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When you are looking to host a party, you need to rent a party tent. Whether it’s an outdoor party, a wedding reception, a birthday party, a casual family gathering, or a corporate event, tents play a crucial role. After all, your guests need someplace to

Renting a Party Tent: How to Bring Your Event to Life

When you are looking to host a party, you need to rent a party tent. Whether it’s an outdoor party, a wedding reception, a birthday party, a casual family gathering, or a corporate event, tents play a crucial role. After all, your guests need someplace to enjoy and shelter from unexpected weather such as rain, strong winds, UV rays, etc.

There are many types of party tents in the market that you can choose for your event. However, you need to find the best for your requirements. This piece of writing discusses some popular types of tents you can consider along with the best place to get tents and party supplies. Also, you will come to know about furniture and equipment rental services.

Let’s get started…

party tent rentals near me

Top 5 Party Rentals near Me

Looking for a part tent? Choosing a party tent involves details that we often overlook.

1.  A Perfect Event – Located in Chicago, the United States, the party rentals company offers a wide range of products to make events a big hit. Floral decoration, styling, and stationery are some popular categories to explore. They also provide event management services for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and galas. Furthermore, they serve high-profile clients in their own intimate space called ‘the DL Lounge’.


2. Pegasus – A well-known name is the event management and party rentals in India, the company offer solutions to all types of events including weddings, parties, and corporate affairs. They have a vast event vendor network to supply all the essential products to the clients in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. This is a place to explore a wide range of rental products and services.


3. Fastup Tent – Based in Guangzhou, China, the company is a renowned name in the party rental business and offer a wide range of tents for weddings and parties. You can hire from some of the popular categories like commercial tents, marquee tent, gazebo tent, mixed tent, structure tent, pagoda tent, canopy tent, and more. Also, they provide specialized tents for catering and special events.

4. All American Party Rentals – This party rental company is located in the USA and known for offering a wide range of rental supplies for weddings and parties. They provide a wide variety of renting equipment for events like kids’ parties, weddings, corporate events, etc. The main product categories include dance floors, garden equipment, tents, canopies, barbeques, and more.

 celebrations party rentals

5. Sperry Tents – A popular name in the European market, this company offer an exclusive range of wedding and event rentals. They offer tents of different types and sizes to suit the needs of different occasions. Also, they specialize in arranging multiple tents for parties like cocktails, dinners, reception, etc.

Top 5 Party Rental Companies in the World


Party Rental Company



Contact Details


A Perfect Event

Party Rentals

Chicago, US

Tel: 773-244-9333

Email: info@aperfectevent.com 



Full Service Event Management

Mumbai, India

Tel: +91-85304-73332

Email: info@pegasusevents.in 


Fastup Tent

Tent Factory


Tel: 0086-20-82906966

Email: info@fastuptent.com



All American Party Rentals

Party Rentals near me

California, USA

Tel: 714-998-5341

Email: AaprCustomerService@gmail.com 


Sperry Tent

Wedding & Event Rentals


Tel: +32-3-500-2126

Email: info@sperrytents.eu 


For you to get the most from the party tents, you need to choose the best for your event. For choosing the best, you need to consider a lot of things such as the location, number of guests, time, etc. One of the factors that you should prioritize is the design of the tent. Today, tents are available in an endless variety of designs to suit the different themes of the parties.

Here, we’ve discussed some popular designs that are extremely popular among the event planners. Check them out…  

Pop-Up Tent

As the name suggests, pop-up tents pop into a certain shape when unfolded and a perfect for a small event. Though these types of tents are relatively new to the industry, they are gaining huge acclaim with outdoor events. The framework includes spring-loaded poles that are very lightweight for quick installation. The tent is super convenient to use as there are not many poles to mess with and can be easily transported to any place. A pop-up tent is like a garden tent that is ideal for events like festivals, reunions, birthdays, corporate meetings, etc.  

Frame Tent

A frame tent is a popular choice these days because of the functionality and durability it offers. It has a simple design which uses a metal frame to support the tent. As the tent involves a metal framework, it can easily be installed on most solid surfaces like decks, patios, pavement, etc. These types of tents have exposed metal pipes but they can be used for tent decoration. The tent can be successfully used at events like weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

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Stretch Tent

A stretch tent offers great flexibility as the fabric can be stretched to make a variety of shapes. These stylish yet functional structures can be used to adorn any space or location as they come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Though they are easy to erect, may require professional assistance for proper installation. These types of tents are ideal for big events like weddings, receptions, festivals, parties, sports events, concerts, corporate events, commercial events, and more.

High-Peak Tent

A high-peak tent has a peaked top which looks great and offers a cozy environment for any party. Generally, these types of tents have a single central pole that helps create a high peak. Coming to the framework, it is supported by cross cables that extend from each corner tube. They are easy to install and an economical alternative over other types of tents. The design of the tent gives a spacious area to host events like flea markets, carnivals, festivals, parties, etc.

Pagoda Tent

Pagoda tents are known for their flexibility and durability and this is the reason why they are gaining immense popularity these days. Talking about the design of these tents, these are basic structures with not a very high peak. They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install as they do not involve a complex framework. The tent is more like a backyard tent that can be used small parties, weddings, reunions, corporate events, etc.

outdoor party tents

Pole Tent

An excellent option for a variety of outdoor events, a pole tent has poles from the ground to support the entire framework. The poles are used to support the tarp and form a high peak that looks great. They have a big showy top and highly stable. As these types of tents involve poles as support, they can only be installed on grassy surfaces, not the concrete ones. As far as the applications are concerned, a pole tent can be used at all type of private, corporate, and commercial events.

Part 8

Top 5 Party Supply Rentals in the World

Whether you are going to host a wedding party, a birthday party, on any other type of party, you will need some supplies to make it happen. It is not possible to organize a memorable party without proper supplies because guests always expect something new at every event. Party supplies like furnishing, decoration, linen, props, etc not only look great but also boost the functionality.

Best of all, having appropriate party supplies means loads of fun and entertainment opportunities for guests. When your guests will be entertained, they will cherish the moments forever. So, here we discuss some top suppliers to get the party supplies…

1. Let’s Party – If you are looking for a wide range of party supplies in South Africa, this is the right place to explore. They specialize in party supplies and offer a wide range of products which includes decoration, catering equipment, jumping castles, machines, costumes, and much more. You can also get the wall and table décor customized as per your specific needs.


2. Lenzo – This can be your one-stop-shop for party supplies in Australia where you can buy or hire party, wedding, and event supplies. They provide furniture and decorations from leading suppliers. Explore a wide range of products for birthdays, weddings, baby shower, kids’ parties and more. Some of the main party essentials include balloons, décor, linen, cakes, flowers, etc.

party supply rentals 

3. Funacart – An India-based online store offering international shipping for a wide range of party supplies. Explore categories like an adult party, baby occasions, dining, festivals, decorations, costumes, return gifts, and more. They have countless variety of party supplies in each category and provide fast delivery. No matter what kind of party you are having, you will find a great range to choose from.


4. Party Doctors – The Company is based in the UK and offers an impressive range of party hire equipment for different occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, themed parties, and more. The produce you can explore include tents, mobile bars, fn food bars, dance floors, draping materials, props, catering furniture, candy floss, luxury toilets, photo booths, and much more.


5. Parties to Go – If you are looking for a party rental company in China offering a great range of products under one floor, this is a place to explore. They offer items like audio & visual equipment, decoration, furniture, catering equipment, linen, props, tents, sound, lighting, and more. They also provide customized packages so that you can choose as per your party’s theme.

Top 5 Party Supplies Companies in the World


Company/Supplier Name



Contact Details


Let’s Party

Party Supplies

South Africa

Tel: +278-765-48055

Email: party@letsparty.co.za 



Party Supplies


Find a Store 



Party Supplies


Tel: +91-98713-83006

Email: contact@funcart.in


Party Doctors

Party Hire


Tel: 0845-307-4365

Email: party@partydoctors.co.uk 


Parties to Go

Special Event Rentals


Tel: 541-485-5587


Party Furniture & Equipment Rental Service

Are you planning to throw a party? When it comes to bringing an amazing event to life, there is so much to take care of. No matter the size and type, furniture and equipment rentals are an important thing to consider.

party furniture rental

Here’s the list of some essential furniture and equipment rentals…

ü Chairs & Tables

ü Sofas

ü Bars

ü Event Support

ü Display Items

ü Flooring & Carpet

ü Serving Sets

ü Décor

ü Linens

ü Staging

ü Linen

ü Audio/Visual

ü Heaters & AC

ü Canopies

ü Umbrellas

ü Beverage Service

ü Generators & cords

ü Lighting and more

Having the right equipment means you are prepared for hosting the event and entertain your guests in the best possible way. With the right type of tent and accessories, you can make any event a cherishing one.

What’s more?

Planning a party or event takes planning, patience, and precision because it is something that has to be perfect. If you want your next event to be perfect, the companies like 1000SKU.com can take the burden off your shoulders and provide with the most appropriate solution. The process will start with a personal consultation to understand your unique needs. Whether you are planning a small event or a gala affair, party rental professionals can help.

So, are you ready to throw an outstanding party? 

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