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Whether you are looking for Hilleberg tents Canada, eureka tents for sale Canada or party tents for sale, this is the only place to find best tents for sale in Canada 2019. For every event you have, there is a tent for sale designed to serve that purpose

25 Companies with Best Tents for sale in Canada + Tent Rentals near me  

Whether you are looking for Hilleberg tents Canada, eureka tents for sale Canada or party tents for sale, this is the only place to find best tents for sale in Canada 2019.  For every event you have, there is a tent for sale designed to serve that purpose.

The number of tent rentals is increasing at a high rate. Tent rentals market demand for one-day event tents in growing rapidly fast.

tent sale canada 


Tents Market Situation in Canada

With the Canadian market economy expected to grow in 2% 2019, the entrepreneurs engaging in overseas markets are a happy lot.

Tent manufacturers and tent rentals specializing in event tents will have a better share of this percentage. This is partly due to the high number of international trade shows to be hosted in Canada 2019.

25 Companies with Best Tents for Sale in Canada and Tent Rentals


Company Services

Product Category




Tent manufacturing

Commercial ,promotional, sports tents



Warner Shelter Systems    

Tents manufacturing

Commercial , wedding , festival and party tents



Fiesta Tents   

Tents manufacturing

Party tents , wedding tents

Quebec/ Ontario


Impact Canopies  

Tents manufacturing

Marquee tents



Ideal Canopy Tent & Structures Ltd

Tent manufacturing

Pop up tents, canopy tents



Exclusive Tents Int’l Ltd

Tents manufacturing

Frame tents, pop up tents



Affair Tent &Event Rentals    

Tent rentals

Gazebo , marquee tents, pop up tents, high peak tents



Commercial Tents

Tent rentals

Commercial tents



The Tent Co.

Tent manufacturing, tent rental services

Commercial tents, festival tents, sporting tents, truck tents

Calgary and  Toronto


 Millennium Tents

Tent rental services

Stretch tents, canopy tents, pop up tents, dome tents



Canadian Tents    

Manufacturing tents

Canopy tents, maxi frame tents, marquee tents



Elite Tents    

Manufacturing tents and tent accessories

Marquee tents, frame tents, clear span

British Columbia



Tent manufacturing

Event tents, commercial tent, shade structures



A1 Tents Canada     

Tents manufacturing

Pop up tents, frame tents, air domes

Canada &USA


Barrie Tent and Owning

Tent manufacturing and Tent rentals

Commercial, industrial & domestic tents




Tent manufacturing and accessories

Tents and their accessories

Toronto & Montreal



Tents manufacturing

Canopy tents, frame tents,  high peak tents etc.



Deluxe Canopy

Manufacturing tents

Deluxe pop up tents




Manufacturing and tent rentals

Pop up, gazebo, clear span & frame tents



Walmart Canada  

Wholesale and retail supply




Gervais  Party and Tent Rentals   

Tent rentals

Luxury tents, frame tents & marquee tents



West Way Tents

Manufacturing and tent rentals

Clear top frame, clear span,  & high peak pole tents.



Cascade Tents

Tent rentals

Commercial , frame & pop up tents



Luxury Tent Rentals

Tent rentals

Mega frame, pop up &marquee

South Vancouver


Global Tents

Tent rentals

Frame , pop up &marquee tents



1. Canupease                      

Canupease is based in Quebec and has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of tents. They also produce customized to fit ever occasion.

The tent structures are made of top anodized aluminum of 1.8-2 mm gauge thickness for maximum strength. Their tents are used in commercial, sports and promotional events and others.

Canupease  -canopy tent canada 

2. Warner Shelter Systems                  

For over 40 years, Warner Shelter and Systems ltd have been manufacturing simple and durable tents that are fire retendered in Calgary. WSSL does also have large inventory of portable tent shelters for its rental services.

Among the tents for sale manufactured include party tents, event tents, pole tents, festival tents, wedding tents and commercial tents.

Warner Shelter Systems    

3. Fiesta Tents                           

Those looking for a tent manufacturer and supplier in Quebec and Ontario should place their orders with Fiesta Tents. This is where you can buy tents with a space of 34,000 ft.

The main tents manufactured are marquees, party tents, pop up tents, canopy tents and wedding tents for sale in Canada and many other worldwide.

4. Impact Canopies                

To widely distribute its tents in Canada, Impact Canopies Canada has offices in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax. Their products are sold with warranties ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

Most of its known products include marquee tents with steel frames, canopies and its accessories, pop up, tables, chairs and flags.

5. Ideal Canopy Tent & Structures Ltd         

Looking for where to buy or rent marquee tents for sale in Vancouver? There is also a wide variety of mega frame tents and premade mega frame structures ready for customization.

The tent accessories by Ideal Canopy Tents are tent walls, tent parts like gutters, T sleeves and top canopy vinyl bags.

Ideal Canopy Tent & Structures Ltd       

6. Exclusive Tents Int’l Ltd                             

If you are looking for custom made high quality canvas tents, this is the right manufacturer for you. Their wide tent designs will perfectly meet every kind of event.

Exclusive tents are designed by professional architects, interior designs, engineers and consultants to ensure your tents meet all requirements.

Exclusive Tents Int’l Ltd      

7. Affair Tent &Event Rentals                      

Affair Tents is the supplier of party rentals Toronto Canada. There are over 1800 items for rent and all major types of tents. They have craftily designed event accessories and furniture’s for either sale or rent.

This company offers venue rental services, tent decorations, tables and chairs.

8. Commercial Tents                            

Since 1985, Commercial Tents has been offering rental services within Atlanta. The rental tents vary from sizes of 20 sitting capacity to thousands of event attendants.

If you want to organize a festive event that serves your commercial function, Commercial Tents has the best event tents Canada.

Commercial Tents   

9. The Tent Co.                             

Among the leading manufacturers of wedding tents for sale Canada is The Tent Co. They offer both rental and tent installation services.

Their varieties of manufactured tents are truck tents, concert & festival tents, pop up tents, sporting tents, festival tents and canopy tents. You can also buy accessories like gutters, chairs, lighting, and tables.

The Tent Co.    

10.  Millennium Tents                      

Millennium is a popular tent rental service provider in Vancouver with almost all varieties of tents and accessories. Whether its marquee tents, pop up tents, tent liners or tent walls, this company has the best for you.

To make your commercial event a success, ask for lighting, floors, table and chairs, food and bar services.

11. Canadian Tents                     

As a specialist in pop up canopy tents Canada, its tent sizes are 5X5ft, 8X8ft, 10X10ft, 10X15ft, 10X20ft and 20X20ft with heights of 3.4meters. Other products sold are marquee tents, maxi frame tents, tent walls and barrel covers.

Canadian Tents designs and manufactures its own tents for sale within Canada . It’s based in Vancouver

12. Elite Tents                             

Looking for tent rentals in British Columbia? Elite Tents have been offering wedding tent rentals for over 21 years. The tents to be set up at your event will either be marquee tent, frame tent or the clears pan tent.

To add beauty to the hired tents, ask for their Elite Leg Drapes, tent floors and Elite Tent liners.

Elite Tents   

13. Tentnology                             

Anyone searching for party tents for sale Canada outside of Vancouver should visit Tentnology. For over 18 years, they have perfected the art of designing and manufacturing of event tents, party tents, commercial tents and shade structures.

Tentnology are also experts in tent rental services. You can order for any tent size or shape that suits your event.


14. A1 Tents Canada                        

You can both buy used or new pole tents and frame tents from this company. Their services include rental, tent installation and tent leasing.

Other tent types are dome tents for wedding events, church services and corporate events, canopy tents for relief services.

15. Barrie Tent and Owning                                   

If you are looking for marquee tents for sale in Barrie, Ontario, Barrie Tent and Owning has more than 20 different types of tents for sale or rent. The tents manufactured here are classified into domestic, commercial and industrial.

The services offered are curtain installations, custom tarps and provision of custom design to individuals and corporates.

Barrie Tent and Owning    

16. Outlegtags                        

This company is best known for manufacturing high quality pop up canopy Canada tents which are available in 100s of different colors. It has three branch offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

There also hundreds of tent accessories like double pouched sand bags, weights for tents and canopies, plain canopy walls and lightings. This is the place to buy colored tent shop Canada.


17. Sprung                                     

For durability, low frame weight, easy installation, attractiveness and cost effectiveness, all tents are made from aluminum and performance architectural membrane.

Their main target customers are peoples in the industrial sector, churches, the hospitality, commercial and government institutions.

18. Deluxe Canopy                               

Deluxe Canopy is among the few suppliers of yurt Canada. They are however best known for deluxe pop up canopies since 2014. They offer direct deliveries to their clients making the tents and their accessories cheaper.

Other than being the only tent clearance Canada specialist, its main services are manufacture of customized specialty tents, inflatable event tents and printed pop up umbrellas.

Deluxe Canopy  

19. Betel                                             

Looking for a 40X20ft large steel wedding tents for sale Canada? Betel has since 2016 been shipping wedding party canopy tents, gazebo tents and other office equipments for free within Canada.

You can order for tent types like wall tents, party tents and foldable beach canopy tents.  Betel is located in Ottawa and has a wide category of products ranging from pet supplies to massage tables.

20. Walmart Canada                           

Walmart Canada is the largest supplier of all types of tents Canada. They only specialize in wholesale and retail supply of tents like heavy duty gazebo tents, truck tents, canvas tents, canopy tents, yurt tents, eureka tents and other event equipments.

The tent accessories supplied are tent ventilations, tent walls, lighting, tent decorations supplies, tent floors and drapes.

21. Gervais  Party and Tent Rentals                        

This is then home to all rental equipments. Al Gervais Party has been supplying event tents Canada since 1946. Their tent rental services Packaging ranges from $18 to over $68 a day. They also supply canopy tents whose sizes are 10X10ft, 10X120ft, 10X15ft, 30X30ft, 10X170fT and 15X160ft.

Their tent rental services come with different flooring styles, string lights, and chandeliers.

22. West Way Tents                           

If you are looking for hilleberg tents Canada or traditional pole tents Canada, West Way Tents is the top supplier. Currently, they manufacture and offer event rental services in Ontario.

Other common tents for sale Canada include clear top frame tents, luxury tents, clear span tents, tent frames and high peak pole tents.

West Way Tents  

23. Cascade Tents                        

Cascade Tents is among the tent rental service providers in Vancouver. They have all sizes of tents, different flooring styles, tent cooling and lighting system and decorating accessories.

The tents you would expect from this company are frame tents, commercial tents, pop up tents and marquee tents.

24. Luxury Tent Rentals                     

It no doubt Luxury Tent Rental Company in South Vancouver is one of the best luxury tent rental service providers in Canada. Their marquee tent rentals pop up tent rentals, mega frame tents and tent accessories are sourced from the top tent manufactures.

These are the extra services to from Luxury Tent Rentals: flooring, outdoor bar stands, outdoor heaters, and chairs.

25. Global Tents                                   

Looking for tent rentals provider with eureka tents Canada? This company offers wedding tent rentals, birthday tent rentals, and trade show tent rental services.

You can also order for pop up tents, marquee tents, frame tents, saddle span, hex tent, chairs, tuxedo tents, tables and floor coverings.

Global Tents   

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The increasing number of tent manufacturers has also led to increase in new different types of tents for sale Canada. Whether you are looking for wedding tents for sale Canada or  party tents for sale Canada, there are thousands of used and new tents for you to sell or rent.

Here are the common tent types to sale: pop up tents, stretch tents, pagoda tents, marquee tents, high peak tents, dome tents and clear top tents.

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