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Have you ever experienced the challenges of hosting a party or event? It can be tiring and time-consuming without proper planning. Party rentals are crucial when planning a wedding or an outdoor party. Hiring party rental services may seem costly to most

Party,Hall,Tent,Linen,Table & Chair Rentals Near Me 

Make Your Dream Event a Reality!

Have you ever experienced the challenges of hosting a party or event? It can be tiring and time-consuming without proper planning. Party rentals are crucial when planning a wedding or an outdoor party. Hiring party rental services may seem costly to most people but it can ensure a perfect celebration. It means the full value of money with no disasters to speak of and no mess to clean up.

For what kind of party you need to consider party rentals?

Wedding party

Kids party

Classic party

Birthday party

Graduation party

Corporate party

Anniversary party

Family or friends’ reunion

Cocktail party, etc

party supplies

How to Choose Local Party Rentals?

As soon as you know you have an event to plan, you need to find a reliable and experienced party rental company to take care of your needs. The best way to ensure that everything is taken care of; find a local party rental supplier that offers all the necessary supplies and services.

First of all, choose a suitable venue and book a tent in case you want to host the party in the great outdoors. Later, think about the party supplies and among the top priorities should be tables and chairs. The seating arrangement is extremely important and should not be overlooked.

Here are a few tips to choose the best local party rentals…

Ø Look into the experience and reputation of the company.

Ø Know about the license and insurance.

Ø Evaluate customer service and responsiveness.

Ø Check out the entire range of products and services.

Ø Know what’s included in the party rental package.

Ø Ask for the quote and compare their rates.

Local Party Rentals

When looking to hire local party rentals near you, focus on finding the one that best fits your needs. Also, don’t be afraid to ask anything that come to your mind because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Type of Tent Rentals You May Consider

Looking for an ideal tent for your next event? Well! The following are some popular types of tents that you may explore and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Pop-Up Tents – A kind of tent that pops up into a certain shape when unfolded and, therefore, an ideal solution for instant celebrations.


2. Frame Tents – A freestanding tent that uses a metal frame instead of poles and can be set up on most solid surfaces.

 Frame Tents

3. Stretch Tents – A flexible kind of tent made of a stretchable fabric that can be stretched tight over an area to form any shape.


4. High-Peak Tents – The kind of tent that combines the attractiveness of a pole tent and the functionality of a frame tent with a peaked top like a canopy.


5. Pagoda Tents – Known for their flexibility and durability, the kind of tents are basic structures with not a very high peak and look aesthetically pleasing.


6. Pole Tents – It has poles from the ground to support the entire framework and the big showy top looks great. The type of tent can be installed on grassy surfaces, not concrete.


7. Dome Tents – It can either be a continuous air structure forming a rectangular floor design or a tarp one with poles running from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner.


8. Circus Tents – A kind of tent that is used to provide shelter during a circus performance and often supported by large ropes and poles.

Top 5 Party Rental Companies You May Consider for Your Next Event

1. Sydney Event Rentals – If you are looking for high-quality yet affordable party rentals in Sydney, explore the products offered by this company. They provide a wide range of chairs & tables, lights, fog machines, microphones, and other products.


2. Brisbane Party Hire – Looking for a wide range of party rentals at great prices. The company offers an impressive range of products for every occasion. Some of the popular products include furniture, décor, carpets, lighting, floors, marquees, and more.


3. Rent Event – The Company offers a huge variety of items to hire for parties and also provide styling and planning services for events. Explore products like garden games, furniture, photo booths, décor, chalkboards, paper lanterns, and much more.


4. Event Prop Hire – This could be your one-stop-shop for party rentals where you can explore some unique products. The main categories include theme props, Christmas party products, furniture, show stoppers, and more.


5. McHugh Hire Canberra – This is a place to find a huge variety of party rentals such as audio/visual, lighting, flooring, furnishing, décor, cutlery, entertainment, games, electrical, marquees, linen, and much more.

 party rental supplies

Top 5 Party Rental Companies


Party Rental Company



Contact Details


Sydney Event Rentals

Rental Products

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 0424-474-449

Email: sydneyeventrentals@gmail.com 


Brisbane Party Hire

Party Rentals

Brisbane, Australia

Tel: 07-3812-2444


Rent Event

Party Rental, Styling & Planning


Tel: 0800-294-8939

Email: info@rent-event.co.uk 


Event Prop Hire

Party Props & Rentals


Tel: 01937-222-777

Email: enquiries@eventprophire.com 


McHugh Hire Canberra

Party Equipment Rental Service


Tel: 02-6162-1662

Email: bookings@mchughhire.com 


Hall Rentals near Me – Things to Consider When Choosing Your Venue  

When organizing an event, you may confront a lot of challenges and choosing a venue or party hall tops the list. It is one decision that will have the largest impact on your event as a lot of other considerations depend on it such as catering, decoration, seating arrangement, etc.

To help you with choosing the best hall rentals, we’ve compiled a few tips…

Hall Rentals near Me

The Earlier the Better – If you are wondering when to start looking for a venue, begin as soon as possible. Begin searching for the venue as per your requirements and budget.


Look for a Local Party Hall – For a local event, it will be wise to look for a venue within a reasonable distance from your home and most attendees.


Choose a Venue with a Parking – Make sure that there is a parking lot nearby which guests can access easily and park their vehicles.


Consider Minimums & Capacity – Know the room capacity of the venues and also check if they have a minimum food and beverage spending amount.


Pay Attention to Services & Amenities – Check if the venue has a kitchen or provide catering along with supplies like furniture, linens, setup, cleaning crew, etc.


Decide on a Layout – Pay special attention to the layout of the hall rentals to ensure that the ambiance matches the desired feeling of the event.


Check License & Insurance – While looking for a local party hall, make sure you check out the license and insurance to avoid any legal issues.


Cost and Flexibility – While considering local hall rentals, try to negotiate on being flexible on the event date and you may get discounted pricing.


Find the Right Venue – Browse the Internet or get referrals to some of the top hall rentals to find the best venue for your event.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing hall rentals for your event. Fortunately, investing quite a bit of your time in research, you can find the perfect venue that best suits your needs.

Wedding Décor Rentals – Bring Your Vision to Life!

Along with the party rentals, the décor plays an important role and is one of the best ways to make your big day memorable. While considering wedding décor rentals for your big day, there’s a lot that will come across and it will not be wise to simply settle on the very first thing. The secret to success is choosing wedding décor that’s beautiful and reflect your unique taste.

Here’s how you can find the perfect wedding décor for your big day…

Wedding Décor Rentals

ü Aesthetics! Have a solid idea of how you want the final layout to look such as bohemian, classic, luxurious, romantic, minimalist, etc.

ü Essentials! Start with the essential things to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the choices and end up spending a fortune.

ü Flexibility! Be flexible with your color palette and don’t hesitate to experiment some dramatic colors.

ü Surroundings! Take advantage of your surroundings such as landscaped gardens, ceiling beams, fountains, lighting fixtures, etc to glam up the décor.

ü Details! Pay attention to even the smallest details and if there’s a space that needs to be filled, add something unique such as a flower wall.

ü Make it Fun! Consider renting eye-catching and unique wedding décor rentals to bring that ‘wow’ factor to your special day.

Wedding Décor Ideas

Decorations in today’s weddings have surpassed the typical standards of simple flower installations and hanging lights. With the emergence of super-creative minds, the wedding décor has evolved multi folds over the years.

Here are some popular wedding décor ideas to wow your guests…

ü Greenery is on-trend!

ü Bring a celebrity feeling with a flower wall!

ü Use gold-dipped balloons for a luxurious appeal!

ü Easy & Inexpensive wire-wrapped signs are a big hit!

ü Make ordinary glasses feel snazzy with glitzy rims!

ü Hang gorgeous silk flower wreaths as a backdrop!

ü Add color and light to the tables with marbles votives!

ü Get your guests excited with custom chalkboard menu!

ü Bring magic to your event with floating floral!

ü Choose ultra-versatile garland of greens!

ü Hang floating floral sphere from a ceiling beam or a tree branch!

ü Go modern with cool geometric table runner!

ü Make maximum impact a tassel garland!

ü Bring joy by adding colorful paper bunting!

ü Go classic with fairy lights and flowy floral blooms!

ü Add the whimsical aura with shimmery golden strings and oversized flowers!

ü Consider a mix of table shapes & sizes!

ü Get the chairs dressed up in fabric covers or ribbon bows!

ü Add color and texture with linens!

ü Choose the leading trends of gold or platinum rimmed plates!

ü Go for eclectic vintage collections!

ü Hang lanterns to accentuate the décor!

ü Use chandeliers and candles to light it up!  

The above-mentioned are just a few examples; the sky is the limit as far as the décor options are concerned. So, go as creative as you can!

Inflatable Rentals – Bring Fun to Your Event!

Inflatables are a great way to add fun to your event especially when it’s a birthday party or kid’s party. It is the best way to make sure that your event is full of fun and entertainment or one that your guests will remember. The inflatable rentals can be used in backyard parties, block parties, company events, picnics, school and church festivals, weddings, birthdays, and much more.

Here’s the list of inflatable rentals you may consider…

Wet & dry slides

Jumping castles

Theme panels  

Movie screens

Obstacle courses


Water slides

Bouncers & combos

Photo props

Mechanical bull

Dunk tanks

Carnival games, etc

Party Rentals near me Products & Accessories

To make planning a party a seamless experience, you need the right amount of rental products and accessories. Some of the popular party rentals include…



Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding Backdrop


Dance Floor




Table & Chair

Table Cloth


Bars & Bar Stools

Bowls & Trays

Candles & Lanterns


Catering Equipment


Display Items  


Event Support







There are a lot of party rental companies out there that can provide everything you’re looking for. They offer products and services for every occasion such as a wedding reception, a birthday party, a corporate event, and more. The professionals will take care of everything so that you can enjoy the party.

Choose Us

Are you looking for party rentals? No matter the type or size of the event, we at 6StarShop have you covered!

When you choose us for your event, we will always guide you through choosing the best. We can help you plan a perfect event with the products you need and the budget you have.

We look forward to working with you and make your next event an unforgettable experience… 

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