6 Best Hair Dryers worth buying in 2022

    6 Best Hair Dryers worth buying in 2022

    What is a hair dryer?

    The hairdryer is a kind of electrical appliance controlled by electric power and high frequency to direct the hot air.

    Why should I buy Hair Dryer?

    It can reduce the time and labor in drying hair. It is the special equipment for hairstyling. Using a hairdryer is advantageous to the hair because it allows one to quickly heat the hair up to a comfortable temperature without having to do any work on the hair. The hair can then be washed easily, and the hair can be styled with minimal effort. It also provides a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to dry the hair out.

    Factors to consider for choosing the best hair dryer

     The dryers are designed to be used with a comb and brush and are available in a variety of settings and colors.

    There are several factors that they must consider when purchasing a hairdryer:

    Quality of hair dryer

    The quality of the hairdryer will determine how long it will last.

    Heat settings of Hair Dryer 

    Its features like adjusting heat and speed settings Attachments are also very important when buying a hairdryer. Usually, attachments are what make a difference in various hair textures since they affect the overall quality of the hairdryer.

    Wattage of Hair dryer

    The wattage of a hairdryer is a function of the power of the motor that drives the dryer and the speed of the motor. The beauty lab recommends a range of 1400 to 2000 watts for the best result on any hair type. Usually, the dryers with 1875 watts are common.

    This is to ensure that the hairdryer is safe to do so, as well as to ensure that the user is responsible for their own safety and that of the user who is using or having access to the hairdryer.

    Top 7 Best Hair Dryer worth buying in 2022

    Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer

    Remington is a small company that manufactures hair dryers. We love their products because their price point is very affordable. And the company is very knowledgeable about their product line and their warranty. This high-speed hair dryer with a diffuser produces heat and moisture through the hair and scalp and then passes the heat to the follicles and scalp. This style results in dry hair and a soft finish. This hair dryer has a power rating of 1875W, which indicates that it can dry your hair in one second. A unique, patented, advanced technology, the Remington protection hairdryer provides 3X more protection because the grill is infused with micro-conditioners that help protect hair during its use. 

    Pros and Cons:



    Diffuser works well

    Plastic is a little flimsy

    Reasonable price

    Attachments fall off easily


    Short Power Cord

    Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

    Dyson's supersonic hairdryer is well-suited for the home or office. It is both efficient and effective. It is a good investment for people with a wide range of hair types and conditions. This hair dryer has a high-speed motor and is powered by a DC motor. It is able to dry hair and maintain tresses smooth, even in thick hair. The supersonic hair dryer is used to dry hair in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, dry hair, braids, wigs, hair extensions, and hair extensions. This hair dryer consumes a power of 1600 watts with a cord length of 2.7 meters. The supersonic hair dryer weighs 650g. It's very light but has a powerful motor and can be used for short distances. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a popular and high-end product in the United States. Although the Supersonic hairdryer is a high-end product, it is still a very expensive product. The Supersonic hair dryer has a built-in remote controller that controls the dryer, and it uses a high-powered battery that lasts for up to 3 hours. The product also comes with a 3-year warranty.

    Buy it from Amazon for $449:

    Pros and Cons:



    Super Light Weight

    Too much expensive

    Not Noisy

    The power Cord is heavy

    Powerful Airflow

    Won't fit in a traditional dryer holder

    Achievements are innovative


    Cloud Nine - The Airshot Hair Dryer

    The dryer is ideal for hair that has been wet for a period of time. It is easy to use and is a convenient size for those who have small spaces in their homes or who do not have a lot of space to dry their long hair. It can also be used to dry more frizzy or thick hair. The Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer uses a single-stage air dryer to dry your hair. The patented air dryer has an air-cooling, high-capacity, high-pressure air dryer that cools and dries your hair. It's a high-tech solution that's perfect for those who want to use the air dryer as a daily hair-drying ritual or as a daily hair-drying tool to keep their hair looking healthy. This is a great hairdryer. It's one of the best out there. Having a cord length of 2.7m makes this hair dryer easy to use. It weighs 850g. So, You can take it anywhere. The best part about it is that it has a wide range of power settings for the air nozzle.

    Buy it from Cloud Nine Hair official for just £119 / $155 :

    Pros and Cons:



    Fast drying


    Fairly Quiet

    Heat up problem

    Very effective cool shot button

    Controls could be fiddly for left-handed users

    Minimizes Frizz


    Instyler Turbo Max Ionic Hair Dryer

    Ionic Hair Dryers are a fast-drying hair styling product that is the best in the world. This product is made in a durable non-stick formula that is safe for both human and pet hair. It is easy to handle and is easy to clean. This product has been tested and proven to be safe for the most demanding hair types. It is also easy to use and has a strong and sturdy construction. The material is made of high-end quality materials that will last for years, making it a durable hair dryer. The best thing about this hairdryer is its cost. Instyler turbo max Ionic Hair Dryer is very affordable. Instyler Turbo Max Ionic Hair Dryer is very affordable. It has a built-in battery and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. The Turbo Max Ionic Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer for dry hair and is a lightweight hair dryer with a powerful ionic charge that can dry your hair to the touch. It has a super long-lasting battery and can dry your hair with a high-temperature setting.

    Buy it from Instyler Official for just $100:


    Pros and Cons:



    Precision Control over airflow

    The endcap isn't removable


    Accessories are low quality


    Flimsy accessories

    Shark Style IQ Hair Dryer and Styler HD110UK

    The IQ hairdryer is a simple tool that allows you to dry hair straight. It is useful when you have tangled and frizzy hair and wish to have it straight. A styler is a small handheld appliance that works with the heat of your dryer. By making the heat and airflow of your dryer adjustable, you can easily control the humidity of your hair. A styler has a small plastic heating element that can be heated to a certain temperature. When it reaches that temperature, the heating element is activated, and, as the heat is applied, the styler uses compressed air to push the heated tip against the surface of the dryer. This is an automatic heat/cooler system that is easy to use and comes with a built-in thermostat that adjusts the heat and airflow settings for optimum drying of your hair. The styling system is so easy to use that you can set it up within minutes and get a good result in a matter of minutes. There is also an auto-air flow feature that automatically adjusts the airflow to give very effective cooling. This product includes Concentrator and diffuser and has a power rating of 1600W.

    Buy it from Amazon UK for just£149 / $194:

    Pros and Cons:



    Fast-drying speed


    Automatic temperature and airspeed adjustment

    Lacks a removable filter

    Suitable for curly hairs

    Attachments are bulkier


    Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA67

    Panasonic has a lot of products on the market that are worth a look, but the Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer with Oscillating Nozzle, diffuser, and concentrator attachments is worth a look. The NanoE Salon hair dryer helps you achieve the right amount of frizz, manage your hair, and style it in a way that is more comfortable for you. The NanoE Salon hair dryer uses a unique heat source to heat your hair. It is small, easy to carry, weight is almost 500g, and it’s not noisy. The hair dryer's power is not only limited by its size but also by its efficiency. The hairdryer with a quick-dry nozzle allows you to dry your hair faster and more simply, without the danger of heat or friction and is a more efficient alternative to steam. This is an important improvement because it saves You time and effort, especially when doing other tasks. The Panasonic hairdryer is a very popular model. It is considered the most user-friendly hair dryer on the market. It consumes power of 1875W at 125v. This hair dryer has two-speed settings and three temperature settings.

    Buy it from Amazon for just $149.9:

    Pros and Cons:



    Accelerated drying speed

    Unusual design

    Stops the scalp from burning

    Lacks a Premium feel

    Shiny hair every time


     Best Hair Dryer’s Comparison Chart



    Weight (in pounds)

    Price in USD

    Remington Damage Protection


    1 lb


    Dyson Supersonic


    1.8 lbs


    Cloud Nine - The Air Shot


    1.7 lbs


    Instyler Turbo Max Ionic


    1.3 lbs


    Shark style IQ - HD110UK


    1.5 lbs


    Panasonic Nanoe (EH-NA67)


    1.3 lbs