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Have an upcoming event and looking for catering rentals to best accommodate your guests? Or just want to start your own catering business and looking for some valuable information? Well! Whether you are a host planning an event or a person with a business

Catering Rentals – Everything You Need to Know about Catering Equipment

Have an upcoming event and looking for catering rentals to best accommodate your guests? Or just want to start your own catering business and looking for some valuable information? Well! Whether you are a host planning an event or a person with a business idea, this article might help. There are many companies out there that provide the products you need for any event but the results can be overwhelming. With so much to choose from, it can be challenging to put your hands on the right product or services. Therefore, we’ve designed this piece of writing to make things are a little bit easier for you.

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Let’s get started…

Catering Rentals Checklist – Potential Equipment for Big and Small Events

Have nightmares about falling short of proper catering equipment in your event? Well! It happens sometimes that you or your caterer may forget something important. Therefore, you have to be well prepared and extremely organized to successfully cater to any type of event. Whether it’s a big gala event or just a small birthday party, there are chances that lots of items left overlooked in the rush. To help avoid embarrassing moments, we’ve designed a catering rental checklist.

Here’s a rundown of the potential catering equipment rental…

· Table Settings – To start with, you need everything a table requires and you must have all the necessary settings. This category includes everything right from the basic functional elements to the decorative ones.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important table settings:

Dinner Plates

Salad Plates

Bread Plates


Water Glasses

Glassware Rental

Soup Bowls

Table Linen

Wine Glass Rental

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sugar Holders

Butter Holders

Coffee Cups with Saucers

Extra Utensils


 catering equipment rental

· Serving Equipment – Having just a table setting is not enough, you need some utensils to serve the wonderfully prepared food and drink to the guests. Unless the event is going to be buffet-style, you will need a good set of serving equipment. The appropriate serving ware will help distribute food and drinks in a good manner. Also, it is the best way to make any event look classy.

Here’s the list of the most essential serving equipment:

Serving Trays

Water Pitchers

Bus Bins


Cake & Pie Server

Spoons & Forks

Coffee Maker

Champagne Bucket

Miscellaneous – Toffee Hammer, Tongs, Fruit Knife, etc

 catering rentals

· Buffet Equipment – Though the same serving equipment is required for a buffet, the placement will be different so a few extras may be needed. It will include all the items to set up and operate a buffet quickly.

Here’s the list of some standard catering buffet equipment:

Tongs – for salads

Chafing Dishes – to keep food warm

Fuel – for chafing dishes

Matches or Lighter – for dish heaters

Serving Baskets – for bread, fruits, etc


Rolled Silverware

Cutting Boards & Knives


Dish Cloths


· Coffee/Beverage Station – Having a coffee or beverage station means you need some special items to handle drinks. A good collection of beverage equipment will help guests serve themselves in a classy manner. From an assortment of glasses to coffee mugs, this category is all about functional yet stylish items.

Check out the following list for a beverage bar:


Coffee Mugs



Ice Tubs


Garbage Can


 Coffee/Beverage Station

· Other Catering Equipment – There’s a lot that goes into making a catering rental business successful and table and chair rentals tops the chart. Some of the important equipment includes furniture, linen, silverware, China, cooking utensils, food transport, and concession equipment like popcorn machine hire, cotton candy machine, and more. People often search for ‘popcorn machine rental near me’ or ‘cotton candy machine rental near me’. So, it is good to offer them everything they need to make an event a memorable one.

What Do Clients Consider While Hiring Catering Equipment on Rental?

While many event venues have their catering services, many of the world’s most beautiful destinations do not offer the service. This is where people need to look for a reliable private caterer. There are certain things that everyone should keep in mind to make any event unforgettable. What are those things?

Ø Reputation & Reviews – Most of the top companies have a good reputation in the market and some of the best reviews or testimonials.


Ø Service – Providing a high level of customer service is crucial to the success of catering business and this is exactly what clients want.


Ø Quality – Quality matters a lot in a catering business and today most people prefer the highest quality over quantity.


Ø Cost – Everyone wants to get the best value for their money and therefore it is an important factor for any event.


Ø Products & Services – Catering involves a lot of equipment and offering a wide range of options to the clients is the key to success.


Ø Professionalism – It is important that the catering company works professionally and keeps up with the latest trends and developments in their industry.


Ø Reliability – A reliable or credible company is one that keeps up its promises and commitments to offer the best quality at the best price.


Ø Responsiveness – A staff member should always be available to answer the queries of the clients and this helps in building a strong brand image.


Ø Special Requirements – Most top-rated catering companies provide tailor-made services to their clients to fulfill their special requirements.

It is always helpful to have some initial ideas about the catering business!

How to Find the Best Catering Rentals for Your Next Event?

Whether it is a big wedding reception or a small birthday party, catering is a must. Planning the menu for your event along with having the best of dishes is extremely important. Therefore, finding the perfect caterer is an essential element in an event planning process. However, selecting the right catering rentals can be difficult as you need to go through various options and choose the one which suits your requirements.

How to Find the Best Catering Rentals

To make this tough decision a bit easier for you, we’ve listed a few tips to find the best catering service in your area, check them out…

ü Define your Budget – The caterer you choose will depend on your budget, not solely, as they may vary dramatically in terms of pricing. A good caterer will provide you with a detailed and itemized quotation as per your budget.


ü Be Specific with your Expectations – Know your exact needs such as the type of food you would like served or any specific kind of table setting you want for your event. Having a clear understanding of your requirements will help find the suitable caterer.


ü Know your Options – Not every caterer is perfect for every type of event and, therefore, it is imperative to shortlist the right options. Keep in mind that good food should be served good which means you need to choose an all-in-one rental service.


ü Responsiveness & Flexibility – A good caterer will show interest in your requirements and will respond to your queries as quickly as possible. Also, know that if your menu can be tailored to your tastes and budget.


ü Experience Counts – Though it is up to you whether you are comfortable hiring a new caterer or prefer an experienced one, experience matters. A caterer with years of experiences will be able to handle every type of event without messing it up.


ü Look for All-in-One Service – It is not just about the food, catering consists of a lot of things such as utensils, crockery, cutlery, table setting, furnishing, linen, and much more. Therefore, it is good to look for a company that provides a wide range of options.


ü Insurance & Licensing – Be sure to check if the caterer is licensed and holds current insurance. Also, find if the company complies with all the legal requirements to avoid ending up paying a lot more than your anticipation.


ü Get References – Check the credibility of the caterer by referring to the previous clients or you may go through the reviews or testimonials. A good caterer will provide a list of references so that you can have a better understanding of their work.

Here’s a tip – Book the best caterer as soon as possible as most of them often booked will in advance.

Top 5 Catering Rentals Companies near Me

1. MPR Hiring – Located in Johannesburg, this event equipment hire company offers services like catering equipment hire, marquee hire, wedding tents rental, and other wedding rental supplies. The catering equipment includes everything required for an event such as burners, food warmers, hot trays, oven, etc.


2. Signature – The Company based in Los Angeles specializes in catering, buffet, and kitchen rentals. Some of the main products include China, flatware, glassware, tables & chairs, linens, napkins, runners, bars & barware, cake stands, chafers, appliances, concession equipment, food transport, BBQ rentals, dispensers, and more.

3. Stuart Event Rentals – With branches in many parts of the world, this company specializes as caterers and hoteliers. The catering services include sinks, stoves, ovens, grills, pots & pans, chafing dishes, tongs, shelves, freezers, and more. They also provide floors, tableware, lighting, decorations, bars, vases, linens, etc.


4. Best Event Rentals – Located in Fort Collins, this company offers a wide range of catering equipment for weddings, graduation, and other events. The main products include catering equipment for drinks, catering equipment for food, table and chair rentals, concession, linen rentals, and other essential wedding rental supplies.


5. EHire – Based in Cape Town, this company specializes in wedding rental supplies including catering equipment rental, wedding tent rentals, furniture, décor, cutlery, crockery, glassware, linen, entertainment and more. They also provide different types of equipment for a variety of themes such as all white, birthday, vintage, and more.

As the options are countless, you need to be aware of your specific requirements to choose the best.

The Final Verdict

Figuring out what to rent for a wedding or other special event can be challenging without a basic understanding. Whether you are looking for catering rentals for your next event or want to start your business, do proper research. Depending on your event, it may be better to move forward with the rental company that offers a wide range of products and services at the best price. Work with a reliable and reputed supplier to ensure you receive the best value for your money. Though cost is an important factor, don’t overlook other factors.

If you want to enjoy the best catering rentals, it will be wise to seek for a full-service rental company. The best way is to consider your specific needs and event size while selecting a caterer. Also, keep in mind the event’s location, caterer’s costs, and additional services offered by the company.

Here’s a tip: Professionals will figure out the most suitable catering equipment for every event! 

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