5 Best Headsets for Ps5 and how to choose the perfect one?

    5 Best Headsets for Ps5 and how to choose the perfect one?

    The launch of Ps5

    PS5 was recently launched in the market, and the gamers have gone crazy about it. The console provides the gamers with the latest gaming technology, and the gamers can play their favorite games in the best system and can even stream online playing with others.

    Why do you need a headset of Ps5?

    As the Ps5 is important, so is the proper Headset for Ps5 is also important. This best quality headset for the Ps5 allows the user to listen to the quality audio from the game and can even chat with their friends while playing the games without any distortion.

    The gaming headset for Ps5 allows the user to be more involved in the game and hear the high-quality audio and sound from the game to make the gaming experience a lot better. Some Audio features in the Ps5 allow the user to experience the 3D audio system through certainly supported headsets.

    The official headsets of the Sony brand sometimes lack in the stock and are sometimes not available in the market, but there are many other high quality, best Ps5 headsets in the market that do the exact same thing, and some even are a lot better than the Sony Company.

    What to consider when buying the best Headset for Ps5?

    Many things are to be considered when buying you a proper headset for the PS5:

    Quality of the Mic

    The most important thing is the quality of the Mic so that the person who wants to chat with his/her friends while playing can do it without any problem related to the Mic, and this includes the voice being properly catched by the microphone and also that there is no distortion it.

    Connectivity of the Headset

    The second thing is the connectivity of the headset, as the user would not want the headset to connect late with the console or even disconnect with the PS5 during the game. This will eventually ruin the gaming experience.

    Comfort level of the Headset

    The third thing is the comfort of the headset while wearing it, many gamers tend to do gaming for many hours, and the main problem they face is the comfort level of the headset as the ears start to get pain if the gamer is wearing low comfort headphones.

    Sound Quality of the Headset

    Finally, the near main thing is the sound quality. Without a doubt, the main thing the gamers look for in the headphones is the sound quality of it, so the gaming experience becomes even better.

    The top best gaming headset for the Ps5

    To help you in choosing the perfect Ps5 headset , here is a detailed review of the six best gaming headsets for Ps5 available in the market:

    Steele Series arctic 7p

    The Steele series arctic 7p is one of those headsets in the market that are very well known don is in a lot of demand. The reason behind it is that this headset has almost all the features and specifications required in a headset, including the best quality sound, the 2.4 Hz strong connectivity, and other main specs. This headset also has a USB-A adapter for the USB-C dongle so that gamers or regular users can connect the headset with other devices as well apart from the Ps5. The attractive color combination of white and black is also something most people love in this headset. The headset is definitely a bit expensive, but looking at its quality performance of it, it is, in fact, worth the price.

    • Very comfortable to wear
    • The sound quality is amazing
    • The connectivity is very good and solid
    • It is mostly out of stock
    • The sound from regular music is not that good compared to the sound from games.

    Pulse 3D Wireless headset

    This is one of the headsets officially launched by the sonny company and is also known as the official headset for the Ps5. The headset has a headband that looks fixed, but the sonny company has made it in a way that is very easily adjustable according to the user’s requirement. The microphone on the headset is not visible as they are hidden in the ear cups, and one other thing about the microphone is that it is a noise cancelation mic that does not allow any background voice to come in Mic. The battery time of this headset is not very long as the headset can go 12 hours without battery, and many other headsets give more battery than this. The main thing in this headset is the 3D audio system that allows the user to experience the best quality 3D audio sound coming from the game.

    • 3D audio and sound system
    • The design is very new and stylish
    • The headset is compatible with the PSVR
    • The stock is limited most of the time
    • The battery lasts only about 12 hours, while other headsets last longer.

    Steel Series Arctic 1

    The arctic-1 headset is all about the simplified version of the high-end PS5 headsets. This headset works on providing the same features and the specification of the other expensive headsets but tends to simplify it. As a result, the headset is very affordable and, on the other hand, performs better than the other headsets available in the market at the same price tag. The headset also has a very good sound quality, good quality mic, and also has great connectivity, so in short, it is a very good option for the gamers who have just started gaming and want a good quality PS5 headset. The headset is wired, approximately 3.5mm, and the same model is also available in the wireless version, but it costs a lot more than this one. Nevertheless, this headset is no doubt one of the best headsets in the market at this price tag.

    • The sound quality is amazing
    • The headset is very comfortable to wear
    • There is the option for the Mic to be removed as well
    • The fit is more to be imperfect

    Hyper Cloud Stinger

    The Hyper Cloud stinger is also one of the best headsets in the market in the price tag that it's being sold. The headset is very affordable, and the main highlighted feature of the headset is that it is very light and comfortable. The weight of this headset is very light and has very comfortable cushions attached to the headset that allows the user to play games for hours and still don't get irritated by the headset. This headset is a very intelligent device made by a company that came up with the aim to provide comfort to all gamers. The price of this headset is not that high, and still, it has some of the features and specifications that are found in the expensive headsets. The headset has an above-average sound quality, and the quality of the microphone is also very good. Using this particular headset will give you the experience of using a high-quality premium headset.          

    • The design is very comfortable
    • The controls are handy
    • The price is very affordable
    • Sometimes the sound gets blown when the volume is high.

    Razor Black shark V2

    There is a huge competition in terms of the PS5 headsets in the market, and there are so many huge companies like the razor company manages to stand out their black shark V2 model in their headset as t is considered as the best of the best in terms of the quality it provides. This headset's sound quality is amazing, and the audio is always high definition. The microphone attached to this headset is also of rich quality as it enables no background voice to interrupt the game. This headset is also very comfortable in terms of wearing it that allows the user or the gamers to use t for hours and hours and still don't get affected by it. Another main thing about this headset is the 3D sound system it offers to the customers, there are no major headsets in this price tag that give quality 3d audio systems, but this headset does all of that for the user.


    • The sound quality is very amazing
    • The ear cups attached to this headset are very comfortable.
    • The 3D audio also supports on point


    • It sometimes gets difficult for the user to get the perfect fit for the headphones.
    • The 3D audio system that this headset provides is not perfect in all games, as the sound quality varies from what game is being played.