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Why festival tent rentals? Hosting a festival is something that takes a great deal of preparation and the tent has become an integral part of such occasions. If you are hosting a festival of sorts, hiring a tent can be an excellent idea. A lot of tent

Festival Tent – Know the Different Types of Tents

With winters now upon us, the festival season is here. Are you planning to celebrate a festival on a grand scale? A good tent is probably the most important thing to rent or buy before you head off to other essentials. Today, a lot of companies offer tents designed specifically for festivals and they are often budget-friendly.

When we talk about festivals, tents play an imperative role because no festivals can be organized without these beautiful structures. A large number of festivals and concerts are gaining popularity these days. Festivals are receiving a record number of attendees from the last few years.

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Over the years, the festivals have transformed and become a place to have fun with friends and family. This is where tent rental companies play a crucial role as they provide festivals tents to organize such events. Today, most festivals are held in the great outdoors and organizers ensure that sufficient shelter and comfort is provided to the attendees.

What is the Festival Tent?

A specifically designed tent that is so flexible and transformable that it can be used for any type of event. The tent provides sufficient shelter to the people from unexpected weather such as rain, strong winds, UV rays, etc. A festival tent can make a huge difference to the overall enjoyment of the event, be it a day event or under the stars.

Why festival tent rentals?

Hosting a festival is something that takes a great deal of preparation and the tent has become an integral part of such occasions. If you are hosting a festival of sorts, hiring a tent can be an excellent idea. A lot of tent rental companies provide affordable hire packages along with furnishing, catering, decoration, and other services.

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For what occasions festival tents are used?

There are many types of festivals for which you can use an outdoor tent. Some of the popular applications include…

ü Music Festivals

ü Trance Festivals

ü Arts Festivals

ü Film Festivals

ü Cultural Festivals

ü Religious Festivals

ü Carnivals

ü Changing Seasons

ü Food & Agriculture Festivals

ü Language Festivals

ü Science festivals

ü Rock Festival and much more…

Here’s what to look for in a festival tent…



UV Protection  



Appropriate Tent Size

Easy Installation

Good Ventilation

There may be countless types of events, but there’s one thing that makes them common: the tent. Whether you are hosting a music concert, festival, sports event, cultural event, or any other outdoor event, the right setting is crucial to its success.

To help you find the best festival tent, we’ve listed top 5 tent manufacturers and suppliers that you may consider…

Top 5 Tent Manufacturers & Suppliers in the World

1. Bargain Tents – Known for designing and manufacturing technologically advanced tents and equipment, this company offers a wide range of tents for a variety of events. They offer a vast range of marquees, Bedouin tents, customized wedding tents, festival tents, canopy tent, and more.


2. Boss Tents – Being one of the top manufacturers of wedding tents in South Africa, the company offers a stunning range to choose from. Whether you are looking for a big tent for hosting festivals or a small one for a reunion, you can choose from a wide variety available such as pagoda tents, stretch tents, canvas tents, gazebo tent, and more.


3. Stretch Structures – Stretch tents are a perfect companion for festivals and this manufacturer specializes in a wide range of stretch structures. The main products include stretch free-form tents, clearspan stretch tents, and more. The fabric structures come in different styles and sizes to suit a variety of events.


4. Royal Tents – One of the leading tent manufacturing companies in India, this is a place to look for a wide range of luxurious tents for wedding, festivals, and other events. They specialize in various types of garden tent, luxury tent, ottoman tent, marquee tent, and more. Also, you can choose from accessories like lanterns, tables, seating, etc.


5. Superb Tent – This is the right place to look for some innovative and unique tent designs for festival celebrations, exhibitions, sports events, weddings & parties, and more. The main products include arcum tent, curved tent, polygon tent, aluminum tent, pagoda tent, double-decker tent, pole tent, marquee tent, and many more.

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Top 5 Tent Manufacturers in the World


Tent Manufacturer



Contact Details


Bargain Tents

Tent Manufacturing

Durban, South Africa

Tel: +27-31-825-5645

Email: info@bargaintents.co.za 


Boss Tents

Tent Manufacturing & Accessories

South Africa

Tel: +27-083-786-6284

Email: info@bosstents.co.za 


Stretch Structures

Stretch Tent Manufacturing

US/UK/Australia/New Zealand

Email: info@stretchstructures.com 


Royal Tents

Tent Manufacturing & Export


Tel: +91-94133-29270

Email: enquiry@royaltents.com 


Superb Tent

Tent Designing & Manufacturing

Guangdong, China

Tel: +86-4009992388

Email: info@superbtent.com 


When you are looking for the right tent for festivals, there are many options to choose from on the market. We stock some of the popular tents that you can use during festivals and here you go with the options…

Pop Up Tent

One of the popular choices these days!

A pop-up tent or canopy tent is a lightweight, collapsible-frame fabric canopy and designed for small to medium-sizes events. As the name suggests, this kind of tent pops into certain shape when unfolded. This type of tent can be effectively used to provide shelter and protection from light rain and wind.

Most of the pop-up canopies are easy to erect and remove as they are small in size. The design and size of this tent make it an ideal choice for events like family or friends’ reunions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, small festivals, and more.

Frame Tent

Have been a staple in the tent industry for decades!

The frame tent uses a metal frame to support the tent and this freestanding tent can be erected on solid surfaces. Cross cable frame tents are extremely popular these days as they can be set up on the concrete, pavement, decks, patios, etc. They have to center poles underneath which means you get an obstruction-free space for organizing things like furniture, food, floor, and more.

Most of the frame tents have high peaks and can also be joined together to create a variety of different shapes. Also, they are designed to withstand strong winds and rain which makes them ideal for every event or occasion. It can be used as a garden tent or a backyard tent.

Frame Tent for festival

Stretch Tent

An innovative take on a traditional marquee tent!

A stretch tent is a single piece of waterproof fabric that is stretched tight over an idea using free-standing poles. The poles are installed beneath the stretched material to provide it the desired shape. Most of the stretch tents are 100% waterproof, fire retardant, and can be used to cover a larger area. Therefore, they are ideal for big events like weddings, birthdays, concerts, and more.

These beautiful and functional structures stretch in both directions and any desired shape can be achieved with different length poles. Therefore, they perfectly suit the style of any event to create the desired ambiance.

High-Peak Tent

A popular choice for unparalleled event elegance!

A high-peak tent, as the name suggests, has a peaked top which adds a great deal of charm to any event. These types of tents are ideal for outdoor events like a wedding, graduation, a birthday party, an outdoor gathering, a corporate event, etc. The kinds of tents are known for their aesthetics elegance and superb functionality.

What sets the high-peak tents apart from the traditional tents is their spacious internal space as there are not too many obstructions. In most tents, the center is elevated using aluminum tent poles resting on cross cables and a frame tension.

Pole Tent

An ideal style of tent for all types of events!

As its name suggests, the pole tent is supported by poles and guy-wires to get a particular shape. They feature high peaks and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all occasions. They can easily be decorated with drapes and pole skirts to get a more sophisticated look. You can also hang flowers and lights using the tent’s framework.

Pole tents are highly popular and used for larger events such as weddings, receptions, corporate events, etc. However, they cannot be erected on hard surfaces like concrete which makes them less versatile. However, they can be erected of grassy surfaces and adorned by sidewalls.

5 Best Outdoor Event/Festival Tent Reviews

Getting the best festival tent is a compulsory checklist because it is the only thing that is going to give a base to your event. To make things a bit clear, we’ve reviewed 5 outdoor event tents…

1. 32’x16’ PE Party Tent – This heavy-duty wedding canopy by DELTA Canopies tops the list because of its design, size, and storage bags. It is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel frame with the top part and walls made of water-resistant polythene. Also, it has arched shaped plastic windows with zip enclosure for easy use. The package comes with ropes and pegs along with highly durable bungee straps.


2. 10’x20’ Quictent Outdoor Gazebo Canopy – If you are looking for a gazebo tent, this wedding party tent can be a good choice. It comes with 6 removable sidewalls and designed with rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame. The steel frame gives it a durable and stable structure which makes it an ideal choice for different events. The fully waterproof polyethylene covers offer UV protection.


3. 20’x40’ Quictent Gazebo Tent – This upgraded galvanized heavy-duty canopy tent is a huge tent with so many windows. The framework is made of 38mm galvanized steel tubes that are rust-resistant. Also, the tent comes with a free lifetime replacement for any connectors, poles, elastic ropes, and some other parts. Coming to the roof, it is made of UV resistant material and the tent is available in many sizes.

4. 10’x30’ Exacme Canopy Tent – This large outdoor gazebo patio tent is an ideal solution for a large event. The canopy tent is easy to assemble and perfect for weddings, birthdays, meeting, etc. It comes with removable sidewalls, ropes, and stakes for added stability. Also, the steel frame poles are powder-coated and offer rust resistance. The tent is designed for garden and leisure events.


5. 29’x21’ Decagonal Party Tent – This heavy-duty canopy tent is a ten-sided party tent which makes it an elegant choice for a variety of events. It comes with detachable sidewalls, eight classic windows, and two removable entrances. As far as the framework is concerned, it has a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. The entire framework is rust and corrosion-resistant.

How much does it Cost to Rent a Tent?

Wondering how much renting a tent will cost you? Well! The cost of every tent may vary depending on its size, quality, features, and addons. Still, we have some estimate…

Basic Tent structure - $500 for a small to the medium-sized tent and $5,000 for a large tent.

Flooring – Anywhere between $1-$2.50 a sq. foot which makes around $300-$2,000 depending on the size and type.

Sidewalls – may range from $1-$4 as charged by the linear square foot which makes it around $400+.

Tent Liners – It may cost you approx $500 to $1000 depending on the type and size of the tent.

Tips & Tricks

Been tasked with organizing an event whether it a wedding, a birthday, a corporate party, or a festival can be challenging. If you are planning on having an outdoor event and looking for a tent, the following tips might help…

Here’s what you should analyze before renting or buying any type of tent…

Ø Quality – Make sure that the tent undergoes a major check for any defects and come built-in UV absorber for sun and anti-bacterial agents.


Ø Comfort – Tents should provide 100% water protection and should be able to withstand strong winds and rain so that you can enjoy peace of mind.


Ø Choice – As it’s your money that you’re going to spend, make sure that the supplier provides with a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from.


Ø Value – Make sure you get the best tent for your money and this is only possible when you find a reliable and experienced tent supplier in your area.


Ø Cost-Efficiency – Always compare the prices of similar products offered by different companies and make sure there are no hidden costs.


Ø Customization – If you are looking for something unique, get your tent customized as per your exact needs and there are a lot of companies that offer custom-made tents.


Ø Customer Service – Find a tent manufacturer or supplier offering unmatched customer services and dependable delivery of the tents.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips to choose the best tent for your event, satisfaction is of utmost importance. Whatever type of tent you choose, you should be satisfied!

Be prepared and rent the best tent!

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