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To make your outdoor party lively inclusion of any game is important. When you are hosting a kid’s festival games are always necessary. However, games are not only for kids but teenager or adults may want to entertain themselves with certain party games l

The Best Party Game Rentals Near Me

To make your outdoor party lively inclusion of any game is important. When you are hosting a kid’s festival games are always necessary. However, games are not only for kids but teenager or adults may want to entertain themselves with certain party games like:

· Heads Up

· Jungle Speed

· Pictionary

These are only examples there are more adult games you can choose for your party. Even if you don’t know how to play a party game, they are always easy to learn. So, if you want an entertaining and amazing party for your guests to ensure you include party games in your list of party rentals.

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Furthermore, in this article, you are going to learn about different party games and the best party game rentals you can work with.

Types of Party Games

Depending on the party you are hosting there are different types of games. Party games are categorized as party games for kids and party games for adults. For acclimatization and interaction of your guests remember to make party games a priority.

Wheelbarrow Races

Kids events like a birthday party are a suitable event where the children can play wheelbarrow races. It is played with two participants and is very enjoyable. One kid uses the hands as the aid of movement while the other holds the legs of the other kid. The one holding the legs will be the one aiding the other kid who is using the hands to move. Many pairs of children can play this game and the team to cross the tape first are the winners.


Played by adults this is one of the best party games you can play during your party. You need a piece of paper, pen or marker, and a time to play the celebrity. It is an easy game to play. You need to write a name of any celebrity then stick it on the forehead of the other player. The player is supposed to guess the name put on the forehead and say ask other players if it is true or false. If the player gets the game continues with another participant doing the same thing.

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Name that Tune

This is one of the fun party games you can ever play. You only need to say the name of the music playing and get points. Therefore, if you are a music lover then ensure this game is played during your party. That is because many people love it and it is wonderful. You need to have two teams when playing name that tune. When a song plays each team will be in a hurry to guess which song it is. If both teams get to answer the singer and music name the points are shared. Hence, it is one of the best adult games you can play.

Sack Race

I have ever played sack race during a school event. The only thing I can say if you want your children to have fun this is one of the best games they can play. Kids race from a certain distance usually 100metres to the finish line while their legs are inside a sack and they must hold the sack not to fall. What I like about this game children fall and make them struggle to get to the finish line the first. The one who crosses the finish line first is the winner.

Egg and Spoon Race

Do you want your children to know how to balance eggs on a spoon while they walk? Then the best way to make them have fun and practice this is by playing egg and spoon race. The main aim of the game is to compete who is the best in eggs balancing. If the egg falls you must pick it and return it to the spoon to continue. Therefore, if you are looking for a party game for your kids this is one of the best.


As an adult, you tend to find the best game to play when you have hosted a few friends for a party. You don’t want to be bored with listening or dancing to music alone. You need something that will cheer you up. Moreover, a game that will make you interact and be able to know each other well. Playing Pictionary is a good idea of achieving all that. What you need to have are a pen and a paper. You write a description about a certain image and the player on the right is supposed to draw the image. After doing so the player gives the next one the piece of paper with the picture and must describe the picture with words before passing it to the next player.

What is Strange Thing?

The ability to use your sense of touch to know the item you have touched is usually not an easy fete. In many adult parties, this is one of the games that is always played. It is simple. By blindfolding a player, you can give the player certain touch a certain item and say the name. The player gets points if and only if they get it right. So, why not play what is the strange thing at your party?

Treasure Hunt

Are you still looking for a classic party game? The treasure hunt is one of the best games you can ever play. You need to hide certain things in the location of your party and inform your guests to search for them and those who get them are winners. In most events, hosts hide tickets under seats bearing what you will win. For me to have your guest fully engaged this is the best game to play. Both children and adults can play it.

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There other dozens of classy party games you can play when in a party. Others include:

· Balloon relay race

· Pinata

· Limbo

· Mirror charades

· Sardines

· Before and After

These are only a few games you can play. There are many and interesting games. To know more about party games, you can ask for help from a party game rental company.

Party Game Rentals Near Me

The following are party game rentals that you can hire to help you in ensuring your event is interesting.

Party Rental CA

Looking for an outdoor and backyard game? The party rental CA is the best. They have a wide variety of backyard games for your event. Some include: giant checkers, yard pong, giant kerplunk, wooden backyard tic tac toe, cornhole, giant tumbling timbers, giant 4 connect in a row, horseshoe game, and many others. You can rent the playing equipment from them at an affordable price. Also, you can get other party equipment's like canopies, tables, and chairs for rent, concessions, and many other things. Therefore, to make your party lively with the best game rental work with party rental CA.

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A Party’s Favorite Entertainment

Music or dancing is not the only way you can entertain your guests. You must have various entertaining things at your party. And one of them is games. With a party’s favorite entertainment, you can get the best party game rental affordably. Some of the games they have are:

· Giant Cup Pong

· Giant Tumbling timbers

· 4 in a row

· Cornhole

· Game pack

Once you order you get free shipping and delivery if you are within 25 miles from their shop. 

National Event Pros

An event planner who will choose the right game for you is a very wonderful thing. Party games are sometimes not easy to pick. You must crack your head to get to decide. However, with National Event pros you will get to have a classic party game for your event. It is in the USA and serves clients from Austin, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, and other states.

Hart Entertainment

Having a 30-year experience in party rentals is not that easy. Nowadays parties are not like in the olden days they must be glamorous. It is not all about eating and celebrating but entertainment too. For giant skill games, food carts, carnival games Hart entertainment will provide you with the necessities during your party. It is found in Toronto and serves resident from Quebec, Ontario, and East and West Canada.

A&S Party Rental

Are you in Dayton or Cincinnati? And are you planning for an event or party? Therefore, if that is the case you need to work with the best. A&S party rental is an expert in party rental. Furthermore, carnival games. So, if you are looking for a place to get the best games then this is the best.


With over twenty-five games to choose from Fotoboyz is the place to go renting for party games. They have classic foosball, a giant LED foosball, pop shots basketball, air hockey, giant twister, dome hockey, giant word finds, football toss, and many modern party games just for you. They serve the following areas:

· Florida

· Boston

· Las Vegas

· New York

Therefore, to get the best party game rental services Fotoboyz are the best. Work with them to make your party remarkable.

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