5 Best Gourmia Air Fryer 2QT., 4QT., 5 QT., 6 QT Reviews & Prices

    5 Best Gourmia Air Fryer 2QT., 4QT., 5 QT., 6 QT Reviews & Prices

    Gourmia is a reputable brand of kitchen appliances. In recent years, they have launched a long list of Air fryer selection with varying sizes and technologies.

    Sure, having plenty of options is a good thing. However, it also makes it difficult to decide which one is the right fit for you. But, worry not, we have shortlisted and reviewed 5 best Gourmia air fryers to make your decision-making easier.

    Why Should I Choose Gourmia Air Fryer?

    But, before anything else, why should you choose Gourmia Air Fryer over other brands? Here are some of the reasons why you should Choose Gourmia Air Fryer:

    • Excellent Performance

    Gourmia Air fryers get the job done. It can make your food perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

    Some of their models also have features allowing them to cook faster than a traditional oven. This way, you spend less time cooking, allowing you to allocate more time doing other important things.

    • Wide Selection

    Gourmia offers a wide selection in terms of air fryer capacity. Their smallest option is 2.2 QT. while their largest has a 9 QT capacity.


    Aside from a wide capacity selection, Gourmia also offers both digital and knob-controlled air fryers. The knob controlled air fryers tend to be much more affordable, but the price difference with their digital ones is not that big.

    • Affordable Price

    Another top reason you should choose the Gourmia Air fryer is that it's very reasonably priced. There are plenty of options that are under $100. Moreover, you could also get a digital air fryer at a lower cost than other brands.

    Best 5 Gourmia Air Fryer

    Here are the top rated air fryers from Gourmia:

    Gourmia GAF236W 2.2 QT.







    Knob Controlled 2.2 QT Air Fryer

    The GAF236W is one of the smallest air fryers offered by Gourmia. Despite its small capacity, it has excellent performance, perfect for those looking for a compact air fryer for their small kitchen space.

    This air fryer features a classic knob control design that allows you to adjust time and temperature. You can set the time up to 60 minutes. It also has an auto shut-off function. Meanwhile, its temperature can go up to 400F.

    In terms of maintenance, it's very easy and easy to clean. The frying basket has a non-stick coating to prevent food from getting stuck without needing to use oil or a lining. The basket and crisp tray are also dishwasher-friendly, which is very convenient.

    Gourmia GAF265 4 QT.







    4 QT. Digital Air Fryer


    The Gourmia GAF265 4 QT. is a compact air fryer that will not consume much valuable counter space. It also has a sleek design, making it perfect for modern kitchens.

    It is equipped with the latest RadiVection 360-degree technology, allowing you to enjoy healthier fried food. It also has the Perfect Crisp System, which, as its name suggests, ensures your food is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

    Another notable feature of this air fryer is that it cooks food 30% faster than traditional ovens. This can significantly reduce your cooking time so you don’t have to wait long before you can serve your meals.

    In addition, the cooking time is adjustable to up to 30 minutes. Its temperature setting is also adjustable up to 400 Fahrenheit.

    Gourmia GAF536 5 QT.







    5 QT. Digital Air Fryer

    The GAF536 is a sleek-looking large-capacity air fryer. Its cooking capacity is up to 5 QT. It comes in a two-tone black finish, allowing it to fit in any modern kitchen aesthetics.

    This air fryer has 9 preset cooking options, allowing you to cook french fries, seafood, and other dishes  perfectly. It also has an intuitive display for easy temperature and time adjustment.

    This is also equipped with the Fryforce 360 technology. This targets the food fast and superheats air in all directions so that it's evenly cooked. This also ensures that the food you're cooking is crispy on the outside while the inside is moist and juicy.

    Gourmia GAF698 6 QT. Digital Air Fryer







    6 QT. Digital Air Fryer

    The Gourmia GAF698 is a 6 QT capacity digital air fryer. It has 12 preset options. From those options, you can select the best fit preset for what you are cooking to achieve the best results possible.

    Moreover, despite being a digital air fryer, it is super easy to operate. It has intuitive controls that allows you to set the temperature and time according to what you are cooking. It also gives notification when it's time for you to add the food in the basket and when you have to flip it.

    Beside being easy to operate, it is also super easy to clean after using. It has a removable and non-stick crisper tray that you can put in the dishwasher.

    Gourmia GAF716 7 QT. DIgital Air Fryer







    7 QT. Digital Air Fryer

    GAF716 is a 7 QT. Digital Air.

    Aside from its large cooking capacity, what sets it apart from other models is its 12 cooking functions, making its operation easy and convenient. This also takes away the guesswork on what's the best time and temperature to cook a type of food. With this feature, you can get perfectly cooked french fries or seafood with just a few taps of a button.

    In addition, it also has a guided cooking feature. There is an option for you to preheat the air fryer, and when you have to add the food, you will be notified with a sound. The same thing happens when you have to flip the food.

    Another feature differentiating this from other Gourmia air fryers is its dehydrate function. You can make beef jerky and dried fruits with this air fryer.

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    Comparison: Which Air Fryer is Best?



    Reason to buy

    Gourmia GAF236W


    Compact design

    Gourmia GAF265


    Fast cooking

    Gourmia GAF536


    Sleek design

    Gourmia GAF698


    12 preset cooking options

    Gourmia GAF716


    Large cooking capacity

    To make it easier to see where each Gourmia air fryer excel, let's take a look at these different categories:

    Gourmia GAF265- Best Entry-level Air Fryer

    The Gourmia GAF265 is the best entry-level pick due to several reasons.

    First, it's one of the most affordable options on this list. With only $39.90, you can already own an air fryer that has Radivection 360 technology. This helps ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.

    The second reason it's the best entry-level pick that it comes with 8 presets. Given that one of the most difficult challenges for newbie air fryer users is getting the right temperature and time, this feature removes the guesswork and uncertainty involved in the cooking.

    Lastly, it has a very sleek-looking design that will look good in any kitchen.

    Gourmia GAF698- Best Advanced Air Fryer

    The Gourmia GAF698 is the most advanced air fryer for obvious reasons. It has the most features and technology.

    This air fryer has 12 presets, making nailing the perfect timing and temperature for various types of food super easy. It also has the FryForce 360 technology and express heat element.

    Gourmia GAF236 - Most Straightforward Air Fryer

    If you want a no-fuss air fryer, this is the perfect choice for you. This is also the only knob-control model on this list.

    However, even if it's not a digital air fryer, it still gets the job done. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, it is only $39.88, which is very affordable.

    Gourmia GAF536 - Most Aesthetically Pleasing Air Fryer

    This air fryer is proof that these types of devices can be both functional and stylish.

    Upon first glance, you will immediately appreciate its two-tone color, which is perfect for contemporary kitchens. Plus, its intuitive display compliments its over aesthetic, making it look more sleek and modern.

    However, besides being very stylish, this model also has 9 cooking presets, dehydrate function, and Fryforce 360 technology.

    Gourmia GAF716 -Overall Choice

    The Gourmia GAF716 is the overall pick for this list because it is big, functional, easy to maintain, and has a sleek, compact design.

    It's 7 QT. Capacity means that you can cook a lot at once. It also has functional features such as the dehydrate function, cooking guide, 12 cooking presets, and FryForce 360 technology.

    Plus, despite having a large capacity, it does not look bulky. It actually does not consume much counter space as well.