6 Best Online Prescription Glasses Providers?

    6 Best Online Prescription Glasses Providers?

    Why do I need the best online prescription glasses?

    When you are buying the best prescription glasses online, convenience is the biggest factor that comes to mind. Another great advantage while buying online is the lower price tag. The online retailers working in the field of prescription glasses will cut out the middlemen. This is similar to the third-party manufacturers and brick-and-mortar optical shops. They will then pass on their savings to you. In many cases, this means you can get a new pair of glasses for around $6. This is including the lenses. When you are buying the glasses online, you are cutting the bills almost in half compared to the brick-and-mortar shop pricing.

    Most of the top-quality online prescription glasses stores can accept payments from health savings and flexible spending accounts. They also accept vision insurance. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to use HSA or FSA dollars in the year, this is a good opportunity. Also, keep in mind that you can get some top-of-the-line prescription kid’s glasses online. Some blue-light-blocking glasses are also available online. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you will find that you can save hundreds of dollars if you are buying the best online prescription glasses.

    Sometimes you have a difficult time finding the frames that can fit your face properly or your style. But, shopping for them online allows you to broaden your alternatives. The online glasses retailers collectively have a much larger variety of frames such as shallower, narrower, or wider styles. There are frames available for people having lower nose bridges, or higher cheekbones. This is far more convenient than compared to optical shops. Some online prescription glasses stores have tools that can help in finding the best-fitting pair of glasses for your face.

    Factors to consider while buying the best online prescription glasses

    1. A right prescription: Firstly, it is essential to have an updated prescription when you are buying spectacles. If it is not updated, you get the wrong lenses which can cause headaches and affect your vision in the longer run.
    2. Frame style: Next thing is, you need to select the correct frames for your glasses. There are several categories available online to make your choice simpler.
    3. Lens design: Another decision you have to take is about selecting the lenses. Keep in mind that only the right lenses will offer precision for your vision.
    4. Lens material: Next, you need to select the lens material that is suitable for your lifestyle. The main factors that will affect the choice are comfort, appearance, durability, vision, and safety. You can get a wide range of materials online including polycarbonate, glass, and high-index lenses.
    5. Lens coating: Lastly, you need to select from a range of lens coatings that add longevity and value to the glasses. These coatings are responsible for enhancing the performance, durability, and appearance of eyeglass lenses. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. It can be single vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses.

    Here are the 6 best online prescription glasses providers

    1. GlassesUSA: The company provides a selection of glasses that is tough to rival for any competitor. GlassesUSA offers hundreds of designer frames to their users such as Gucci, Oakley, and Ray-Ban together with house brands that are less expensive. They provide all kinds of frame styles and colors you can imagine. The pricing offered starts from $39 and all the way up to $700. It depends on the brand you select. There is a virtual try-on feature available with the brand that allows you to upload photos directly to their site and check what every frame can appear like after placing it on your face before you decide on the final product.

    They also provide an app that can be used to scan the prescriptions by using the current lenses. In case you are not happy with the new glasses for some reason GlassesUSA have a 14-days no questions asked glasses return policy. It is available just while buying the first pair though. Buy from GlassesUSA.

    1. EyeBuyDirect: You can get best prescription glasses for all budgets from EyeBuyDirect. This company was created with a single goal, make having a clear vision affordable and accessible for everybody. For keeping the pricing down the company offers its own styles. Everything from concept to design and manufacturing is completed in house. You can select from the designer frames offered by Ray-Ban, RFLKY, and Oakley as well.

    You can get frames from as low as $6 however, this pricing is not applicable in case of prescription lenses. After selecting the frame, you can add standard lenses to them for around $7. You can also opt for upgrades such as premium lenses and advanced lenses. They are available for $80 and $30 respectively. There is a money-back guarantee available. For helping you narrow down the things you may take the style quiz that will gather info about frame material, style, and color preferences. Buy in EyeBuyDirect.

    1. Zenni Optical: This company offers great value for your prescription glasses and you can get a pair for less than $50. You can get frames from $6.95 up to $45.95 and this includes prescription lenses. It may appear to be too good to be true but you will not find any top designer names among the selection. But there are hundreds of designers working here offering inspired frames in various sizes, shapes, and colors. There are low-bridge alternatives available and you can get safety glasses having prescription single vision and also with progressive lenses.

    Rather than using still photos there is a virtual try-on feature available allowing you to upload videos. it means you are getting a 180-degree assessment of how every frame will look like on your face. However, on the flip side the company offers store credit only for the returns. Buy from Zenna Optical.

    1. Felix Grey: These prescription glasses perform double duty by providing blue light blocking. The company is famous for offering a wide range of blue-light-blocking glasses. However, it is possible to add prescription lenses to any glass for an additional fee. You can get frames for $95 and if you add prescription lenses you will be required to pay $145 more. However, this pricing depends on whether you want upgrades such as thin high-index lenses. In case you are looking for amber lenses that just block the blue light and improve your sleep the costs of glasses start from $200 with prescription lenses included. 

    All frames are available with fitting info such as narrow, medium, and wide. It helps in making the right selection. You also get a virtual try-on feature that allows you to access the camera. It shows what the glasses can appear like on the face. It allows you to make an educated decision about every style. In case you do not like your glasses for any reason, you may return them to the company within 30 days. It is possible to use HSA or FSA for buying these glasses. Buy from Felix Grey.


    1. Frames Direct: Frames Direct gives a massive selection of designer frames. This is not a confirmed fact as there isn’t any way of verifying the claim but you can find more than 5000 different types of frames on their website. There are brands available such as Prada, Kate Spade, Gucci, and Versace together with other big names in the industry such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. You get frames in a wide range of colors as well. And there is no need to pay the full price for buying them either. Most brands selling their products here, are offering the glasses for 20% to 80% less than the retail price. You can also get prescription lenses with a discount however; you will have to watch out for promo codes before submitting the orders. 

    As far as lenses are concerned, you can get no-line progressives, single vision, or non-prescription readers. You get to select all kinds of lens material from low-cost plastic, thin polycarbonate, or upgrades such as UV protection or scratch-resistant coating. An optician will review all things beforehand to ensure that everything is alright and according to the prescription. Buy on Frames Direct.


    1. Eyebobs: This company offers frames to people that are looking to stand out among the crowd. These frames are available in bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and unique shapes. All this can appear to be an intentional portion of your personalized style instead of something that is an afterthought. Frames are available from $95 and adding a prescription portion brings the cost up to $245 or more. It depends on whether you require progressive frames or single vision ones. You may opt for upgrades also such as thinner lenses and blue light blocking or a transition to polarized lenses. You can get most frames in wider versions that allow you to find the perfect fitting for your face. If you are not sure about the right style for your face, you can answer the Eyebobs quiz about your personal preferences and styles to narrow down the options. Buy from Eyebobs.


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