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Things to Consider Before Renting a Festival Tent When planning for your festival you need to consider various factors. This is like when you want to tent hire. The following are things you need to have in mind before you rent a festival tent.

Festival Tent

Festivals usually attract huge crowds because it takes during a certain period of the year. Many of the festivals usually go till late at night which means be it on a good or bad weather day the festival must continue. The best thing about those attending festivals is usually ready for anything. Therefore, you as the organizer need to plan as early as possible to make your festival epic.

First, you need festival tents which will provide shade to those attending. This is the main thing when you are planning for your outdoor festival. You need the best pop up tents that will last for the whole festival period. In this guide, you will learn about the best festival tents you can rent.

festival tent rental

Things to Consider Before Renting a Festival Tent

When planning for your festival you need to consider various factors. This is like when you want to tent hire. The following are things you need to have in mind before you rent a festival tent.

· Season

Different festival tents are depending on the season of the year. Be it summer, winter, spring, or autumn you can find the best festival tent. More so when you know that your event will be going till late at night you can hire a sidewall tent to make ones attending warm and comfortable.

· Approximate Guests

Having an estimate of how many people that will attend your festival is important. This will give you a hint on which size and type of tent you require to hire. Moreover, you need them to have an ample space where they can walk around the tent during the festival.

· Catering and Entertainment

Your festival should have catering and entertainment. You don’t want to host a boring event where no one would like to attend ever it will be dull. Therefore, catering and entertainment should be part of your plans. And they require to be incorporated when renting a tent for your festival.

· Location

The location where you are holding your festival is important too. For example, you cannot use a pole tent on a concrete or hard surface. The best tent for such a place is a frame tent. Pole tents are good for grass surfaces. They require bolting into the ground to provide maximum stability of the tent.

Therefore, when planning to rent a festival tent from your nearest tent rental company consider the above things.

Before Renting a Festival Tent

Types of Festival Tents

The type of tent you use in your festival tent is equally important. That will lead to the good features of your pop-up festival tent. This is very important as it will enable you to have an epic festival. The following are some of the best types of tents you can use for your festival.

· Pop-Up Tent

During your festival, you may require camping tents. Renting a pop-up tent can be the best choice for you. It is easy to set up. The best aspect of a pop-up festival tent is that it can withstand any weather condition.

· Dome Shaped Tent

This is a type of tent you should use for your upcoming festival. It is easy to pitch and they are portable. If you are looking for a festival tent then consider renting a dome-shaped tent.

· Canopy Tent

They come in different brands and sizes. If you are looking for a tent to hire then a canopy tent can be your best choice. Furthermore, you can easily install and dismantle this type of tent. It is also a portable tent. An example of a canopy tent is like a 10x10 pop-up canopy. For ease during your festival consider hiring a canopy tent.

The above are just some of the best types of festival tents you can rent.

Canopy tent

Features of Festival Marquees?

The following are features of festival marquees.

· Lightweight and Robust.

You need a portable tent that can be easy to move while the festival is going on. So, when looking for a tent to rent consider lightweight and robust festival tent. Furthermore, it will be easy to set it up.

· Durability

This is another feature you need to look at when hiring a tent. You need a tent that will be able to last for the whole festival period. That means it can withstand strong winds and be resistant to ultraviolet rays.

· Water Resistant

Be it on a rainy season you require a tent that won’t allow rainwater into the tent. So, ensure you hire a waterproof festival marquee.

If you are looking on which tent features are the best for your festival then above are the best things you must consider before hiring an outdoor tent for your festival.

Best Festival Tent Brands You Need to Know

You need to use a tent brand that has global recognition. Not only that but also used by many other customers as you. The following are some of the best festival tent brands you can get from your rental company.

Beekman Canopies

You expect to have a family attending your festival. That means they will must have shelter in the festival area for the whole period. Just to enjoy a new environment. When you are looking for a canopy tent then Beekman is the best brand. Depending on your needs you can hire this brand of tent. This is a South African based tent company.


Another brand of a tent that has been used in many festivities in Australia is the carryboy tent brand. They come in different types and sizes. All their tents are made from high-quality and durable fiberglass material.

However, there are other brands like:

· Vango

· Skandika

· Kampa

· Outwell

· Gelert

· Highlander

· Jack Wolfskin

· Bell Tent

· Aventura


· Caramex

· Hi Gear

Therefore, to make your festival one of a kind consider the above brands.

best festival tent 2018

10 Festival Tent Suppliers

Al Mumtaz Tents

Al Mumtaz has been the best tent rental and manufacturer in UAE. They have been operation since 1978. Their tents are of high-quality. Event planning and provision of other tent accessories like power and lighting, furniture, etc. are what they do best. So, if you are looking for a tent supplier for your upcoming festival in the UAE then consider working with Al Mumtaz tents.

Mahavira Tents

Are you in India? Then Mahavira tents are one of the best tent manufacturers. They have been up and running since 1989. They produce the best tents that suit any function. From gazebos, camping tents, marquees, Mughal tents, and other types of tents are all manufactured by Mahavira. They also provide outdoor accessories like furniture and lights.

AMG Servicios

Located in Seville, Spain AMG Servicios has grown to be the best tent supplier in Spain and Europe. They provide high-quality tents for different events. Therefore, if you are looking for a tent supplier for your upcoming festival in Spain or Europe feel free to contact AMG Servicios.


Looking for a platform where you can find all tent supplier in Italy? Then Panjiva gives you the freedom to find a tent supplier of your choice. You only need to create an account and be able to find a tent supplier that will fulfill all your tent accessories needs.

Tent Renters Supply

For carnival tents then tent renters supply is one of the well-known suppliers in Tampa, Florida, USA. They not only supply tents in the USA but also other continents. For high-quality tents for your festival tent renters supply will provide you with the best services.

Reliable Tent & Tipi Co

For Tipi tents, wall tents, and spike tents then reliable tent & tipi co is one of the leading tent suppliers. They have been providing tent supply services in Montana and Rocky Mountain region since 1945. Also, if you are looking for a tent and camping equipment's, canvas tents, and yurts for your festival they will provide you with them.

Fiesta Tents Ltd.

For tent structures for your upcoming festival in Canada work with Fiesta tents limited. They have great positive customer feedback. Small 10x10 marquee tents and other different sizes you will find them at the fiesta.

Carnival Tent Rental

For Halloween festivals, weddings, birthday, and other party or events carnival tent rental are specialists. They have been operational since 1996. Therefore, for any tent and tent accessories needs, you can contact them for more information. Furthermore, they provide set up and delivery services once an order for a tent is made.

A&B Party and Tent Rental

Looking for one-stop-shop for linens, furniture, catering services and equipment's, décor, entertainment equipment's, and tents. A&B party and tent rental are where you need to go. They provide exquisite products to make your festival event exciting. A&B party and tent rental is found in 1930 Hyde Park Rd, London, Ontario.


Are you in London? And are you looking for a tent supplier for your upcoming festival? Then on Poptop, you will find the best tent suppliers in London. For your marquee needs then you will find the best tent supplier.

10 Festival Tent Suppliers

Final Verdict

Working with the best will make your work easy. This means you need the right workforce for your festival. Additionally, you need a tent supplier that will understand what you need. Therefore, working with 1000sku.com will be the best option for you.

From large tents to small tents you will al find all types of tents you require for your event. Then look no more let us work together to make your guests enjoy your festival.

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