6 Best Car Dash Cams/Cameras of 2022: Reviews & Test:1.Nextbase 2.Vantrue N4 3.Nexar Pro 4.Thinkware 5.Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

    6 Best Car Dash Cams/Cameras of 2022: Reviews & Test:1.Nextbase 2.Vantrue N4 3.Nexar Pro 4.Thinkware 5.Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

    1. Are car dash cams good?

    Certainly, yes. Some drivers may not enjoy a camera constantly monitoring their vehicle; however, some dashcam versions (such as the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2) are small and discreet enough to blend in behind the central rearview mirror. Once they're up and running, you quickly forget about them; they sit there, quietly keeping an eye out, ready to record footage if you're involved in an accident.

    If the worst happens and you need to prove your innocence, the dashcam recording can help you. This footage can also contain your speed and the time and date to help back up the legitimacy of your proof if the other side disputes it. Dashcams can be used to record footage out of the rear windscreen and monitor the road ahead.

    Another valuable function of some dash cams is that if a crash is detected and you don't respond, they will alert the emergency services; they can then share your location and guarantee aid is on the way. Many dash cams also include other driver aid capabilities.

    These include notifications about nearby speed cameras and red light cameras and a notification that the vehicle in front of you has started moving - just in case you weren't paying attention while caught in traffic.

    2. What to consider when buying a car dash cams?

    1. Quality of the image

    Some entry-level dash cams record in 720p, but we recommend getting a one with at least 1080p Full HD recording. With a dashcam, the resolution is vital not for aesthetic reasons but for the practicality of seeing any captured text - particularly a car's license plate.

    2. Viewing angle

    The horizontal scope of the camera is known as the field of vision. More of the scene ahead (or behind with a rear camera) will be caught with a wider field of view. This provides more protection because the camera will capture events that occur to the side of the camera. Most dash cameras have a field of view of at least 120 degrees, but others have a field of view of up to 180 degrees.

    3. Low-light and night vision

    Drivers may not see one other at times of low visibility. You want your dashcam to be able to capture information in low-light situations. Some even feature night modes that modify the settings automatically to shoot video in the dark, often in monochrome.

    4. GPS

    A dashcam GPS will automatically record your location and speed and compare them to the video clip. In the event of a collision, stamping GPS data on the video can be valuable because police and insurance companies don't need to install third-party software to access it.

    5. Powered by an internal battery

    Allows the camera to operate without a constant power supply, albeit the duration varies by manufacturer. Some types can be connected to the vehicle's electrical system. Instead of an internal battery, some dash cams employ an internal capacitor.

    This has a small amount of electricity that allows the dashcam to preserve the video and shut off if the power supply is unplugged. Unlike those with an inbuilt battery, it will not operate without a constant power supply.

    3. Here are 6 best car dash cams

    4. Nextbase 622GW

    Reasons to buy:

    What3words works well with Nextbase's emergency SOS feature, which comes with a free year's subscription with this dashcam.

    The 622GW is clearly a new flagship dashcam. It comes with much improved video quality, enhanced stabilization, and what3words geolocation capabilities, which allow you to locate a damaged vehicle within a three-meter radius.

    The resulting footage has a cinematic look to it when shot in 4K at 30 frames per second, with exceptional resolution and outstanding detail, especially in low-light situations. This makes finding registration numbers and identifying components of an accident that are difficult to see much easier.

    A built-in polarizing filter on the front of the camera can be rotated to reduce glare from windscreens, and digital image stabilization, which helps smooth out bumps and vibrations caused by potholes and terrible road surfaces, is yet another first for the dashcam market.


    • Excellent image quality
    • Excellent performance in adverse weather
    • Easy to use Interface
    • A simple recording and archiving of incidents
    • Wiring is required for the rear camera
    • Quite large
    • The app can be frustrating
    • Requires a large SD card

     5Vantrue N4

    Reasons to buy:

    Day or night, this dash cam captures vivid, super-high-resolution film. Despite being half the price of some of its competitors, it includes crucial features like 24-hour parked-car monitoring and GPS tracking.

    The Vantrue N4 is a three-channel powerhouse capable of recording out the windshield, inside, and behind the car in HD or higher resolution or recording two views simultaneously in 4K and HD. The N4 does not require a phone for settings or clip review. It includes a small but sharp rear screen and plenty of dedicated buttons for functionality and settings. If you don't want to deal with a second device, this is the camera for you.

    The N4 incorporates motion detection rather than merely impact detection, so it may wake up and record activities around the car even when parked. It also employs a reliable supercapacitor to power those operations when the vehicle is turned off, rather than a traditional battery, which could fail in the harsh conditions of an automobile.


    • All three cameras use Sony STARVIS sensors.
    • Excellent vision at night.
    • Clear footage captured in the MP4 format.
    • It's ideal for a taxi or ride-sharing driver.
    • GPS is an optional feature.
    • SD cards from a specific manufacturer are required.
    • There is no Wi-Fi or an app for quick file transfers.
    • It's pricier than other dash cams.

    6. Nexar Pro

    Reasons to buy:

    The Nexar Pro is a dual-cam solution that can record video both inside and outside a vehicle, making it ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. The setup, which consists of two different camera units connected by a cable, is very cool, even if it takes up a lot of screen space.

    The Nexar app is key to the twin camera experience: it's where you can fine-tune settings, produce incident reports, and back up recorded video to the cloud. Break-in warnings and GPS data logging are essential features if someone tries to mess with your car.

    Although it does not record in 4K, the 1080p footage it produces is quite adequate. The external camera performs admirably in difficult shooting conditions, such as heavy rain or glaring sunlight. If your car's security is important to you, the Pro is hard to beat in terms of protection and overall value.


    • Internal and external security
    • Both cameras have an excellent design.
    • It's simple to wire up and put in place.
    • Backup to the cloud for free
    • The interior camera must be mounted to the screen.
    • Can drain your phone's battery
    • The app could be a little better.

     7. Thinkware U1000

    Reasons to buy:

    The Thinkware U1000 is a feature-packed dash cam that does it all, from 4K video with HDR to parking mode, speed camera alerts, GPS, and remote viewing via a smartphone app if you have a higher budget.

    This is the dashcam for you if you want a whole dash cam that does everything but has no screen to distract you while driving. The Thinkware U1000 uses a wide, 150-degree lens to capture crisp 4K video. Wi-Fi and GPS are built-in, and they're used to deliver speed camera warnings and add position and speed data to all of your recordings.

    An optional rear camera, which shoots in 2K quality at 30 frames per second and can be plugged into the main unit, may also be purchased and plugged into the main device for crisp footage of what's happening behind you. If you're looking for a feature-rich, high-quality dash cam, this is it.


    • HDR video in 4K
    • Kit for hardwiring is supplied.
    • Rear camera (optional)
    • There is no 12V cable provided.
    • Professional installation is recommended.
    • Pricey

     8. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

    Reasons to buy:

    The Garmin Mini 2 is one of the lightest and most quiet devices we've seen, but because it lacks a display, you'll have to use Garmin's smartphone app to watch videos and alter settings. It has a single 1080p camera that faces the front of the car.

    The Mini 2 is about the size of a key fob and blends into the windscreen. Still, for a 1080p single-camera model, the video quality is surprisingly high, and the windshield mount is one of the best. It adheres firmly to the windshield with adhesive, but magnets allow you to quickly remove everything save a little plastic circle.

    Night vision, 24-hour parked-car monitoring, built-in Wi-Fi, and voice control are all included, as are many other features found in larger models. However, because the Mini 2 has only two physical buttons and no display, you must use Garmin's smartphone app to view footage, alter settings, and properly position the camera.


    • The smallest dash cam on the market
    • Photographs taken during the day and at night are excellent.
    • Voice command
    • Cloud-based app
    • GPS is unavailable.
    • It lacks Garmin's ingenious magnetic attaching method.

     9. Kenwood DRV-A601W

    Reasons to buy:

    The Kenwood DRV-A601W does everything you ask of it, and it does it well, without the annoying extra features that many newer models try to entice potential buyers with, such as lane-keeping assist warnings and speed limit alerts.

    Even in bad weather or low light, the 4K recording is seamless, and the addition of a removable polarizing filter and built-in HDR technology allows for incredibly clean and crisp photographs. Kenwood also promotes its rearview camera, which captures rear-end collisions in superb HD clarity.

    It also allows for parking monitoring while avoiding the effects of modern engine stop/start technology, which frequently causes the power to cameras to be turned off and recording to be halted.


    • The image resolution of 4K
    • The menu is simple to use.
    • Parking mode is available.
    • The setup of two cameras is a hassle.
    • The night vision could be improved.

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    11. Where can I buy a car dash cams?



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