6 best outdoor pizza oven that really go the distance! 1.Ooni Frya 2.Napoli Bertello 3.Gozney Roccbox 4.Woody Wood Fired

    6 best outdoor pizza oven that really go the distance! 1.Ooni Frya 2.Napoli Bertello 3.Gozney Roccbox 4.Woody Wood Fired

    Why should I buy a outdoor pizza oven?

    An outdoor pizza oven is a freestanding or built-in oven that is driven by wood, gas, or charcoal. Its cooking chamber, which is usually dome-shaped, may reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees F (427 degrees C). Outdoor pizza ovens often have a ceramic, brick, or stone cooking surface that drains moisture from the pizza dough for crispiness.

    It's easy to see why outdoor pizza ovens are gaining popularity. They provide a quick and easy way to enjoy the flavor of wood-fired pizza in your own garden. They're as easy to use as a traditional grill, but they're much more versatile because they can reach such high temperatures and cook many meals.

    How we picked the best outdoor pizza oven

    • Oven dimensions and space

    You'll want to choose an oven that's appropriate to the size of your outside space. A large oven will only take up a modest amount of room. An exceedingly small oven may not receive as much attention in a large setting. The size of the pizza oven is also important since some can cook up to three pizzas at once while others can only make one. 

    • Aesthetics or style in Pizza Ovens

    Before making a purchase, think about the oven's overall appearance and how it will complement your outdoor location. A permanent brick pizza will mix in perfectly with the exterior of a traditional brick home. On the other hand, a stainless steel one will stick out in a more stylish, modern, or minimalist home because it looks polished and plain.

    • Operational ease

    Because different models of pizza ovens require varying levels of care during usage, you should think about it. To manage the temperature in a wood-fired one, for example, you'll need to add or remove wood regularly, and even then, you can't be sure it's done correctly. However, with a gas-fired oven, you will only need to control the flame, and the temperature will be easy to control. 

    • Cost

    Some ovens are quite expensive, while others are reasonably priced, depending on the characteristics. Most portable pizza ovens, for example, are more expensive than permanent ovens. Still, if you require your oven when camping or traveling, you'll have to choose the portable oven regardless of cost.

    • Pizza Oven, Fixed or Portable

    A permanent, immovable pizza oven is commonly installed when one has more outdoor space. They can serve as a focal point for outdoor entertainment. The majority are brick-built and wood-fired. To use them, you'll need a lot of patience.

    The portable outdoor pizza oven, on the other hand, is a versatile option. It's excellent for someone who enjoys entertaining both at home and on the go. They're light to make handling easier, and they cook quickly.

    Here are 06 best outdoor pizza oven

    Ooni Frya 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Reason to buy:

    The features of this device that we loved the most were its high-quality, purpose-built design and ease of use. Ooni has gone a step further so that you can go even more. It's completely portable. The components simply disassemble into a small package weighing less than 25 pounds.

    Ooni engineers are getting closer to creating the ideal outdoor pizza oven. Using actual wood pellets, which can be found almost anywhere, you can rapidly make crispy pizzas with authentic wood-fired flavors. It's a step up from the Ooni 3 model.

    The technique for delivering fuel is straightforward. Add a few handfuls of pellets to the tray, along with a combustible starter, and light it up. You can also use a torch to immediately start the flame. In any case, set the tray in place and wait for the pellets to start burning. This is a critical stage.

    • Easily transportable
    • Heats up quickly
    • Economical
    • To maintain the appropriate temperature, there is a slight learning curve.
    • The amount of room available for cooking is limited.

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    Napoli Bertello

    Reason to buy:

    With their elegant and multipurpose pizza oven, Bertello has grabbed the market by storm. You'll have the option of cooking with pellets, wood, or gas. You can cook a pie in under 2.5 minutes at temperatures of 900°F.

    Napoli pizzas are famed for their high temperatures and quick cooking periods. In that regard, the Bertello oven performs admirably. Too much heat on your pie is a severe hazard, thanks to the stone's excellent heat retention and the billowing flames coruscating across the top of the oven. 

    The size of the opening is 12.5 inches. When you put a 12 inch pizza in, you have a quarter-inch tolerance on each side. There isn't much room for error at 750 degrees or possibly 950 degrees with the gas adapter. As a result, you'll have to make smaller pies, which may or may not be a problem. They'll cook, and the bottom will crisp up nicely from the heat of the stone.

    • Excellent construction.
    • Quick-cooking
    • Options for different fuels
    • It's challenging to get the perfect pizza placement.
    • Amount of weight

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    Gozney Roccbox

    Reason to buy:

    The Roccbox by Gozney is a high-end pizza oven. It has a silicone covering that keeps it safe to handle while cooking and insulates it. It looks great, and you can get it in one of two colors when you purchase it.

    The thermometer on the oven's side makes cooking a breeze, and you can keep track of how steady the temperature remains throughout cooking to alter timings as needed. The legs fold down twice to make the oven incredibly portable, and it comes with a strap to assist with hoisting it in and out of the car. 

    Both the gas and wood burners twist into the oven's base, and the gas burner is very easy to connect to keep it burning continuously. The oven requires more upkeep when it comes to wood.

    • The silicone jacket is non-toxic.
    • Transportable
    • There are two fuel modes available.
    • It's quite difficult to cook with wood.

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    Woody Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Reason to buy:

    If you're looking for the greatest pizza oven on a budget, look no further. It has all of the standard features of other portable pizza ovens, plus a pizza peel and a thermometer on the front of the oven. It's a fantastic deal compared to options like Ooni, which don't contain these extras and cost a little more.

    When we evaluated the Woody Wood Fired Pizza Oven, we were captivated by its arched canopy. The powder-coated oven body is insulated with ceramic fiber to make it simple to attain the high temperatures required to make a pizza in under 60 seconds. It also has a carrying case and a detachable chimney for more accessible transport.

    Reaching that high temperature, like with all wood-fired ovens, is lengthy. Despite this, we achieved a temperature of 450°C, and the pizza had the signature crisping that indicates it had been cooked to perfection.

    • It's cost-effective.
    • It is equipped with everything you require
    • High temperatures are possible.
    • It's a piece of equipment that requires a lot of upkeep.

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    Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit

    Reason to buy:

    The Kettlepizza Pro 22 is a package that goes into your grill and converts it into a pizza oven. It takes talent and practice to grill an edible pizza. While you lift the cover on a grill, you lose a lot of heat, which is one of the biggest problems people face when trying to bake pizza on it. This issue is addressed by the Kettlepizza Pro 22.

    The KettlePizza Pro 22 is meant to sit on top of a kettle grill and cook pizza. It's made of long-lasting cordierite, which is the best material for making pizza stones. The thickness of the stone also allows it to retain more heat while making the removal and placement of the pizza easier.

    The KettlePizza Pro 22 is easy to use and perfect for entertaining. The best part is that you won't need to spend a fortune on an oven when a basic grill can reach the temperatures required for a delicious pie. 

    • The pizza is fantastic.
    • Connects to the existing appliance
    • Simple to assemble
    • Charcoal and wood bits are required.
    • Do you require additional storage space?
    • Smoke causes temporary discoloration of the stainless steel design.

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    Reason to buy:

    The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is your ticket to a stress-free pizza night. This inside electric pizza oven is ideal for individuals who don't have access to a patio or who don't require a huge pizza oven. The countertop oven is the first of its type, capable of reaching temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The Element iQ smart system controls power such that the oven produces heat similar to that produced by a brick oven. You may also modify the oven to cook a variety of pizzas, including New York, pan, thin and crispy, and frozen pizzas.

    However, the show-stopping feature is the autonomously controlled deck constructed of natural cordierite stone. You can regulate the deck and top temperatures manually, but most users prefer to use the oven's preset settings for a more smooth cooking experience.

    • The temperature in an indoor pizza oven reaches 750 degrees.
    • This oven can cook any sort of pizza, including frozen pizzas.
    • Pre-programmed buttons to cook several sorts of pizzas

    It mimics a wood-cooked pizza but lacks the exact smoky flavor that comes with a wood-fired oven.

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    Video about how to choose a good outdoor pizza oven

    Best outdoor pizza oven comparison chart



    Ooni Karu 

    Blackstone (Discontinued) 

    Fuel type 

    Charcoal briquettes, gas, or hardwood kindling

    Pellets, together with a propane tank conversion kit


    Max floor temp 

    Over 900°F (480°C) 

    Over 750°F (400°C) 

    Over 900°F (480°C) 

    Max dome temp 

    Over 900°F (480°C) 

    Over 900°F (480°C) 

    Over 900°F (480°C) 

    Fastest cook time 

    75 seconds 

    75 seconds 

    70 seconds 

    Preheat time 

    30 minutes 

    15 to 20 minutes 

    15 minutes 





    Though it's not a precise gauge, the temperature of the base and the air in the dome above is often a good estimate of how quickly a pizza can cook. Varied air currents and the relative emissivity of the top of a pizza oven can create dramatically different results in the base of a pizza, even at the same temperature as reported on a thermometer.

    The time is the period it takes to properly warm an oven before cooking your first pizza, the time it takes to cook a single pizza, and the time it takes for the range to be ready to cook another pizza. Preheat and recovery times that are shorter are clearly preferable. If you want that actual crisp-tender feel of a Neapolitan crust, faster cook times are ideal; however, faster cook times are less crucial if you like a drier, extra-crispy crust.