6 Best Pregnancy Tests in 2022

    6 Best Pregnancy Tests in 2022

    A pregnancy test is a test carried out to check the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on a woman’s body that only develops during pregnancy. There are different tests that you can carry out at home or with the assistance of a medical practitioner. 

    The common thing about the pregnancy tests is that they can both be carried out using the urine or blood. 

    In this article, we will discuss different pregnancy tests and everything you need to understand regarding different pregnancy tests and pregnancy at large.

    Is One-Step Pregnancy Test Accurate?

    The one-step pregnancy kits are some of the pregnancy test kits that you can always count on when you need the best results. These kits come with a 99% pregnancy accuracy giving you the most-trustable results that one cannot doubt.

    Pictures of Positive Pregnancy Tests

    After carrying out a pregnancy test, the results may come out as positive or negative. Here are the best pictures showing the positive results of different pregnancy tests;

    What is the Best Pregnancy Test? Tips to Choose

    There are different types of pregnancy tests that you can choose from. However, not all the tests can work best for you. This way, you need to employ some tips that could guide you in choosing the best. 

    Here are some of the common tips to employ as you choose a pregnancy test;

    • Accuracy– as you plan to carry out the test, you need to get the best and most accurate results that you can trust and rely on. There are tests that can give true results as short as five days, while other tests can only give true results as soon as you miss the period, depending on the time elapsed from having unprotected sex.
    • Cost – There are different types of pregnancy tests that require different kits. The cost varies depending on the test kit's brand and the seller.
    • Ease of Use – The test kits for the pregnancy test that you choose should be easy to use while at home. They should come with clear and precise instructions that will be easy to follow and get the required results. 

    Here are the 3 Best Pregnancy Tests

    There are different pregnancy tests that you can carry out. Some of the best tests include;

    Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

    Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test is one of the ante of the best pregnancy test that you can always trust and rely on. It is reliable as it is fast and accurate, giving you instant results within a minute from the day you missed the periods. Many users report that its results are 99% accurate, always giving you the trustable results that you can rely on.

    Its design is also exceptional. It comes with a tip that is 50% wider with a curved handle that is ergonomic for easy and fast sampling. Its design also comes with an integrated flood guard technology that is inbuilt. This feature helps in keeping the excess urine from accessing the device; thus, there will be no testing errors.

    After the correct sampling, its tip changes its colour from white to pink. The change of color is a clear indication that you have done the correct sampling.

    CVS Pregnancy Test

    The Chorionic Villus Sampling, abbreviated as CVS, is another pregnancy test that is best for you to use at home. For you to make the best and essential healthcare decisions, you need to use CVS Pregnancy Test, as it gives accurate results that are reliable.

    CVS Pregnancy Test is not carried out routinely during pregnancy but is recommended when there is a high chance that your baby could have a genetic condition or even chromosomal condition. You can also opt to use the CVS Pregnancy Test if your pregnancy has previously been affected by a genetic condition, if your family has a genetic condition history or through the suggestion of an antenatal screening test.

    Because of the details that this test offers, you should expect the results after three days.

    Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test

    Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test comes with a 99% accuracy and can give trustable results within 6 days after missing your period. After carrying out the test, Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test assures you results within three minutes.

    Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test also comes with an advantage of an easy-to-read user interface. You can easily read the results and interpret them for the necessary action.

    Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test further comes with three analog testing sticks. These sticks allow you to enjoy extra tests under one test kit.

    Early Pregnancy Test

    Early Pregnancy Test is the best if you need to test for pregnancy within 3-4 days after missing your period. You can always get the best positive or negative results that are accurate and precise. You can trust the Early Pregnancy Test as it comes with over 99% accuracy that gives you confident results in the comfort of your home.

    Early Pregnancy Test further facilitates quick and easy management. In a simple way, the Early Pregnancy Test measures homes in urine anytime and anywhere you wish to take the test.

    Here are the Best 3 Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator/ Show Weeks

    Many pregnancy tests only give you an indication that you are pregnant (positive) or not pregnant (negative). This calls for more accurate and precise pregnancy tests that can indicate the positive pregnancy results and also indicate the number of weeks of pregnancy.

    Here are some of the pregnancy tests that indicate the pregnancy weeks;

     Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator

    There are different Clearblue pregnancy tests, and the Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator is one of them. As a 2-in-1 pregnancy test kit, Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator first gives the pregnancy results that are 99% accurate and later gives the pregnancy period. It indicates the pregnancy period in terms of weeks since conception. The pregnancy period is up to 93% accurate.

    Triple Check Pregnancy Test

    While other tests give a single way of testing pregnancy, the Triple Check Pregnancy Test gives you three different ways to test for additional and more accurate results. All three methods are accurate and can give trusted results instantly 6 days as soon as you miss your periods.

    Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown

    Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown gives correct results with 5 days after you miss your menstrual period. It comes with 99% accuracy and indicates the number of weeks of your pregnancy. 

    How do You Use an Easy Home Pregnancy Tests?

    After identifying the best pregnancy test for you, however much easy the test maybe, you need to understand the basics of a test for easy and accurate results. 

    Before buying a test, make sure you check the expiration date for accurate results. Make sure you also check different user instructions for special handling and to avoid damaging the test.

    Some of the simple steps to follow include;

    • Gather the specimen; either urine or blood
    • Detach the plastic cap from the main test body
    • Point to test kit to the stream of urine or a drop of blood. Make sure you take the test within 9 seconds to make sure adequacy in the final results.
    • Replace the cap and allow the test kit to lie horizontally on a flat surface. 
    • Allow the kit to rest for 3-5 minutes to allow it to process the results.

    How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Test for Pregnancy?

    When you carry out a pregnancy test, you need to get accurate results. Most pregnancy tests need to be done some days after missing your period, and if you carry out the test before missing your period, the results may not be accurate. 

    However, there are other tests that can be done before you miss the period. Some of these extra sensitive tests can give positive results within eight days after conception.

    Options for the Best Pregnancy Tests

    In case you are looking for the best pregnancy tests, here are more options to choose from;

    Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test (Accurate results, smart countdown, digital word display, highly sensitive) $23.70 on Amazon.

    First Response Early Results Pregnancy Test (6 days after a missed period, 99% accuracy, Fast response, Digital display, line test) $6.75 in DGPickup

    Pregnant Pregnancy Test Strips (99% accuracy, fast results, easy to read, 2-3 days results after a missing period) $15.95 on Amazon

    Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test (99% accuracy, test 6 days before you missed the periods, portable, discreet, Free app tracking) $14 in Modern Fertility