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What is a marquee tent? A marquee tent is a hybrid of the frame tent and the pole tent. The types of tent have dramatic, high peaks and clear along the ground.


Holding outdoor events has now become the most popular trend as it provides the opportunity to enjoy a great and refreshing venue. An outdoor event can be set up anywhere such as your backyard, your garden, the beach, and other open-air spaces. If you’re planning on having an outdoor event, you must be looking for some outstanding tent options. There are many different types and styles of tents to choose from when you are considering tent rental.

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When we say different styles of tents, marquees are gaining immense popularity because of the versatility they offer.

What is a marquee tent?

A marquee tent is a hybrid of the frame tent and the pole tent. The types of tent have dramatic, high peaks and clear along the ground. They often have a cross cable and pole going up to the top giving a spacious space to organize everything.

A marquee is a large tent with open sides and often used for organizing outdoor events like wedding, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and more. It is also used as a projecting canopy over an entrance with displays.

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Why Tent Rental?

Tent rental companies specialize in different types of tents and essential accessories. They have various settings for every occasion to make it most special. If you are thinking of buying a tent instead of renting, you may end up spending a fortune and can still fall short of something. The rental companies lighten up your load by offering you a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Today’s tents offer much more than just a tarp and four legs, they have become a focal point of any celebration. They offer limitless possibilities such as decorations, sidewalls, flooring, lighting, doors, windows, and much more. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which type of structure will work best for your event.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled some useful information such as the different types of tents, popular tent suppliers, top decorators, and more.

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Let’s start with the popular tent rentals you may consider for your next event…

Top 5 Tent Rentals near Me

Whether you are looking for a canopy tent, a gazebo tent, or a backyard tent, there are a lot of suppliers providing you with immense options. Some of the popular tent suppliers are discussed below to help you with the selection…

1. Premier Event tent Rentals Inc. – Located in Brampton, Canada, the company offers a wide range of wedding tent rental packages. If you are looking for a huge variety of tent styles, explore the main categories which include frame tents, sailcloth pole tents, and other legacy structures for weddings, galas, sporting events, and corporate events.


2. Fastup Tent – The Company is located in China and counted among the top tent manufacturers and suppliers in the country. It can be your right place to look for an amazing range of tents including clear span tent, pagoda tent, marquee tent, pinnacle tent, and more. Also, they provide catering services for weddings and parties.


3. Radha Krishna Tent Palace & Wedding Planners – If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for tents and event planning, this is a place to look for. The company provides tent rental services along with wedding planning for various events. The services include marquee rentals, event tent, catering, flower decoration, and more.


4. FlexiTenz – A place to look for a variety of tents for events & festivals, weddings, custom installations, private and corporate events. From frameless canopies and marquees to stretch tents, they have something for every occasion. They offer solutions like canopies, waterproof tents, semi-permanent roof and more.  


5. Quintessentially Events – If you are looking for an international platform that serves both as a tent rental and event planning company, this is the right place to explore. The company offers complete event planning for both private and commercial events. Also, the branches are everywhere in the world including LA, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc.


Top 5 Tent Suppliers in the World


Tent Supplier



Contact Details


Premier Event Tent Rentals Inc.

Tent Rentals Packages

Brampton, Canada

Tel: 416-225-7500

Email: info@premiereventtent.ca 


Fastup Tent

Tents & Accessories

Guangzhou, China

Tel: 0086-20-829096966

Email: info@fastuptent.com 


Radha Krishna Tent Palace

Tents & Event Planning

Chandigarh, India

Tel: +91-97808-63901

Email: dharminder2106@gmail.com 



Tents & Marquees

New Zealand

Tel: 027-444-2829

Email: info@flexitenz.com 


Quintessentially Events

Tents & Event Planning

London, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc



6 Popular Types of Tents

Tents come in all shapes and sizes but not one style fits all events. Therefore, you need to find the most appropriate tent for your event, be it private or commercial. These days, there are countless options available making things a little more confusing.

Following are some popular tent types that you may consider for making your next event a big hit…

Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents are relatively new to the tent game but gaining immense popularity with outdoor events. As the name suggests, they ‘pop’ into a certain shape in just a few seconds when unfolded. Isn’t it great? These types of tents are designed with spring-loaded poles and made to be extremely lightweight and quick to install.

Applications – Small events like reunions, festivals, birthdays, etc.

Pros – Super convenient, quick set-up, no poles to mess with, easily transportable, and small package

Cons – Suitable for small events only, lack stability, can’t withstand extreme weather like rain and wind, and not for extended hours.

Steel Frame Marquee

A frame tent has a simple design and one of the most common types of tent out there. The free-standing tent uses a metal frame to support the tent and can be installed on most solid surfaces. The exposed metal pipes can be used to hang lights and other decorations. The durable materials used to make the frame would ensure the tent lasts for years.

Applications – Weddings, Receptions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, etc  

Pros – Durable, versatile, easy to set up, come in all shapes & sizes, and stable

Cons – Quite bulky, not as beautiful as the other type of tents, and exposed metal pipes

Stretch Marquee

Stretch tents are amazing and extremely popular these days as they offer great flexibility. They can be configured in countless ways as the fabric can be stretched to make any shape. Also, these modern and stylish structures can work with any space or location. These tents come in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different events.

Applications – Weddings, festivals, concerts, sports events, corporate events, etc

Pros – Versatile, easy to erect, stretchable, and waterproof

Cons – Tough to install, need professional assistance, and open sides

High-Peak tent

A high-peak tent, as the name suggests, has a high peak that offers a unique shape and cozy environment. These types of tents usually comprise of a single central pole that helps form a peak and more like a canopy tent. The framework is supported by cross cables extending from each corner tube, maximizing the usable space.

Applications – Carnivals, day events, flea markets, private functions, commercial events, etc

Pros – Easy to install, stylish, stable, durable, and economical alternative

Cons – Not much spacious and not for large events

Pagoda Marquee

Pagoda tents have gained high acclaim these days as they offer great flexibility and durability. These are basic tents and do not have a very high peak. The lightweight pagoda tents are not equipped for sidewalls and, therefore, often used for small parties. It is more like a backyard tent that can be easily picked up and installed.

Applications –

Pros – Flexible, durable, economical, easy to set up, and aesthetically pleasing

Cons – Only for small events, no sidewalls, and cannot withstand heavy rain or wind

Pole Marquee

Pole tents are great for all types of outdoor events and can give any event a ‘wow factor’ with their aesthetics. These tents have poles from the ground to support the tarp and a high peak that create a beautiful mountain-like appearance. However, you need to choose the location if using a pole tent as the poles can only be grounded on a grassy surface, not the concrete one.

Applications – Private events, corporate events, commercial events, etc

Pros – Big showy top, easy to install, durable, and stable

Cons – Cannot be staked on all surfaces, less versatile, and pricey

Tent Decoration near Me

Every tent should be extraordinary and only decoration can make this happen. Décor is not just a throughout color scheme or flower arrangement, it is much more than that. It involved everything right from the tent poles, flooring, stage, ceiling, furnishing to everything that you can think of. The right decoration set the right atmosphere of the event and also accentuates the venue.

Tent Decoration near Me

Today, a lot of companies provide professional tent décor services and some of the most popular ones are discussed below… check them out…

1. Inspiration Events – A one-stop-shop for tents, events, and décor! The company provides a wide range of décor options such as couches, side tables, ottomans, linen, cushions, carpets, lamps, flooring, lights, stands, and more. From contemporary themes to innovative arrangements, they give attention to the smallest details.


2. WedMeGood – A directory for finding decorators! This is the right place to look for the most acclaimed decorators in India. You can filter your search according to your preferred location, budget, decorator’s rating, and type of event. Find hundreds of companies and choose the one that best suits your needs.


3. Made-in-China – One platform for all your needs! If you are looking for a reliable tent decorator, browsing this site might help. This is where you can find the contact details of hundreds of tent suppliers and decorators in your area. Refine your search as per your exact needs and see what suits you the most.


4. Pink Book – Find a décor & hire company near you! This is directory a wedding where you can find the best tent decorators in your area along with other services like photographers, venues, makeup artists, and much more. They also help in event planning by offering a little book with the required information.


5. Arabian Tents – The Company is known to transform simple spaces into something unique and unusual environments. They specialize in marquee decoration which includes a venue decoration and styling service to hotels, night clubs, marquees, conference rooms, and more.

Top 5 Tent Decoration Companies


Company/Supplier Name



Contact Details


Inspiration Events


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tel: 041-581-4970

Email: amy@inspirationevents.co.za 



Events Directory


Email: info@wedmegood.com 





Visit Site


Pink Book

Wedding Décor & Hiring  

South Africa



Arabian Tents

Marquee Decoration


Tel: 0800-193-5229

Email: info@arabiantents.com 


When decorating your tent, you have a lot of things to consider. Therefore, be careful while choosing the options as with the right things you can create a magical and enchanting atmosphere. Plan and choose the decorator very carefully to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Tent Price

As you might expect, larger tents cost more as compared to the smaller tents. Also, the cost of renting or buying a tent will depend on the type of tent, kind of event, features you need, and customization.

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On average, it will cost $350 to $500 to rent a tent big enough to accommodate 20 to 40 people. Spending this much money will give you approximately 400 square feet to 600 square feet space. If you want a tent for accommodating around 60 to 120 guests, the large tents will cost approx $500 to $1,500 per day.

In simple words, there’s a tent for every budget and all you need is to determine your exact requirements and plan a budget. Having a budget will help you choose the best tent for your event without breaking the bank.

Here’s a tip… When choosing a tent for your event, go for an optimal balance between great quality and cost-efficiency.


Interested in hosting an outdoor event? Navigating the world of the tent for hosting a perfect outdoor event can be a little bit tricky. You cannot decide based solely on the appearance as there are numerous factors you need to consider. You should analyze factors like the kind of event, different types of tents available, the location, and the number of guests, catering, decoration, and your budget.

The best way to choose the perfect outdoor tent is by being mindful. The more you research, the better options you will get. So, stop thinking and start doing…

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