17 Best Workout Machine for Home

    17 Best Workout Machine for Home

    Home gym

    In modern times where time is of the essence, going to the gym to get a workout in is a luxury a lot of us can’t afford. As a result home workout machines are becoming a trend, especially in urban areas where life is as busy as it can get.

    Modern day workout machines are nowhere near like the creaky, dingy little workout cycle you may have seen in your attic. A vast variety of machines, each with a different purpose and use is available in the market.

    This article covers the majority of the brands and types of workout machines in the market to help you in making an informed and tailored decision to fit your personalized workout routine perfectly.

    Brands of Workout Machines for your Home

    Several good quality machines are available for purchase depending upon your workout routine. Brands like Tempo, Mirror, Tonal with contemporary minimal designs are becoming increasingly famous.
    The conventional pilates machine, the gazelle and marcy workout machines are also widely used around the world. Celebrity endorsed equipment like the total gym partnered with Chuck Norris is also a thing nowadays.

    Tonal Workout Machine

    In one wall-mounted modern and streamlined machine, you get a thorough gymming experience from the comfort of your home and a tailored virtual trainer. This smart home gym solution will provide you with 200 pounds of resistance along with innovative AI capabilities to track your progress and reps.

    Chuck Norris Workout Machine

    Endorsed by the Legendary martial artist Chuck Norris himself, who is the ambassador of Total Gym, this brand offers a body weight experience that works on an able glideboard. Chuck Norris’ choice of 30 years supports 85+ exercises and can withstand a weight up to 400 pounds.

    Mirror Workout Machine

    With Mirror, you can choose thousands of exercises right in-front of you on your apartment wall. This part mirror device also shows your reflection along with an LCD displaying, allowing you to check your form.

    Tempo Workout Machine

    If you are looking for a bootcamp experience with real-time form corrections and personalized training, Tempo is the best smart option for you because of its AI which powers superior machine learning to offer you accurate feedback.

    Pilates Machine Workout

    For individuals seeking to bolster their core, spinal, and back area, Pilates is an ideal option because of its core stabilizing and flattening properties that also help with treating injuries as well.

    Gazelle Workout Machine

    Gazelle offers you a light, low-impact workout that is an ideal option for home workouts because of its lightness and being storage friendly. It is specifically suited to individuals with joint pain. Adding resistance will enable the machine to achieve muscle growth as well.

    Marcy Workout Machine

    Marcy is one of the best home all-in-one workout machines because of its durability and usability. It is a conventional yet versatile set for those who want a proper gym setting in their homes.

    Types and Uses of Workout Machines

    Below, I will briefly discuss about the workout machines and the intended use for them

    Rowing Machine/Full Body Workout/All in One Workout Machines

    These types of machines are used to exercise almost all of your major body muscle groups i.e. Arms, Legs, Core and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

    Rowing Machine/Full Body Workout Machine

    For a rowing machine, all you have to do is firmly place your feet in the straps,back straight and push back with your lower body. Then use your upper back to pull your hands towards your chest. Release the position and reverse back to the starting position to complete a rep.

    Using an all in one or a full body workout machine is even simpler. Simply set up whatever component you want to use e.g the chest or leg press or the lat pull down and complete your set of reps keeping your body angles right and not straining your muscles too hard.

    Stairs/Climber Workout Machines

    A machine that is literally what its name says it is. Some might call it a treadmill with steps, designed to enhance stamina, endurance and weight loss.

    This type of machine is one of the most simple ones to use. Keeping your posture straight, drive forward with your feet while not putting any of your body weight on your hands gripping the railings.

    Here the key is to focus on the Glutes and Hamstrings instead of being knee dominant for a more effective workout. Keeping a neutral spine also helps in increasing effectiveness.

    Stairs/Climber Workout Machine

    Bike/Elliptical Workout Machines

    A workout machine that functions as a stationary bicycle. It is mostly used for Cardio exercises and builds up stamina and endurance.

    Its use is also very simple and similar to a conventional bicycle with the added option of resistance adjustment for a more intense session.
    To work it, just hop on the seat, adjust your feet and pedal away!

    Bike/Elliptical Workout Machine

    Ski Workout Machines

    A Ski machine or SkiErg as it's called in gyms is an alternative cardio machine that mimics the motion of Nordic Skiing indoors.

    If used properly it can be used for lats, triceps, abdominals, pecs, biceps, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and lower back. It is also used for burning out muscles after a heavy weight lifting session.

    Ski Workout Machine

    Cable Workout Machines

    Perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable machines out there is the cable workout machine. Its interesting design and wide variety of exercises attract a lot of eyes and attention.

    It comes with a lot of adjustability and is used mostly for strength, endurance, power and muscle building. A cable workout machine is fairly common and can be found at virtually every gym.

    Cable/Workout Machine

    Chest Workout Machines

    A chest workout machine is also one of the common machines seen at many gyms and fitness centers

    As the name suggests, its purpose is to work your chest muscles and give you those perfect pecs you always longed for!.
    Usage is simple as only the weights have to be adjusted and you can proceed to having your workout session.

    Chest Workout Machine

    Glute/Butt Workout Machines

    The purpose of these workout machines is to tone your glutes, hip extension and straighten your leg at the hip area.

    Usually the method of using such machines is to get into the position displayed on the machine and work your legs in an away-from-body motion to get an effective workout that shows!

    Glute/Butt Workout Machine


    Shoulder Workout Machines

    Another common workout machine is the shoulder workout machine which through its variation of exercises, not only works your shoulders but also helps to build back muscles. The illustration provides an insight of the muscles worked and the way of using this machine as well.

    Shoulder Workout Machine

    Smith Back Workout Machines

    This type of workout machine is seen in many gyms at the corner. This is because of the complexity of the workout intended by this machine.
    The Smith machine isolates the lats, rhomboids and traps by taking stabilizing muscles out of the equation. If done correctly it is a great way to increase strength and muscle mass
    However you have to be careful while using this machine as it may exert sheer force on the spinal cord and cause injuries.

    Smith Back Workout Machine

    Wall Workout Machines

    This is a new technology in the fitness world. Interactive, smart multifunctional components are mounted on a wall and they constitute your whole gym workout routine.

    To use them, simply turn them on and use the touch screen to select the desired workout and follow the virtual instructor’s instructions.
    These machines are available for a variety of muscle groups ranging from shoulder to lower back regions.

    Wall Workout Machine

    Vibration Workout Machines

    These machines don't do much except for vibrating which forces muscles to contract instinctively. You can throw in some crunches etc. in the session to increase effectiveness of the session.

    Vibration Workout Machine

    A Straightforward Gym Machine Workout Plan For Beginners

    As a beginner the gym machines may scare you and it is totally understandable but with the following workout routine, I assure you that you will be comfortable and excited to hit the gym daily!

    First and foremost, each exercise you do will be done in a series of ‘sets’ with each set consisting of a certain number of repetitions or ‘reps’

    To start it all off, a brief warm-up session which will only take 5-10 minutes but will bring about a ton of benefits is recommended.
    ⦁ Stretching
    ⦁ Deep lunges (5 reps)
    ⦁ Downward dog walk-out (5 reps)
    ⦁ Band shoulder dislocate (10 reps)
    ⦁ Lunge with overhead reach (20 reps)
    ⦁ Exercise specific warm-up (1-2 sets, 5 reps each)

    After a light warm up it's time to move onto the real exercises
    ⦁ Chest press (10 reps, 3 sets, 1 min rest)
    Chest workout machine can be used
    ⦁ Lat pull-down (10 reps, 3 sets, 1 min rest)
    Cable/All in One machine
    ⦁ Leg press (10 reps, 3 sets, 1 min rest)
    Glute machine or leg press used
    ⦁ Shoulder press (10 reps, 3 sets, 1 min rest)
    Shoulder machine/Smith machine used.

    Few important points:

    ⦁ Chose the weight you use carefully, either consult an instructor or RPE scale to judge the best weight for yourself
    ⦁ Schedule your workout in a way that you get an adequate amount of rest in between. 3-4 times a week is ideal
    ⦁ Rest between the sets is also necessary to prevent muscle injuries and fatigue
    ⦁ Push yourself but not too hard!