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What is a canopy tent? A canopy tent is a structure that can easily be collapsed into a portable size and the frame is constructed of aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Pop-up canopies have gained massive popularity in recent years as it offers great

12x12 Portable Canopy Tent With Sides For Sale

With wedding and the festive season upon us, we cook some time to help you choose the best canopy tent for your outdoor pursuits. Whether you are planning a big outdoor event or just a small gathering of family and friends, a canopy tent can be an ideal choice. The kind of tent is also popular for displaying products, a BBQ, backyard storage, and a lot of other applications.

What is a canopy tent?

A canopy tent is a structure that can easily be collapsed into a portable size and the frame is constructed of aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Pop-up canopies have gained massive popularity in recent years as it offers great flexibility and portability. Most of the canopies have two main parts – a frame portion and a top canopy top. The top is usually made from polyester fabric.

Aside from protecting from elements like UV rays, wind, and sun, canopies also add to the aesthetic appeal of your event. There are many different types of canopies available to choose from that we will be discussing in this article.

10x10  pop up canopy

Choosing the right tent will help you keep your event fun and stress-free! But the biggest question is from where you should get the best tent for your event.

Where to buy a canopy tent?

The following are some popular platforms to get your hands on best canopy tents…

1. Walmart

2. Amazon

3. Costco

Top 10 Canopy Rentals Near me  

Hosting a party or event doesn’t have to be a cause for a nervous breakdown when you know where to get the best tents whether a large marquee tent or a smack backyard tent. Listed below are some well-known and reliable canopy rental companies that you may want to take a look for your next event…

1. Cape Tents – The Company specializes in supplying and setting up of Bedouin-Style freeform tents for events like weddings, parties, corporate functions, etc. They offer waterproof, fire-retardant, and UV-resistant tents that can be set on different surfaces.


2. EHire – This is a place to find a variety of party equipment such as canopies, furniture, décor, crockery, glassware, linen, entertainment, and more. You can also hire your favorite products by themes of your event or party.

 outdoor portable canopy

3. Sperry Tents – The Company is known for its stunning range of handcrafted sailcloth tents with canopies. Apart from providing a huge variety of tents for hire, they also specialize in floor plans to help you with the wedding or event planning.


4. Australian Hiring – If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for your party and event rentals, this can be the right platform. They offer a huge variety of products such as canopy tents, marquees, lighting, catering essentials, furniture, tableware, and more.


5. US Tent Rental – This is a place to explore a variety of tents like canopies, frame tents, structure tents, clear-top tents, and much more. The company provides a huge variety of rentals like chairs & tables, catering equipment, lighting, linens, heating & cooling, etc.

6. American Party Rentals – A family-owned and operated business providing a huge range of party rentals. The rental catalog includes a variety of products like furniture, décor, linens, beverage, food service/rentals, cutlery, catering, and much more.


7. UK Events & Tents – Planning an event and looking for best tents? If you want something like a canopy tent or a marquee, this is the right place to explore. Find products like tents, generators, luxury toilets, furniture, lighting, heating, and more.


8. IndiaMART – This is a one-stop-platform to browse hundreds of categories under one roof. This web directory allows you to find canopy rental companies in India and choose the one that best suits your needs. Browse by your favorite categories and get results.


9. Hire4Event – An online equipment and party supply service where you can find a wide range of products for every occasion. They specialize in canopy tents, promotional tents, marketing tents, and more for remote outdoor promotional and marketing activities.


10. Made-in-China – An online directory to find everything you need right from event management services to canopy rental companies. Browse by category, minimum order, product reviews, or any other preferred criteria to get connected to rental platforms.

Top 10 Tent/Canopy/Party Rental Companies in the World


Canopy Rental Company

Products & Services


Contact Details


Cape Tents

Rent a Tent

Cape Town, South Africa  

Tel: 072-764-6226

Email: info@capetents.co.za 



Party Rentals

Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27-21-510-0340

Email: info@ehire.co.za 


Sperry Tents

Tents & Floor Plans

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 1300-773-779

Email: hello@sperrytents.com.au 


Australian Hiring

Parties & Events

South Australia

Tel: 08-8276-2250

Email: sales@australian-hiring.com.au 


US Tent Rental

Tent Rentals

Florida, US

Tel: 888-334-8368

Email: info@ustentrental.com 


American Party Rentals

Party Rentals


Tel: 919-544-1555


UK Events & Tents

Events & Tents


Tel: 01525-713-791





Tel: +91-9696969696



Event Equipment

Delhi, India

Tel: 98113-12005

Email: sales@hire4event.com 



Online Directory


Fax No: +86-25-6667-0000


Types of  Portable Canopy Tents

With so many types of canopy tents available on the market, figuring out what type will best suit your needs is the first step in making your event successful. To help you understand the different types of canopies and choose the most appropriate one for your event, we have compiled the following list…  

ü Wedding Canopy


Wedding canopy tents are designed for medium to large-sized outdoor events and come in a huge variety of sizes and styles. They are created with leading technology to provide a fresh and comfortable space for guests. These tents are supported with the center and perimeter poles as these are meant for large events like weddings, birthdays, circuses, and more. They are still easy to set up but as they are big tents they may require some professional assistance. Most of the wedding canopies are made of heavy-duty materials and a bit challenging to assemble. Moreover, this tent features an elegant design, weather-resistant fabric, and offer impeccable functionality.

wedding canopy


ü Carport Canopy


When it comes to protecting your vehicle while at a campsite or even in your backyard, a carport canopy is what makes it possible. It is more like a semi-permanent garage to park vehicles at home or work. The kind of canopy is made of steel frames, heavy-duty anchors, and weather-resistant polyester. These structures are the best option for those without a garage and protect vehicles from the bad weather. They are available in many different sizes and options like fixed or portable with many benefits. Some people may require a temporary solution to park their vehicles while others may require a permanent fixture for safe parking. A large and weather-resistant carport canopy is an affordable alternative to building a new garage.


ü Commercial Event Canopy


Canopies have become extremely popular for commercial events such as trade shows, product launches, exhibitions, etc. A lot of companies have started using Silk screen and digital print on the canopies to promote their brand. A commercial event canopy is a must for any vendor who is planning to organize something like a fair or a semi-permanent market. These beautiful structures pack down easily taking up very little time and space. Some of the portable commercial canopies also come with wheeled bags, making them ideal to transport from place to place.


ü Custom Canopy Tent

Whether you want to build a strong brand image or personalize any private event, a custom canopy tent can be a perfect solution. A custom canopy is designed and manufactured as per your specific requirements such as any particular shape, banners, flags, etc. There are a lot of companies that provide a wide range of innovative and customized solutions to serve your specific needs. In simple words, you can have your tent designed the way you want such as your preferred size, shape, color, features, and accessories.

Types of Canopies Based on Shape

Pagoda Canopy – A pagoda canopy is a flexible and durable solution for a variety of events. These are basic structures with not a very high peak and do not involve a complex framework. Therefore, this kind of canopy tents are easy to install and can be used for hosting small parties, weddings, corporate events, etc. Pagoda canopies have gained high acclaim in recent years and used for various private and industrial needs. Generally, these types of tents are manufactured as per the industry specifications using heavy-duty materials and modern machinery. Pagodas are known for superior strength, a smooth finish, and longer functional life.


Pop-Up Canopy with Sides – As the name suggests, this kind of canopy pops into a certain shape when unfolded and collapses down to an extremely portable size. A pop-up canopy takes just a few minutes to set up as it doesn’t require staking on center poles. The frame is usually made of aluminum while the fabric used is polyester. Talking about the size, most of the canopies come in sizes starting from 5x5 feet to 12x20 feet. A semi-permanent canopy is also called as a marquee tent. Though most of the pop-up canopies are open-sided, you can also choose to have sidewalls.

 Pop-Up Canopy with Sides

Canopy Size – Know the Perfect Size for Your Event

Canopy tents are available in many different sizes so that users can choose as per their specific needs and budget. To determine the canopy size you need, you will have to first decide on the type of tent and how you plan to use it. If you are looking for this kind of tent for a wedding, you may need to consider a large canvas tent or a marquee tent. However, if you want something to provide enough shelter and protection at a small event like a birthday or reunion, a small backyard tent may be a perfect choice.

Well! Listed below are some popular canopy tent sizes that you may consider as per your exact needs…

Canopy Tent Size

Square Feet

Number of Guests (a stand-up cocktail with chairs only)

10x10 Canopy



20x20 Canopy



12x12 Canopy



10x30 Canopy



8x8 Canopy



20x30 Canopy




Portable Canopy Tent Features

Before investing in a canopy tent, you may want to know about the unique features of this particular type. Following are some impressive features that make canopies an ideal choice for different occasions. Check them out…

Heavy-duty – durable material & sturdy construction

Portability - easy transportation & set up

Weatherproof – suitable to be used during rain & wind

Sizes – available in all standard sizes

Compact – small footprint, big impact

Functionality – maximum use, minimum space  

Versatile – compact & smart

Capacity – roomy & tall

Lightweight – easy setup & removal

Canopy tents have endless characteristics and, therefore, ideal for a variety of applications no matter the type and size.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for canopy rentals? When your special day arrives, we at 6StarShop are here to help by providing everything you need to make your event successful. Under the guidance of our experts and the help of our qualified staff, we can provide the best products and services in the tent and party rental business. Whether you are planning a small private affair or a big corporate event, we can help you with polished professionalism.

We carry a wide range of tents, tables, chairs, linens, and other essentials for weddings, parties, festivals, exhibitions, religious celebrations, family reunions, graduations, and other occasions. Our highly trained staff can help you plan a wonderful event, regardless of its type and size. Our experts can also provide you with a free consultation and complete guidance.

What makes us different?

We take every occasion seriously and try to exceed your expectations by helping relieve the stress of planning your big day. Also, we ensure that all your rental needs and services are covered without making you spend a fortune. We can be your one-stop-shop for all party rentals along with great customer service.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and let us know how we can help…

Let us help your dream come true! 

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