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When it comes to a backyard or garden party, there are several things to consider. A garden tent plays an important role in making any outdoor event a memorable one.

How You Can Turn Your Backyard into a Party with Garden Tent

Planning for an outdoor event? Outdoor events can be memorably charming: fresh and refreshing atmosphere with the guests talking, laughing, and dancing under the sky. However, they can become a harrowing adventure if not planned appropriately. When it comes to a backyard or garden party, there are several things to consider. A garden tent plays an important role in making any outdoor event a memorable one.

When we talk about a number of considerations, the top priority is for what kind of event you want to use the garden tent. Whether you’re looking for a large tent for hosting big events or a small tent for small events, you must know the type of event so that you can choose an ideal tent for your garden or backyard.

Planning for an outdoor event?When it comes to a backyard or garden party

As there are so many different models, features, and purposes of backyard tent, your main concern involves knowing where you’ll be hosting a party, how many guests you’re expecting, what type of decoration you want, and how catering with be arranged. Though there are so many other considerations also but mentioned are some of the basic yet most imperative ones. Once you have the answers to these questions, it will be a lot easier to choose the best tent for you.

Weddings, receptions, birthdays, graduations, reunions, anniversaries, corporate meetings, corporate parties, and commercial events are some events that offer great opportunities to celebrate in the lap of nature.

Which tent should you choose?

When planning an ideal backyard party, it is extremely important that you choose the best tent that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally well. Here are some great backyard tent options…

· Canopy Tent

· Sailcloth Tent

· Pole Tent

· Frame Tent

· Marquees

· Canopy Tent  · Sailcloth Tent  · Pole Tent  · Frame Tent  · Marquees

When you know what type of event you’re going to host, it’s time to choose the best tent size to enjoy peace of mind. Following are some popular tent sizes available for garden marquee hire…

Different Sizes & Capacity of Tents

3x3 Garden Tent – This is a small tent with big use and a perfect size for anyone to whom space is a major concern. These tents are ideal for placing a few items like plants, decorative pieces, etc as they do not have much space.


5x5 Garden Marquee – This size is more like a grow tent where you can grow plants and also use as a space to keep some greenery. Also, the tent can be used to place a table and a couple of chairs for 5 to 8 guests and create a private space in your backyard.

 5x5 Garden Marquee

10x10 Backyard Tent – When you want a tent that can accommodate 8 to 15 guests in your backyard, a 10x10 canopy can do the job. It covers approx 100 square foot and idea for small get-to-gathers, reunions, etc.


20x20 Backyard Marquee – For accommodating around 30 to 60 guests, a 20x20 party tent can be an ideal choice. It gives you around 400 square footage of space to organize events like birthdays, reunions, cocktail parties, corporate meetings, etc.


30x60 Backyard Tent – This size can be a perfect fit for a medium-sized to a big event like a wedding reception, birthday or a corporate party. Covering around 1800 square foot area, this size can accommodate 100 to 330 guests.

 30x60 Backyard Tent

40x60 Garden Tent – When you’re expecting around 150 to 400 guests, this tent size can provide enough space while covering approx 2400 square footage. This tent size is great for wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, and other big events.

The tent sizes are not limited to the ones mentioned above and you can also get it customized as per your specific needs.

Note: The guest capacity may differ depending on the type of tent you choose and seating you prefer.

When you’re done with the type and size of the tent, it’s time to explore different types of garden party furniture. Check this out…

Garden Party Furniture Hire

If you are planning to organize an event in your garden or backyard, it is important to consider garden party furniture hire. Whether big or small your outdoor space is, you can make the most out of it by using the right type of furniture. You can completely transform the look and feel of your garden by using tables, chairs, accessories, etc.

Outdoor furnishing is designed to make a statement and you can easily arrange everything to bring a sense of style and comfort to your event. A wide selection of furniture and accessories is available for hire at private parties and corporate events.

Garden Party Furniture Hire

What furniture and accessories do you need for backyard tent?

Create a cozy and comfortable space in your backyard using the following items…



Decorative pieces



Parasols & Gazebos

Pots & Plants



Swing Chairs

Umbrellas, Canopies, Shades

Patio Benches & Stools

Dance floor

- Tables  - Chairs  - Decorative pieces  - Lighting  - Barbeques  - Parasols & Gazebos

Though the outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the harsh environment, you need to choose the best material. It should be chosen considering the style, strength, durability, maintenance, and performance in different climate conditions. You can also consider a garden storage tent to keep the furniture safe.

What outdoor furniture materials are most durable?

Though it will depend on the type of location and climate, here are few durable furniture materials you may consider…

· Aluminum

· Recycled Plastic

· Wrought Iron

· Steel

· Mosaic

· Wood

· Resin Wicker

How much does it cost to rent a Garden Backyard Tent?

When it comes to organizing an event in your garden or backyard, there are a lot of things you need to consider such as tents, furniture, decoration, etc. Whatever you choose, it comes with a price tag because nothing is free in this world.

How much does it cost to rent a Garden Backyard Tent?

Though every tent type and size come with a different price tag, it will cost around $300 to $500 to rent that is 400 square feet to 600 square feet in size. However, if you’re looking for big tents that have 1,200 square feet of space, you may have to spare around $500 to $1,500 per day.

A basic tent structure will cost around $500 for the smallest one and $5,000 for a large tent. The cost may vary depending on the type of tent you choose and extras such as furniture, decoration, and accessories you need.

You may contact your nearest tent supplier to check the exact prices. If you want to enjoy the best prices, ask for quotes from different suppliers and compare to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Top 10 Garden/Backyard Tent Suppliers

If you’re seeking “backyard party rentals near me”, the following list of 10 tent suppliers might help…

1. Royal Tents India – Located in Rajasthan, the tent manufacturing company specializes in various types of luxury tent, garden tent, party tent, garden storage tent, handmade tents, and exclusive tents for resorts, outdoors, etc.

 Royal Tents India

2. Boss Tents South Africa – Based in Durban, this tent supplier provides a wide range of tents and accessories for a variety of private and corporate events. Frame tents, aluminum tents, peg & pole tents, stretch tents, and storage tents are some popular categories.


3. Sky Tents South Africa – The supplier has many branches in South Africa and known to custom design any tent style and size for different events. Some of the popular tents include a frame tent, stretch tents, pagoda tents, peg & pole tents, alpine tents, etc.


4. LP Outdoors China – Based in Guangdong, the tent supplier is known for customized designs and supplying tents to events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Horse Races, Skydiving Games, Gala Events, Music Concerts, etc.


5. Sperry Tents USA – If you’re looking for a garden wedding tent, this supplier may help by providing a wide range of tents and event planning services. The main highlights include handcrafted sailcloth tents, dome tents, and more.


6. American Tent & Sidewall US – The tent supplier specializes in budget-friendly pole and frame tents along with sidewalls. They can make all tents to your specific requirements including custom colors, styles, sizes, logos, etc.

 American Tent & Sidewall US

7. Bargain Tents South Africa – Whether you’re looking for a small garden tent or a big one for wedding receptions, this supplier can provide you with countless choices. The company makes all types of tents for weddings & party, events, exhibitions, etc.


8. Raj Tent India – The manufacturer and supplier is known for designing and manufacturing different types of tents for various cultural events and traditional wedding parties. Garden tent, wedding tent, Indian tent, Raj tent, & royal tent are popular ones.


9. Tentickle South Africa – The tent supplier is known for its unique designs and setup for a variety of events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate parties. The main tent categories include Bedouin tents and luxury tents.  


10. Beautiful World Tents – The family-owned and run business offer personalized services when it comes to tents and accessories. Some of the popular tents you can explore include tipis, bell tents, and more.

Apart from the above-mentioned suppliers, you can also check backyard tents Walmart, IndiaMART, Made-in-China, etc. These sites will connect you to hundreds of tent manufacturers and suppliers in your country.

Top 10 Tent Suppliers in the World


Supplier Name



Contact Details


Royal Tents

Tents & Accessories

Rajasthan, India

Tel: +91-94133-29270

Email: enquiry@royaltents.com 


Boss Tents

Tents & Accessories

Durban, South Africa

Tel: +27-031-465-4604

Email: info@bosstents.co.za 


Sky Tents

Tents & Custom Designing

South Africa

Tel: 076-547-1564

Tel: 035-789-1455


LP Outdoors

Tents & Accessories

Guangdong, China

Tel: +86-186-6644-0599

Email: info@lpoutdoors.com 


Sperry Tents

Tents & Event Planning


Tel: 1-888-825-7542

Email: info@sperrytents.com 


American Tent & Sidewall

Custom Made Tents

Green Bay, US

Tel: 833-402-9079 & (920) 431-0938

Email: sales@americantentandsidewall.com


Bargain Tents

Wedding Tents & Accessories

Durban, South Africa

Tel: +27-31-825-5645

Email: info@bargaintents.co.za 


Raj Tent

Traditional Tents & Accessories

Rajasthan, India

Tel: +91-94133-29270

Email: enquiry@rajtent.com 



Bedouin & Luxury Tents

Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27-21-593-6918

Email: info@tentickle.co.za 


Beautiful World Tents

Tents & Boutique


Tel: 01403-741299

Email: enquiries@beautifulworldtents.co.uk 


Top 10 Tent Suppliers in the World

Why Choose Us for Your Next Backyard Event?

“The first impression is the last impression!” this is what we believe at 6StarShop…

At 1000sku.com we cater for private parties and corporate events by providing an exclusive range of tents and accessories. Our products are designed to create the right atmosphere which is aesthetically pleasing and functionally outstanding.

we cater for private parties and corporate events by providing an exclusive range of tents and accessories.

As we aim to transform your space into an amazing party venue, we offer different tent styles and sizes to suits your exact needs. Furthermore, you can get the tent and accessories customized as per your specific needs and create a look of your dreams.

Having a garden party? Our backyard tent will fit right in: a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to create any look or feel. Our products can bring life to every zone and perfect for a laid-back feel of a backyard party. Also, we provide a free consultation if you’re seeking backyard tent ideas.

The furniture and accessories are easy to move around and extremely comfortable to create a chill-out area for your guests. Our backyard tent rental allows you to enjoy the glorious sunshine and create a magical effect that the guests will be memorizing for months to come.

Let us get your guests in the party mood… 

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