11 Best Folding Treadmills for Weight Loss: Xterra/Proform/Goplus

    11 Best Folding Treadmills for Weight Loss: Xterra/Proform/Goplus

    Treadmills are capable of providing you an opportunity to take a walk even from the confines of your home. However, many of these treadmills are big and most people do not have a home gym. In this article, we will take a close look at some of the best available folding treadmills that can be utilized in small areas and are easy to arrange. It is possible to use these treadmills in any room of your home, even in front of the TV. There are several best folding treadmills available that can be used in small spaces and some of them have great features as well. Here are 11 of our top picks.

    1. Xterra fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill


    The Xterra TR150 is a terrific machine for beginners starting their home workouts especially when the users are budget-conscious. The machine may be easily folded and stored. This fact makes the machine a valuable space-worthy investment. There are 12 preset programs available with the machine that aid all kinds of users from beginners to speed walkers. It is a tremendous addition to the home gym. The TR120 is the base model of this Xterra series and you will find that there isn’t much difference between TR200 and this machine. The treadmill carries almost all the features associated with the treadmills in a similar price range. There is a 2.25 HP motor available and you can gather a speed of 10 mph.

    2. Xterra Fitness TRX3500 folding treadmill


    The TRX3500 is a reliable machine for both walking and running. It is also reasonably priced at $899. You can get Bluetooth for sharing data and there is a 60"X20" workout surface available with a 3.0 HP motor. You can get an incline in the region of 12%. There are as many as 30 preset training programs available for the 2 user profiles. You can also get stereo speakers, a self-folding frame, and several other features. There is a 2-year warranty available on parts with the free in-house labor. This treadmill is a great bargain for machines under $900.

    3. Famistar W500C Electric Folding Treadmill


    Many times, it is a struggle to find the desire to work out. This folding treadmill makes this problem easier. Rather than having to pick your machine every time you want to run, the treadmill comes with wheels. This allows you to push the machine around the living space. If you are looking to put the machine away, it folds up nicely for simple storage. If you are looking for a folding machine for a daily jog or walk there is no need to worry about using a noisy machine that will distract you. There is a quiet 1.5 HP motor available and you can track your progress by using the LED display available that will give you all the data you will need such as calories burnt, distance, and time.

    4. Serenelife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill


    There is a simple setup available with this machine but it comes equipped with a soft drop system for avoiding the heavy lifting and it is safe to set up. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner at jogging or whether you are trying to challenge yourself. There are 16 preset training modes available with the model you can select from. You can keep yourselves entertained with podcasts or music of your choice by using the Bluetooth settings. There are safety handrails available that come with a speed setting. This allows you to adjust the speeds for your requirements.

    5. ProForm 705 CST Folding Treadmill


    The 705 CST from ProForm is one of the least expensive treadmills from the makers. All the different features available with the machine are designed to cater to the demands of a walker, rather than a runner. However, you may use it for light jogging. There is a 2.75 CHP Mach Z motor available that provides durability and power to ensure serious and consistent running. The walking surface is 60X20" in size which is standard for treadmills that accommodate a range of gaits and heights. There are 22 built-in workout programs in the machine and you also get a 2-speed fan to keep cool. The machine is also iFit Coach enabled.

    6. ProForm City L6 Folding Treadmill


    This is a new addition to the long line-up of ProForm treadmills. It is an entry-level machine and comes at $699. It is large enough to get the job done yet, you can tuck it under a closet or a desk. The folding treadmill can support close to 250-pound users. The tread belt is 45X17.5" in size and you can get speeds up to 8 mph with its CHP Mach Z motor. There is the ProShox cushioning available that keeps your movement smooth over the precision balanced rollers. The City L6 is also iFit-enabled and during the purchase, you get a 1-year family membership. The product from the new City series from ProForm appears to be an excellent addition to the entry-level folding treadmills.

    7. ProForm 505 CST Folding Spacesaver Treadmill with Power Incline


    This folding treadmill features 18 workout apps and you also get a 5" display monitor with the machine. But, all-in-all the 505 CST treadmill is a popular piece of jogging equipment. If you check the online reviews for the treadmill, you will find more than 80% positive reviews. Most users are pleased about the media connectivity, value for money, and a comfortable running deck on offer with the treadmill. Although there are other higher-rated ProForm treadmills available in the market, users are happy with the Bluetooth connectivity and the feel of the running surface. It is also simple to set up the treadmill and you can fold it to save on the space.

    8. ProForm Cadence Compact 300 Folding Treadmill


    The ProForm Cadence Compact 300 treadmill brings personal training to your living spaces. The treadmill comes with a 30-day iFit membership included. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the machine and take advantage of immersive training sessions. These sessions are led by iFit trainers. You can transform the living room into a boutique where the trainer is teaching you and motivating you for higher-energy workouts. The machine automatically adjusts the speed to optimize the exercise sessions. There is a Mach Z motor available that can power your run and you get a 50X16" tread belt. The treadmill is recommended for people that are less than 6' tall. There is an LCD available and you can easily fold the treadmill out of the way for simple storage.


    9. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill


    There are several reasons why this treadmill is a winner. Apart from portability and ease of use, this treadmill is installed right out of the box. There are no loose screws, tools, or multiple-step instructions that you need to follow. There is a durable and sturdy steel frame available with a built-in motor. You can get a non-slip belt that also offers shock absorption for less impact on joints. You can use the treadmill handle for stability or fold it for future use with a desk. You also get a holder for the phone on the center riser that can be utilized for entertainment. It is easy to link your mobile phone to the built-in Bluetooth speaker of the treadmill for a better sound. The running belt with the treadmill is a five-layer non-slip texture which is great for walking.

    10. Runow Folding Treadmill with Incline


    Keep in mind, that convenience is always the key when you are working out. It is extremely easy to become distracted while figuring out the buttons. However, this machine provides a huge LCD making this process pretty straightforward. Apart from the great looks, there are dozens of preset workouts available that will ensure that you are not bored. If you are looking for a stiffer challenge while working out, you can adjust the manual incline available. You can also control the speeds by using the handlebars. This makes reaching fitness goals easier.

    11. Nordictrack C 700 Folding Treadmill


    It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to just maintain fitness or lose weight, the C 700 folding treadmill brings an enviable package, especially at the price it offers. Similar to the NordicTrack cardio machines the C700 is iFit-enabled and there is a built-in tab holder that allows interactive programming. The treadmill is especially appealing to the walkers that like to use the power incline and a wide range of workout alternatives. There are several preset programs available and it is easy to add iFit. However, it is not the best machine from the makers. But, when you take into consideration the pricing, you will not find better treadmills with better pricing than C700. If budget is a concern for you and yet you need a machine that will burn the calories this is the right machine for you. You can also consider using weighted vests for walking to lose weight.