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Furthermore, lights don’t only provide illumination but also a good ambiance during the party. To get a variety of lighting for your party you need to work with party light rental companies. There are many and you can find one near you. Therefore, the fol

Points to Take When Going All Out for Party Light Rental

Christmas party, birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or any party you are going to host requires all party accessories. They constitute of party tents, furniture, catering equipment's, glassware, and flatware. That is if you are having an outdoor or indoor event you require all party equipment's to make it awesome. Furthermore, you also need to remember about lights. They are important as you may not know how much time your party will take. Therefore, not to be ambushed to rent lights at the last hour of your event. You are required to include party lights when you are planning for your event.

lighting rental in a tent

Furthermore, lights don’t only provide illumination but also a good ambiance during the party. To get a variety of lighting for your party you need to work with party light rental companies. There are many and you can find one near you. Therefore, the following are things and party light rentals you need to consider. Just to add on remember lights for your party differ and so to get the best lights to consult a party light rental.

Things to Consider Before Renting Party Lights

Before renting party lights you need to have a knowledge of party lights. You need to have them at your fingertips. If you know them you will get to rent the best lights for your party. They include:


You want to host the talk of the town party. So, you need to make sure you rent the best party rentals. However, when it comes to party lights you have to consider a party light company that knows why you are seeking your services. The theme of your party needs to go hand in hand with the type of light you use to rent. Therefore, you need to ensure that the rental company is well-versed with designing events.

Additional Fees

Will I be charged additional fees for other services like transportation and installation of the lights after renting? That is what you need to ask yourself before you go all out renting for party lights.


Lights require a certain power to illuminate accordingly. That also depends on the type of light you will be using for your party. Before renting ensure that you research about the types of lights and power consumption of different party lights. That will enable you to get the best lightings for your event.

Furthermore, ensure the company you hire will provide power supply during your event. When they provide power, it will reduce the cost of your bill. Remember to tell them to bring power-saving lights like LEDs.

Book Early

You are not the only person hosting an event this coming weekend. Others too will be hosting parties. With such a scenario you may end up missing some important things for your event. Lighting is one of them. Not all companies own large quantities of party lights. Sometimes clients book a lot of party lights to illuminate their events spectacularly. Don’t assume that you are the only person booking for party rentals. So, ensure you book early to avoid last-minute rushing that may cost you too much.


It is not a must you rent all your party accessories from one company. You can deal with different companies. However, ensure your aim is not reducing the cost but hiring professionals who know what to do. When it comes to party lights many party rentals companies do say they provide these services. which tends to be not true. They get their equipment's from light manufacturing companies.

That is not a good way of making your party the best. You need to hire people who not only own their lights but have employees who know how to do their job. It is better to pay more and get the best services than pay less and make your party dull.

Types of Party Lights

Lights bring a sense of life in a party. Without proper lighting, the mood of your event will be somber. Why do you have to host a wedding, graduation, or birthday party that is boring? There is no need just cancel it. Nonetheless, the right type of party light for your event is essential. That is why you need to know some of the best types of party lights. They include:

· Lasers

· Disco Balls

· Spotlights

· Lightbars or banks

· Strobe lights

· Pyrotechnics

· Disco balls

· String lights

· LED strips

· LED candles

· Decoration lights

· Rope lights

· Twinkle lights

· Chandelier lights

· Globe party lights

Types of Party Lights

The above are some of the best party lights you can ask your party rental company to deliver. They have been tried and tested and the answer is they are the best for your event. Hope you consider renting one of them.

Party Light Rentals Near Me

With the influx of party rental companies, it is best if you work with an expert in a certain area of your party. To achieve the aim and ambitions of your party it is best of you to rent party lights from the following party light rental companies.

Party Light Rentals Near Me

Pro Lighting Rental

Finding a company that deals with lights for rent is usually rare. With pro lighting rental you can find high-quality party lights. For indoor uplighting, outdoor uplighting, Ultraviolet party lights, pin spotlights, marquee letter, moving lights, DJ lights, and light accessories you will get them at pro lighting. Their rental charges are so affordable.

Additionally, they offer free shipping to clients like you in any state in the USA. Therefore, consider getting the best of services from pro lighting rental.

American Party Lights Rental

Want to work with a stress-free party light rental company? Then American party lights rentals are who you should contact if you require party lights. You book online and they deliver the arty lights to your doorstep for free. They give you five days to use the lights which is enough for most events. Once you finish no paying for returning the lights.

For black lights, string lights, dance lights, spotlights, marquee lights, and many other light accessories you will find them at American party lights rental. You will not be overcharged for some services. Nevertheless, they will send a manual on how to install the lights. It is easy.

Bend Party Lights

Are you hosting a wedding, or any other event indoor or outdoor? Then lighting is important. Hence, hiring lights from bend party lights is what you need to consider. They are not only a rental company but they also design and installation of lights for different events. It is in Oregon, USA. If you want to rent a starlight projector, gobo packages pin spots, black lights, string lights, LED uplights, and dance lights. Then you will get all these from bend party lights. You can also get other accessories like pipe & drape and photo booths from this rental company.

All Occasions Party Rentals

Lights for rent, marquees, tables, chairs, linens, and many other party rental necessities are all found at all occasions party rental. When it comes to party lights, they have hundreds of different party lights. They truly understand what you need and they will deliver. Therefore, if you don’t want to work with several rental companies during your event then all occasions party rental is who you need to contact.

Melbourne Light Rentals

Working with a professional is one of the things you need to consider before contacting a rental company. For a colorful party then Melbourne light rental is one of the best in this sector. Some of the lights for rent include:

· Uplights

· Light letters

· Fairy lights

· Laser projector

· Dance lights

These are only a few of what they have. Visit their website to learn more about what other light and party accessories they provide.

Seattle Event Lighting

You may not find time to install light systems once you have hired them. Nonetheless, hiring from a company that does the installation too simplifies your work. They rent wedding lights, dance lights, and photo booths. Some types of lights they provide include:

· LED uplights

· String lights

· Black lights

· Pipe & Drape

· Freestanding poles

· spotlights

· Star projectors

Payment can be done by the major payment companies like PayPal, Visa, Stripe, or Mastercard. Or pay cash when they deliver the products and services. To make your party memorable consider working with Seattle event lighting.

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