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What about the average wedding tent rental cost? Though there’s no specific answer to this question, an average wedding tent rental will cost $350 to $500 for a tent big enough for 20 to 50 people. For large tents, you may have to spare $500 to $1,500

Average Wedding Tent Rental Cost

Planning an outdoor event? Wherever your event falls on the spectrum of casual to formal, tents play an important role. A tent can lend a special air of festivity to any event be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or corporate event. If you’ve got a wedding or big event coming up, then you know how challenging it can be to organize everything. One of the major considerations includes party tent rentals as with so many companies and options available it becomes difficult to pick the best.

Well! When you need to hire a tent, you may want to consider the size of the tents as not all of them are made of every type of event. When you’re figuring out the size that you will need for your rental tent, there are several questions to need answers to… such as…

What size tent for 100 guests?  How much does a tent cost?

The size of your site and the number of guests will determine what size of the tent will work best for your event. If you’re looking for a tent size suitable to accommodate around 100 guests, you may consider 20’x50’ 1000 square feet and 30’x40’ 1200 square feet size. The 20x50 tent size will let you fit in around 100 guests with seating only while 30x 40 tent size with bar & buffet.

How much does a tent cost?

Not sure how much space you need to accommodate your guests? Use a tent size calculator to determine which tent option is right for you. A tent calculator works based on seating such as theater-style seating, casual event style standing, etc and the number of people you’re expecting. This way you will be able to get an idea of what tent size will suit your requirements.

You can also seek results based on bar areas, buffet tables, waiter stations, dance floor, band stage, etc. The tent calculators are designed to help you quickly determine how large tent size you will need. Filling a short form will give you an idea of what tent size will work best for you.

Some Popular Tent Sizes…

§ A 30’x60’ tent could accommodate 140 guests (seated at round tables), 180 guests (seated cafeteria style) and 225 guests (seated theater style).

§ A 40’x60’ tent could accommodate 120 guests if seated at round tables of 8. It can also fit in a buffet, bar, cake table, and dance floor.

§ A 20’x20’ tent could accommodate 40 guests (seating only) and perfect for events with small gatherings.

§ A 40’x60’ tent could accommodate around 240 guests (seating only) while a 60’x60’ will be sufficient enough to include a bar, buffet, dance floor, & DJ.

§ A 40’x80’ tent could accommodate around 320 guests (seating only) while a 60’x120’ will be large enough to include a bar, buffer, dance floor, & DJ.

average tent size

What about the average wedding tent rental cost?

Though there’s no specific answer to this question, an average wedding tent rental will cost $350 to $500 for a tent big enough for 20 to 50 people. For large tents, you may have to spare $500 to $1,500 per day.

When you reach out to tent suppliers or party rental companies, the prices offered by them may differ depending on their products/services and your needs. However, the following are some items that should be covered in the quote or proposal…

Tent size with cost

Delivery fees

Setup charges

Labor fees

Zoning permits (if required)


Change/cancellation charges


marquee hire prices

Make sure that all the points are covered in writing before you invest any money because choosing the right tent is critical to the comfort of your pocket and your guests.

Different Types of Tents for Events

One major aspect that will help you choose the right size tent at a competitive price is considering the type of tent you would like to rent. It is always wise to look at all the options available so that you can choose the best for your event.

Here are some of the popular types of tents that you may consider for your next event…

ü Pole Tent – As the name suggests, the tent is supported by poles and guy-wires. It has a big top with one or two peaks. It is easier to erect than another type of tents and can be installed with or without walls. However, they cannot be set on concrete (only ground), making them less versatile.

 pole tent rental prices

ü Frame Tent – This free-standing tent uses a metal frame to support the tent and can be erected on most solid surfaces. There are no internal poles to block the view and it can be set up immediately next to a second tent. The metal pipes can be used to hang lights and decorations while the roof or sides of the tent can be transparent or non-transparent.


ü Clear Tents – It is a frame-based tent with a clear vinyl top and allows you to see the outdoors while still providing the guests with sufficient coverage. These types of tents can create a more open look and can be excellent choices if you want to host your event under the stars.


ü Marquee Tent – It is a hybrid of the pole tent and the frame tent as it combines the freestanding metal frame tent of a frame tent and peaked roof of the pole tent. These types of tents are aesthetically beautiful and function well in any type of event. the tent combines the advantages of both the tents, pole and frame.


ü Sailcloth Tent – It is a type of pole tent that uses sailcloth material and wooden poles to support it. As the sailcloth is translucent, it adds a natural glow to the interior space of the tent and, therefore, an ideal choice for any occasion. However, the tent is not suitable for all type of surfaces and may require more staking.


ü Beach Tent – This tropical style tent consists of light translucent fabric draped over a wooden frame. The tent looks beautiful as it is covered with silk drapes and wooden or bamboo frame but it does not provide protection from sun, rain, etc. The style of tent can be easily erected on a grassy or sandy surface.


ü Yurt – The tent has lattice walls and a wood ribbed roof and gaining immense popularity in events like reunions, birthdays, etc. As the entire tent frame is covered in fabric, it makes it aesthetically pleasing and perfect for more intimate and cozy affairs. However, they are not suited to large events.

The above-mentioned are just some popular types of tents, there are so many of them in the market. You can choose any one of them as per your exact needs and budget.

Here are some things to consider when choosing tent rentals…

· Surface and size of the site

· Number of people expected

· Items under the rental tent

· Safety and comfort of guests

· Your budget & style

How to Decorate a Canopy Tent for a Wedding?

Once you’ve settled on the type of wedding tent, you can make decisions about decoration. If you don’t just want fabric and poles in your tent, here are some decoration tips to make it look breathtakingly beautiful…

How to Decorate a Canopy Tent for a Wedding?

ü Add fabric and twinkle lights to create a mood.

ü Hang floral garlands from the ceiling to add a charm.

ü Drape colorful ribbons to add fun to a normal tent.

ü Use greenery garland to make any tent chic & stylish.

ü Use centerpieces or a wall of greenery to create a focal point.

ü Hang flowers from all over the ceiling and make use of every inch.

ü Hang chandeliers to bring a sense of luxury.

ü Use colorful flags to make it fun and festive.

ü Use lanterns to light up the mood.

ü Use colorful paper lanterns to add a fun statement.

ü Hang wrath over the dance to add a fun vibe.

ü Use photographs to remember those beautiful days.

ü Choose multi-colored tents for that carnival look.

ü Adds different types of lights to create a romantic mood.

ü Go bold with balloons to add a colorful flair to the tent.

ü Add some extra folds and swags to make it more luxurious.

ü Leave a few sections open to allow natural vibes to be a part of your event.

ü Try different textures such as sheer or transparent fabrics to give it a more interesting structure.

ü Use large screens to display photo slideshow or moving light show.

ü Use rugs and color-blocked dance floors to add that drama.

ü Create amazing entrances to greet your guests uniquely.

There are so many stunning options to decorate a canopy tent for a wedding. All you have to do is use your creativity and give your tent an outstanding finishing touch.

With the right decorations, your party is sure to be a big hit!

Where Can I Rent Party Supplies? (List 10)

When you need high-quality tents and party supplies, you need to choose the most reliable supplier. The most experienced and credible companies are dedicated to providing ideal tents and supplies for events, regardless of the type and size.

We’ve rounded up some of the best sources to rent party supplies and make your next event a dazzling one…

1. PartySpot – This online store offers a wide range of party supplies, like tableware, candles, costumes, balloons, and other party decorations. The supplies are available for birthday parties, hen parties, themed parties, and even baby showers.

 party rentals and supplies

2.  PartyNet – This store allows you to rent everything you need for your parties such as balloons, decorations, favors, cakes, candies, and much more. They also have extensive choices in a variety of interesting categories, including themes parties, toys & gifts, etc.  


3. Pretty Ur Party – This store offers a great selection of party supplies for a variety of events such as birthdays, baby showers, theme parties, and more. They also provide handcrafted and personalized items to make your event memorable.


4. Itsy Bitsy – This online store has some incredibly stylish party supplies and caters to different types of events. The offerings include bags, balloons, banners, candles, boxes, costumes, confetti, crown, decorations, favor box, and much more.


5. Oh Happy Day – The store has a bunch of fun party offerings, such as different types of balloons, tabletop, décor, favors, gifts, crafts, etc. Apart from offering a wide selection of products, they also sell gift-wrapping bundles.


6. Shop Sweet Lulu – This store believes in little details and, therefore, offers a wide range of interesting party supplies. Some of the fun items include balloon garlands, tassels, banners, candles, sprinkles, confetti, candies, and more.


7. Wholesale Party Supplies – This is where you can find a wide range of party supplies at wholesale rates. The store offer balloons & decorations, personalized items, photo booth, favors, tableware, candies, toys, and much more.


8. Party Delights – This shop has a crazy selection of party supplies which includes fancy dresses, balloons, sweets, stationery, and more. Apart from the wide range of products, the store offers next day delivery and money-back guarantee.


9. Made-in-China – This is a place to find hundreds of suppliers offering a wide range of party supplies ranging from tiny items to the most expensive ones. Find banners, balloons, candles, gifts, favors, toys, and much more.  


10. Party City – The store offers a wide variety of party supplies, including balloons, fancy dresses & costumes, games, bags, gifts, candles, sweets, piñatas, banners, decorations, and more. Find an exciting range of products in different categories.


The Final Verdict

It goes without being said that for many, a wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. And for those who want to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter of their life in the beautiful outdoors, tents provide the foundation.

However, hosting an event means taking into consideration a lot of things such as the type & size of the tent, decoration, party supplies, and most importantly choosing a reliable supplier. Fortunately, there are so many credibles companies out there to help you plan any event easily.

Be wise and choose the best tent for your event… 

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