Many dog owners find it inappropriate to put their dogs in crates because it seems like a form of punishment, and they don't want to 'cage' them. The truth is crates do the opposite. These spaces serve as a safe place for security, shelter, or even a place to relax. Crates are helpful tools in training dogs, especially puppies. Veterinarians recommend training these beautiful canines from a tender age. There are numerous benefits to buying a crate for your dog. In cases of emergency and uncertainty, crate training would be helpful because you'd be able to move your dog to safety with their cooperation, saving a lot of time. Dogs who don't have crate training may find it harder to relax in a crate.

    If your dog ever has to do surgery in the future and crate rest is one of the vet's requirements, they won't get anxious when they're in the crate if they've already been trained to use one. This pretraining prevents injuries and speeds up the healing process. Like humans who value privacy and have their rooms, dogs also need their personal space.

    If you're interested in getting your dog a crate, you certainly have reasons. This doesn't mean you can choose just any of these without giving it much thought. You need to select the perfect one for your dog.

    Factors to Consider when Selecting a Crate

    ⦁          Your dog's age

    Don't go online to select just any crate. The age of your dog matters. If you have a puppy and you get a tiny crate, know that you're certainly purchasing more crates as the dog grows older and bigger. In this case, you can buy an expandable crate to save more money, especially if your dog is a large breed. If your dog is already fully grown, you don't have to worry. Just get the right size for your dog

    ⦁          The dog's breed

    The dog's breed is just as important as its age to get just the perfect size. The height and length will determine which crate is the correct size. The ideal crate you should be looking out for should be spacious enough for them to stretch, stand and turn comfortably. Don't be tempted to get a large crate for smaller dogs simply because you think they'd have enough space. If you do this, your dog might often mess up the space and poo in the crate because there's enough space to do so. Plus, the extra room can feel scary instead of comfortable for these dogs.

    ⦁          Where you'd keep the crate

    will you be creating your dog outdoors or indoors? If yes, you can get a crate that meets specific outdoor or indoor needs, or better still, get a container that can be used as both. For outdoor use, you should get a crate with a chain-link kennel. This is also suitable for older and bigger dogs. If you live in a place with various seasonal issues, the crate should be such that it can be brought indoors.

    ⦁          Safety

    This is not just for the dog but for the owners too. You could get a crate that's not prone to destruction by chewing. Every dog owner knows that dogs love to chew, and it makes no sense to get a crate that's easily chewable. Your furniture and other properties should be kept safe, especially when you have pretty destructive dogs; therefore, high-quality cages that are not prone to destruction should be considered.

    ⦁          Your budget

    Shop for crates that have the best benefits at reasonable prices, depending on how much you can afford to spend. Don't get very low-quality crates in a bid to save more. This would be unwise, and you'd end up buying another.

    Here are some of the best dog crates you can buy online

    ⦁          Animaze 2-door folding dog crate

    ⦁          MidWest homes for pet stages dog crates

    ⦁          Diggs Revol dog crate

    ⦁          EliteField Soft Folding Dog Crate

    ⦁          The MIM Safe Variocage

    ⦁          Casual Home Pet Crate End Table

    1. Animaze 2-door folding dog crate

    Reasons to buy:

    This has a great design and functionality for small puppies and adult dogs. The crate is also foldable making it portable and easier to carry and transport. It is also a good tool for behavior and toilet training and can be a safe haven for your dogs to relax. This crate is available as single door or double door crates. It also comes in various sizes and is easily customizable. This dog crate has extra design features for security and safety, such as slide-bolt latches. It is also made of wire, giving it unique integrity and ventilation for your dog. The crate has a length, width, and height of 30.5, 19.2, and 21.5 inches, respectively.


    ⦁          The crate pan is leak-proof and easily removable

    ⦁          It is quite affordable

    ⦁          It is easy to set up

    ⦁          It is easy to carry


    ⦁          Might not be ideal enough for huge dogs

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    1. MidWest homes for pet stages dog crates

    This crate is perfect for a new puppy because the crate 'grows' as the puppy becomes bigger. This is made possible due to an adjustable divider which makes it super economical because you would not have to buy an extra crate except you don't maintain this one well enough. This crate is of high quality and chew-proof since it is made of a tight wire mesh. It also has locking bolts that add extra security


    ⦁          Easy to setup

    ⦁          Durability

    ⦁          It is economical


    ⦁          It has a rough surface

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    1. Diggs Revol dog crate

    This dog crate is ideal for small breeds of dogs and puppies. If you fancy a luxury crate and you can afford one, this cage might be just the one for you. It is of high quality and beautiful design that considers your pup's safety and its convenience. This crate comes in different varieties. You can select any of the three neutral colors and one of the two sizes- either small or large. This crate doesn't require much time to set up as this can be done in minutes; the crate is injury-proof and is tailored to meet your safety concerns. It is easy to transport as it comes with wheels. It is portable, foldable, and easy to clean since the crate pan is easily removable.


    ⦁          It's gorgeous and picture-worthy

    ⦁          A single-piece frame that ensures security

    ⦁          Ideal for puppies

    ⦁          Wheels for easy transport


    ⦁          It is not easily affordable

    ⦁          It is not ideal for giant dogs

    ⦁          It only comes in two colors

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    1. EliteField Soft Folding Dog Crate

    this crate can be used for both medium and large breeds of dogs. It comes in about thirteen different colors and five sizes. If you travel a lot and like to carry your pet with you, this crate is just the thing you need. It is foldable, comes with carrying straps, and is comfortable for road travel.

    It is made with lightweight materials, which makes it easy to carry. The fact that it's light doesn't mean it's not strong enough. It also has three doors for better ventilation and easy access.


    ⦁          Easy to transport

    ⦁          Easy to carry


    ⦁          Not ideal for small dogs or puppies and chewers

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    1. The MIM Safe Variocage

    This cage is appropriate and designed specifically for larger breeds of dogs and is made of heavy and durable materials. This crate is uniquely made and has undergone a series of crash tests so you can be sure of safety if an accident occurs. There's also an emergency escape exit for unforeseen or emergency situations.


    ⦁          High quality and excellent strength

    ⦁          Allows for proper ventilation and visibility

    ⦁          It has been crash-tested, and there's an escape hatch


    ⦁          The crate is made of heavy-duty materials, which makes it harder to carry

    ⦁          Absence of a washable cover

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    1. Casual Home Pet Crate End Table

    If your dog is not a chewer, you can opt-in for this crate. It is not made of metal but rather wood. It can also serve multi-purposes, including its use as a table as it easily blends with your home furniture. It comes in two sizes for small and large dogs. It has a latching door to provide adequate security and a design that allows for proper ventilation. It doesn't come with a crate pan or removable tray, so you can decide to add a lining that's leakproof and easy to clean.


    ⦁          Camouflage with existing furniture

    ⦁          Latching door for adequate security

    ⦁          The slatted design provides sufficient aeration.


    ⦁          Not designed for chewers

    ⦁          No removable tray, which can make cleaning stressful

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    Ready to get your dog the best crate you can find? Well, get started with this list and in no time, you’ll have a happy furry friend.