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Hosting a party or event usually requires a lot of dedication. You need to have ample time to plan for it. At the mind of every host they require the party to be exciting to all the guests. This goes in all aspects of your party. One of the most important

Things you Need to Know About Catering Tents for your Party

Hosting a party or event usually requires a lot of dedication. You need to have ample time to plan for it. At the mind of every host they require the party to be exciting to all the guests. This goes in all aspects of your party. One of the most important party requirements is catering. This is a key point you need to be serious about. Without forgetting every party organizer has this in mind.

Therefore, for your party to be charming you need to ensure you hire the best catering service company and catering equipment’s. Not only the best but an expert company that will bring the best of catering services and equipment's to your party. With all these at stake you also need to consider the type of pop-up tent you will rent. This is a crucial component for your party.

To know more about catering tents continue reading for more insights.

Catering Tents you Need to Rent

Catering tents are one of the most important things when planning for your party. You need to choose a tent that will provide a good atmosphere. Its not about food when you host an event. The place where you will have your guests will serve and eat their meals is very important. Therefore, the following are the best catering tents you need to consider.

· Frame tent

· Stretch tent

· Marquee

· Canopy tent

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The tent you choose for catering is equally important. So, you must carefully select the best type of tent. Another thing you need to consider is the size of your event. The larger the party the higher number of guests which means you need large catering tents. This is equally similar when you are hosting a small party. You need to consider the size and capacity of catering tent you rent.

Catering Tent Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the catering tent you rent is important. Currently, in the market we have different catering tent sizes. So, the following are some of them that may make your event prosperous.

· 10x10ft Tent. 100sq.ft is the area which this tent can occupy. When used as a catering tent it can support 15 cocktail tables, maximum of 12 banquet tables, 10 round tables, or 16 rows. If you have 15 guests this can be the best catering tent you rent.

· 10x20ft Tent. Will reside in an area of 200sq.ft. Hold 30 cocktail tables, maximum of 25 banquet tables, 20 round tables, or 32 rows.

· 20x20ft Tent. Occupying an area of 400sq. ft. This is one of the best catering tents you can rent for your party. Can hold 40 round tables and 60 cocktail tables.

·  40x40 ft Tent. This catering tent occupies an area of 1600sq.ft. It can hold 240 cocktail tables, a maximum of 200 banquet tables, and 160 round tables.

The following are some examples of tent sizes you can rent for your event. There are many tent sizes that depend on your needs. Therefore, with the size of party you are hosting you can get a tent that will satisfy your needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Catering Tent?

Cost is the most important thing while you are planning for your party or event. In many occasions party organizers tend to have challenges getting the correct price of catering tents. The cost of renting a tent depends on size. The following table shows the cost of catering tent according to the area it will cover.


Average Cost









Above is an example of average cost of tent according to area it will cover. This all depends with your preference. You can inquire more from your tent rental company.

Requirements of Catering Tents

The following are requirements you need to consider before renting a catering tent for your party.

· The tents should easy to setup

· They should be stable. Can withstand high wind strengths.

· Fully waterproof

· Color and design. This is important as it will determine the atmosphere of your party.

You can choose to rent a canopy tent. They are one of the best tents you can use for your events as they fulfil all the above requirements. However, you can check other types of tents before you decide.

Catering Equipment Rentals:

You also need catering equipment's to make your party complete. Once you have the right tent size you can now look for other equipment's. They include:

· Tables and Chairs. Be it rectangular or round tables you need to order for the exact number of tables and chairs that will go hand in hand with the number of guests. This will help you know how much they will cost.

· Glassware. High-quality product is what you require. Hence, ensure you rent quality glassware for your party.

· Buffet ware like tongs, chafing dishes, fuel, plates, serving baskets, cutting boards and knives, and dish cloths.

· Serving tools like bus bins, trays, and water pitchers.

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With all these catering equipment's in mind you can know look at the quality, design, or durability of the items. You can get all of these if you contact one of the following catering tent rental suppliers.

10 Best Catering Tent Rental Suppliers

Catering is the backbone of any event or party. This means you need to work with the best. So, the following are the best catering tent rental suppliers you need to know.

Kirby Tent Rentals

Found in Orlando, Florida, USA. Kirby tent rentals has been in the market providing clients like you with the high-quality tents. They have been operational as from 1946. Apart from tents they also offer other accessories that you need for your party or event. They are one of the largest tent suppliers in Southeast Florida.

Top Cat Big Tops

Marquee rental has now become easy with top cat big tops. Located in United Kingdom. This is a tent manufacturing and rental company. Being experts, they ensure that they provide you with high-quality and colorful tents that will suit your party. To hire a tent with them you need to place an order and pay a deposit. They will do tent installation. Additionally, they have different tent sizes. So, you can choose any size according to your party or event capacity.

Sunshine Party and Tent Rentals

To host a spectacular party or event then you need to rent your tents and other equipment's from sunshine party and tent rentals. This tent rental company is found in Canada. For street festivals, weddings, backyard party, corporate events, and pipe & drape consider working with Sunshine. Just book to make your party will Shine as Sun.

RSVP Party Rentals

Started in 1985 rsvp party rentals has been on the fore front to provide clients in Las Vegas with the best rental equipment's. For tents, tables, chairs, and other party necessities you can all get them at rsvp. For you party make at date with them to get the best tent and party accessories rental at exclusive prices.

Tentickle Stretch Tents

For your outdoor event Tentickle stretch tents are among the best. Situated in South Africa they deal with the quality stretch tents that you require for your event. Spectacular, safe, versatile, and easy setup is how I can describe their tents. If you require stretch tents for any event this is the right supplier you need to contact. Moreover, it has received international recognition as one of the top marquees and canopy firm.

Party Rent

In Europe? Are you looking for the finest party tent rental company? Then Party Rent is one of the best. Serving different European countries. They have a wide range of party accessories that you can rent. For party furniture, catering, and inspirations then visit party rent for more information.

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Amrit Tent & Catering Service

For any kind of event or party then Amrit tent & catering service is the best. Amrit is in Kharar, Punjab, India. Therefore, if you are planning to host a party or event you can reach Amrit for info. Apart from providing you with equipment's they will also help you in planning your party. So, for a colorful and tongue waging party Amrit should be your first choice.

Wanderjoy Party World Limited

Operating in East and Central Africa then you need to work with the best. For high peak tents and marquees for your party consider hiring them from Wanderjoy. They also provide other accessories like tables, chairs, floors, decorations, and many other services.

Stuart Event Rentals

For party rentals, tent and canopy rental, event planning, wedding rentals, and other event or party rentals then Stuart should be your choice. They also provide catering services. Stuart has been able to be the top rental company in the world for several years. Therefore, working with them will make your party astounding.

Diamond Event & Tent

Want your party to be unforgettable then Diamond event & tent is the right partner. They will help you plan your event or party, offer rental tents, catering equipment's, and many other things to make your party a success. To get their services ensure you work with them. They have been in tent renting business for more than thirty years.

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