; it also popular among older kids and adults too. If your kid loves Peppa pig, throw him/her an amazing party that he/she will never forget.

Most supplies for this type of themed decoration are brightly colored which is guaranteed to make the whole place very colourful. Besides the themed décor, you could also introduce Peppa Pig themed food like wiggly jello or muddy puddle chocolate pudding.

v. Photobooth

Who wouldn’t love to have a good photo booth at a party? Not only is it fun for all ages but also gives your guests a fun photo souvenir from the party. A photo booth is not complete without props. These are what make the space even more pretty. Taking a picture at a photo booth provides you with an experience that us unlike any other. It’s a great way to capture moments and make it even more memorable for your guests. Another thing to do to keep the guests entertained is to rent a pool table for a party.


Party Supply Rentals

Party rental Service Providers

1) Peerless Party Rentals

If you’re looking for that joyful and stress-free event experience, you need to work with peerless Party Rentals. Whether its for a party or a wedding, give them a call. They have a professional team with lots of experience who handle all your deliver, set up, breakdown, pick up, and everything else in between. All you need to do is make arrangements on time.

Peerless upholds itself reputation as a top event and party rental company in Texas. The company has four different store locations which all work together to provide their clients with a variety of high-quality products and top-level services.

Party rental Service Providers

2) IParty Rentals

IParty was launched on 3rd October 2012 and since then they have worked hard and strived to provide their clients with the best in everything when it comes to services and products.

Their main aim is to make your parties the most-talked about occasion. Once you place your rental order, you can sit back and relax. They will take the stress out of planning so that you are not burned out from exhaustion on the day of the actual party. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service and superior quality products.

3) Sportcraft Party Tent

The Sportcraft brand party tents come in a variety of colors and sizes such as the party tent black. They’re perfect for smaller parties as well as larger events such as weddings since they provide shade from the sun and protection from unexpected rain. Renting sportcraft party tents means that your guests don’t have to worry about any abrupt changes in the weather.

Sportcraft tents are made from high-class fabrics and strong poles through smart workmanship and reasonable design to ensure good structure and ruggedness. The poles sometimes come with ropes and stakes to add on to the tent’s stability.

What’s more is that the tents are available at affordable prices and are delivered worldwide.

4) Knights Tent And Party Rental

Knights Tents And Party Rental Company provides party equipment rental services. Their team is very helpful and answers any questions that you might have and ensures that they cater to your specific requests about placement. All their tents, tables, and chairs are in great condition.

Their customer services are amazing; the team ensures that everything is set up as promised before the event. You will be amazed at how well they set up the venue for you and you will also be blown away by their amazing customer service. You will have no choice but to use them for all your future parties.

5) Oxgord Party Tent Gazebo

The Oxgord Party Tent Gazebo is a good choice for outdoor parties, picnics with friends and family, festivals, craft shows, exhibition, and other occasions like using them for storage. The gazebos are designed in such a way that they’re quick to assemble and move around. Each one of them comes with flat sockets which makes it easy for the tents to be set up on flat surfaces as well as a strong storage bag for convenient transport.

The gazebo tents also feature high-strength of tensile which enables them to adapt to a variety of open-air natural conditions. They have excellent waterproof performance and anti-permeability. Not only is the fabric waterproof but also long lasting and easy to maintain.

6) Classic Linens & Party Rentals

Classic Linens & Party Rentals is a family run, owned, and operated company with more than 20years of experience. The company specializes in party rentals, wedding rentals reunions, and bar mitzvahs. They rent out tents, furniture, lines, chair covers, back drops, centrepieces, silverware as well as event consulting and event planning services.

The company is situated in Lakeland and offers excellent products of only the best quality including vintage party rentals. For example, their signature panama faux linen fabric which has an elegant texture that resembles burlap. The fabric has a subtle texture which is guaranteed to add a sense of simplicity and class to any event.

7) Vida Party Tent

Vid party tents are perfect for holding parties and events where you can entertain your friends and family with all sorts of outdoor parties and get-togethers. The Vida party is made of UV-resistant and water-resistant polythene material which makes them suitable for almost all outdoor occasions.

The tent frame is manufactured using rust-free steel which is very stable and durable. The Vida party tent is very easy to assemble. It’s side panels have decorative window panels and one door panel which has a zip for easy entrance. 

8) All Weather Party Tent

All weather party tent company is involved with and deals with special events. Their tents are easy to assemble as they come with instructions on the package. All the accessories you need to assemble the tent are also inside the package.

The tents are the prefect solution for providing shade for parties, meetings, weddings, and so on. The tent may also be used for backyard barbeque sessions with your family.

The construction is done using aluminium frame and durable vinyl tent-top covering which can withstand different weather conditions and hence the name. The tent fabric is also available in different designs to allow for flexibility and versatility.

9) Bridal Party Rentals

This company mainly deals in wedding rental supplies and provides a large inventory of various items for selection. If you have trouble deciding, the staff will happily help you choose exactly what you need for your big day. They understand how stressful it is to coordinate and set up any type of event which is why they’ll do everything to take off as much stress as possible.

Bridal party rentals will provide everything you need to host a great wedding which will be the talk of town. They have high-quality supplies ranging from tables, chairs, trays, silverware, etc. at reasonable prices.

10) Eureka Party Tents For Sale

Eureka Party Tents specializes in rentals for special parties and events to make the celebrations absolutely elegant. Being in the tent rental business for a while now, they have helped organize diverse parties such as backyard birthday parties, weddings and rehearsals, retirement parties, ethnic festivals, country fairs, and corporate events. All these have turned out spectacular and the clients are very impressed.

Their tents have expandable design and interchangeable parts between sizes which makes them very versatile. Try eureka today – the leading supplier of outdoor structures for the party rental market. They purpose to help you create sentimental memories.

11) West Texas Party Tent And Event

West Texas Party Tent and Event is a privately owned company in Abilene, Texas. It is your number one source of all your party and event needs. The company has about four employees and makes and annual revenue of approximately $500,000.

Call West Texas Party Tent and Event today and let them make your next party great. You can order your own unique tent with special designs and decorations.

12) Oxgord Outdoor Party Tent Gazebo With Removable Side Walls

With Oxgord Outdoor Party Tents, you can rest assured that you next party will stand out. Their gazebo tent with removable side walls is easy to assemble since you do no require any tools to do it. The tents can comfortably accommodate about 50 guests and protect them from the elements of the weather. For added stability, the tent has ropes and stakes.

The main advantage of the removable sidewalls is that you can open them up on beautiful sunny days for the stunning views and close them up when it rainy or windy. The windows have lattices and the windows can be zipped shut making the gazebo with removable side walls flexible for any event scenario.

13) Dallas Party Tent And Event

The Dallas Party Tent and Event company has been servicing Dallas area for more than a decade. They provide party rentals, event rentals, wedding rentals, and corporate event rentals.

Some of the party equipment available for hire from Dallas Party Tent and Event include party rentals, table rentals, chair rentals, heating equipment rentals, cooling equipment rentals, linen rentals, patio heater rentals, stage rentals, dance floor rentals, misting fan rentals, PA system rentals, AV equipment rentals, bar rentals, red carpet rentals, karaoke machine rentals, foam machine rentals, snow machine rentals, snow cone machine rentals, cotton candy machine, margarita machine rentals, podium rentals, generator rentals, and many more.

14) Oxgord Party Tent

Oxgord Party Tents takes care of all your event needs making it easy for you to hold all your parties in the great outdoors. You can get a tent for smaller, more intimate gatherings to larger, more public gatherings. You can be sure that the tent will protect your guests from intense rays of the sun by providing a shade solution that helps the environment cool down.

The tents are easy to assemble and don’t require any tools to do so. The tent also has stakes and ropes for added stability. An Oxgord party tent is an absolute must-have for all your family, friend, or business-related parties, picnics, and reunions. It will look good in your backyard, parking lot, or even in the open field.

15) Outsunny Octagonal Party Tent

The Outsunny Octagonal Party Tents are heavy-duty, foldable, and easily movable and come with removable walls. They do not have any poles supporting them from the inside and so they’re very spacious which makes then suitable for a number of outdoor occasions.

Outsunny Octagonal Party Tent

The fabric is fully waterproof and the metal structure is coated with rust and corrosion resistant powder.

The octagonal party tents are not only suitable for parties but these elegant and beautifully designed tents also for weddings, picnics, flea markets, and any other kind of event both in commercial and recreational usage.

16) Eureka 20x30 Party Tent

A Eureka 20 by 30 party tent covers an area of 600 sq. ft. and can accommodate up to 60 guests in the banquet seating arrangement. These tents are guaranteed to make your outdoor party a huge success by creating the perfect environment for any gathering to come together and mingle in a “safe space.”

The tent’s corners and pole positions are reinforced for extra stability while the fabric is reinforced for extra durability.

17) Kosins Party Rental Dayton Ohio

Kosins Party Rental Company has the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of party and event rental equipment in the Dayton Ohio area. The company continues to expand their extensive inventory daily. This family owned business has a vested interest in maintaining a solid reputation with great pride and responsibility.

The company prides itself in having the best customer care service and best selection of rental/sales products that can cover a variety of events. At Kosins, they treat their customers like family. They have a committed and hard-working team of customer-oriented employees who offer competitive pricing and provide everything that you need to get the job done.

18) Free Standing Party Tent

Free standing Frame Tents are basically used for set up on surfaces where stakes cannot be used and center poles are not desires. Such surfaces include asphalt, concrete, patios, pools, decks, or driveways. They’re perfect for medium-sized events. Popular applications include, but are not limited to, parties, weddings, graduations, exhibitions, and other types of events which may require a party tent.

The free standing tents maximize on the available usable space and must be secured to the ground at each side pole using ropes or any other type of method depending on the surface requirement. Although the tents can still be stacked into the ground if they’re going over a hard surface, weights need to be added to the side poles.  

19) Crocodile Trading Party Tent

Crocodile Trading Party Tent is a family-run business based in the UK that prides itself on honesty and integrity. The company supplies a wide range of heavy-duty tents for both domestic and commercial use at unbelievable prices. The tents are available in multiple lengths, spans, and fabric grading’s and carry a manufacturer’s guarantee which equates to top-notch value.

The company provides the very best in heavy-duty gazebos, commercial marquees, and instant shelter solutions. All their products are available for sale and distribution worldwide.  No matter what kind of shelter you needs, they’ll provide a solution for all environments.

The team at Crocodile trading has extensive experience in meeting and satisfying different customer needs. They have a wide range of tents in stock to suit different user needs. They also provide rapid delivery to cater to tight timeframes.

20) Decagonal Party Tent

A decagonal party tent is ten-sided. These big and spacious tents look gorgeous with their unusual high-peak roof shape. The decagonal party tent is perfect for grand-scale parties, weddings, picnics, flea markets, business use and any other special occasion.

Their interior doesn’t have any poles ensuring a fully clear floor space. The sidewalls can be easily strapped down to keep out the weather or tied up to let in the sun. you can also do it however way you like to come up with a suitable ventilation plan and appropriate lighting.

21) Gardenline Party Gazebo

Gardenline Party Gazebo tents are a great way to illuminate your yard and host stylish parties. These gazebo tents are lightweight and easy to assemble and are, therefore, also perfect for temporary storage solutions.

Their range of gazebos are manufactured using durable aluminium and superior steel components with wide diameter steel frames, base plates, and screw-fix joints. This shows that apart from parties, the gazebos can also be used for the most extreme commercial usage.

22) Ocean County Party Rentals

Ocean County Party Rentals is a family owned and operated, full-service party rental company that has been in the business for more than two decades now. Their staff has more than 70-years combined worth of experience which plays a huge role in the successful completion of events and the satisfaction of customers.

The company carries a wide selection of tents ranging from pole tents, sailcloth, clear-top, and clear-span tents. In addition to tents, they also have other products that make your event unique and special. Their main aim is to offer their products at affordable prices while maintaining excellent customer service, and at the same time stay on top of industry trends.

23) Mutton Party & Tent Rental

The Mutton Party and Rental company dates back three generations to the 1960s. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved. Today, they have many years of experience and have great ability to take their customer’s ideas and make them real.

Mutton guarantees that their products are of the highest quality, clean, and safe. Their staff is well trained and usually perform above and beyond their customer’s expectations.

Welcome to Mutton Party and Tent Rental company for a chance to have your mind blown at your next party and full satisfaction.

24) Outsunny Decagonal Party Tent

The Outsunny decagonnal party tent is ten-walled and a great way to provide temporary yet stylish shade for parties and wedding receptions. The commercial-grade and heavy-duty tent can accommodate both small and large crowds at parties

Their robust structure and design has a unique high-peaked roof and open floor design with no poles which leaves the floor open and clear so that you can make the most out of it. The tent fabric is made from polyethylene fabric which blocks up to 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays ensuring that the guest are kept cool and comfortable even in hot weather. Polyethylene fabrics are not only UV-proof but also rot-proof, waterproof, tough, and durable. This makes the tents suitable for repeated and frequent usage.

25) Ebb Tide Party Rentals

Edd Tide Party Rentals company was started in the mid 1970s. Initially, the company only offered catering services to small dinner parties at home. Later they expanded to weddings and larger events. Their dedicated team strives to provide the best service from start to finish in the catering and rentals industry. The team comprises of experienced event coordinators that treat each event as if it were their own and an on-site team that is meticulous in caring for your lawn area.

The company also has a tent and chair cover washing machine. This is a guarantee that every tent that they install is in perfect, pristine condition and every one of their chairs is wedding ready. Besides the tents and chairs, Edd Tide Party rentals also offers tables, dance floors, linens, heaters, lighting, and many more. Their main clients are birthday parties, cocktail parties, ceremonies, weddings, and reunions. They have mastered the art of making all their events unique while providing a beautiful setting for the guests to enjoy themselves.


Used Tents for sale

Used Tents

Whenever you’re planning an outdoor event, a good quality tent as a top priority that you must get. The main consideration that you should make when considering whether to get a brand new or a used tent comes down to the cost and what budget that you have set aside for it. Getting used tents for rental is not only more affordable but its also a practical and more logical option. Renting a tent is a very budget-friendly way of making an event a success.

Used Tents for sale

In addition to the tent, most rental companies will also offer other services such as furniture rentals as well as power supply and lighting provisions. Again the staff from the rental company will advise you on the right size of the tent that will accommodate all your guests. If you seek for all these services from the same company, they will most probably give you a good discount.


Whether you need a big or a small tent for your event, 1000sku has different types of tents to suit your needs. Your tent rental company should be able to provide you with other services that you need or at the very lead recommend a reputable service provider. Some other items that you will need for the event include furniture, flooring, a good sound system, mobile toilets, and décor. After, leave all the planning to the tent company so that when the big day comes you’ll be able to enjoy and have fun knowing that a major part of hosting will be taken care of. Lastly, if you plan on tent and accessories overnight, talk to the rental company and find out if they charge an extra fee or not. Furthermore, they’ll ensure that there’s sufficient power supply and the lights are working well.

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