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Marquee Hire Prices – One of the most important issues when hiring marquee canopy is the price. There isn’t a straight answer for this as it all depends on the size of the marquee and the accessories. However, the basic prices for a small-sized marquee fo

Wedding Marquee Hire Packages – Choosing the Best for a Perfect Event

When the weather allows, nothing is comparable to an outdoor event. Hosting an event in the great outdoors means the fresh air, the sunshiny or twinkling atmosphere, and the natural fragrance of Mother Nature. If your family and friends will come together to celebrate any special occasion in such a beautiful setting, what’s better…

While talking about an outdoor event, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘tent’. Today, a stunning variety of tents is available to choose from and they are available in all styles and sizes. With so many options to choose for, a marquee can come in handy for a wedding.

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What is a marquee and what makes it different from a tent?

Many of us find marquees and tents similar but there’s a slight but important difference between the two.

First, what is a marquee? A marquee is a variety of large tent often used to shelter large events such as weddings, festivals, concerts, shows, etc. Marquees are quite big and, therefore, ideal for commercial and industrial use or accommodating large groups of people.”

What is the difference? Well! Marquee is a tent but not every tent is a marquee. Generally, the word tent is used for structure sustained by poles that can be used for sheltering people from weather and are usually small. On the other hand, a marquee is a large tent with open sides and mostly used for outdoor entertainment.

Marquee Hire Prices – One of the most important issues when hiring marquee canopy is the price. There isn’t a straight answer for this as it all depends on the size of the marquee and the accessories. However, the basic prices for a small-sized marquee for 10 to 50 guests might cost $300 to $400. The cost will keep increasing with addons like furniture, flooring, decorations, sound equipment, lighting, etc.

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The best way is to have a budget and choose accordingly because there are numerous options available. Keep in mind that the cost of the tent will depend on its size and capacity. You can find tents in almost every budget.         

Marquee Hire Services – Having a marquee wedding is a little different as it needs certain things like a good tent, proper furnishing & flooring, lining, etc. However, there’s an advantage of hiring a marquee that you can do whatever you want. If you have chosen a venue with beautiful surroundings, this would be an absolute bonus as you can use clear marquees to accentuate the natural beauty.

Navigating the world of marquees can be a challenging task with countless options available these days. However, having some know-how of the most popular types may give you an insight into what’s better for you. So to take the hard work out of searching for your perfect wedding marquee tent, we have shortlisted some of the most popular options available. Check them out…

Pole Marquee

A pole marquee is a large tent which consists of a roof canopy supported by tall central poles. The poles are tensioned using sidelines connected to stakes and there are some smaller supporting poles. The main central pole is used to carry the bulk of the tent while the smaller poles are used to give the fabric shape.  

Earlier pole marquees were made from cotton canvas covers and wooden poles but nowadays more modern materials like PVC covers and aluminum poles are used. These types of structures are used to shelter events such as weddings, parties, trade shows, festivals, corporate events, etc.

Pop-Up Marquee

Pop-up tents have gained huge popularity in recent years due to the flexibility and ease of installation they offer. Pop-up marquee is also known as an instant marquee as it pops into a certain shape in just a few minutes. The entire framework is designed to be extremely lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to set up.

Pop-Up marquees are great for events like festivals, family reunions, kid’s parties, etc. These types of designs are not good for organizing large events as they are not designed to handle much in terms of weather such as strong winds or rain.

Stretch Marquee

Stretch marquees are great when it comes to flexibility and versatility. As the name suggests, these types of tents can be stretched to make any shape which means they can be configured in countless ways. They look super-stylish and modern and perfect for all types of events especially those summer ones.

A stretch marquees work great with any space and location as the flexible fabric can be stretched in many different ways. Some of the most popular applications include wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, concerts, and corporate events.

Clearspan Marquee

Clearspan marquee is extremely popular with medium to large-sized events as they offer timeless classic elegance and aesthetic appeal. Clearspan means you can see the sky and it is more like a blank canvas where you can put your personal touch. This is the best type to easily have linings, flooring, drapes, PVC, glass roofs, and other extras.

There are no poles in such types of marquees which mean an obstruction-free view from every corner. This flexible structure is mostly built from an aluminum frame and ideal for weddings, receptions, private and corporate parties.

Clearspan Marquee

Inflatable Marquee

Though inflatable structures are a newcomer to the tent game, they have gained immense popularity in recent years. Rather than having that traditional design with aluminum or metal poles and a tarp, an inflatable marquee has air beams that inflate to support the tent structure. These types of tents require an air pump to inflate the entire structure.

Inflatable marquees come in a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit the unique needs of different events. Although they are still in the relatively early stages of design, they can be used at events like weddings, parties, and corporate affairs.

Pagoda Marquee

Pagoda marquee is also called as ‘Chinese hat’ and they are a smaller square tent that features a high-peaked roof. They can also be joined together to create a giant outdoor venue catering to all types of things, activities, and your guests. You can also add sides and pick from a huge variety of styles and sizes available.

These types of tents are proven in durability and come with fireproof certified PVC. The eye-catching design of a pagoda marquee is ideal for adding a visual impact to just about any event such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, cocktails, etc.

Circus Marquee

A circus marquee is a large structure designed to accommodate different activities and guests. They usually have a big top that provides instant atmosphere and adds to the excitement. Generally, it is a canvas tent to accommodate the audience and performers at a circus performance.

A circus tent has a big top and some walls and it can also be customized to the specific requirements. The type of marquee is ideal for amusement business, trade fairs, festivals, and of course circuses.

Whatever marquee you choose for your special day like a garden party marquee or a marquee canopy, try to make it as unique and functional as possible.

Top 5 Marquee Companies near me

If you want to hire a marquee, following are some marquee hire service providers that you may consider…

(5 from Sydney, Brisbane, Sussex, Yorkshire, Canberra)

1. Ava Party Hire – Looking for marquee hire in Sydney? AVA Party Hire specializes in party hire products for weddings, events, parties, markets, festivals, fetes, and other occasions. Apart from marquees, explore categories like bar accessories, catering & BBQ, furniture, crockery, cutlery, flooring, and other essentials.


2. Complete Party & Marquee Hire – If you are looking for marquees of different sizes for all occasions in Brisbane, this is a place to look for. Apart from a great range of marquees, they offer a wide variety of furniture, cooking equipment, and all the extras like party supplies.

Complete Party & Marquee Hire 

3. Petworth Marquees – This is a place to look for the finest quality frame marquees and interiors in Sussex. The marquees are suitable for all types of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, charity balls, and corporate events. Also, the marquees are available in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of budgets.


4. Yorkshire Marquee Hire – Looking for marquee hire in Yorkshire? Visiting this site might help as they provide affordable packages to suit every occasion. The company provides a wide range of marquees for both domestic and commercial applications. You can also check out the modular tents with special features.


5. Event Marquees – Based in Canberra, this company specializes in marquee hire and offer a great range to choose from. Some of the popular types of marquees include clear marquee, dome marquee, wedding & party marquee, and industrial marquee. Other services include roofing, sidewalls, flooring, lighting, linings, etc.


Top 5 Marquee Hire Companies


Company Name



Contact Details


Ava Party Hire

Party & Event Hire

Sydney, Australia

Ph: 02-9938-5599

Email: info@avapartyhire.com.au 


Complete Party & Marquee Hire

Party & Marquee Hire

Brisbane, Australia

Ph: 07-3283-3388


Petworth Marquees

Professional Marquee Hire

Sussex, UK

Ph: 01403-820020


Yorkshire Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire

Yorkshire, Northern England

Ph: 0113-880-5354


Event Marquees

Marquee Hire

Canberra, Australia

Ph: 1800-788-006


The above-mentioned are some popular marquee hire companies, you can discover more using the Internet. With the right marquees, you can transform an ordinary-looking event into something super-luxurious and memorable. The best part is, marquees does not have to cost a fortune and can be erected at almost all surfaces.

Tent Price – how much does it cost to hire a marquee?

Marquees will range in price depending on their size, style, type of event, service provider, and accompanying services. Though the cost of hiring marquees may vary, it starts from $350. A 20x20ft (6x6) marquee will cost somewhere between $250 to $300 while a 20x70ft (6x21) marquee may cost around $800 to $1,000.

The best way to get the value for your money is by comparing quotes from different service providers. However, it doesn’t mean that the cheapest quote is good and you should go for it. There are several things that matters and an amazing tent do come with a good price tag. Consider things like…








Extra Services  

marquee companies near me

The cost can be one of the deciding factors but don’t make it the only deciding factor!

The Final Verdict

Looking forward to hosting an outdoor event? Considering marquee hire can be a great idea but there are certain tips that you may want to know to ensure you have the perfect day.

Here’s how to get it right…

ü Choose the style you desire as this will help you choose the most appropriate marquee.

ü Call in the pros as they will help you in everything right from the tiny details to the big affairs.

ü Think about parking for guests and if it is slightly away from the venue, try providing a solid walkway.

ü Organize some mobile toilets for the convenience of guests.

ü Always have a back-up power plan and generators are a great way.

ü Although you may have adequate natural light, add some LEDs or lanterns to create a mood.

ü Consider the entire setup while hiring marquees such as the fabric, the poles, the flooring, the furnishing, etc.

ü Be prepared for unpredictable weather and the best way is to have a smart setup with sidewalls, doors, and windows.

ü Check out the extra services provided by the service provider such as catering, decoration, etc.

ü Keep to the budget and remember that if you want a top of the line marquee, you will have to pay more.

ü As accidents are unpredictable, be prepared when it happens with insurance.

ü Always hire your marquee from a reliable and experienced company.

ü Book in advance to avoid last-minute confusion or hassle.

Worrying never did anyone any good. So, stop worrying and start planning to have peace of mind during the event… 

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