6 Best Blood Pressure Monitors that really go the distance

    6 Best Blood Pressure Monitors that really go the distance

    Why should I buy the best blood pressure monitor?

    Finding the time to go to the hospital or clinic to have a regular checkup and be on top of your physical well-being has been difficult these days, not only for you but also for the people around you. But there are some ways you can do to stay on top of your health, like the basic health procedures that you can perform in your home—and doing these things is especially important if you have conditions that need regular blood pressure reading.

    Suppose you are health conscious, or you have an underlying condition. In that case, keeping with your blood pressure is an important task as it gives snapshots of your overall health. And this is not an exaggeration as it is an important indicator. Those people with high blood pressure or hypertension know this as they have a higher risk of having a heart attack. As such, catching those spikes are really important since they send the message to slow down, eat right, and more.

    Now, you might be thinking that you don't need it since you are healthy and physically fit. While your risk might be lower given those preferable conditions, you still don't know. And besides, there is no harm in doing it; in fact, people are stand to benefit from regular blood pressure readings as you can establish a baseline to look into in case of a health issue. But how are you going to do that? To keep up with and record your blood pressure, you need to invest in the best blood pressure monitor.

    Blood pressure monitors are wonderful partners in managing your blood pressure. And unlike manual devices, blood pressure monitors are easy to use, portable, and can provide more functions. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own now.

    5 things to consider when purchasing a blood pressure monitor 

    Choosing the best blood pressure monitor that could help you manage and keep track of your blood pressure might seem overwhelming, especially to those who do not have underlying conditions. But to alleviate that overwhelming pressure and help you, here are the things you should consider when buying a blood pressure monitor.

    1. Not all blood pressure monitors are the same so choose the suitable monitor for you. Fit is an important matter to consider because it affects the accuracy of the blood pressure reading. If your arm is larger or smaller than the average size, make sure that the blood pressure monitor fits your measurement.
    2. Size and weight. It is important to know your blood pressure. The need to know it at any time of the day sometimes occurs, so a portable blood pressure monitor is needed. With this in mind, choose the one that is small, lightweight, and has a quality carrying case. Who knows, that might become your get to go blood pressure monitor.
    3. An accurate reading is better than an inaccurate one. And it has a lot of implications. Hence, always look to the accuracy rate of the blood pressure monitor you ought to buy.
    4. Some blood pressure monitors have more features than others, making them more convenient and preferable. But do not go to the one with the most features simply because it has those features. Assess whether you need those or you are okay without them.
    5. Of course, price matters. You don't need to pay too much for a blood pressure monitor. Check whether the features justify the price. If not, find another one that can do the job on the same level but at a lower price.

    Here are the 6 Best Blood pressure monitors that you could buy

    People have various considerations for blood pressure monitors like appearance, price, features, etc. So, we tried to find the best blood pressure monitors that fit these perspectives. And so, here are our top picks for the 6 best blood pressure monitors.

    1. QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Overall

    Reasons to Buy:          Minimalist Design

                                        Pairs wirelessly to up to eight phones

                                        Averages three readings

    Reason to avoid:         Not compatible with Microsoft HealthVault and other platforms

    One of the most fantastic blood pressure monitors is the QardioArm Blood Pressure monitor. This sleek blood pressure monitor has a very cool minimalist design, making it a cool health device. It is also portable as it this 2.7 X 1.5 X 5.5. inches blood pressure monitor only weighs 0.68 pounds. The cuff is also comfortable to use and can fit standard to large adult upper arms with a circumference of 8.7 14.6 inches or 22 -37 cm. This device also scores high when it comes to accuracy; it has a +/-3mmHg or 2% of readout value for blood pressure and a +/-5% ore readout for a pulse. And what's more, it also detects irregular heartbeats, averages three readings, and stores measurements in Qardio's HIPAA-compliant cloud. 

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    1. Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Budget

    Reasons to Buy:          Affordable

                                        Comfortable and easy-to-fit cuffs

                                        One-step set up

    Reasons to avoid:        Low storage capacity for readings

                                        No carrying case

    If you do not covet the most advanced blood pressure monitor and are comfortable using a simpler but still quality one that can do the job, then the Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is here for you. This blood pressure monitor does the common tasks while staying in a price range that is not too expensive. The cuff of this blood pressure monitor is relatively easy to use and very comfortable. It can comfortably fit adult arms with a circumference measurement of between 9 and 17 inches. In addition, the one-step setup of this device is also a good feature since it provides a quicker assemble time. However, this 4.05 X 3.14 X 5.07 inches blood pressure monitor that weighs 0.55 pounds does not have a carrying case and can only store 14 readings at a time.

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    1. LifeSource Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff – Best for large arms

    Reasons to Buy:          Good for large arms

                                        5-year monitor warranty. 2-year warranty on the extra-large cuff

    Reasons to Avoid:       Average storage capacity for readings


    Suppose you have large upper arms and you have a hard time searching for a suitable cuff. In that case, the search is over because LifeSource Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff is now available. The cuff of this 4 X6 X 2 inches blood pressure monitor is massive, so it can really fit arms that measure 16.5 – 23.6 inches in circumference. However, this blood pressure monitor is pretty expensive for one that can only store 60 readings in memory (an average figure).

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    1. Withings BPM Connect – Best mobile app

    Reasons to Buy:          Fantastic mobile app

                                        Unlimited cloud storage

                                        Good design

    Reasons to Avoid:       Relatively expensive

                                        Can only hold eight readings

    If you want a cool, portable, and compact blood pressure monitor, which you can bring wherever you are, then Withings BPM Connect is best for you. This 2.36 X 2.16 X 6.1 FDA-cleared device has both Bluetooth and WIFI settings. The WIFI setting is especially useful since, when connected, the device automatically stores your readings online, making recording easier. This feature also simplifies the sharing of your blood pressure information. However, when this blood pressure monitor is quite expensive and can only store eight readings when not connected with a WIFI.

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    1. Omron Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Data Display

    Reasons to Buy:          Can store as high as 200 data sets per user

                                        Large and clear display

                                        Has carrying case

    Reason to Avoid:         Slight learning curve

    Suppose you are concerned with seeing the messages and data on the monitor. In that case, the Omron Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor is best for you. This blood pressure monitor scores high when it comes to display as it is easily discernible and clear. The letters are big. The backlit makes data stand out, and it shows the two recent blood pressure readings. Moreover, when paired with the app, this device can easily store as high as 200 data sets per user. However, there is a learning curve in using this device, but users will get the hang of it with enough trials.

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    1. Omron Gold Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Reasons to Buy:          Highly intuitive

                                        Compact design

    Reason to Avoid:         Hard to read on dark screen

    Upper arm blood pressure monitors can provide more accurate blood pressure readings; however, if you have an injury in that part of the body, a wrist blood pressure monitor would be a great help. This battery-powered wrist blood pressure monitor is one of the best finds on the market. Weighing 0.2 pounds, this 3.58 X 0.52 X 2.49 wrist blood pressure monitor works with OMRON Connect free app and is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. Moreover, this device is portable. And the best part is that it notifies users if their reading is out of the normal range in the morning through its high warning average indicator.

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