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Chairs & tables if selected classily, lets the entire setting of your event attract the eyeballs. Selecting the right material, size, and shape is exceptionally significant to the success of your event.

Cheap Wedding Party Chair Rentals,folding/wooden/plastic/white/gold/fancy with chair cover

Planning an event? So, you’ve got the perfect venue, an amazingly beautiful décor, delicious food menu, good audio-visual support, and of course the best tent rentals. What about your event furniture? The need for furniture is often overlooked while planning any event such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate party, etc. It is often the farthest thing from one’s mind but it plays an important role in making any event or party a grand success. Though the need for furniture will depend on the type of event, it can make or break your event.

Whatever event you are planning, furnishing such as chair rentals is an essential component for making any event a big hit. Regardless of the size or nature of your event, the right furniture can create a cohesive experience for your guests. Many event organizers take into consideration every other detail such as menus, bars, lighting, etc while leaving the furniture as for granted. Furniture, however, can give any event a finishing and functional touch, helping you to make every person comfortable.

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Importance of Furniture for Any Event

Wondering how furniture can help you shine? Well! The right furniture can boost the ambiance and functionality of any event be it a private affair or a corporate one. The flow of any event largely depends on the event seating. Though furniture is a craft-based design that can be built-in, ready-made, or custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the clients. Every piece of the event furniture is made with the user’s needs in mind.

Here are just a few ways that event furniture helps you stand out and make your event memorable…

ü Boosts Functionality – The event furniture, indoors or outdoors, help expand and extend the space. It gives you the feel of a much larger venue and helps in making use of the available space. It creates an intimate and comfortable space for guests.


ü Adds a Layer of Luxury – A definite benefit to adding furniture to your event is that it helps to bring a feeling of luxury. A beautiful set of lounge furniture such as chairs, tables, and sofas can make the environment much more luxurious.


ü Creates a Comfy & Inviting Atmosphere – Event furniture helps to create an amazing atmosphere so that guests can enjoy themselves rather than looking here and there. The timeless modern chairs and tables will work with nearly every type of event.


ü Helps Make an Event Comfortable – In many cases, people tend to forget than an event is not something that people come, had fun for a few minutes, and goes home. Instead, events may take hours and furniture provides guests with a comfortable space to relax.


ü Creates a Remarkable Impact – Furniture such as couches, chairs, tables, ottomans, and benches provide a practical way for guests to enjoy the event. The practical & inviting furniture will have a great and long-lasting impact on the guests.


ü Creates Unique & Vibrant Environment – The design possibilities when using furniture rentals are almost limitless. You can mix and match different styles and play with color combinations to create a vibrant look.


ü Helps Your Event Stand Out – No one wants to attend an ordinary function these days and event furniture can help you stand out from the rest. It is a fact that people need some place to sit, eat, and chat but you can make a whole lot of difference using furniture.


ü Customized Solutions – Furniture is one thing that can easily be customized as per your specific needs. All you have to do is let your creativity take flight and add some customized pieces to your event and take it to the next level.

Event Furniture – Different Types of Chairs  

No matter what the occasion, chair rentals add to the beauty and functionality for your celebrations. The inventory of rental chairs is tailored to event preferences and a wide selection of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors is available to choose from.

Chairs are an integral part of every event because it is the seat that allows your guests to sit and relax. As most of the events last for hours, guests often need something comfortable to sit and relax for a while.

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Today, a wide range of chairs are available to suit the needs of different events. Some of the popular types of designs you may consider include…

Ø Folding Chair

Ø Specialty Chairs

Ø Ballroom Chairs

Ø Chameleon Chair

Ø Stacking Chair

Ø Metal Chair

Ø Wood Chair

Ø Plastic Chair

Ø Banquet Chairs

Ø Bar Stools

Ø Ottoman Cubes

Ø Corner Chairs

Ø High Chairs

Ø Luxurious Chairs

One of the basic pieces of furniture, a chair allows you to add both functionality and beauty to your event. Chairs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors so that you can easily choose as per your event’s theme.

Tips to Use the Event Furniture & Bring that ‘WOW’ Factor…  

Want to add that ‘WOW’ factor to your event? The following tips might help…

ü Decide the style of chairs and tables that will best suit the theme of your event and try to choose weatherproof and space-saving solutions.

ü Calculate the dimension that how much furniture can fit into the available space and always remember to check access.

ü Use illuminated furniture to create an amazing ambiance and romantic mood. Use these pieces in corners, walkways, or in seating areas.

ü Black is one such color which complements anything in fashion and matches any environment. If you’re a bit confused regarding the color, go for black.

ü Bring the Scandinavian aesthetic to your event by adding those unfussy shapes and pale colors. It helps you create comfortable and inviting environments.

ü Add luxury by using the pieces that are perfectly up to date but inspired by Arabian heritage. Use deep rich colors, satin drapes, and geometric patterns.

ü Go back to basics if you want simple, the clean-cut theme for your event. Choose neutral shades like white, black, and gray.

ü Fir high-profile events, the chic pieces in classic colors like white and gold can do the wonder. Go for luxury furniture rentals such as gala furniture, Arabian chairs, etc.

ü For a bold and stylish theme, the industrial & urban furniture can be a perfect choice. Go for angular shapes, hard lines and edges to create that minimalist yet stylish look.

ü Use lounge furniture like sofas, armchairs, poufs, etc covered in colorful fabrics to create an inviting atmosphere.

ü If you want to add a pop of color to your event, go for electric colors and unusual shapes. Think about using quirky chairs and tables to jazz up your event.

ü Whatever type of furniture you choose, focus on guests’ comfort and choose pieces that perfectly complement your theme.

ü Mix and match to create an inimitable style and try to break the available space into different zones.

ü Always give priority to the functional aspects of the event furniture as there’s no fun bringing aesthetically beautiful chairs with no practical use

ü Find a reliable event furniture rental company to get the best for your event and avoid unnecessary costs and stress.

ü Find inspiration from the Internet or you can take expert design while choosing furniture for your event.

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Furniture and accessories complement any event and renting the right chairs & tables can help you create the best environment for your guests.

Top 10 Chair Rental Companies

Looking for top furniture rental companies, we’ve listed some of the most popular names that you may consider for your next event.

Check them out…

1. Tiffany Chair Hire – This is a place where you can find a wide range of chairs to rent for your event. Some of the popular categories include cotemporary, chateaux chairs, phoenix, rose gold, tiffany, and more.


2. EHIRE – Here you can find the perfect furniture to hire for your event as a wide range of chairs and other furniture is available. Keep your guests comfortable with the help of wooden chairs, plastic chairs, conference chairs, tiffany chairs, clear chairs, and more.


3. Confetti – This can be your one-stop-platform to find hundreds of chair rentals companies. All you have to do is browse the categories like table & chair hire and check out the results is they suit your needs.


4. Bright Event Rentals – A full-service special event rental company offering a wide range of services for all types of events. Here you can find an exclusive range of event furniture such as chairs, lounge sofas, ottomans, tables, and more.


5. US Tent Rental – A one-stop-shop for all your tent, party rental, and chair rentals needs. From simple chairs & tables to luxurious lounge furniture, you can find a wide range of furniture for your event.


6. Chair Hire – Looking for chair hire & furniture rental? Visiting this site might help as the company is dedicated to furniture hire and offer a wide range of items including chairs, tables, stools, bean bags and more for all event types and sizes.

7. IndiaMART – If you’re looking for numerous chair rentals or furniture hiring options at one place, visiting this site can be a great idea. Here you will come across hundreds of companies and suppliers offering event furniture on rent.


8. Silver Star Hiring – Find exceptional products for hire in different categories and if you’re looking specifically for chair rentals, the company offers a wide range to choose from. Explore tiffany chairs, kiddies, cocktail aluminum chair, and much more.


9. Australian Hiring – The Company offers a wide range of seating and stylish chairs to suit any theme and budget. Some of the popular options you may explore include plastic chairs, bench seat, wooden chairs, kid’s chairs, colorful chairs, sun lounge chairs, etc.


10. Inspire Furniture – One of the leading furniture rentals & sales companies where you can find a huge variety of chairs and other items for your event. Explore seating options like chairs, couches, bean bags, ottomans, bar stools, and more.

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With so many furniture rental companies out there, you need to find the one committed to quality and style. Choose a platform that is being constantly updated with new designs and reflect the best of trends.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on chair rentals, make a budget first and then start looking for suitable options. Proper planning and having a budget will help you narrow down the results and you are more likely to find the best place to rent furniture.

You can use your references or go through the testimonials as this way you will be able to better understand the supplier. Also, know the latest in design trends and for this, you can take expert advice. It all takes some time and research to make any event memorable.

The Final Verdict

People never remember days, they often remember the memories associated with the events. Every setting leaves some impact on the guests and adding the right furniture to your event can be an excellent way to leave a mark. Be it a wedding reception, a birthday party, or any corporate event, you want event special day to be perfect. Right from the décor to the food to the furnishing, everything single detail needs to be perfect.

When you’re trying to make everything flawless, remember one thing is to create a beautiful and practical seating arrangement. You need to create a welcoming atmosphere using the right furniture so that every eye falls in love with your event. Let it be any occasion, furniture add to the beauty and functionality.

Chairs & tables if selected classily, lets the entire setting of your event attract the eyeballs. Selecting the right material, size, and shape is exceptionally significant to the success of your event.

If you want your special day to be an unforgettable one and want your guests to enjoy it to the fullest, it is important to select the right chair rentals.

Let the event furniture bring life to your event… 

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