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The economy 20×20 pole tent will provide quick and easy protection from the elements at your next casual gathering. The economy pole tent is light, easy-to-transport and can be setup quickly. Very well constructed.you will very happy with this produc

The economy 20×20  pole tent will provide quick and easy protection from the elements at your next casual gathering. The economy pole tent is light, easy-to-transport and can be setup quickly. 

Very well constructed.you will very happy with this product. This tent is beautiful and it will work wonderfully for your event. 

The economy 20×20  pole tent is beautiful and it will work wonderfully for your event.   


Tent can accommodate up to 40 people.

Set up:

 Can only be set up over a grassy area because it has to be staked.

This tent come with everything you need to set it up.


with quality materials.

Center pole,White linen Table Cloths. Stakes, poles, ratchets, ropes and drop cloth.

PVC top cover ,100% waterproof.(The canopy vinyl material is heavy and thick and the stitching seems to be very strong.)

Heavy duty canopy and side walls.

Translucent color PVC top cover,PVC top cover.

Requires an area of 30×30 feet for installation for staking purposes.

Parts option:removable PVC sidewalls, 2 zipper doors.

party pole tent layout planner.

Tent options:

Include lighting, sidewalls, heaters and so on.

1.Can This tent connect  togther to be a bigger one? no, it cannot be.

2.How tall is this tent on the edges? How tall at peak center?

—— 6 t . Over and  10feet tall.  The side poles are 7' each and the center pole is 12.5' and assembles in 4 pieces.The center pole is approximately 5.25 inches

3.What's the difference between the pole tent and Frame tent?

the Frame tent is difficult to set up. Requires 8+ people. but  sturdy.

4.How can it be used year after year?

I think you can wash it with a soft mop and let it dry before you put it away.

5.Can the tent be set-up on a concrete patio?

The support ropes are attached to metal stakes that must be driven into the ground. but Will destroy the cement floor. So,think about it.

6. If you are not staking it to the ground make sure you use some cement weights to give it support. 

7.On raining and windy days it can come loose. be careful.  

8. If you plan on using the supplied stakes you must wear cut resistant gloves.

We live near Seattle and there's always that chance of rain on Party day. so I buy one.

20x40 canopy pole tent for graduation party.

Set up reviews:

I was worried that it was going to be difficult to put up. but now,I think 

It's easy to set up.

it stayed up with no issues in a windy day.

My husband was able to put this up with no help in an hour.

It just takes a little longer to adjust/tighten all the ropes appropriately, The only challenging part is putting the metal anchors into the ground.

It took two people to setup the first time, but after, I tried it by myself and found I can even put it up by myself without any assistance.


Great quality. Extremely durable tent.

It performs well in the rain or wind.

It protect well from wind and rainy conditions.

We have used it twice for my daughter's Birthdays and so far, it's been fantastic.

It's a great tent and we will be using it at all our events. 

The first party we used the walls because that party was at night and they watched a movie using a projector.

20 x 20 pole tent,  hold up well !  it's fantastic for a party.

Used this about 3 times now! hold up well !

It preformed well on a windy rainy day. 

This tent is very sturdy.

This is a great tent and easily manageable.

We will have it out for a couple of months. 

Note : 

Do not put tent on cement driveway.

Just be cautious on windy days/night and extended periods of rainwhere water could begin to build upon the canopy.You could clean it with a soft mop.

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